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Fire is a cutting edge funk and elctro house venue. They have four rooms with DJs playing various types of music with the weekend starting on Thursdays.

Fire also has a free large outdoor covered smoking area.

Ranked #49 of 225 clubs in London

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22:00 - 06:00


22:00 - 06:00


05:00 - 12:00, 22:00 - 06:00


05:00 - 12:00, 22:00 - 06:00

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Fire reviews

By Andrew M.

We went to Fire on a very late Thursday night last October. For 3 straight guys from Canada we found the atmostphere rather shocking at first, to say least. However, given the late hour, our drunken state and the fact that we really had little clue where we where in relation to our hotel, we decided to stick it out.

It proved to be a great choice as the music at Fire was some of the best we heard in London and by North American standards was unbelievable. The crowd, although curiously friendly, was actually whole lot of fun. Should we have wished to stray from the straight and narrow path it would have been quite easy, so if you're looking to go down that road this is the place for you. It was one of our most enjoyable and memorable nights in London even though we wouldn't have picked it in a thousand years. If 3 straight guys can have fun at Fire, anyone can!

By Lucy K.


The only plus is its open after most clubs shut..... If you wanted to carry the night on till 12pm the next day. Overall the bouncers are horrible soooo soooo rude. 15pound to get in, then expensive drinks. I went last Friday gone.... The music was wack. Just the same beats playing over and over enough to drive anyone mad. It just reminds me of a drug den everyone high out their face thinking back to it repulses me. ! Depends what you enjoy but defo not my scene and I think a lot of you would agree unless your off your face on md lol !

By Joe E.

After reading all the reviews i cant believe no one's commented on the piss poor sound system at this club. for a club with such good nights and djs on playing bass driven music, the system is severely lacking in bass to the point where most of the songs sound shite. sort it out fire

By Curtis C.

We were waiting on a big queue for Dubfire,security guys were very tense and not professional,pushing around and running like they would save the world...No greetings no goodbyes ,sad faces ,very bad guys ... Inside a bit old club and sound was overwhelming at the end ur ears hurt ! That's what i think :)

By Charlotte F.

Regularly go to Fire, one thing i have to comment on is how rude the lesbian lady is with pinkish hair. Claiming that my friends and i weren't on the guest list, we pointed to our names (which were there) She then shouted and snatched the clipboard back drawing attention and causing a scene like a 2yr old child. Very unprofessional, bad service however i don't let people like that ruin my night i shall be returning.

By J D.

I went there last saturday with my BF. I hadnt been there for years-due to living abroad.As we entered I was asked to empty my pockets by a very intimidating young woman who,after I did empty my trouser pockets proceeded to shove her hands into my other pockets and extract anything she could find.I tried to engage her in conversation to soften the experience but she was monosyballic and certainly wasnt interested. Inside the club was nearly empty. At 1AM we decided to leave. There was no atmosphere.We went to the coatcheck to get our coats. The coatcheck girl shouted aggressively and rudely to my BF for his initials when he didnt hear her first time. Outside there were about 6 people waiting to get in.We then went to Barcode where we were frisked just like an airport frisk, and greeted with a welcome at the booth to pay and again when we left in our coats. We had a good night then.My bacardi coke in Fire was £5 and £3.80 in Fire.I have no personal/financial interest in Barcode. I will not return to Fire.

By Jonny S.

I only went once. It was full of Chinese wanna-be gangsters and gay blokes kissing on the dance floor. Really bad hard-house. Really terrible club.

By Anne D.

its always packed when I go on saturdays and really is amazing in there.. the house music is awesome and the drinks are reasonably priced.

By Olivia A.

Are there many girls there? Most gay bars have the majority of men, and that's really not what i'm looking for. Also, What is the age range? Most Lesbian bars are suitable for 25+ I'm 18 and i'd like to visit a Gay nightclub to meet other lebsian women my age

By Olivia A.

