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fabric is one of the world's premier clubbing venues, with regular line-ups of the world's top DJs taking to the decks. The music policy includes drum n bass, hip hop, house, techno and more, with multiple rooms for different styles.

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By Andrew M.

Fabric is about as glamarous as a rat, and full of dodgey people. It really is the chav capital of London. You could go in your pyjamas and trainers and they would still let you in. The Fabric venue however is one of a kind, with amazing rooms, and a fantastic sound system.

By Andrew M.

Fabric is without rival, The House of house in London. I usually take a six hour flight just to spend the weekend there. The people, the sound, the raving, the whole Fabric thing altogether is, for the lack of a better word, perfect. MAD

By Andrew M.

Fabric is excellent if you love drum and bass! The True Players nights with Andy C are always excellent nights. I travel from Dover every other friday just so I dont miss it, it's so good!

If you love DnB you have to go to Fabric!

By Andrew M.

Fabric is officially my favourite club in London, it's brilliant! The music was awesome, the DJ lineup was amazing, the sound quality was out of this world. One of the best things about Fabric, for me, is the atmosphere. Apart from the above, the crowd was great, everybody in their own little bubble absorbed in breaking it down on the dancefloor. At a point I was sitting on the ground chilling but was still bouncing to the bass! My best night in London was definitely at Fabric. And by the way, Anonymous whoever you are it's not filled with ugly fat birds and piss heads, don't be so sore just because you couldn't pull at Fabric. I definitely could!

By Andrew M.

Fabric was great a few years ago but it's a bit too touristy now! The place is crowded and people go there with rucksacks like they're going to camp at Fabric overnight! I would recommend it though. The bouncers are cool and there's no dress code. Fridays are for the real ravers. No bling in here.

By Andrew M.

Fabric is a great sized club, lots of bars and drinks were well priced (not overblown club prices), never had to queue for the toilet, stacks of space to sit and hang out...but: the music was an embarrasment to the club. So poor and boring, it was unbelievable. We were looking for high energy sounds, and got something that nearly put us to sleep. Also, lots of sleazy crotch-grabbing perverts, whose mothers obviously never taught them any manners. Ended up leaving early - better muisic at home! Needs to pick its act up considerably before we would give it 5 stars...

By Andrew M.

Fabric oozed progressive electronica from every pore. Its dark, labyrinthine corridors and stairwells held a sea of wide-eyed bass freaks being lead from room to room merely by vibrations and lasers. Getting out again proved to be a confusing mission with masses of disorientated club goers falling over each other to find the exit but generally a superb venue and a heart-shattering sound system.

By James J.

There’s no debate, Fabric is the ONLY place to go raving in London! No other lineups even come close. BIG UP FABRIC!

By Chacka A.

I hadn’t been to Fabric for aaaages but Josh Wink has just made me fall in love all over again! Roll on the birthday parties!

By Oliver H.

American does Fabric London, Fabric blows his cowboy hat wearing head off, American loves it and goes back the next night, American now addicted to House!!

By David M.

Fabric is the only Club that brings the Iibza feel to London, two rooms offering fdifferent DJs and a different vibe, what an amazing place! Nver been a let down yet so long may the epic nites continue!! Thanks Fabric

By Tori J.

I've never had a bad time at fabric. it's without doubt the best club in London. I went on Friday night for DJ EZ at Fabriclive and it was ridiculous how much Room 1 went off. Yes, the queue is long, and yes, security are a bit grabby (!!!) from time to time, but once you're inside it's soooo worth the wait. How many other clubs can bring in such good DJs across three different rooms? Be back soon with my girl dem!

By Linda B.

We wanted to have a nice, relaxing night out with my friends and went for Fabric because of the good reviews we red about this place before...obviously we made a mistake. On arrival throughout search including in my bra, I do understand that this is for safety reason but just the way I was treated it was rather intimidating and rude. Staff in the club talked to us like we are animals, no friendly face at all, shouting, rudeness, the whole experience was rather frightening and not pleasant at all. A big NO NO for us , this is for sure. I would not recommend if just want to chill out and relax as this is definitely not what you gonna have from that bunch of people!

