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Foundation is located in the heart of Covent Garden and offers a wide choice of cocktails alongside a casual food menu including burgers and pizzas.

Ranked #144 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"Foundation Bar is a new way of living, deep in the heart of Covent Garden. A place where you can be yourself, Foundation’s underground bar takes you away from the watching world into a delightful array of sounds, tastes and secrets. A place where independence of thought and expression is everything; where uniqueness and individuality is welcomed, and where the like minded meet and party the night away. Head down any night of the week to our Covent Garden disco or discover the treasures of our cocktail bar. Whether you’re out for fun or just want something different, make Foundation your new pit-stop in Covent Garden."

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Foundation reviews

By Naz M.

One star only because there is no option to give it no stars! Had ipad mini stolen from a bag in the cloakroom which you pay £2 for, when questioned the cloakroom staff he just shrugged & pointed at the disclaimer sign, manager & bouncers were very unhelpful denied everything on the night & then told me to call back, so they could check cctv, after hours of trying to get through & no one answering & staff fobbing me off saying 'he is in meetings' . Finally spoke to him & he was really unhelpful & rude-& he knew the whole police procedure like the back of his hand, so obviously not new to the situation he was dealing with?! Do not go, & if you really have to, keep your stuff on you & do not use the cloakroom! :( unfortunately due to the fact that I didn't take my ipad out in full view of the cctv cameras police couldn't do anything, dread to think just how much the cloakroom staff get away with! Avoid!

By Lola B.

Had my birthday celebration last night. The place was smaller than I expected and I was worried. But the music playing on arrival was decent and the size of the area I'd booked was big enough for our party of around 15. Shame about the 7.30 happy hour finish but we got there early enough. The cocktails are to die for - very potent. The bartenders were accomodating and made us drinks not listed in the menu. It did take quite a while for our platters to arrive and I was disappointed with the selection; could have done without the popcorn and had extra chips or spring rolls. One of the bouncers was very friendly and nice, even listening to me in my slighty inebriated state but the other bouncer not so charming. Drinks are served out of jam type jars and apparently they have a policy of clearing away your drinks even though the jars are clearly half full. We lost about 5 jars this way, so guard your drinks! Toilets were kept clean throughout and I liked the 360 mirrors. Music was commercial house and from the minute i got up to dance, I stayed dancing until we left around 12am. I would definitely recommend as the good time we had far outweighed the small stuff.

By Beth M.

Awful awful awful. Rude obnoxious. Need I say more! 1star is far to generous. Lets just hope it closes down soon.

By Nora L.

I advise everyone to avoid this place; they have massively disappointing service and misleading event manager. Ruined our Company Christmas party and took no responsibility for it…Will never return there ever again. If the page would let me I would give them zero stars.

By Rebecca H.

Did want to give no stars! Will never ever go to this place again. I booked an area for 15 people and the table we were given was tiny. The bar staff arr so slow arrogant and rude and the bouncers even worse, so bad I'm thinking of reporting them to the security industry authority. Awful experience avoid at all costs.

By Lauren B.

Hi, Thank you for your recent feedback.We appriciate your feedback and try our best to make sure we can improve for our future customers.We like to keep our customers satisfied with that they expect as well as meeting all their required needs.On this occasion this failed to be represented, however as gesture of good will we would like to invite you back down and offer you a complimentary area with a bucket of beers.If you could send us an email on or call the office on 02078365005 that would be much appriciated.Kind Regards, Lauren

By Faith M.

DONT GO TO THIS PLACE. I was very disappointed with the table that I was given it was right in-front of the double door, which when I arrived the manager kept open which meant it was freezing cold with no heating. My friends who had arrived had to sit in full winter gear. The table was also very small for the number of people who were coming and I had booked for. I was very disappointed and would never recommend this venue to anyone I know. To be honest i would tell them to take their business elsewhere. We did not stay and I informed all my guest to go to a different venue. We had a great evening but no thanks to Foundation.

By Alexanrdra P.

Warning! Don't go to Foundation! I have never in my life been to a club this bad! The staff are rude, the design is nothing like in the pictures it looks cheap and ugly. It looks like a basement with concrete floors and few chairs and bars put around. I arranged a night out with about 30 of my friends. When I saw it I wanted to cry! It was too late to change the venue because there was so many of us. I felt really embarrassed for taking them there.

By Ian B.

