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Quaint and respectable fish restaurant near Putney Bridge.

Ranked #237 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Fishers Fish and Chips reviews

By Dale E.

A local institution. Great fish - fried or grilled, a super-efficient take-away service, amiable staff and a (tiny) restaurant as well. I usually partake on the way home quite late at night and phone in my order while on the bus. The lost star is just for the chips (I once lived in Belgium and have high standards!)

By Nelson R.

For this place to get a 5-star rating, they must have seriously improved since last year. When we went, we had a drunk waitress, undercooked fries, and over-battered fish. Other customers in the restaurant only paid half their bill saying that was all it was worth. The waitress was too out off her head to object. Good luck if you try it - it seems hit and miss and we definitely had a miss, and will not be going back.

By Jack S.

Tries this place the other week and the food was fantastic (best i've had!), the prices were cheap for london and the portions were too big for me! They also recently refurbished and it looks great, fresh and modern, with black leather seats, fresh grean colouring and air conditioning with a tv too! The staff were really nice to me and my kids too, helpful, friendly and always smiling! I definitely see why its the best in London and recommend it to all! The Times said this was the best Fish and chips in London so I thought I'd see and it was awesome!

By Alan S.

Trust me i been cooking fish and chips for many years... Fishers used to be great now its a run done old chicken shop... food is very poor the shop is very dirty needs closing down. I only state the truth don't go there waste off money and time plus u could get ill its so bad..

By Ronny N.

A big disappointment after all that I had heard about the original Fishers. I ordered cod & chips to take away - at £7.20 it was not cheap. I had to wait until the chips were cooked, which seemed like a good thing; but they looked and tasted as if they had been waiting in the heated cabinet for some time - not bad but not great. However, the fish was the biggest disappointment - three pieces, all seeming to be offcuts from larger pieces; worse still, the batter was dry & leathery and the fish itself was thin and not particularly tasty. It seemed to have spent a lot of time in the heated cabinet waiting for me to save it from the bin. I've had much better fish & chips from other Fulham chippies. On top of all this, the place looked rather tired and a bit scruffy. Not one I'll rush back to.

By Dee P.

Best Fish and chips I have ever tasted - the plaice I had here was divine and it was well worth travelling from Luton for. I would recommend it to everyone. The service was friendly and polite, quick and served with a smile. The restaurant is clean, has a welcoming ambience and was full of satisfied, happy people. Can't wait for my next meal there because I will certainly be returning!

By Barry R.

P.S. in response to "The_Gifter" - you said you think that Baileys is good but I've been in there and unlike Fishers Fish & Chips - they're only a take away, their chips are frozen unlike Fishers and taste like greasy, oily cardboard rubbish and the place smells of out of date fish! I felt so greasy when I left there and I'm a born and bread londoner & used to the dirt from central! I suggest you AVOID this place like the black plague my friend, beware!

By Barry R.

Wow, I think the reviewers below me are FAKE reviewers trying to slander a Fish & Chip restaurant that has been out of business for 18 months and now, I assume, feel threatened by its much anticipated return. I have been a long customers of this restaurant and been a customer for nearly a decade and I have to say I was anticipating its return more than anyone and I was NOT disappointed.I have to say the food is the EXACT same QUALITY it has always been if not better. I PORTIONS are very GENEROUS and I have to admit I couldn't even finish the portions of small chips I was given, possibly the BEST I have ever tasted, and concentrated on finishing the DELICIOUS fish!I spoke to the kind new gentleman who now manages the place and he told me that the chips were so delicious because they were FRESHLY made in the back of the restaurant every day, how amazing!!The fish is also freshly delivered every day I believe and if you have the time, sit down and eat in the restaurant as the staff are so lovely and vibrant that I felt at home straight away! I fully recommend this Chippy to everyone as you haven't lived until you've eaten here!5/5 STARS!!

By Roger M.

JohnBloofer / Dionne58. Fear Not, whilst travelling along the Dawes Road by bus the other evening we sat in traffic outside a sparkling new fish and chip shop. Inside hard at work were the boys from the original Fishers, slaving away over a hot vat of oil pulling out, what looked from a distance, the same delicious deep fried treats previously offered by Fishers of Fulham High Street. I nearly pulled the emergency stop I was so excited. The place is called Baileys.I must confess to having not tried the revamped Fishers and so will hold my judgement and provide an average rating - however given what a special treat good fish and chips is these days I am going to follow my instincts on this one!!!

By Dionne V.

To my fellow "rater" John below - how I wish I had read this BEFORE my husband and I paid a visit to the re-vamped Fishers in Fulham - will life ever be the same .............I have been going to Fishers for years and can quite honestly say it WAS the best fish and chips in the World !!!!!! I would always sing its praises. When we pulled up in our car (another good point that you can park outside after 19:00 at night, I was so glad to see the lights on and the door open...............We were not inside more than a minute (we were in the restaurant section) when we realised that the the old owners (OH BOYS WHERE HAVE YOU GONE.......... if you have set up somewhere else PLEASE let us all know so we can come visit ........)were no longer running the shop. The gentleman behind the counter was very friendly - and we thought we would be fair and give it a try - how I wish we hadnt !!!! The chips were dreadful, the batter on the fish wasnt much better.... There were another couple inside - who were obviously "old" customers - I could also hear them saying they would not be back !!! Its such a shame - boys if your out there WHERE HAVE YOU GONE........ are you serving your wonderful fish to some other lucky people - get in touch and let us all know where.

By John B.

After a long wait, Fishers Fish and Chip shop opened last week. I must point out that prior to the fire a year ago, the previous management and cooks were superb, this was quite possibly the best fish and chip shop in the country. Oh how time changes... Under new management with the dreadful neon "open" sign and unstylish drab interior, I proceeded to order our Friday night family fish and chips. I noticed one previous staff member from the former glory days as I placed my order, reassuring me that all would be good, how wrong can you be. The fish and chips were hastily cooked and packaged in cheap economy paper and see through plastic bags (not the Fishers of previous years!). On arrival back home, I unpacked our Friday supper to discover uncooked chips from poor quality potatoes and fish that was probably pulled from the Thames. Quite frankly it was an outrage to serve such rubbish, this operation is under new management and clearly they don't understand the original Fishers style, cooking skills and expertise with customers. My advice would be don't waste your time or money here, drive another mile up the road to Hammersmith, and visit Kerbisher & Malt, opposite Brook Green!

By Mark P.

Wonderful chippie, but closed since a fire in December 2010. Will it ever reopen? I hope so. It's been 6 months with no news....

By Son D.

I love this fish and chip shop. I've been coming here or many year and the taste and quality of the food is always consistent. I look forward to getting a piece of cod and chips next week for a treat ;-) Ms Dans West London

By James N.

my girlfriend and i sat i a lovely little alcove at the back of the restaurant very quiet , i had the cod [ which i could't finish it was so large] my girlfriend had the steamed fish in black pepper and lemon juice and salad [try getting that at your local chippie] we loved it . any time we are in the area its our guilty secret !! Jim from Worcester Park

By Laura T.

We eent late last night and had some of the best fish and chips I've ever had. Huge portion of fish, really good chips and great staff - I will definitely go back.

By John P.

Best ever FISH AND CHIPS, little secret kept but needs to be shouted about. The FISH is the best, i have been there 4-5 times and the quality is always the same, they must catch the fish. The asian guy who owns it, is funny as well...brill resturant as well if you have the time. Skate and dog fish on the menu as well. I can go on on on ...WELL Done guys and dolls

By Ravi A.

Great homely Fish & Chip shop.. worth while checking out the bistro menu. Generous portions and very friendly service

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