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Gail's is a delicious bakery that also offers visitors the chance to sample their offerings in a cosy seated area. Expect delicious sandwiches, pastries, soups, cakes and a lot more, all served in a friendly and welcoming environment.

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Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 07:00-19:30
Sun 08:00-19:30

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Gails reviews

By S.

Gail's sells some exceptional bread - you can smell it half way up the road and who doesn't love that smell? Delicious! They also do a great cup of coffee and if they've got soups on, you're definitely in luck. If you're in Notting Hill then sniff out Gail's. You'll be glad you did!

By Dan D.

Very, very disappointed. I went from France for a week-end and wanted to have an English breakfast. But this day, it was unavailable, why?, I don't know. My daughter asked for a blueberry muffin and get a chocolate one. And we had to ask again for the scone we paid for and who doesn't came. I don't think it's a good address and I won't recommend it!

By Priscilla J.

Hi Ken, I have only just been alerted to your review and I wish I had come across it earlier so I could have responded to you sooner! At GAIL's, we provide fresh, artisan bakery goods every single day. That means that all of our items are made by hand, not by machine. It's the incredible quality of ingredients that we put into our goodies, along with their being made by hand (and not by machine) that makes them priced a little higher... but ultimately we'd like to think you can taste the difference and it's worth it. We're all about quality and we believe that this should extend to our level of service as well. Some of our products take a full 48 hours to make, so we're not keen to let all of that hard work go to waste in 5 seconds of bad service believe me!

We're very sorry if this is what has occurred in your instance though Ken, truly we are. Sometimes staff can punch items into our tills incorrectly and computer glitches happen and we're sorry you were kept waiting for so long for your refund. We really try hard to make every experience in our store, one that you can't wait to come back to. Unfortunately after renovations to our downstairs area (to expand our kitchen facilities so we can make even more delicious goodies) our toilet which was once available to the public, is now located in a staff only area. While we'd love to open this up to the public, it's just not viable with health and safety issues (aka, our fabulous kitchen staff need to walk around with hot trays in a hygiene certified area). The facilities conveniently located just outside our door are cleaned regularly and are free, so we are really happy these are so close to us for our customers to use.If you would like to contact me at to discuss your experience and how we can possibly turn this into something wonderful, it would be a fantastic opportunity to show you a different GAIL's experience! Very Best Regards Priscilla at GAIL's

By Skittle M.

Last week, to break up some shopping in Notting Hill, my friend Anna and I ducked into the Gail's store on Portobello Road to escape the crowd in the street and well, let's face it - to get off our feet and into some lunch! We were met with a smile and a 'hi' from one of the staff as we walked in and were offered a 'taster' of one of their amazing breads! Delicious and a great free little tid-bit while we made out lunch selection. The place was pretty full (it was lunchtime) so we snapped up a seat as soon as we could. I had a ham and cheese sandwich which is probably the most conservative of their range - but my god, it was a sandwich and then some, one of the biggest I've seen! Definitely great value... this isn't a cookie cutter 'pret' store after all so I expected upper end cafe prices, but the quality and size exceeded my expectations. My friend had a super healthy quinoa salad which came in a lovely wooden bowl and looked very tempting... I'm going to try their crispy duck salad next time which looked amazing! We had a couple of coffees which were made to perfection - they weren't so boiling that you had to wait until you could drink it, so instant satisfaction was had. I must confess I then (very naughtily - but hey, we were walking for the rest of the afternoon!) had a piece of carrot cake, which apparently this place has won awards for and I now know why! Ummmm, I'll take a whole cake please!! If you're out and about on Portobello (or Westbourne Grove just around the corner), make the stop into Gail's. They were playing great music too and we could have really stayed all afternoon!

By Ken M.