The Terrible: They like to add random drinks to your bill and then get arsey when you ask for a receipt. They are incredibly slow at serving and woefully understaffed. You can get the DJs playlist from your school disco. They are superb at losing expensive clothing from their cloakroom (which is £2 an item) and then blaming you for it. You'll get treated like a terrorist for asking where your lost items might have gone. It smells. Bad. The furniture is broken. The Good: It closes at 1am.

By Ryan W.

Booked a booth for my wife's birthday. Arrived at 6pm on a Friday evening to have the club's sound system at full volume... at 6pm in the evening? Come on. Yes, turn the sound system up as much as you want at 10pm when people are drunk, but not at 6pm in the evening. We asked management to turn it down so our guests could talk and not shout, but management ignored our request. My monther-in-law had to leave without even finishing her first drink because it was too loud of her. I'm very unimpressed by the bar and management.

By Sarah S.

Had some friends visiting from Australia and by recommendation i brought them to Foundation. I was pleasantly surprised by the quirky decor, including the toilets! Loved the really different cocktails and how cheap they were in their happy hour! The staff are really friendly and i was popular amongst my friends for taking them there!

By Natalie I.

Quite cool design but massively over priced for what you get and in comparison to other venues nearby. £5.20 for a bottle of bud is a bit much if you ask me, particularly after a long wait to get served. We went on a Friday night so the atmosphere was lively and fun but I wouldn't venture back there again out of choice.

By M A.

This place is unsafe. The bouncers were alerted to a situation where a group of six men had grabbed a woman's hair and pushed her around the dancefloor in an aggressive and threatening manner, the men were told off by the bouncers but allowed back in. The woman and her husband left as they didn't want to be in that environment anymore. On leaving, me, the husband, talked to the bouncer, and the attitude was that they believed that the woman had been harassed but that the men were more valuable customers than she was. I would recommend avoiding this place.

By Tanya N.

Went to Foundation for my Birthday Party and was highly impressed. Loved the ambience, the decor, the music, the food and of course the cocktails:) The Garden Jam and Cosmopolitan were great! Service was also impressive and promt.

By Chris L.

This venue looked promising so I booked a booth for £25, which I was told included a food platter and bottle of wine. On arrival we were showed to our area which turned out not to be a booth but the end of a sofa facing a wall instead. We were also told that the waitress would be over to see us 'shortly'. There was no cocktail menu on the table and we couldn't find one either. 25 minutes passed and there was still no sign of a waitress, so we searched around and approached someone carrying a clipboard who looked like a manager. She informed us that she was in fact our waitress and that she would be "looking after us for the evening". She said she would arrange for the food/drink to be sent over. No apology for the 25 minute wait. When the wine did arrive it was plonked on the table by a member of staff who quickly scuttered off. Despite the number of people in our group there were only 2 glasses in the bucket, so we had to wait another 10 minutes before we could get the waitresses' attention again and ask for more glasses. The food was a below-average mix of chicken wings coated in sauce (no napkins supplied), the saltiest chips on earth and pizza. Having finished off the wine we lost hope of finding our waitress again, so we headed to the bar to order our drinks. We had a half price voucher which was valid til 9pm. We started queuing at the bar at 8.30, and at ten past nine we gave up and left because we still hadn't been served and by that point the half price offer had expired anyway. On our way out guess who was manning the door - our waitress who was apparently "looking after us for the evening"! I don't know why they bother having security on the door either. You'd have more chance getting drunk and disorderly in a monastery.

By Matt H.

Had my Christmas party at Foundation Last week after finding the venue online. Picked the venue because it looked different from the standard restaurant. The food on the evening was good and the staff were very friendly. One of the managers looked after us for most of the evening. Everyone had a really good time and I received good feedback from my office.

By Kamile V.

Just huge disappointment with the management team and really bad experience. I took my best friend wanting to show a fantastic place in London. It was Sunday. Very quiet night. Me and my friend ordered drinks and food. Before we sat down we saw that there was a group of people and two guys in that group were already drunk. Guys were shouting and shortly they started to throw thing at each other like plastic round menus and anything what was on their way. They started to fight after and even though they were friends it was horrible to watch two guys laying on the floor and making a mess around the place. This continued for more than 40 min and the last drop for me was when I saw one of the guys pulling his trousers down and showing his "thing". I was shocked as place was almost empty and during one hour there was no manager present on the floor and bar staff were standing there afraid to say something. I really couldn't finish my meal when there was a naked drunk guy in front of me and my friend was horrified! I asked to call manager at the bar and after she showed up I asked her how she could ignore such behaviour for at least an hour! Her answer was that she was not there so she couldn't see. I asked her if she had cameras as she if she couldn't be present on the floor she probably should see it from the office. I was so embarrassed in front of my friend and the manager was laughing! I told her I can't eat when someone is shouting, lying on the floor and walking naked in front of me. She still was laughing. I could not believe my eyes. At least she could offer different place to sit! I paid my bill and left my food and drinks unfinished. I wrote an email to the place directly and got a reply that General Manager will be in touch shortly..Its been 3 months now...

