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Opening Hours

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07:00 - 17:00


07:00 - 17:00


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07:00 - 17:00


07:00 - 17:00


07:00 - 17:00

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Fantasia Cafe reviews

By Karine C.

This was my first time to Fantasia along with my girlfriend and our waitress was absolutely fantastic, she advised on everything and made our morning thoroughly enjoyable. We'll definitely go back there.

By Lucy S.

Please avoid awful experience. Long wait for brunch, when food finally arrived we were missing several key items but we were just told by the stressed and dazed staff that they had ran out. We asked to complain to the manager who came over, shouted at us and not only forced us to pay for our bill in full but also tried to make us pay for the customers sitting next to us who had walked out without paying because of their own poor experience.

By Dennis J.

Went there with my son for a Sunday roast which was recommended by a friend of mine. Was rather busy and I thought we arrived too late to get a table. As we walked in we were greeted by the manager who welcomed us and showed us our table. A few minutes later he arrived and asked if we were ready to order. We all ordered the Sunday roast but my son was slightly picky with his vegetables so I asked if we could replace the vegetables with more Yorkshire puddings the polite man said that would perfectly fine. Then he asked us what dessert we wanted we then told him we didn't want dessert he informed us there was a combo deal a roast dinner and dessert for under a tenner!. We could not refuse! I had the pecan pie with ice cream while my son had apple pie with custard. Wasn't too long before our roast dinners arrived. Out came these huge plates with a huge nostalgic whiff of gravy and vegetables with chicken not forgetting the mash. I could not finish all of it I was happily stuffed so instead my son ate the rest of my chicken. In saying that I knew I was not going to be able to finish my dessert so I asked if I could cancel it they took care of it no problem. Brilliant food brilliant staff definitely going back.

By Ben I.

Ate here for dinner on a Friday night. The Moroccan food was fantastic and the manager was so nice. Highly recommended and will definitely be back!

By Rebecca S.

Will never go back! We were actually asked to leave our table having just ordered a second coffee each after finishing our breakfast. When we had not left the table after no more than 5 minutes later, the manager actually came back again and told us we HAD to leave then as there were people waiting for tables. We had to leave our half finished cups of coffee that they still charged us for!!!! Absolutely disgraceful.

By Amos S D U.

This popular Clapham Cafe gets it almost perfect.

The Venue
The Pavement, Clapham Old Town. Clapham Common stretches opposite to the south across an expansive gulf of tarmac. Because the street is so broad there is an open quiet feel to the area occasionally interrupted by a noisy parking bus. There is a Starbucks, a Caffe Nero, and a few other modern-euro-cuisine looking restaurants. The odd pub. All these other places are empty. Everyone is at Fantasia. The broad pavement is host to a thick swathe of outdoor tables belonging to the various establishments. But only Fantasia’s tables are full. A few tables outside a pub are used, not by early drinkers but by an overspill of Fantasia customers. Inside - if you make it inside - is a clean narrow room, white walled, red tiled, black window frames. All very nice and unfussy.

The Atmosphere
A mixed crowd of families, couples, hung-over account managers and Australians frequent Fantasia religiously. Customers will queue for months, gazing at lucky ‘sitters’ tucking in to brunch. Peering politely to see who has eaten the most and might therefore leave so that they might get a chance to sit and casually sup mochas and feel slightly smug towards those still waiting. Tables are shared so expect to hear what Grant from the Battersea branch did or did not do in the company of Ushma from the Clapham branch last night.

The Food
Food, judging by the queue, is better than most places and, unexpectedly, a lot cheaper than anywhere else. A Full English or a Club sandwich at the four pound mark, and they are seriously good. The general measure of a Full English Breakfast is the egg and the sausage. Together they form a gauge by which one can read how much thought, how much devotion, goes into the meal. Sourcing and skill are paramount. Fantasia’s sausages are thick, and well done, and of a sufficiently high quality to make everything else on the plate a bonus. The egg is almost as good; whites can be a little runny but the yolk is perfect for smothering on the sausage. Also in evidence are hash browns, crisp yet succulent bacon, a tomato and some rich tar-coloured mushrooms.

The Club sandwich is also a triumph, bread is lightly toasted, chicken is thin and slightly crisp, bacon is thick cut and everything is in proportion. Even if it were a bit sloppy, or the bacon were a bit too crisp, it would still be hard to complain about given the meagre price. Burgers are also good, as is spaghetti bolognaise, served in a bowl, sauce slightly dry but better for it. The only complaint is the Eggs Benedict. While the egg is nicely vinegared, it's sadly under-poached, revealing thick globs of transparent albumen, and the ham looks and tastes cheap and reconstituted. The hollandaise is good for dunking golden skinny fries, but it's a scant reward for a substandard classic.

The Drink
Cappuccinos are creamy enough to hold the sugar atop for a decent period and taste good enough to have two. Hot chocolate soothes, and teas are in pots. All perfectly good. Milkshakes are the best, a replica of how they were in the days of our youth, served in a ridiculous frosted curly glass ornament.

The Last Word
Almost everything is competently done. There is a righteous sense of pleasantness just to its location. It’s so cheap the food could be worse and it’d still be a nice place to eat – everything tastes better half price.

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