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Freedom is a straight friendly gay bar and club that boasts an impressively relaxed and sociable atmosphere. With a fine selection of drinks and entertainment, Freedom is a sterling choice for any Soho visitor. Sexy and fun, Freedom captures the essence of Soho with a ground floor bar and a fabulous glitter ball basement with VIP area and banquette alcove seating.

Ranked #70 of 225 clubs in London

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Freedom reviews

By S.

I went to Freedom with my gay friend and I can honestly say that I haven't had so much fun for a long time. The atmosphere was great and not 'overly-friendly' if you know what I mean. Freedom's just a place where people of all sexualities go for a good time.

By S.

Freedom is great, I'm sooo with George Dubbya on this one. I can see why he's so excited about it, the drinks are great, the staff are friendly and the clientele chatty. Lock and load, Freedom needs you.

By Lloyd N.

Went there with a friend of mine, feeling really excited yet quite nervous, the manager made me feel relaxed (in his army uniform i think it was) he was extremely friendly and sexy (I must admit). Loved the dancefloor downstairs because it had a poles which was fabulous baby meanwhile upstairs was just really great for having a chat. I had such a good time that I am looking foward to taking a few friends there too to have a good time. I would definetly recommend to anyone who plans to have a good night out in soho.

By Samantha M.

went to freedom last night and my bag got stolen which got all my id and bank cards when i was standing next to it at the table ..i recommend watch ur stuff as not very decent people go there

By Emma F.

I don't recommend coming here if you are gay. If, however you are straight and only want to go to a gay bar for amusement then it is the place for you. I have been a few times, I often go to the bar after work and in week, early evening it is okay. I never feel comfortable in the club and feel that I have to hide my sexuality as it pretty much becomes a straight club. I have been with my girlfriend and we both always get chatted up by guys and as we are both girly, they don't believe we are gay. This happens a lot and the whole reason gay people go to gay bars is so we don't have to put up with this. Plus there are a lot of straight girls there that love gay men but not comfortable around lesbians. I don't mind mixed places but if it is a gay bar then the majority has to be gay and groups of straight people should not be let in. It can sometimes be annoying when me and my partner get stopped on the door of gay clubs but we understand that this is neccessary. Also the music is awful. Upstairs is dance music and is okay but downstairs is commercial pop

By Freedom S.

I am so sorry to hear about your experience at Freedom. I ma very keen to discuss what happened to you. Please can you contact me on 0207 434 9413 or Many Thanks Nathan Pope

By Luke R.

We used to quite like Freedom until one day when me and my partner were sitting down enjoying a drink (planning to have a few more). We were approached by a bouncer who said that we needed to move because the owners friends were coming and they needed our seats. There was no reserved sign there and there were no other free seats, so we left. I'm sure the owners will continue to earn a great deal of money from this place and so it probably doesn't bother them that much to operate like this. We certainly shall not be returning though - there are plenty of other places in London. We shall advise our friends to do the same.

By Sasha B.

Had my Birthday Party at Freedom in April and it was fab. They were all really helpfull in pre-ordering drinks and my birthday cake (didn't even have to collect it). Didn't have to pay for the booth for my party just a tiny deposit or guarentee a minimum spend like lots of other places in London. Seriously recommend Freedom if you want somewhere where all your friends feel at ease, let there hair down and booggie. One downer, pre-order your drinks earlier in the night because it can get a little busy.

By Mike B.

Freedom looks nice and has a history of being a great gay bar. But alas my experience to Freedom was below anything I have ever experienced, in London or any bar in the world. I asked for a strawberry daiquiri, a very simple cocktail to make; 2 oz light rum 1/2 oz triple sec 1 oz lime juice 1/2 tsp sugar 1 cup ice 5-10 strawberries (to taste)alas the drink I was served was a slush puppy, made from malibu which is an already flavoured and sweetened rum. As you can imagine the slush puppy was undrinkable. The rude bar staff insisted I paid for drinks I could not drink, which I had to. This dismal place will not last, hospitality dismal, service without a smile and the drinks would be better suited down a drain far far away from anything with a pulse.

By Min C.

One of the bar staff have attitude problem and he seem to be serving the customers he fancies! 3 times he completely ignore us regardless we've been waiting there before his pretty customers. We went to Freedom today so I can organised my friends birthday party but with my impression tonight no way we are coming back here. We left after 1 drink and went to Edge which 100 times better! Rude and pretentious place! Avoid! Avoid!

By Min C.

I went to Freedom today and never again. The place is pretentious and the bar staff are rude. You only get serve if you a pretty gay boys. I wouldn't recommend the place avoid at all cost!!

By Victoria W.

I love love love Freedom! Always have so much fun when I go and meet some fabulous people, even minor celebs. The staff are lovely (and some hot) and you never have to wait long for a drink (this is very important). Downstairs is my favorite, glitter balls, stripper poles, and my kind of music, what more do you want people?!

By Carole K.

Went to this club last night with friends and we had our jackets stolen and all the contents. Not a place to go to when you want to enjoy yourself without worrying about the type of clientele that frequents this sort of place. Be warned and be aware. All in all a very expensive " night out ".

By Angela C.

