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G-A-Y Late is the latest addition to the G-A-Y empire and follows on with the same formula; namely friendly people, a camp atmosphere and lots of fun.

Ranked #85 of 225 clubs in London

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Daily 23:00-03:00

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G-A-Y Late reviews

By S.

You know exactly what you're going to get with any G-A-Y venture (or you should do!) - there's lots of high-camp and minciness which means a lot of fun too. G-A-Y Late is definitely somewhere I'll be returning to.

By Natalie I.

So there isn't an option for a zero review, so I'm going to have to stick with the one star. This club is the definition of sexism, racism, discriminative to looks and sexual orientation. You could call me a regular, I go pretty much all the time, but never have the opportunity to come on a Sunday (where you have to get this so called Membership card) because come on, in the real world who can go out clubbing on a Sunday? I have no trouble getting in usually as I'm a lesbian who pretty much looks like a stereotypical lesbian, short hair, jeans and tshirt... But the moment I decided to Make an effort and wear something more femme, and come with a couple of straight friends for a birthday celebration, we are automatically turned down by a rude and obnoxious security gaurd. We were in the middle of the queue after waiting 30 minutes, and the moment my two straight friends kissed, the gaurd came over and told us that we needed a membership card to get in. I stated that we never never had a problem getting in at this time without a membership card and asked people around us if they had one, they said they didn't have a clue what a membership card was... We then knew that we were being discriminated over. The gaurd forced us to leave the line, so we didn't put up a fight and walked away, but as we walked out of the line we asked every person if you had a membership card and not one of them replied with a yes. More and more people were joining the line and they too didn't have a membership card, but because they "looked gay" "dressed gay" and "acted gay" they were let in. We waiting an extra 30 minutes for our bus to come and saw that everyone in the line who told us they had no membership card, got into the club. Let's just say, this regular is going elsewhere. I know it doesn't is make much of a difference, but my loyalty to the club is gone. Don't go here.

By Diogo C.

Basically G-A-Y with a later license and a different layout. You do tend to get a more pleasing crowd in here, than in the other one with more "real" people as opposed to the usual Lady Di impersonator. The music is just like the other one and the bars are a bit busier, so get ready to queue for your drink. Nice enough if you want to carry on your night in Soho and Heaven or Popstarz aren't open.

By N J.

My friend and I attempted to access the G-A-Y LATE club on Saturday 23rd January at around 11pm. I have a membership card to the area which allows immediate entry which I have used on previous visits to the establishment so I approached the SIA-badged man guarding the front door who examined my card and informed me that I would not be allowed access because I did not have sufficient ID to accompany the card. When I presented my in-date driving license, the individual in question walked away, spoke with his female colleague briefly and came back informing me I was 'too drunk' to access the premises (my friend and I had only consumed a cider each beforehand). He had also written on my membership card in thick permanent marker a date for when I would be able to regain access to G-A-Y establishments (a two week period) as 'punishment' for attempting to access the club while 'drunk'. I have accessed G-A-Y Late on numerous occasions and not had any issues. Not sure if it was my look, age or if they perceived me to be straight but I feel I was discriminated against by the door staff and felt I was dealt with in an unacceptable manner. I won't be back.

By Alex K.


When I came to gay late with my friend the black lady security was so rude and she thought she could do what she wants in this bar. I'm a regular there and I thought it would be nice to bring my female friend there for her birthday to then be told that she was to drunk when she wasn't. She treated us really badly and said we had to do the breathalyzer. When we did the test we did not consumed any alcohol but the breathalyzer failed us. So when the light came up orange she said you both to drunk and she waved her hand in our face and told us to move along. I find this very disrespectful and I will not be returning to the venue.

By Henar R.

My experiences in this club so far have been awful. When is not about their rudeness behind the bar is about how They behave towards the customers at the queue. They use an abusive and random politic of admission which is completely unfair, based in I don't know what. Last time (and definitive) I went there we queue for over half an hour and after that they didn't let us in just because we were a group of six people, which is simply ridiculous. So When I spoke my mind to the security guy He just told us in a rude way that We needed to be members to get in. Very bad, I don't recommend it to anyone.

By Banana G.

