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At Faces you can catch DJs playing the latest in dance, techno, R & B and UK garage amongst other genres.

Ranked #77 of 225 clubs in London

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Faces reviews

By Michael S.

Not the classiest establishment but if you go along with a sense of irony, it's certainly a cheap and enjoyable night out. Plus, I bumped into one or two top level footballers during the evening too. I asked one, 'What are you doing here?' and ended up having a rambly conversation with him for about half an hour. Great fun.

By Low R.

If you're Black or Brown, do not bother with this Club. The doormen won't let you in. Just to show they don't discriminate, they'll let the odd Black or Brown GIRL in, but, black or brown guys have no chance. It's no point giving you a scenario cause I'd like to keep this review simple as possible. Conclusion - If you are Black or Brown (Asian). Find a different place for a night out. Pale, Pink or Orange skin- You are all Welcome.( Regardless of how you are dressed)

By Tim T.

Terrible place! The bouncers are vicious apes who are on a power trip as they cannot get employed elsewhere. Its overpriced and tries to create and exclusive image by being difficult to get into. The venue is lame and full of posers. I was was obliged to go as a it was a friends birthday, never again. AVOID!

By Nelson G.

The 5 star reviews are probably written by the people who work there. Faces is possibly the worst club in London. The bouncers are rude, aggressive (for no reason), unpleasant and stuck up. The staff who work there behave like the bouncers and they don't care if you are having a good night or not. The drinks are over priced and clearly diluted or terribly made. Most people stick to pints or wine. There is clear gender and racial discrimination at the club which has been noticed by many people. The only good thing about the club is the music. Avoid Faces at all costs!

By Danielle B.

Never had a problem we are a big group of girls who get a table here for Birthdays throughout the year we are members and half our group is black or mixed race. It's clean the music is good and we are well looked after on our table. Unlike most places in Birmingham I never stress about getting our stuff stolen and most of the time the girl serving our table makes sure men aren't trying to get drinks off our table and keeps an eye on our bags while we have fun. It is definitely one of the nicest clubs we go to and we all feel well looked after. Danielle Brown

By Elliot N.

I came to the club with my brother It was such an amazing club and really clean. Drinks were perfect and good value and staff were friendly. Would defo say this club Is the place to be. And membership Is a good value for money :)will return very soon.

By Dane N.

This Is one of the best nightclubs I have been too door staff are chatty and friendly and the whole atmosphere of the club Is great everyone Is down to earth and friendly. Drinks are a good quailty and prices are very good will defo be coming back soon. Its defo worth getting membership which I did. Cheers :)

By Rosie Y.

Faces nightclub in Gants Hill Essex has to be the best in the area, although membership is required, it is really worth it. The crowd is older than 12!!!! The music is excellent and you are always bound to bump into a friendly face or two.

By Josh Y.

Ohh i love it in Faces......the atmosphere, prices, venue, music......faces is my spot at the moment! The only problem is....you do have to wait a while in the line. Might have to get a Gold card! Lol This Is The Best Club In Essex

By Josh Y.

blimey someone needs to get a life, faces is a fantastic place to go, haha and along way from the tube station, its about 100 yards, what a plum u are,

By Josh Y.

there is no free entry on a saturday , only to gold card members which i am, that the only way u get free entry on a saturday, and if u look on the website it clearly says members £4 b4 11pm and £6 after , guests will pay £8 which is what u payed and correct, so i dont see your problem... i go to this club every saturday its a fantastic place to goto i would recommend to anyone thanks josh

By Charlie D.

Another conventionally terrible Essex club. I've been forced to go to this ridiculous club lots of times when I was in sixth form as its a kind of 'right of passage' to go there when you turn 18 (god knows why), but now I just point blank refuse to go when asked. Typically you'll find orange fake tan girls with embarrassingly tiny dresses and high heels, complete with fake eyelashes and curled hair, who will look every other girl up and down. The music is terrible...really chavvy old house music mostly, unless you go in the tiny R&B room. Sometimes if your lucky they'll have hired a couple of hideous looking girls to pole dance on the poles by the dancefloor. If you're even luckier, a aspiring-stripper/club-goer will excitedly jump up to take her moment and show her 'vajazzle' to the entire room, clearly thinking shes being sexy or something. The "celebrities" they get there are laughable. Ex-Big Brother contestants are not celebrities. And yet somehow everyone in the club is pathetic enough to surround them and take pictures even if they don't know who it is. Ques outside are very long...and the bouncers are weirdos. Very manly looking women dressed in suits who scrutinise your id for about twenty minutes before they let you in, and check your bag for weapons (which, in a place like Gants Hill, isn't really suprising). Speaking of which, Faces is in the middle of nowhere and you either have to drive or get a cab (or risk walking the long way from the tube). If you are part of the small minority who aren't embarrassed to be called an Essex girl/boy and who like The Only Way is Essex, clearly this is your ideal place. Otherwise, go somewhere else, please.

