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Galvin at Windows restaurant is located within the famous London Hilton and boasts a breathtaking panorama across London. The bar offers food and drinks that match the venue's stunning vista, so customers are invited to sample the impressive cocktail list or tasty tapas whilst enjoying the delightful view from 28 floors up.

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Galvin at Windows reviews

By Andrew M.

Galvin at Windows was fab! We had great food and the waiters were so lovely. It was a little bit out of our price range, but it was a special treat for my sister's birthday. I loved the decor and the view was fantastic! Galvin at Windows is a real treat.

By S.

The Galvin at Windows is remarkable - the views are quite simply awe inspiring. I could easily stay here for a very long time and not get bored of sipping a martini or two while taking in London's skyline. Really very good indeed.

By Ray W.

We have been to their restaurant many times and we had excellent experience. We enjoyed modern european dishes, especially for seafood most of times. Only one menu that I personally didn't like was a risotto, however, my friend liked it, therefore, it might depend on personal preference though... We know them for a long time and overall, it's excellent and recommendable.

By Stephen F.

The Galvin brothers’ flagship restaurant continues to show just about everywhere in London how to do destination dining.

The Venue
Sitting pretty at the top of the very uninspiring (and slightly tired) Park Lane Hilton, Galvin at Windows looks every bit as sleek, sexy and downright seductive as the hotel no doubt once did. It’s true that there are some of the very finest views out across the capital (a 48th floor vantage tends to offer that) but this place looks so good inside that it almost doesn’t need that very fine vista - though nobody can really do without a peek into the Queen’s back garden if it’s offered. A chic new bar offers some cracking pre-meal drinks but the restaurant proper remains the main event, with plenty of glass serving up the views and a raised dining space in the centre offering ocular democracy, of sorts. If you can snag a window seat then you really must, but it’s certainly not the be all and end all of dining at this seductively brilliant spot.

The Atmosphere
No doubt aided considerably by some of the very best service in London (with Fred Sirieix heading the team – you might recognise him from ‘Michel Roux’s Service’), the atmosphere is pretty darn pleasant, and impeccably in line with the food, funnily enough; just as there’s accessible refinement on the menu, there’s the same kind of feel to the restaurant itself. The staff really are very good, combining extensive knowledge across all the menus with an ability to bend over backwards for even the fussiest of diners. There’s a certain sense of occasion to proceedings, given that for many this is a place in which to celebrate, but it’s all mixed with a semblance of informality too, for one of the very best dining experiences our dear old London town has to offer.

The Food
It’s at places such as Galvin at Windows that those Michelin dinosaurs seem to get things very right indeed (Windows retained its star for the third year running in 2012). André Garrett’s regularly brilliant menus offer dishes that are delicate, crafted and restrained but not without a serious thwack of sturdy flavour, and while (much like their other Michelin-starred restaurant, La Chapelle) it’s more refined than their bistros (Bistro de Luxe and Café a Vin) it keeps to a common theme throughout the group’s venues: namely one of punchy, powerful flavours executed perfectly. It’s the kind of food that puts you in just as tricky a situation as Buridan’s ass, stuck between snarfling it down like a pig at a trough, and not wanting it to end. Paralysing indecision rarely tastes this good.

The ‘menu prestige’ at £65 for three courses actually offers some pretty good value, considering the quality of the cooking. A scallops ceviche starter with kohlrabi, cucumber, ruby grapefruit and soy is the kind of clean, concise dish that paves the way perfectly for the sturdier mains, as does a beautifully balanced salad of heirloom tomatoes, watermelon and bocconcini, with black olive caramel and basil infusing this light, fresh dish with a bit of salty, fragrant richness.