The cheap and not so cheerful beacon club of the lgbt community. For those trying to get a membership card dont bother, its under the control of some psychopathic blonde chick who needs to get a gf in a white coat to sort out her personal issues- she is so unprofessional! I am a regular customer, just not every sunday where she shows flaunts her presence making fergie from cell block h resemble cheryl cole dressed as a mermaid. She took one look at me in my skirt and vest top ( i'm queer femme) and said 'i dont recognise you, you're not here enough'. I would hardly recognise her either, as not all of us have the priviledge to go clubbing to shit pits every damn day of the week as some of us have day jobs missy! We had a word with club owner mr j. J too and by the looks of things he probably posted her there for the ultra filtaration system of ensuring alpha middle class queer clientele only. So if you're not rich, white, male or blatantly gay enough with a rainbow stripe blinking across your forehead save your hopes on a club that doesnt judge you based on cheap and shoddy faced value. Especially on a sunday.

By Shirley C.

My friend and I went last weekend. We had been visiting London for the weekend as part of my 30th birthday celebrations. We were two of only a handful of female clubbers. After being in for a couple of hours, my friend went to the toilet and asked me to look after her bag, but when I sat down a male bouncer approached me and asked me to go outside as I was too drunk. Seconds before I had been dancing. Having been clubbing for now the best part or 12 years and knowing my alcohol limits I was not drunk (I admit I did have a drink in me, but not that unusual in a nightclub) I was naturally perplexed at being asked to go outside and when I spoke to the female bouncer on the door she told me to go back in. Later when I went to the bar, the bouncer again told the bar staff not to serve me. By this point we left and on speaking to the manager outside was completely unhelpful. After what was a great weekend in London, this ruined our night.

By Lisa L.


I have only been here three times and twice refused. First time “too drunk” but it transpires it was infant the company I was with that were not liked but staff. The last time, last night I was queing with a couple I had met out earlier in the night. In the queue the security man said one of the girls looked “too drunk” so would need to blow into a breatherlizer, she did this and was fine. I was then asked to do the same which I did. The girl administering it said what I had blown was fine but I was then refused entry? When I questioned it I was told the girls I had queued with said I wasn’t with them and it was their managements decision. So going out alone isn't allowed either now? Awful place, they just make it up as they go along. I will never go back to GAY lates. Why have the breatherlizer system if someone can pass and still not Ben let in? Such as shame as the staff in GAY are always fab. GAY lates sort it out!

By Cathriona C.

Worst Experience ever, ignorant staff saying they can see your drunk even though only had 2 drinks b

Went to GAY before hand had two drinks nothing else before that queued for GAY late for 30 minutes only to Be rejected by the most ignorant staff you can find on the door saying there were 2 out of the 5 of us who could go in while the rest of us were too drunk to go in. GAY late needs to really rethink their staff if they are not happy working nights and dealing with drunks then why are they working there. For a bar that opens for midnight are you not supposed to be able to have a few drinks in another bar before you go in??? Waste of time and all the way from Ireland to experience this sh*t
People before us were drunk and drinking in the queue and they were just let in, just cause we were having a joke between us and laughing they said we were too drunk.

By Thomas B.

Humiliatory "proof" that you are drunk with their manipulated breathalizer

At the door the woman asked me whether I would accept a breathalizer test because I look like maybe not ok. I just had 2 small beer before, so I accepted. The woman after the test walked 2 meters away with the device, came back and asked me to do it again and to breathe more constantly. After that second try the machine showed 0.89. "Sorry but we cannot admit you, you are not even fit to drive". Later I checked on a website, and with 2 small beers I should have had 0.34. Very strange door policy disguised by "objectivity". Years ago that was a fun place to go to - no more. To be honest, my first reaction on being told and kind of "proven" to be drunk was be ashamed a bit, but reading other reviews I find that it seems to be their pattern. Thats horrible to treat people like this, I would have felt better if they would have told be to not match their door policy straight away.

By Flavio M.

They didn't let me in because I don't have a membership card. This had never happened to me in any place of the world. I don't live in London and I don't know the rules, but the man in the entrance was very rude to me.

By Smith R.

The bartender, Naomi is really rude and stuck up. Don't flatter yourself honey. When customers tip you, appreciate their simple intentions. It's called generosity and genuine kindness. Don't assume they're flirting with you. Get some lessons on how to treat your customers and be a bartender. Be glad you got tipped. Most of the staff here is unpleasant. Not very friendly or upbeat. Tipping does not get them to smile.

By Emily A.