By Anne D.

Went here a couple of times.. the place is really big and spacious i love it.. however the music is not that good.. its house but not the best.. the drink prices are okay..

By E R.

Went on a Sunday and it was excellent. Got in quickly, and wasn't horribly crowded. The sound-system here is absolutely outstanding, as well as the lights! I would definitely come back on another night.

By Stephen F.

Fabric is off the hook! The sound system is second to none, the atmosphere is enough to make anyone want to stay forever (trust me most do) and the place is bigger and harder to navigate than the Sahara desert. Brilliant. My last visit was Breakspoll on a Thursday night. A Thursday night for God's sake, and they provide you with one of the sickest breaks line ups that has ever graced the club/rave scene in London. If raving was addictive it would look like Fabric. Go. Now!

By Michael M.

lf your going to party and your 18 to 65 years age range with friend or friends, and love underground music , good sound system and lights, and strict bouncers,which is for everyone saftey. and nobody bothers you just dance dance and dance then fabric is the last of great nights out saterdays are best fridays for young crowd,but all good

By Jon J.

I went to Fabric for the first time last month and it was every bit as mental as I expected. Doorstaff weren’t the friendliest but once we were inside Andy C absolutely tore the roof down! And the water isn’t too expensive compared to some places :)

By Danny D.

Wet Yourself! A strange name for a Club night but what an amazing night. I felt a bit old as we wanted to go back to what we did when we were back in the warehouses raving! The music was so good and the night was spectacular the only issue is the price to drink but it has been a while since I have ventured into a Super C;lub!

By Carla L.

I miss two step garage, DJ Luck and MC Neat!! But at least DnB is alive and kicking with a raft of new up and coming acts and some old Skool Legends. There is no place better at the minute than Fabric, still the best venue and always changing with the times

By Ebony F.

Fabric is not the same as my last visit back in the day! It is still rammo and they still hcrage the earth for sub standard booze but it is now a playground for kids off their bins....It may be time to admit I am now too old for this!!

By Lucy A.

Dear Fabric London, please open one of these in Houston!! U would make a fortune as we have nothing like this!

By Layla P.

SuperClub Fabric London is unreal!!!! I have just come over from the states and have never seen anything like this!

By Martha G.

Fabric vs Egg.............and the winner is Egg! Fabric is still great but the crowd is a little young for me now!! Close call!

By Tamsin G.

If you are over the age of 25 and want a cracking night out then give Fabric a go but on a Friday, it has a mature Clubber as the kids are gearing up for the Saturday there!! Still love Fabric but it now takes a week to recover as I am now getting to old!!

By Chris M.

There is no better place to go at the weekend in London than Fabric, it is still the top of the pile in regards to SuperClubs, I bloody love this place!

By Jane S.

Fabric. Legendary status as a venue and I can see why! This place is something special, be ready for a non stop ride and make sure you have a few days booked for recovery!!

By Sooty T.

Found the trick to get drunk at Fabric London, doubles for about £7.50 is the key!! otherwise remortgage your house and you will have a great time!

By Corine T.

Do you like house? TICK Do you like it loud? TICK Do you want an epic nite? TICK ....Fabric London...Say no more!

By Chris M.

Fabric is well known for room 1 and room 2! All I can say is try room3, a few weeks back I saw the legend that is Terry Francis!! Now if you have not been lucky enough to see him then make sure you do as the guy is awsome!!

By Larry S.

Wet Yourself! what a nite! keep your eyes open in case this comes back on again @ Fabric. Ken and davy blew the roof off the place, the musis was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!

By Lucy A.

I was left with a feeling of being let down as I have read a review after review about Fabric being the best place for house and I went on what I thought would be a house night. Room one ended up playing D&B and room two was house but really quite hard house. Really dissappointing

By Nora P.

Went on friday and Fabric gave me a night of pure non stop drum n base!! Two rooms of proper music, it is worth the hype