Are there many girls there? Most gay bars have the majority of men, and that's really not what i'm looking for. Also, What is the age range? Most Lesbian bars are suitable for 25+ I'm 18 and i'd like to visit a Gay nightclub to meet other lebsian women my age

By Joe A.

I love this place but I really dislike a couple of the bouncers who make you empty your wallet and pockets.

I have a very small credit card wallet they even made you take everything out including money?

It doesn't make sense and it got a bit impersonal... I felt embarrassed by this.

Majority of my friends have stopped going there because of them. Its a killer and it really spoils the evening every time they do that.

Great place but I wished they changed their style in policing or monitoring the venue. More of a friendly and warm approach.

I felt they couldn't care less because it is a popular venue.I hope you guys don't mind with my honest opinion.

By Stephen F.

I can't think of a club that I would rather be in! The guys there are hot, the music is pumping and the staff are the best club staff I have ever come across. There has never been a time that I have been to Fire and not had a good time regulary leaving at close.

Yes it may be a tad crowded at times and difficult to get to the bar but that just adds to the experience. My favourite nights are Juicy AM and Later. And I know I will be going there fore many more years to come.

By J.

I didn`t feel safe at all at Fire from 10pm to 7.15am. It's the only place I've been to in London so far that stays open till after 7 in the moning. However, the bar at Fire was terrible - you have to push to get a drink. Not forgetting the music at Fire - it was nuts.

By Ben W.

Fire is very unique. Loved by the regulars who are treated like Royalty. Incredible DJs, a real sense of community and friendship and a cracking sound system. The way the management team manipulate the three clubs to create a stream of gay straight gay straight club nights really is unique. Truly one of the few places where for the most part prejudice disappears and all sexualities are forgotten whilst the punters enjoy incredible house music. Go there with an open mind and you might just come out having had a blinding weekend (a couple of days late!!!).

By Rory P.

I went to Fire for the Mixmag Live night just before Xmas. Best night out i've had in London! I thought it was a gay club but apparently they cater for both now.


Fire Club is a cult club and it always delivers the best parties in London. Many people who go to Fire are dedicated to Fire as it provides fantastic fun and above all safety for clubbers comes first! It is well known the atmosphere in Fire is brilliant and I must say I always feel that I have learnt something new about people and socialising after I've been there. Clubing in Fire is not only about clubbing, it is quite educational for me. I wouldn't be surprised if Fire becomes next mtv venue.

By Jon D.

Go to Fire to experience what in many years time will be looked back to as a cult club. experience what its like being part of the Fire family.

Fire is a club which many regulars regard as their second home. Go to Fire to meet people of all sexual orientations, backgrounds, ages and nationalities - dancing in peace and sheer joy as the rays of sunshine light up the vauxhall skyline outside.

Fire is where the music reigns supreme, the Djs talk to you, the staff look after you. Go and marvel at the diversity of people around you. clubbing in Fire is like being in dream - but its actually real.

Just one warning. Fire is addictive. Go to experience the unique vibe but once you go, just be-careful that you cannot resist its pulling power ,which is what happened to me for two years - and i just ended up there on too many occasions that i can count because i couldn't resist the magic of Fire - at least for one last time.....until the next time.

By William C.

So tel me how it is now. I have not been since November of 07..

The last time i went there it was very "grungy". You could say I REALLY want to go back.

But have not had the time. Cheers William

By André S.

I have been going to FIRE for years now and have never ever found a club in London with the same atmosphere, music or people!! It is absolutely fantastic. I don't mind travelling 50 minutes to get there because it is always worth it!!! And it is one of the few clubs that stay open after 6/7 am in the morning!!!The crowd is mixed - some people may think that FIRE is a gay venue, but believe me there are enough straight/bi people in there for the boys and girls!!!!Try it out!!!

By Lauren H.