Excellent night out...Im not gay and neither is my husband,but have friends who are,We didnt exprience any issues with getting in G.A.Y late..The bouncers we're very friendly and chatty as were the bar staff..it was very busy,but still didnt have to wait long to be served at the bar,the music was as i expected it to be..Whitney,kylie with a bit of frozen thrown in...The vibe was electric everyone was having a great night..WELL DONE to everyone at G.A.Y late..

By Leon W.

This is one of my favorite clubs in London. I have never had an issue with the bouncers here and have never had an issue with party size or orientation. I always feel welcome here and seems to attract a nice crowd and the music is brilliant! If your lucky they almost always have deals on drinks so it doesn't have to be expensive either! just mind your manners at the bar, start waving your arms and demanding attention and you will become invisible to the bar staff. There's three things I've found you need to know to have a great night at this place and it's this: 1) Drop the attitude 2) Be patient and 3) Remember you manners!

By Skaiste P.

The worst spot I've ever been in. Honestly guys do not recommend to go there anytime! The management team in there are just ridiculous and so unprofessional. The staff rude and slow. Security rude and ofensive. Everything is just so wrong in there. So disappointed.

By Kate G.

Had exactly the same experience this Monday!Was celebrating friend's Birthday Party. After getting out to catch some fresh air they decided I looked too drunk and wouldn't let me back in in(after two drinks). If you are good-looking and having really good time dreadful security staff will ruin your night. Absolutely unprofessional unreasonable behaviour.Haven't been in GAY Late for ages, it's completely different now from what it was 6-7 year ago. Will never go back. If you're in London Soho better go and take your friends to Freedom or Shadow Lounge.

By Caroline B.

Absolutely horrific place. Do not give them your hard earned money if you are a straight female, even if you are gay friendly - because I assure you, the staff here are rude and unwelcoming to you and will get rid of you for any reason. Had the misfortune of attending a friend's birthday evening here and it was ruined by an obnoxious and overbearing security woman. Take your cash and your friends somewhere that will respect you and make you feel welcome.

By Kelly H.

G-A-Y Late is an extension of G-A-Y Bar. It’s handily located a short stumble away and it kicks off around the same time as the bar closes for those not quite ready to let the night end.

The Venue
G-A-Y Late is found in the heart of Soho, and is the clubbier younger brother of G-A-Y Bar. The focus is almost entirely on the well sized dance floor and a DJ mixes things up on the decks. However, the iconic video jukebox can be found here so you can choose which pop videos cover the walls – there are a LOT of screens, making up the bulk of the décor. In fact, you can hazard a guess that the entire decorating budget went on the large-screen TVs. If you’re a smoker, you’re in luck - there’s a nice patio area just outside where you can ‘smirt’ to your heart’s content.

The Atmosphere
G-A-Y Late does pull in a large number of drinkers from G-A-Y Bar, not least because they often hand out fliers at the bar offering free or low-price entry (worth getting your hands on). However, you also find that there’s a better mix of ages at G-A-Y Late, with a smattering of older clubbers intermingling with young, hot uni students. Although G-A-Y Bar feels clubby in itself, there’s no doubting the orientation of Late – this is a club through and through. If you’re on the pull – as many people seem to be – make the most of the text message screen – a large-screen TV that showcases SMS messages from people partying at the club. It’s amusing if nothing else. It’s also worth bearing in mind that large groups of straight women are likely to be turned away at the door but mixed groups are welcomed. Also, on Sundays the club turns into a member-only venue due to licence restrictions.

The Music
Although you can choose what music videos play in the background via the video jukebox, when a DJ is in the booth they rule the roost. But never fear, an easy-to-dance-to selection of tunes tends to dominate the playlist. Think everything from dirty Rihanna tunes to Lady GaGa floor fillers and sugar pop from the likes of Little Mix, with a smattering of dance thrown in for good measure.

The Drink
Drinks at G-A-Y Late reflect those available at G-A-Y Bar, right down to the frankly incredible drink offers. The Illicit Eleven covers 11 drinks that are all priced at just £1.70. This includes house vodka, whisky, rum, Malibu and gin (all served with a free mixer), a pint of Carlsberg or Gaymers, bottles of San Miguel, glasses of house wine and even Jagerbombs. You will struggle to find any other club venue in central London that can match this. They also have a few signature cocktails here priced at just over a fiver each. They are designed to be sweet and easy to drink. The Gary, for example, is made from vodka, blue bols, butterscotch schnapps and coca cola, and comes in a jug. The sugar alone is enough to keep you dancing all night!

