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Gaucho Piccadilly serves a selection of luxury steaks, the finest of which is the Argentine Bife de Lomo with a texture likened to something between veal and beef.

Diners can also visit the wine boutique Cavas de Gaucho that sells all the featured wines on the wine list along with luxury gifts such as corkscrews and wine cases.

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Gaucho reviews

By Andrew M.

Four of us went to the Gaucho Grill and the boss was paying! Even if he wasn't the food was a very reasonable price. The atmosphere at Gaucho Grill is great as you walk into a little underground cavern with subdued lighting falling on the fake ponyskin seating.

The steak is out of this world and for someone who does not like fish, the salmon Ceviche was excellent.

Service was fairly swift and the waiter was very polite even though his uniform looked more like a strait jacket. The only complaint would be price of the cheeseboard which offered the thinnest slices of cheese we had ever seen!

By G.

Gaucho Grill is not a place or veggies. This is 100% Argentinian beef on your plate and no excuses. The Gaucho Grill do the best meat in London - go visit.

By Stephen F.

Gaucho Grill was amazing! My fiance ordered a medium rare steak it was perfect, I do not eat beef as I dont like the taste. He told me to close my eyes and gave me some. It was lovely, really creamy and velvety! 20 years since I have eaten beef! Wine was superb and service second to none. Thanks for making our evening so great! Value for money was excellent. Starter, meals, dessert, wine and coffees for £80! We will be back. Thank you Gaucho Grill.

By Jean J.

Gauchos Piccadilly what can I say brilliant love the atmosphere, Staff are friendly and knowledgeable The Steak was perfect the wine that was suggested to go with it was the right choice. Gauchosmy husband & I will defiantly visit again in the near future

By Gabriela C.

My sister took me to Gaucho last week. I wasn't convinced at first but when they came with the fresh meat board I knew that those guys knew what they were doing. Excellent quality argentinian steak. If you are a steak lover then search no more. Nice atmosphere, friendly service - just a bit too dark. Highly recommended.

By Bobby J.

An absolutely spectacular venue, great food, great service and a reasonable price (for west end), I would recommend it to any and all meat eaters!

By Elena D.

Abysmal experience. Never ever again. It was our second time there and I can confirm that it has gone way downhill.

Overpriced below average food, awful service, overcrowded, very loud speed-you-up music piped in while you eat.

I booked a table for 4 -all in our 30s-, Saturday 10th October 2009 for 9:45. We were given our table well passed 11pm. The table service was awful.

Flustered and rude waitress got orders wrong, took my husbands credit card away from us with the pin number in! and did not return for a while.

The couple next to us arrived later than us and the waitress took their order and served them before us.If you are thinking about it, don't.

By Sonia C.

Superb complimentary lovely cheese soft bread, starters platter, main course which we ordered the most expensive jurasco and rib eye steak, very nice desssert -panacotta and great presentation from the waitress.

It was our first time so the big plate that shows the different of each type of steaks, from raw meat so we can see texture and finally we chose what we really wanted for, it does help a lot after i wasn't too sure between sirloin or rib eyes.

The comis or maybe the food runner was not so good from her poor english. And she took some plates away without asking if we finish which is not so professional. I understand she wasn't mean to be rude. So i can let it slide.

What I like most is how they trained their waiter and waitress. I feel like they are attentive and in the perfect level. Not too much and whenever we want something, there's always some staff around.

Its not only for one time but surprisingly every time from any waiter/waitress who serve us.The bill came up with the price that obviously not moderate but its worth to pay comparing to the service and food quality. There's surprisingly no service charge which is very rare in these days.

Only one thing that I wasnt impressed is group booking. I was once planning to have my birthday dinner with my friends, 8 of us. But we cant order food as a la carte, only set menu available and the price range is a bit over the top.

I know because I go there a lot and always have 3 courses meal plus cocktail in the beginning, water, soda and finish the meal up with coffee or tea. And the price per person from that full options meal is still less than group set price. It doesn't make any sense for me.