By Keith P.

Went to Foundation Last Friday was hugely impressed! friendly staff and great atmosphere. Would definitely recommend a visit!!

By Katie P.

Went to Foundation to meet up with a friend for dinner and drinks and was very impressed, made a great change from the usual! With great music, really funky cocktails and lovely food too, I would definately recommend going back there! Additionally, the staff were very friendly and service was at a very high level. Recommended to all.

By Laura A.

Went to Foundation for a friends birthday was very impressed, made a great change from the usual bar! Really enjoyed the cocktails and was impressed by the level of service, for such intricate drinks we didn't have to wait long and were entertained by the barman in the process!! Would recommend the venue to other friends.

By S S.

Terrible! Only go to Foundation if you have no other options. Having emailed to book an area for my birthday, I received a call from one of their sales people offering a table for dinner along with a couple of bottles of free Prosecco. All the confirmation emails came through and it seemed set for a good night. We arrived on the night to absolutely no reservations for either dinner or an area and were then shuffled around for the rest of the evening. Staff made a half-hearted attempt to rectify the problem with plenty of "free drink" offers to placate us. After several reminders a single bottle of prosecco found its way over. Truly awful experience - don't bother if it's a special occasion and try have a few before arrival as the cocktails are horrendous. (nice ideas and presentation but so sweet they're impossible to finish. Sign of too many short cuts and no fresh ingredients)

By Sandee S.

If I could give no stars, I would. I'd heard good things about this bar so went for the first time ever this past saturday, my night out was almost ruined. Myself and my party were made to stand out in the street despite having booked a table a very long time ago, which, to my knowledge was ready but we weren't allowed in. Apparently there were too many guys already in from our party but actually, hardly anyone was there so obviously people not on out guest list were being added to it. We were kept outside because of the few extra guys in our group of 30. Whilst we stood outside, groups of 3 or 4 guys without any girls were being let in constantly. Foundation could be the perfect bar, but I'll never know since my party was turned away for no valid reasons and that awful experience will make it so that I never will want to go back or recommend the bar, since a night out is about enjoying yourself, not standing outside a bar for an hour only to not go in!

By Sunny N.

Like the previous comment, there should be a option to give this place a zero or minus star. Absolutely appalling service at this place. Didnt honor our booking even thou we paid for a area and food etc. Let in some of our party so rounds of drinks could be bought then when the party turned up told the rest that they could not come in and therefore couldn't have the drinks. If you want your night ruined go to Foundation Bar. If you want to get all dressed up and not get in go to Foundation Bar. If you want to have a good night DON'T GO TO FOUNDATION BAR.

By S D.

1 star is generous! Completely ruined my husbands birthday, we booked and paid for an area only to be refused entry when we get there as there was 6 extra guys in our group than girls. They were only letting couples in so if you're gay no chance of getting in this place. Discriminate massively... Disguising, immoral and from my experience potentially racist too! Don't waste your time, energy or money

By Tansy M.

We booked the scribble room for our engagement party and although the party was great the organisation of the bar on the night was appalling. When we arrived there was no one available to tell, and the drinks we had preordered were no where to be seen - the fridge in the room wasn't even on so no chance of keeping the champagne cool! We were also disappointed our guests had to hunt for our party as there wasn't anyone to guide them through - even when one guest found a member of door staff with a clip board she had to check the list of bookings herself as was told there wasn't an engagement party that night - we were on the list, highlighted and in bold letters! Apart from the shambles on drinks and door staff we all had a great time; the music was good and the atmosphere was brilliant. Would go again, but wouldn't bother with any pre ordering - and would show up 30mins early to hassle the staff into doing their jobs.

By Lamort D.

My partner and I ended up here by accident, heading for another place. Certainly glad we did, atmosphere is unique along with the decor. Food was slightly above average, and the cocktails were brilliant. Definitely a place to return to soon.