The Last Word
G-A-Y Late is a great addition to the G-A-Y family and is the ideal accompaniment to the bar. Don’t forget to pick up a flyer first.

By Tabitha M.

Agree with user above wholeheartedly. Shocking, unreasonable security staff. Will happily throw you out after lies by a person with a petty grudge to bear, and basically being nothing more than a bitch, and try to use the excuse of "drunk" (what, after one drink?) and "banging into people" (certainly have no recollection of any of that in my near sober state). Will not even give you a fair hearing (or ANY hearing, or even, what would be more appropriate 'a friendly warning'). Bar staff are lovely but security leave a lot to be desired. I was at an event I was really look forward to, and enjoying very much, but this just ruined my whole night.

By Brad Y.

Horrendous. Vile. Atrocious staff. If you are visiting London- DO NOT GO HERE. I recommend 'Freedom' on Wardour Street.

By Reviewer L.

the thing with gay late is that some people from the staff, especially security, feel privileged to treat others like sh...t. They act like they own this club, showing off with their rude, aggressive behavior towards customers, and at the same time they will expect from you to have loads of respect for them. Inferiority complex? unresolved issues from the past? whatever it is, there is no excuse for Nazi attitude towards customers and that's what you can find out at gay late. They don't care whether you will come back there or not as they are still quite busy and few more or few less doesn't make any difference.

By Marco R.

In new Year Eve The Club Manager ( The lady who wears a Black suite - skirt and Jacket and they said that she is the Duty Manager ) I just entered the Club she was kissing another lady on the dance floor who was one of the customers on the lips and when I passed by the lady said happy New Year , was going to give me a friendly kiss, and all of the sudden this Manager who was kissing this lady pushed her away from me and shouted at me and said "Stop it now ", a few minutes later a security guy came to me asked me to leave the club and when I asked him why he asked me if I was Gay or not he replied you don't have to stay here because this place is for gays only and when I asked him I wanted to know what I have done to let me out he replies I am so sorry but my Manager who decided this so I asked him to speak with her and when I saw her I realized the she was the one who had an issue with me on the dance floor few minutes before, For a Manager being on Duty first she has no right to get involved in any way between two customers, secondly she has no right to ask anybody to leave the club with no reason, but her own jealousy. My Night was ruined I was there with friend of mine who was Gay and who invited me to accompany him in the club, I write this here to advice everybody not to go to this place

By N C.

Poor show for what should be a beacon club in soho for the gay community. I've had many problems with the rude staff. Especially a female 'bouncer' with dreads... Avoid her if possible, she will ruin your night. I went to the smokers area having been inside for about 30mins. When I tried to return this 'bouncer' stopped me and accused me of being drunk (which in any case is not unusual in a club) I wasnt and told her this. She insisted I did circus tricks in front of the waiting queue like standing on one leg and touching my nose... I did all she commanded and when she barked I could go in I passed and said this is ridiculous. She grabbed my arm and threw me out shouting in my face I was being aggressive!! She then demand I apologise otherwise no admission. By this stage I was stunned but realized she was on a girly power trip. This was not security, it's needless drama from people with a chip on their shoulder about their identity. This isnt the only incident me and my friends have experienced from 'her' and the staff, but I wont bore u with details. When will GAY employ staff who value and treat their customers at least with the common courtesy I'd expect from any human being. It is a good night inside but seriously the staff destroy it completely and if your thinking of making an effort to go there, think twice. O and I never apologized to the uptight drama queen, I spoke with the manager, who lacks people skills too!

By Richard R.

oops can't do zero, which it deserves, the last time I managed to get in there I ended up in hospital with serious facial bruising, they don't warm to anyone over 30, but me being me I tried again tonight on my 51st birthday, the doorman told me I was drunk and to go away and have two big cups of coffee, which I did, and then queued again for another hour only to be told I'd verbally abused him and would never be let in, ever, despite my being friendly and getting on with the other doorstaff and everyone else in the queue, this really is the most shit club in London, is completely ageist and the music sucks, please if you read this, don't go there, I will be back there every night it's open, stone-cold sober just to be told.... I await the next spurious censorship, I have several friends in whhelchairs, so we might make an evening's entertainment out of it, with hidden cameras of course.