Went last night for a friends birthday and had high hopes as I had heard good things about the place but it was awful. Pretentious clientele & bar staff who were also rude and incompetent. Music and atmosphere were both lacklustre. Tried to order draught beer but despite it being on the menu we were rudely told 'bottles only' before the staff member in question continued to make a cocktail I hadn't ordered, then when I complained he was (unbelievably) even more rude when I finally paid for the overpriced, frankly average cocktails. Don't bother.

By Freedom S.

Thank you for your review. We are really pleased you enjoy Freedom and the fun atmosphere. I just wanted to address the issue you had with security and your belongings. Nothing ruins a night more than for belongings to be mislaid, therefore we have made the decision in the best interests of our customers to have security insist on customers belongings being placed into one of our cloakrooms. We will of course address their approach. Hope to see you at Freedom soon. Freedom Team 0207 734 0071

By Alex D.

I've been to Freedom a number of times with different groups of people and all have had a good time! It's an inclusive, realxed and fun atmosphere with a varied type of clientele. Recently booked a booth on a saturday night for my birthday and all the staff were really helpful, bar staff great and quick and it's definitely worth getting there in happy hour for the £4.95 cocktails! The food platter is also good value and is great to have half way through the evening when your group is getting a bit peckish! The only little issue we had was that the security staff would NOT leave us alone as we had a couple of brithday presents and coats in the booth with us they asked us a number of times (8+) to move them to the cloakroom. Even though there were people sitting at the booth watching the coats all evening. A couple of the group were leaving very shortly and didn't want to move them so he just stood there staring at them... very strange and aggressive approach to security in a otherwise friendly bar.

By Tanya B.

I went to Freedom for my25th Birthday – They were amazing. Its totally changed since the last time I went along. The interior is gorgeous we reserved one of the white leather booths next to the window, we had a privet waitress bring us our drinks, and it had low lit chandelier and huge candle centre piece. Nothing was too much trouble they even put up a selection of silver and purple helium balloons form me! We were so happy we didn’t even end up going on to the next bar we stayed and partied till 3am there. Top marks!

By Michael J.

Great aesthetics, comfortable and inviting..

..however the two martinis ordered were stomach turning and made by a bar person who had no desire to be there.

She was disengaged and aloof - Noilly Prat was the promised vermouth - not so with 'cheap' martini mix and just a weak splash of Belvedere Vodka - I would not return nor would I recommend others after our poor experience.

By James N.

This place has totally been revamped lately, great decor and a lively atmosphere with friendly bar staff and great music!! Highly recommended for a top night out!!

By Caroline H.

Went to Freedom on Thursday evening and had a blast. Very friendly with great staff and basement with poles and glitter balls is a lot of fun...will be back before Christmas!!

By Supriya R.

An awesome bar with a dance floor downstairs. The DJs usually play great funky house music. Essentially a gay club but I'm not gay and I still liked it as it is a great place to take friends when you want to party in a great atmosphere. Highly recommended.

By Jones A.

I had a party here on the 25th July 2007. It was my 19th and it was amazing. I had the time of my life. The manager was extremely lovely, so helpful and knew exactly how I would like it. I decided to have a Moulin Rouge theme because the venue downstairs was red velvet seating with disco balls on the ceiling and alcoves for private use. It was stunning, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I recommend it for anyone wanting to have an amazing party. I loved every minute of it.

By Siobhan O.

A fun, colourful bar in the heart of Soho, Freedom is definitely worth a visit if you want to unwind and let your hair down.

The Venue
Sister venue to The O Bar across the road, Freedom too combines a cocktail bar and nightclub and is similarly glitzy, though a little busier. Though this Soho spot no longer touts itself as a gay bar - rather listing 'those working in media and fashion' as its key clientele - it did start life as one of the first gay venues in the area. It remains close to its roots in decor and atmosphere, and it's definitely somewhere to go if you're in the party mood.

Freedom offers a long but narrow cocktail bar with plush striped sofas, dark floral wallpaper, chandeliers and even an ornate wardrobe at the entrance, which adds to the bar's charm. Downstairs is a nightclub with pink crushed velvet furniture, crystal chandeliers, dark walls and mirror balls. There are also a couple of poles in the middle of the dance floor - do with those what you will. It's perfect for a fun night out and is a great setting for the regular cabaret nights they hold, although there is a touch of the garish about it.

The Atmosphere
This is a party bar and there's a real buzz as groups of friends chat, couples get cosy and after work drinkers get ready for a big night out. Background music creates a nice vibe but it's not too loud to talk over, and there's always a big crowd to keep the atmosphere electric. Punters are mostly in their 20s and working nearby. Though no longer specifically a gay venue, there is still a large gay customer base, but Freedom certainly makes everyone feel welcome. Staff are friendly (and all rather attractive) and there's table service so you don't even have to queue at the bar.

The Drink
There's a small cocktail menu with a few classics, like Long Island Iced Tea (£8.90), Cosmopolitan and Mojito, all £8.90. A glass of house wine goes for £4.95, a bottle £18.95. Bottled beers include Becks, Corona, Fosters, Guinness and Kronenbourg 1664, all £4.50 each.

The Last Word
This is a fun choice for a party, after work drinks or a night of dancing. Staff are friendly and the crowd's lively but generally on good behaviour, plus there are plenty of bottled beers available for the non-cocktail drinkers out there.

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