By Sky L.

Good Points: The music is always good. The djs know just how to get everyone dancing and the MC in the R'n'B room works the crowd down to a T. Its clean. I know it's not one of the main things you look for in a club but nothing puts me off more than walking into a club and it stinks or you stick to the floor and bar. They put on a themed night nearly every Thursday or Sunday and drinks have never been more than £2.50 on a Thursday and have even gone as low as £1 a drink! There's a seating area for people who dont have a table which is always good for resting your feet if you love to wear killer heels like me! If they say a 'celebrity' or music artist is going to be there....99% of the time theyre there. All in all the atmosphere is always a good one and I've never had a bad experience in there that's made me not want to go back. Bad Points: The staff have some of the worst attitude I have ever seen. Dont get me wrong there are a few who are lovely but the majority are just rude. The bouncers act like they'd do anything to keep you out of the club scrutinising every part of your ID deciding whether or not it looks enough like you and then whether or not to let you in which makes the line HUGE. I understand in a way because there are a lot of young girls that try to get in and 9x out of ten they spot them but for us who are actually old enough it gets annoying. If you prefer mainly funky house and R'n'B i would suggest bringing your own fan into the tiny room that plays that music as come 11 it's basically a mini swetbox. If you smoke you have to wait until half 11 to go out and smoke which is most annoying if you get there at half 9 to avoid the que! They try to ram as many people in as possible which literally makes it impossible to move. I cant comment on Fridays and Saturdays because Ive never been on these nights but for Thursdays and Sundays that's all I can think of.

By Carla N.

Ohh i love it in Faces......the atmosphere, prices, venue, music......faces is my spot at the moment! The only problem is....you do have to wait a while in the line. Might have to get a Gold card! Lol

By Cianne J.

well if you do ever escape from the guadianship of your carer i would suggest taking off your grandad slippers putting on your glad rags and getting down FAECES. lol. Its crass, its load and proud and i sound like a promoter but it really is a good night out. someone should start paying me for these posts!

By Cianne J.

FACES is always good for a laugh. I recently started going again and i would recommend saturday night over sunday. Saturday is more of a party vibe. Whereas on sunday everyone thinks they are too cool for school. So the guys just stand around the dance floor posing rather than dancing and there are millions of girls who look a bit tacky. Saying that i guess sunday is a good night for guys if you wanna pull.lol. BUt for a mad girly night out stick to saturday night for a giggle.

By Deji C.

Never a more appropriate name has been given to a club. Faces is pack with people who ALL look like they visited the same hairdresser and wardrobe consultant on Discount Day! expect to see lots of people dressed in Gucci, Prada LV etc (both fake and real).
That said- no one can really accuse the clientelle of being stuck up and as previous reviewers have pointed out- this IS a B to Z- celebrity hang out (Jade Goody is a regular there- say no more!!). Anyone playing the "don't you know who I am?" card can expect to be laughed out of the club!

Faces is a definite MUST for the serious clubber who wants to have a fun night out without the hassle of travelling into the heart of London.

By Kaydine B.

"Yeah you might see my click in Faces," says UK Grime artist Kano in his track Ps and Qs - and he is absolutely right. This club is well known for the attendance of many celebrities from the sporting, music and TV world such as Jermaine Defoe, Akon, and Danielle Lloyd.

The Venue
Found on the outskirts of East London in Gants Hill, Essex, this large club has long been big on the celebrity club scene, although a refurbishment in early 2008 has risen its game.

Basically, there are two rooms, five bars, and a white, caged VIP area situated beside a main dancefloor. There are more seating areas with private tables, but be sure to book in advance. On either side of the main entrance to the VIP area are two metal poles where clubbers can try their hand at sexy dancing. The interior of the club has been given a futuristic feel thanks to the black, silver and white decor.

The Atmosphere
Even though celebrities do attend Faces regularly, the atmosphere isn’t as pretentious as many West End Clubs. Everyone is there to enjoy themselves. If you’re looking for a good night out, this is a great place to shake a leg or two.

The door staff are really friendly - just be warned, if you don’t look over 21 and have no ID, that sweetness may turn sour.

The Music
The music policy for Faces consists of funky, soulful and electro house, RnB, and club classics with a bit of old skool thrown in for good measure. There are always special guest DJs such as Mikey from Big Brother and Masterstepz from Choice FM. On a Sunday you can catch drummer Magic Fingers giving club goers distinctive beats to dance to.

The Drink
The cliched term ‘cheap and cheerful’ is the best way to describe the prices of drinks at Faces. A single shot of Amareto and cranberry is only £4.80, and a bottle of house Champagne starts at £30. They have a wide selection of alcohol, from the ever so expensive Magnum bottles of Dom Perignon to Hypnotic. There are also some decent happy hours that are worth checking out.

The Last Word
If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the West End and party like a rockstar with some celebrities, take a trip down to good old Essex where Faces awaits your arrival.

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