By Satoru T.

That happened to me before,I am an Oriental-Asian guy,went there with my British friend,and Bouncer let my British friend in first,and he then stopped me from entering, He said'You had too much drink",I wasn't drunk at all,and have never happened to me before at any club in any cities. That incident ruined my night;(

By David L.

Vile place. The female bouncer is very unfriendly and rude- the few times I have been she seems to be on some silly power trip. It smells of sick inside. It takes a life time to get served at the bar. The crowd is very over the top and the atmosphere isn't welcoming. There are A lot of better places to go in Soho. The only reason G-a-y Late is busy most of the time is because of the obvious name and the fact that it is open late.

By Valter L.

I am really upset with gay Late today. Last night I went to a pub that I like very much Molly Moggs and it closed at 23:00. In G-A-Y Late I met 2 sweet girls accompanied by a guy and we decided to finish our night at gay Late. I went to the cash machine to get some money and told them to go ahead that I would be meeting them there. Surprise …. Surprise…. I was not Allowed in. The Bouncer gave as always some lame excuse and didn’t let me in. I have to say that I have been there many times before but this Bouncer stopped from entering for no reason. I do like the music and the space at gay and have had lots of fun there. I am 47 year old guy and I am certain that it was one of the factors to be stopped from entering as I stayed out for 10 minutes and the Bouncer let people in even though some of them appeared having had one too many (drinks). I felt Embarrassed and discriminated. As a gay man, I have fought all my life against discrimination of any kind and now facing this type of discrimination in a gay place is just absurd and unacceptable. I hope the owner of G-A-Y Late read this and do something about it as he has been let down by his staff.

By Spencer S.

Oh my goodness! I am so so sad to read all this bad post. Is This true? Well it must be true, because all these posts saying the same thing about "member? I will be visiting London this July 2010 and checking places to go out. G-A-Y Late sounds sooooo bad, full of shit, with this so call member shit. Sorry Gay Late you will Not get my money! Again soo soo sorry not gonna spent my money there.

By Ashley T.

I have to say my rating would have been higher if I didn't experience such rudeness the other weekend! I was out for a boyfriends birthday, some of his friends had come down from the west country for it! And were so excited about going to a gay bar in London.

Having walked down old Compton street thinking about going into G-a-y bar but the Q was huge, so we were offered flyer's to go into G-a-y late which everyone was up for, we were in the Q for about 10 minutes before we reached the door, there where about 9 of us, the bouncer done the routine search on me an asked who I was with, so I pointed out the 9 behind me and he said he was not letting us in, being shocked and pissed off I asked why, and he said we do not let large groups in if none of them are members which I no for certain is Bulls**t because I have been in a bigger group for a friends birthday before and we were let in.

My sister then got involved saying that my boyfriend and I are coming here often, and the bouncer then replied well they are not one of my regulars! So basically because me and my boyfriend are not scene queens we were not allowed in! We then went onto Ku Club! Where we had such a good night!. Probs a better night then we would have had at G-a-y late!

By J K.

I Think that Gay LATE IS Absolute rusbbish

the staff have a policy of letting in who they like or are going to go home with at the end of the night..

I went last weekend with a friend, we arrived early and there was no queue, it was a saturday and we had just arrived before the rush so the club was empty,

i got to the door and the bouncer asked me for my membership or if i was a regular, i know you dont need membershiip to get into this club as the membership merly acts as a queue jump to saving you waiting in the rain for over an hour, how do i know this because i am a member

But as most people dont carry around a gay late membership card as a priority, i had left mine at home, so i explained to the bouncer i was a member could they check the computer as they did have a scan of my passport, he replied they had no one who could work the computer " on a saturday night??

whilst i was there explaining to him being very confused as to why they were not letting me in, i saw between 10-20 other people let into the club with no membership what so ever, i asked to speak to a manager, who came out with the biggest load of attitide and said the same, manager i ask,

a manager who can not work the computer membership system basically i was not let , i think that it is disgustiubg as a gay person to be refused entry because you dont have amembership or dont look gay enough, if i was to arrive in a pink outfit woud that verify my sexulaity????