My six-year-old and three-year-old daughters wanted to go to Gail's. Me, my wife and her sister had just been to see the Christmas concert at Colville Primary which is close by, and agreed to take the girls there as a treat. Incidentally, the concert was charming, and Colville is an excellent school I’d read a deeply unflattering review of Gail’s by the excellent Nottinghillnonsense who thought it hideously expensive. But when the kids said they wanted to go, I caved in after about four seconds. We had a couple of drinks and two gingerbread men, which we paid for when we ordered. Then the girls wanted some orange juice (£2.80 each, tiny plastic cups!) and my wife paid for them. Then she noticed that she’d been charged for the gingerbread men again, an extra £2.20. She pointed this out to the staff, in what seemed to me to be a surprisingly long, though civil, conversation. They said they’d need to check it on the computer. Ten minutes later the kids wanted to leave. I went to the counter to find out what was going on with our refund. ‘I can’t give you a refund until I’ve printed out the receipt from the computer,’ the manageress said. I said ‘Please could you just give us the £2.20 – my daughters want to leave, and you don’t have a loo here.’ Yes in this extremely expensive joint, they have no toilet – we were pointed to the public loo outside. I repeated my request for a prompt refund. The manageress, still fiddling with the computer, said she couldn’t do that until she had a printout. By now, I’d had enough. What did they think? That this was an elaborate scam by us to do them out of £2.20 when we’d spent 15 quid for some drinks and biscuits? I asked if I should just take some bread (displayed on the counter) to the same value. That got them a bit excited. I raised my voice to give the other customers a chance to hear what was going on. ‘So you’re refusing to give me my £2.20 that you mistakenly overcharged me?’ I had everyone’s attention at t

By Abbie M.

Escapism in it's simplest form...This gorgeous little coffee shop is one of my favourite places in London.

Upstairs it's a nice coffee shop with open brick walls and gorgeous home-made pastries and breads on display, but downstairs you'll find a tiny room with floor to ceiling bookshelf filled with books on all subjects from cooking and gardening to religion.

Furnished with one huge table where strangers can sit together (fancy that!) and a small sofa, you can tuck yourself away here with a loved one and simply pour through the books until you're ready to face reality again.

Most of the produce is organic and the coffee is fair trade too, which is just nice really.

A perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the market above, and in my opinion a real hidden gem.

By Michelle C.

Load up on bread, bread and more bread at Gails, a bakery and cafe that makes sandwiches, cakes and loaves of bread that are so good you’ll swear allegiance to carbs in no time.

The Venue
Gails has other locations, including one in Hampstead and a summertime spot at the Serpentine Gallery, but their Notting Hill venue is the place to be if you want to have more of a leisurely lunch. There’s plenty of seating (including a separate area downstairs) and the floor to ceiling windows are watching people stride up and down Portobello Road. Whilst there’s not really that much in the way of decor, the different sandwiches, muffins and pastries lining the counter are plenty eye-catching.

The Atmosphere
This is a relaxed kind of place, where you can disappear for an hour or so with a book or a laptop, and no one really bats an eye if your toddler explores around the tables. Thanks to its location, you can expect plenty of tourists in for a bit of refuelling after exploring the market, but there seem to be a lot of locals as well who either stop in for a coffee or to get their daily bread loaf. There’s a school nearby, so expect crowds for morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, but the rest of the time feels very laid back.

The Food
There’s a really large variety of food here, all of it which is baked and prepared in the downstairs kitchen. Whilst Gails doesn’t have an official menu, as the offerings change on a daily basis, you can expect several varieties of sandwiches on offer including a rustic chicken and aubergine and a meaty salami sandwich, served on a baguette with a tangy mustard. Quiches include a moist, sugary sweetcorn and there are a variety of salads as well. The quail’s egg salad is made with brown rice, peas and chickpeas, and although the rice is hearty the salad is still quite light since it’s not swamped in dressing. Breads, of course, are available too if you don’t feel like bothering with the sandwich filling: recommended are the sourdough mixed through with walnuts and the challah, an eggy bread with a flaky crust.

As far as pastries go, the chocolate fondant is fantastically rich, with a gooey centre, whilst the pecan pie slice is thick, sticky and packed with nuts. The brownie is appropriately fudgy and stodgy, whilst the black and white cookie (made with dark chocolate flavoured dough and white chocolate chips) is an original alternative to the traditional chocolate chip.

Muffins are on offer as well, including a sugar and dairy free muffin - very moist in texture, without the usual bitter aftertaste that most sugar-free products have. The winner, however, has to be the bran muffin. Instead of the usual dry, crumbly version, Gails bran muffin is incredibly moist and flavourful, almost as if it’s been mixed with dates or figs. It almost tastes as if it shouldn’t be healthy at all.

The Drink
More along the lines of coffee and tea than beer and cocktails. The coffee and tea is all fair trade though (including the decaffeinated coffee) and fresh squeezed orange juice is available as well. Free tap water is also on offer, from a glass jug near the counter, which is a nice touch.

The Last Word
With a vast array of bread that smells, looks and tastes as fresh as possible, Gails will no doubt turn any carb-phobic Londoner into a bread fan.