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If you enjoy home-cooked, tasty meals then Gallery Cafe is the place to visit. It offers pasta, soups and baked potatoes being just some of the choices.

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Gallery Cafe reviews

By Bogumila M.

Not going anymore there.

I was upset by barman.Was just sitting , having tea which I did order from Gallery as do almost every week and had only 4 minutes , I was a bit hangry and had in my bag fresh sandwich , I didn't have a time for anything to order or even eat long time.I had just a few minutes.Guy came to my table , right in the middle of the room and insisted me to stop eating my sandwich.Just to add the table was dirty and my sandwich was fresh and he was talking about hygiene -so funny.I felt intimidated by the way he approached me and talking and talking to in front of many people.I think staff need to be more relax in this place and more friendly.I will not go to the Gallery.I have already another place to sit .I don't need to be upset while I eat.

By Lal L.

It was my birthday, staff was extremely rude and unwelcomingeven though it was not even midday yet they didnt want to serve breakfast to us.and decided behalf of us, sticking our words back to our mouth! They made us rush so much, -saying they dont want any troubles from kitchen- we couldnt even order any drinks. Serving guy kept made fun of us, made us nearly beg to have breakfast, and asked me for my boyfriend as what my SKINNY friend wants! Thank god my boyfriend did not hear that humiliation. the other girl rejected my friends candle requirements by shouting and teaching him he should bring his own candle with him, even though we are buying the cake from there. Finally we could finish our stressful order, but waited so long, no salt or paper had been brought so we asked for it and they nearly threw them to us!They ruined my birthday! never ever again!

By Lika S.

Previous reviews are out of date ... Food is now expensive and mediocre and service is slow. The coffee is the worst in the area ; worse than The Larder and even McDonalds. The so-called Green Curry must have come out of a cheap jar but cost nearly 7 pounds. It bore little or no resemblance to a real green curry (not even a hint of heat) just like green-tinged wallpaper paste. Its social purpose can't make up for its massive shortcomings.

By Samantha Jean S.

The Gallery Cafe is a charity run cafe that serves up incredibly tasty and mighty portions of vegetarian and vegan food.It is fast becoming a popular music venue and runs some very interesting groups and clubs for the local community.There have been some incredibly talented musicians play with FREE Live music happening every Wednesday and Friday. There are various other things happening at the cafe like a knitting club where you can learn to knit or teach others what you know and the poets corner with recitals of rehearsed or original poems.The cafe is an excellent place to go to during the day if you want somewhere quiet to do some work with free WIFI and the selection of teas, coffees and fruit juices is not to be sniffed at. The staff are warm and friendly and the price of the food and drink is very reasonable and being a charity run cafe you know that your contributing to the 30 or so charities that are housed within St. Margaret's settlement.

If your ever stuck for what to do on a Friday night, I Highly recommend that you check out the Free Fridays at the cafe where you can see some of the finest talent on London's Acoustic and electronic music scene. There is a nice selection of bottled beers and ales, and wines and if you like you can also have a game of scrabble or dominoes.There is so much going on at this humble cafe that I fear I could ramble on for some time.The Gallery cafe also takes part in First Thursdays, when it opens its doors late for a chance to see amazing art, culture and events after hours. Every month you can see a new art installation from local artists.They are very on the ball with the promotion of the events that take place within the settlement and you can find literature in the cafe on everything that is happening there!

This is a great little Cafe with a huge community vibe and a hub that I am proud to be a part of.OK so my last rambling "CAKES" You absolutely must try the cakes! Siobhan Makes

By Lucy F.

With a genuine community feel, the Gallery Cafe serves delicious, wholesome foods at very affordable prices with an excellent range of vegetarian and vegan meals. A small but substantial self serve salad bar is also available, as well as hot drinks including a hearty range of herbal teas. I have found the staff to be always helpful and friendly. Overall I would rate it as a highly recommended escape for a tasty, nutritious lunch

By Andrea M.

Formerly run by the London Buddhist Centre on nearby Roman Road and currently managed by neighbouring volunteer centre, St Margaret’s House, the Gallery Cafe boasts a history of delicious vegetarian cooking served with a side order of social consciousness.

The Venue
The cafe nestles below the entrance of the main community centre and, although it’s almost hidden from view, it’s striking green exterior and outdoor menu do well to signal its existence. A precious seated terrace complete with wrought iron chairs and terracotta tiling gives way to the main patio door beyond which lies the main cafe. Once inside you have the option of relaxing on the sofas and digesting the daily broadsheets which are bought in, or you can progress to the bright airy seating in the spacious conservatory.

The Atmosphere
The Gallery has an effortless aura that is natural and organic. The soft beige walls are peppered with surrealist art alongside crayon drawings that have been submitted by children from the centre upstairs. The staff are open to a fault and the overall effect is akin to relaxing with friends in your own home, evident from the way you see regulars curled up on the sofas with their shoes (and sometimes socks) removed.

The Food
For such a small outfit the menu is extremely generous. They specialise in homely vegetarian favourites such as freshly made soup, pasta and baked potatoes, with most dishes easily under £5. As basic as the food is, it’s served with a creative flare that elevates it above the average. The chilli (sin carne) baked potato is a weekend favourite, infused with crumbling kidney beans and complimented by a choice of two salads - the three bean option is doused in balsamic dressing and offset against mozzarella with plump tomatoes and aromatic basil. If you feel like something less hearty, there is a sweet platter laden with fresh home baked goods and the moist chocolate brownies and richly iced carrot cake are both options that complement a quick coffee.

The Drink
As standard the cafe offers huge carafes of fresh water complete with fruit slices to which you can help yourself. On colder days there is a wide selection of hot drinks on offer; from fair-trade herbal and fruit teas to the speciality coffees which are prepared with almost loving attentiveness. The frothy, chocolate garnished cappuccinos (£1.30 for a small, £1.80 for a large) alone could give Starbucks a run for their money.

The Last Word
The Gallery Cafe is so homely it makes eating out seem like eating in.

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