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Freud serves up a range of delicious cocktails from their blackboard menu. A blink-and-you'll-miss-it basement bar, it remains a firm favourite.

Ranked #269 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 11:00-23:30
Sun 12:00-22:30

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Freud reviews

By G.

I'm no psychology student, but the fact you have to ask for a special key for the men's lavs (which is out the door, across the road) would have Freud scratching his head. Dunno if it's something to do with men's dirty bits or what, but it's the first time I thought us fella's had drawn the short straw toilet-wise. Still, Freuds has some great tucker and they've got some great foreign beers - don't drink too many though - you may need the loo.

By Bob D.

Clearly under new management. I went there as a regular, ordered my regular drink: an espresso martini. It was a bad drink and I duly explained to the "cocktail maker" that it was lacking. The response I got was shocking. I was told that it was tough luck as I queued among other people returning their drinks. I then asked for a new drink, willing to pay, but then they summoned the "bar manager" who told me to get out and threatened me with language I couldn't repeat here. It ruined my night and my previous experience of this bar. I will never come here for as long as these idiots are in charge. Do not be fooled, the Freud Bar is now the Feud bar run by staff with no love for the establishment. Ah well...

By Kelly H.

Freud is a laid-back, cave-like den that offers some much-needed respite from the comings and goings of Shaftesbury Avenue.

The Venue
Freud isn’t a members' bar. It isn’t some cool, trendy in-the-know hang out. And, most importantly, you don’t need to be on a guestlist or book weeks in advance just to get a seat. What Freud does do is offer a subterranean escape from the tourist hell above ground on Shaftesbury Avenue. A simple sign is all that highlights its location – that and a windy black metal stairway that really shouldn’t be attempted in heels or whilst under the influence of alcohol. Inside, it’s small and looks like it’s been carved into a cave with sandy walls and rickety wooden furniture with an even more rickety bar. Art, of varying degrees of quality, occupies the walls and the menu is made up of just a blackboard behind the bar with neat rows of chalked up cocktails. There isn’t a lot of space or much in the way of seating so at the weekend it’s worth getting in early to stake claim to your spot.

The Atmosphere
Any bar that survived the recession has done well for itself, but Freud has survived TWO major recessions, having first opened in 1986. Now that is impressive. Back in the day, this was a cool, trendy hang-out and although things have moved on since then and it’s more laid back now, it’s still retained some of that in-the-know appeal that has made it such a hit. The staff are friendly, the crowd is made up almost entirely of Londoners and the funky music that hums in the background gives it a toe-tapping, upbeat ambience.

The Drink
Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails. Freud is a cocktail bar and you won’t be maxing out the credit card to order a drink here, although the prices have risen and are more in line with other cocktail bars now – you can expect to pay £6-£8 for a drink. And the cocktails are good. And big (they're often served in almost pint-size tumblers). They may not exhibit the expert mixology of some of London’s better cocktail bars but they are tasty, well mixed and designed to be enjoyed. An excellent example of this is the Fallen Angel – a creamy cocktail with a butterscotch sweetness that’s almost too sickly... Almost. It comes topped with whipped cream with a cherry on top, more of a dessert or a milkshake than a cocktail, but boy is it moreish. Just be careful as you can easily down four of these in half an hour and forget that it does have alcohol in it. Dangerous. And this is indicative of many of their cocktails. Their White Russian isn’t as alcoholic as some, concentrating mainly on the creamy flavours and sweetness, but it’s hard to care too much when it’s so damned delicious.

The Last Word
Freud has endured for over two decades through some of the UK’s worst economic downturns and has managed to stay modern and relevant to today’s London drinking scene. Admirable.

By Sandy E.

I went to Freud last night for the first time and its my new favorite cocktail bar.

Completely unpretentious place with a brilliant list of cocktails from classics to fun inventions.

The cocktails are pretty cheap at £6.50 each considering that most of them come in the glass section of a boston shaker which is close a pint!

Ok the place is not pretty but i'm glad its not. The music was wicked, it was like they were playing all my favorite music from my ipod.

The bar staff are all brilliant too and the girls are all good looking, they could be a little friendlier or smile once in a while but hey i don't go to bars to make friends with the bar staff, i go for amazing drinks and thats what they give you. Absolute winner!

By W S.

Great little bar just underneath.... Well, if you can find it, you deserve to drink in it.

Starting with the staff, as they are a big part of the atmosphere, quaffing shots every so often and really making it not seem like the grey bits of London, then onto the well priced cocktail menu in large glasses and generous measures (not quite Barcelona or southern Italian measures, but getting there)!

Then onto the music: An eclectic selection which comes from a good sound system for the room size.

This is powered by a cd player, or ipod - ask them nicely, and they'll probably allow you to plug your playlist in too.

Freud also does quality food during the day (not that i'm an afternoon lush or anything...). Fairly basic menu, but filling.

And importantly, you never feel like you're getting ripped off like with a lot of central London bars.

All in all, a great little drinking venue. Take your first date, take your last, make sure you try the Aztec, and show appreciation to the hard working staff! Enjoy!!


By Jhs G F.

Freud is the best bar in London. The cocktails are kinda ok and the staff is very polite and friendly! The main attraction is the beautiful barman. I'm in love with him and I take my friends there every single day. However, his mojitos are the best in town! My friends agree.

By Frank H.

It is a rather interesting place, the cocktails are really very good, indeed. The atmosphere is, at times, a bit cold. The cocktails are great, though. Make sure you find the entrance...

By Mark O.

The service has always been fine when I've been here, it's not the sort of place to get table service as reviewer below has questioned. If you require that go somewhere else! One of London's best underground bars, great atmosphere, nice people and drinks are awesome. Fav drinks vary but recently the Boris Tea has been going down extreemely well.

By Nicholas P.

I don't doubt that the atmosphere is sometimes good. And I don't doubt that the drinks aren't out of this world. However, my own personal experience of Freud was ghastly! A good friend took me there yesterday evening to celebrate my 30th birthday. The barman who served us was extremely rude (not to mention scruffy). Whilst seeing to our order he knocked my cocktail glass spilling the contents down the side of the glass and over the bar. Now instead of apologising or making light of this small incident, as any well educated person would be inclined to do, he appeared to become quite cross. He then attempted to mop up the mess and clean the sides and stem of my glass with paper towel. To be frank this was all very messy and the glass didn't look nice. I then asked if I could have a clean glass. He mumbled something before obliging reluctantly - all the while with a face like thunder. When he had eventually finished sorting our drinks my friend commented on how disappointed he was at the service. With this the barman promptly snatched our drinks from us and asked us to leave. We were stunned! Never have either of us received such poor and downright rude service before. Needless to say we headed off into Soho where the service was much better and we had a fabulous time. I would avoid this bar like the plague!

By P.

Freud gave me possibly the worse service I have received in a long time. It took 15 minutes to bring three drinks to our table and we were the only customers there on a Sunday lunchtime! Freud could also do with a good clean. There are much better places to eat and drink in the area.

By C.

I can't get enough of Freud it always has a warm friendly atmosphere and a great mix of people, from the casual after-work drinkers to the hardcore pre-clubbers. And they do a really great pint of amazing fresh cocktail for a great price. You can't go wrong at Freud.

By M.

I have been to Freud a few times, and keep going back. I always recommend it to my friends.

The cocktails are superb, and the atmosphere is very friendly and cosy.

A great advantage is you don't have to dress up too much, lots of people will come here after work for a drink on a Friday. Very friendly and great looking barmen!

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