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Food for Thought reviews

By Gaynor D.

Never disappoints, really good, tasty, hearty vegetarian food and wonderful puddings that it's always worth leaving a space for. Don't know how many decades it's been there but it's a little gem in the middle of Covent Garden.

By J K.

Foods portion is really mean. Price is high. Food is not the same as past. Service is awful. I've been the shop for 7 years. Today is the worst experience i've ever had. I don't wantcone back.

By Gen W.

Very, VERY disappointing. I keep going back here, hoping that it will fulfil the potential that I know it could have. But apart from their very lovely scones I am repeatedly sorely disappointed. Every dish I add huge amounts of salt and pepper to, wishing I'd brought some chilli sauce- such is the bland-ness of the food. It's in Covent Garden and it's veggie. That's the positive. But I always leave feeling that I could've done it much better myself, and feeling slightly scandalised by the prices. It's OK if you're desperate, but if not I wouldn't bother.

By Sudie L.

Good food but disturbingly they use styrofoam packaging that is non-biodegradable. When I questioned the owner about this, she was extremely discourteous and she didn't even attempt to take on board the feedback. One would think a place that is focussed on providing food that is healthy would also have an environmental conscience.

By Haley H.

For a take away lunch? 5 stars! Can't think of anywhere better anywhere near! Quite squashed downstairs so always take away but I am always impressed with the food. Yum yum.

By O H.

Enjoyed our first visit so much we went back again the next day, on a short trip to London it was a real treat. The food was great and so inspirational that we couldn't resist buying the recipe book. Now we make their recipes at home in Newcastle and even though they're pale imitations of the real thing, they're still delicious and bring back the memory. Looking forward to the next visit. Ol and Rob

By F B.

The yummiest tastiest food ever! No really, it tastes like home cooked food- in a really good way! There are usually options of 2 hot dishes then quiches and stuff, savoury scones etc. Really good- but queues do prepared to wait!

By James M.

Nice food, seating conditions are cramped, but I knew that before I went. However, the guy who clears the plates shouted at me that he needed the table back. I was still eating, and had only been there around 15 minutes. When I told him this, he was aggressive, and get me evils when I left later on. So, nice food marred by aggressive staff member. What a shame.

By Aroha G.

This place is quaint, and has amazing food. Average prices. Amazing Strawberry scrunch for dessert! A nice place to sit down with good friends... Very small dining area, but adds to the atmosphere regardless. The toilets need a refurb though!

By Caleche T.

I've been there in 1996 - and I'm still remembering it for its nice atmosphere and real good meals. I recommend it regularly to my friends going to a trip to London. T. from Paris

By Otter A.

I'm sitting here in Portland, Oregon US wishing i was eating one of Food for Thoughts great, affordable vegie meals. It's been a few years, but I am glad to hear they're still there.

By W.

In central London there aren't many veggie or vegan restuarants, so Food For Thought is is a great place for vegetarians who are in the area to eat. It's good value and the food is tasty.

The desserts are wonderful, the staff friendly. They offer all their food as takeaway too. I've been going to Food For Thought for years, and will continue, as it's great!

By Andrew M.

I used to think Food For Thought was a great little place to eat fab veggie food in peace and quite, with kind service. Then the world cup came and manners went out the door. It was a rude, arrogant and unfriendly experience on one evening in June and made me decide not to go back to Food For Thought ever again. even if the food is still good, it is certainly NOT for thought. not any more.

By A.

I've been going to Food for Thought since the 70s. I love it. The system of queuing down the stairs is much better than waiting for a waiter or waitress and you can see exactly how long it takes. The food is wonderful and costs practically nothing. It would probably be more expensive to buy the ingredients & prepare it all at home.

But above all it is the wonderful staff at Food for Thought who make it what it is. I don't know where Food for Thought finds them. All honour and praise to them all without exception.

By N.

Food for Thought serves fantastic veggie food, with beautiful combinations of ingredients giving wonderful textures and flavours for excellent value. The downstairs restaurant at Food For Thought is very small and cramped, but adds to the 70s hippie atmosphere!

By J.

Food for Thought is a very bad advert for vegetarian restaurants. It is tasteless slops. The satay had never seen a peanut in its life in my opinion. Food for Thought - no thank you.

By H.

Absolutely love the food at Food for Thought it was very fresh and well made. I don't mind the small quarters and go every chance I get.