By Dave T.

Popped in this bar with my partner as i was passing and was compleatly blown away by the place! A real hidden gem! The decour is amazing, a really cool environment to hang out in, we only meant to stop for one drink but ended up leaving a few hours later somewhat merry. Try the cocktails they are awesome!

By Jon B.

What a great bar/club. The decor is quirky and cool with a fantastic attention to detail. We ended up talking to the Events chap there who gave us a tour. Glad we did as there is stuff I would have missed. Tables and doors made of Lego The chalk room at the back of the club. Proper retro!! Secret garden area including tree All the menus are made from vinyl record sleeves and some are even the vinyls themselves You could go in here every night for a week and see something different. We had a bottle of Merlot for £17 that was really good and I would definitely recommend the poisson (a little chicken).

By Mary M.

Quirky, fun, with a great atmosphere. The Foundation is 'Willy Wonka meets cocktail bar', the cocktails are well thought out and the mojitos are strong! The decor is incredibly detailed, with new things to discover around every corner from tables made of lego to garden gnome stools!

By Lauren T.

A fun and central basement bar with a quirky cocktail menu, party atmosphere and one of the best happy hours in Covent Garden.

The Venue
Foundation is a basement bar a stone’s throw from Covent Garden station, and while you can say goodbye to your phone signal for the evening, the amount of space this grants the underground venue more than makes up for it. The main room is spacious and colourful with lots of different seating options and a bar that runs along the full length of the back wall. Its fun, eclectic design has lots of nice features, like 60s-inspired chairs and a table with a tree covered in fairy lights growing out of the middle, the kind of details you can tell will make their way onto many a snap happy Instagram account. This first room, however, is the tip of the iceberg, and a set of doors leads to another large room, which is opened when busy. Complete with another bar and a dance floor surrounded by booths, this in turn leads to two more rooms: a small restaurant area open only at weekends and a quirky for-hire monochrome room, designed to be the perfect space for a private party.

The Atmosphere
Foundation’s daily happy hour between 5pm and 7.30pm (which covers all drinks and platters) has become legendary in a notoriously expensive area of London, so you can expect it to get very busy around that time, with a sudden rush to the bar inevitable in the final minutes. Predictably, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest, but thanks to the central location and generous happy hour, there is a steady stream of customers throughout the week – reserving a table is recommended for larger groups. The low lighting, occasional swirl of disco lights and steady thud of dance classics fulfils Foundation’s reputation as having a fun, party atmosphere even during the week, so it’s probably not the place for a quiet catch-up. Large groups of twenty- and thirty-something media types make up the usual crowd, interspersed with couples looking for a cheap mid-week date night.

The Food
The menu covers a lot of the predicable bar food fare you would expect, from burgers and ribs to the more sophisticated chargrilled lobster with new potatoes. But since it seems a little too much of a party bar to feel like the right setting for a full meal, most opt for the fast food classics, which are unfortunately pretty forgettable. The sharing platter is made up of a promising selection of pepperoni pizza, chicken wings, pulled BBQ pork spring rolls, chilli popcorn, fries and dips but, apart from the very tasty skin-on fries, it’s a bit of an underwhelming selection. Food does seem to be a bit of an afterthought at Foundation, understandable for a bar that puts so much emphasis on the drinks, but it may disappoint given the effort many London bars have put into bettering their food offerings of late.

The Drink
Foundation claims to be one of the first bars in London to have served cocktails in jam jars, and novelty certainly seems to be the name of the game as far as the drinks menu is concerned. The cocktail list is extensive and covers a lot of the classics, as well as a section dedicated to sharing cocktails served in teapots. The bar never takes itself too seriously and lots of cocktails come with quirky accompaniments, like Almondation, which comes with a packet of nuts, the Chocolate Orange Martini garnished with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange segment, and Tea & Toast, which is served in a Marmite jar alongside pieces of toast. These fun touches not only add to the enjoyment of choosing a cocktail, but also help you feel as if you are getting just that little bit extra for your money. Elsewhere on the drinks menu there is a good selection of wines – divided helpfully into taste brackets – with bottles starting at around £20, and all of the spirits and beers you would expect sit along the well stocked bar.

The Last Word
Foundation’s strengths lie in its prime location, generous happy hour and fun, frivolous cocktail menu. If you’re expecting top-notch service and an exciting food menu you may be disappointed, but Foundation certainly still knows how to draw in the crowds.

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