As some said early teh only reason they are busy is because they have the monopoly otherwise they would hvae been shut long long ago, i will never return to his dump or any other of its linked estblishments and suggest you guys dont either,

there are plenty of lovely gay place opening up around town!! the sooner we get rid of gay from the gay scene the betterI know i am not alone in thinkning this

By Pedro A.

terrible place! went there 2 weeks ago as it's convenient to get for me a night bus from there .

I've been put off at the entrance to the main space by a smell of puke! then next day afternoon I discovered, that I was charged "extra" on my card.

paid 6.90 for two jd's & coke, then on my online statement there was 2 transactions - the other one was on sume of 7.60 - I guess the barman took a tip, even, if I left 1 pound in cash for him! scandal!

promised myself to never go there again.

By Bex T.

Oh my god I hate this place its shocking!! I personally am straight but 80% of our group are gay/lesbian and therefore want to go.

I have absolutely no problem going to gay places have done for years but this place has really put me off!!

The first time I went I was actually quite looking forward to going, yes it wasn't my choice but I've had good nights out gay clubbing so was open minded.

So before even getting in there's the problem with the door, if the door people dont like what they see from certain individuals i.e they dont like what they see of you / dont think your hot / dont think your gay, they ask for this so called ''membership'' which is apparently impossible to get.

It's their tactile way of saying I dont like you, your not coming in **** off!!

I no the place is aimed for gay people but if a straight club were to turn down a gay person just for being gay, they're would be absolute uproar!!

I dont see why there trying to put up a gay/straight barrier, also who are they to judge who is or isn't gay??

Then when you get in its absolutely crammed the venue is far too small!!

By the time you wade through people to the bar you get ignored by bar staff so they can serve regulars or people they want to get with at the end of the night.

If you are lucky enough to get served its way over priced!!The crowd were up their own arses and really unfriendly!!

Giving you dirty looks for no reason, I guess they sussed I wasn't gay?? The place is crammed with people all over each other to the point your asking at what point are you going to disappear to the loo, or are you going to just do it right here infront of me??

I've been here twice since for birthdays and each time its worse, I cant believe how bitchy and unfriendly the people are, and how over rated the place is!!

Even 2 in our group who are gay hated it and never want to g

By Andrew S.

After losing my coat ticket last Thursday I was told I had to wait to the end of the night before I could get my bag or coat.

I explained to the coatroom attendant that I could describe everything in my bag down to the contents of my lunchbox/gymkit and the botched repair job I had done on my coat where it had ripped.

I was told it was not possible so had to wait 2 and a half hours till the bar closed.

Thanks very much G.A.Y. late, excellent service! The only reason you do well is because you're the only club of your type open at this time.

I will not be returning. You suck!

By Neil S.

This club is a waste of space, last night me and my boyfriend and two of our girl mates tried to get in but they asked if we had membership (nowere on the flyer does it say you need membership on a Tuesday night), I told the female bouncer that i have tried to get membership on a regular basis on Sundays but always get told to come back during the week and when i come back during the week they say i can only get membership on sunday, she in turn told me not to have so much attitude!! and refused to let us in. Being gay myself I have never been turned away from a gay club!! i was outraged!! I would suggest that people look for alternative places to go, there is a much nicer place just a 10 min walk from G-A-Y late were everyone is allowed and bouncers are very friendly. They will not see me, my money or any of my friends again, that is for sure!!!!

By Julie M.

We were expecting GAY to be a friendly place, where we could have a good time. However, we were so wrong! After waiting in the queue for an hour (which we did not mind doing, as we had been told it was a great night), we were asked by the female door person when we were close to the entrance if we were "members"?

When we exlained that we had come from up north to experience the GAY night we were asked to leave the queue. No one else got asked, and we were quite upset by this. We ended up going to the astoria instead and had a great night but there is no way I would go to the this establishment again, felt so let down.

So please beware if you are female, that there is a huge possibility that the crank on the door will not let you in if you're not a 'local'!

By D A.

been to G-A-Y late a few times, but only because it is convenient, staff extremely pretentious! Last night after getting out for some air having been there for only 30 min the bouncers simply decided they wouldn't let me in again - and that was it! No talking, no arguing. Bar staff very rude as mentioned before - this bar is simply a waste of space! I hope it shuts down pretty soon - the way things are going I doubt they will be in business for much longer.

By Paul C.

After going to GAY Late I certainly know what I'm going to get from the bar staff - nothing but bad attitude!

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