Mains showcase the kind of staunch, strapping flavours that the Galvin restaurants do so well, with a loin of Scottish venison and beautiful little beignets of pork shoulder served with smoked Alsace bacon, red cabbage and sauce grand-veneur. The venison is exquisite, and impeccably handled, but it’s the grand-veneur (or huntsman’s sauce) that really sets it off, with its sweet depth the perfect, classic match to such a quality bit of game. Grouse is superb too, hung perfectly, breast cut and roasted before being served with pancetta, confit leg, pearl barley, mushrooms and a surprisingly light prune and red wine jus astute enough to let the richness of the grouse come through in swathes. Balanced yet still weighty, these are the kinds of dishes that prove there are some very able hands in that kitchen indeed.

Desserts are always impressive here, but the peanut butter parfait is something pretty exquisite, even if it’s so rich only the truly dedicated will reach all the way through to its caramel centre, as well as finish the accompanying popcorn ice cream… one must suffer for one’s art. Cheese from La Fromagerie is suitably impressive too, and well-chosen.

The Drink
It is a place in which to celebrate, so you’re likely to see plenty of bubbly being sipped, and there’s an extensive selection of champagne available, ranging from by the glass options (£12.75-£35) right up to bottles of vintage Louis Roederer at over a grand. If the champagne selection is extensive, it’s dwarfed by a very impressive wine list that features the best of France and beyond, and although it might look a little daunting, the expert service extends to the sommelier, too.

An impressive number are available by the glass, with prices starting at a very reasonable £4 for a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc but if you do want to push the boat out then you can easily do so, taking in the Loire Valley (try the Domaine Champalou Vouvray at £39), Burgundy (a great selection of Chablis), Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, Spain, the US and Australia.

The Last Word
Its lofty heights may offer (almost) unparalleled views of the capital, but the food, setup and team ensure it remains head and shoulders above most of its competition anyway. Windows is somewhere to gloat about, so go and then do so - it's rather fun.

By Maureen K.

The whole experience was unforgettable, amazing; Couldn't believe that I was actually there!

As a group of retired nurses, ( training from 1959 at Paddington General Hospital, which no longer exists) we have the occasional reunion lunch in London. What an inspired choice of venue.
We had a window table, amazing views; menu, what can I say? Such skill, innovation, imagination, all rounded into a complete taste satisfaction.

By Pedro B.

Best meal this year ! Simply wonderful and taken as guests too. Staff service excellent. Table large and comfortable creating intimate space. Room temperature perfect (for those with jackets; appalled by dress of some guests). Food fantastic including delicious bread. Wines not too pricey. Loved it

By Bianca D.

Came here for our third date and was taken back by the views and the ambience. Very relaxing indeed. Friendly staff who know all too well when not to approach a romantic couple!

By Sabrina H.

My parents and I had a great experience at Galvins this Tuesday! We enjoyed a 3 course lunch menu and champagne. The waiters were very attentive and caring, the food was just amazing, all topped by an unforgettable panacotta dessert - a combination with strawberry and basil - just stunning! Nothing was too much to ask for. Love that place, would always go again and not only for the great view.

By Vic B.

Had a dinner with my girlfriend on Friday 9 April. I dine out at least twice a week in London and other major cities, in small local as well as "high end" restaurants. The dinner at Galvin was the most terrible experience I had in years. If you are used to posh / Michelin star places you will find the quality of food appalling. If you are a regular visitor of your local, family run restaurants you will find the service to be very pretentious and the place to be severely overpriced and lacking atmosphere. Views of London are great, but that’s all. If you are interested in a great London view, consider London Eye or have a drink at the bar next door (same floor as Galvin and same view).

By Emma H.

Most expensive and least enjoyable meal I've had in a restaurant for a long time. While the views are great, the cocktails pretty good and there was a very good cheese selection, the bar service was extremely slow, service in the restaurant was at best average and management of restaurant seating was poor. The food was again average with starters and mains being quite tasteless, the wine was very overpriced, and the lighting in the main restaurant creates more of a canteen atmosphere. Our meal cost over £250 for two and there is no way we will return!

By Mickael T.

They are so lucky to have the view as without it i don't know if they would have that many customer. I'd rather go to the other restaurant at the bottom.

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