I absolutely love this place!!!I live in N16 but it is more than worth the trip and the £15 to get in. The DJ's wrap you in chains and make you a slave to the beats which reverberate through your body and soul.Great crowd. Always friends to be made. Great staff. Medics on hand too should you party a little too hard. If you love to dance, make new friends and spending all week on a high from the weekend then this place is for you!

By M.

From the end of last year til now I can't take my foot of Fire's floor. It seems like it is the only club in London where the DJs are fully interacting with the crowd. My favourite night is Juicy, but A.M. does the job as well. Can't think about any other club with the same vibe as Fire.

By C.

Fire is a perfect club playing cutting edge dirty, twisted electro house music before the mainstream get there remixing hands on it! It is great for anyone to enjoy. Fire is the best club and getting bigger! Go there!

By J.

A:M at Fire on a Friday is top! If you are looking for a gay night out with all of the thrills, you are in for a treat. DJ Terry Bryan warms you up in the main room with more tunes piped from DJs till 12pm. Check it out, Fires amazing.

By G.

Fire has become the best clubbing experience in London. The DJ's are world class and the lights and sounds are just amazing! You can pretty much party non stop from Thursday night to Tuesday morning. The best party in town is at Fire on a Sunday as it's out of this world. Funky tunes, a real crowd and Sunday's weren't ever supposed to be this naughty!

By S.

Went to Fire on friday night, the music was great, the staff helpful and the crowd at Fire were friendly... A great night out!

By J.

Saturday mornings are cool...wouldn't say the same about Sunday when they play hard house until 12 o'clock, but then again... Orange is nice with cool people all coming to Fire after the clubs close down in Vauxhall. It's friendly, easy - no limits I would say. And people are really cool! Good afterparty!

By E.

This clubbing gem south of the river provides a cutting-edge experience that rivals many other London clubs. Expect amazing lighting, affordable drinks and an impressive list of famous DJs.

The Venue
Within walking distance of Vauxhall tube station, the familiar arches play host to this 24-hour licensed club. Spanning across ten archways, this space is divided into three separate clubs - Fire, Protocol and The Lightbox – each with its own entranceway, and designed to be linked and open as one venue or split up separately, depending on the night. A large outdoor smoking terrace spans the length of these archways and plentiful wooden banquettes and tables sidle up next to a large, heated hot tub.

There is a warehouse feel to the place, with exposed brickwork and high-domed ceilings, but disco balls litter the interior and fractured mirrors glue themselves onto some of the walls, creating amazing reflections. VIP areas overlook the dance floors and have their own spirit bars. State of the art LED lighting is exceptional.

The Atmosphere
This high-end venue attracts a trendy party crowd. Expect ferocious queues snaking around the corner, but student NUS offers and flyer promotions make it an affordable night out, too. Intense security ensure the hedonistic vibe remains controllable, but people come to lose themselves in the heady lights and music, with GoGo dancers making full use of the podiums provided. The club used to have a notorious gay following, and despite less focus on Fire as a gay club destination, this contingency can still enjoy Orange Nation on Sundays.

The Music
Flare audio systems are linked up to every room, and resident DJs such as Steve Pitron and The Sharpboys make way for famous touring artists such as Steve Aoki, John Digweed, Pleasurekraft and Format:B. Having hosted a variety of parties such as Space Ibiza and Mixmag, this venue can also be hired out with capacity for up to 2000 people. Discerning clubbers can expect a mix of house techno, bass and dubstep, as well as Ibiza-style raves.

The Drink
A double mixer with juice is £6.80 and a can of Carlsberg in a policy-ridden plastic pint glass is £5.30. Although bartenders are experienced, expect an apologetic face if you go asking for the cocktail menu!

The Last Word
With such amazing light effects, space and well-known DJs, Fire firmly marks itself up there on the clubbing circuit. Although there are some bar stools dotted around, this crowd are up on their feet from the word go, so forget the heels, don some trendy hi-tops and be prepared to stay out all night long.

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