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Holborn's Fryer's Delight is exceptionally popular with Londoners and tourists alike. The fish and chip combos are the talk of the town.

Ranked #1062 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Opening Hours

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12:00 - 22:30


12:00 - 22:30


12:00 - 22:30


12:00 - 22:30



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Fryers Delight reviews

By G.

Fryer’s Delight certainly do what they say – if the diet’s on hold, head to Fryer’s Delight for deep-fried junk food covered in grease. Mmm….

By Lucas D.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS; the place looks & feels old, but not in a good way. It's fairly cheap so I gave it a try as fish'n'chip outlets are not that common in the city. The chips were hard & had a synthetic oil taste, but worse than that the sausage I ordered was undercooked so I returned the lot. The older Mediterranean guy behind the counter who refused to give me a refund was rude & argumentative. Save your money & time, you're better off in McDonalds.

By Jones M.

i've just had cod and chips here to take home and i have to say its the worst ever the batter on cod was so watery that when i unwrapped it all the paper bag stuck to the batter so i had to throw more than half of it away the chips were rock hard, i live very local to this place and would normally recommend it to anyone that asks but never again they've just lost my custom and probably anyone else i know when i tell them about this goodbye fryers non delight

By Hack H.

you are so right its a shame you never got to go before this shower took over and destroyed it.
Still I can reccommend anywhere in Whiby

By Hack H.

Once a fine fish and chip restaurant that could almost hold its head up with a real engish one(northern).
Now a third rate London dive that serves worse food than a Soho kebab shop and with less pride.
A once thriving and allways packed London landmark has been run down ande turned into a cheap and dirty fast food hole by a incompertant manager who just does not get what good fish and chips is all about.

By Jon L.

Best Haddock and Chips in the South of England. Close your eyes as you are eating them and you could be in West Yorkshire.

Decent cup of tea too. Cannot recommend this place highly enough.

By E.

What a utter disappointment Fryer's Delight was. I walked in the rain for a mile for this 'real' chippie. But when I opened my bag o' fish and chips, the chips were cooked in old oil and tasted like fair ground chips: slightly off and overcooked, and definately left on the side for a while.

The fish was ok, if I had eaten it when it had been cooked, but an hour later the fish had completely dried out. The mushy peas could save the day, you cant get them wrong can you? Humm they must be mushy not hard and yet anemic. I felt sick all afternoon.

What a shame that Fryer's Delight are not consistent. I wont be going back.

By D.

Fryer's Delight is a good English Fish and Chip shop. I have been using this chip shop since I moved to London in 1988. I recommend the Cod and chips at Fryer's Delight. The Batter melts in your mouth and the chips are so fresh. There is a cafe area but you will be lucky to find a table at lunchtimes. It is often frequented by London cab drivers at night. Other fish such as haddock, plaice and rock are on the Fryer's Delight menu. There are also pies, chicken, saveloys and battered sausages as well as normal sausages. Try a freshly cut slice of Italian Bread. The only downside of the Fryer's Delight is that the shop is closed during the entire month of August. It is run by an Italian family who use this month for their holidays.

By Delphine L.

The Fryer’s Delight offers good quality, old fashioned fish and chip fare that goes perfectly with the original 1960s decor.

The Venue
This chippie was established in the ‘60s and it shows through in the decor in the most pleasing of ways. Take a seat in one of the cosy black and red booths while the fryer prepares your fish platter – all dishes are freshly cooked to order here. If it wasn’t for the standard fish and chip fare on offer, you’d think you were in an American diner thanks to the booths and the black and white chequered floor.

The Atmosphere
On cold evenings you can expect to find the restaurant filled mainly with solo men with a plate of fish and chips, a mug of tea and a newspaper for company – takeaway seems to be the popular option. At other times of the day, The Fryer’s Delight attracts many a tourist, especially during the lunchtime rush when hordes of visiting students can often be seen queuing up. It’s a place for everybody.

The Food
As you would expect from a long-established fish and chip restaurant, the menu features all of the classics – scampi, rock, haddock, plaice, cod and fishcakes – plus skate when available – with chips, not forgetting a small range of pies and the good old battered saveloy. You can choose to have beans or peas (strictly not of the mushy variety) on the side. A plate of fish and chips to eat in will set you back about £7 while a substantial portion of chips and peas is a mere £3.70. The fish comes in a light, fluffy batter and you’ll find it hard not to clear your plate of the moreish chips.

The Drink
This fish and chip shop doesn’t go in for frills – choose from a tea for 80p, coffee for £1.20 or a can of soft fizz for £1 to wash down your meal.

The Last Word
On a road where most other eateries have a shelf life of just a few years, The Fryer’s Delight is still going strong.

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