By Stephanie L.

We went to the Gaucho on a busy saturday evening without a reservation and waited around 40 minutes for a table. This wasn't a problem though, as we sat in the (dark) bard had some very good, but expensive, cocktails. When seated, the extremely abrupt waitress insulted one of us and the appauling service continued throughout, with her making snotty remarks. Whilst I understand the pressure of a busy service, there is no need for the attitude of the staff, acting like it is an inconvenience to serve you. The food was good, but for the price of the meal, I would have expected first class service.... unfortunately all the staff seemed to busy to be bothered.

By Angelica W.

Does noone else pick up on the fact that the tables are never 'ready' when arriving? You promptly get escorted to the pitch black bar where you are left no choice but racking up an extra £15-£20 on drinks you didn't plan to have in the first place. Now, I understand this is an easy way for Gaucho to increase revenue because most people probably fail to reflect over this as they're probably quite happy just to have got a table in the first place. As for me, I'd like to decide what I'd like to spend my money on, not being put in a situation where I have no choice. However, once in the restaurant, we had a pleasant enough evening. Service was quick, informative and efficient but unfortunately not much more than that. This place is a machine and it runs like clockwork. It's fascinating to watch, creating an experience that is not just culinary. On the flipside, the live band is fantastic, steaks divine and the wine list very reasonable. Gaucho seem to have forgotten about the customer, it rather seems that we should be grateful to be able to take part of the spectable which is this crazy maze of an operation rather than being treated like valued and welcomed diners. Will I go back? No, not in a hurry. Great steaks can be had in many other restaurants which have not lost their soul or identity for the favour of a money machine.

By Ruhan V.

I have been visiting both the Picadilly and Chelsea Gaucho Grills for about 5 years now. My past three dinners at the Picadilly branch have been hugely dissappointing and unfortunately we won't be back again. Compared to the other branches, I find the steaks here have become tough and tasteless and it might be due to the large amount of stock they would need to purchase in order to feed a larger restaurant. This is since their refurbishment. There is a reason why the best restaurants cater for smaller groups of people. Besides for the inferior meat, our hummitas have been served cold twice now and on the one occassion the waiter even admitted that they just forgot to warm it up. This indicates that the food is pre-prepared and not fresh. I would highly recommend Gaucho's in Chelsea but steer clear of the branch in Picadilly, which in my view is spoiling the reputation of this once great chain of restaurants!

By Linda H.

I went to Gaucho on a busy Saturday evening and can honestly say I had the best steak I have ever eaten. The staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming, our waiter was attentive and knowledgeable and the atmosphere was perfect. I ordered a fillet steak and have never tasted anything so tender, creamy and delicious. I only wish I had gone for a larger steak. Bearnaise sauce was nice, but unnecessary - the steak needed nothing else. Starters and desserts are also good, especially the dulce de lech cheesecake, but my advise is to order the biggest steak you can eat as the flavours are amazing. My two friends are critical about every restaurant we visit, but for once, they had nothing but praise for their entire meal. I would highly recommend this restaurant. I only visit London once or twice a year, but will definitely be going back to the Gaucho Grill.

By Harvey A.

I went to Gaucho with a group of around 20 people. We had to have the set menu. From our experience, all our group was pretty disappointed with the food and service. We had to return our steaks in order to have them rare or well done as ordered, chase waiters for service and they did not even have proper cutlery to cut the meat. As a Brazilian with great experience in the Barbecue area..I was pretty disappointed as well the whole group. The dark chocolate tart was so bitter that it was uneatable.

By C.

I have to confess to being a Gaucho Grill addict! The steaks never fail to impress and the side orders are delicious enough to eat on their own. The service at Gaucho Grill is always the right mix between friendly and unobtrusive. If you like good quality steak - go. You're missing out if you don't.

By X.

The Gaucho Grill was excellent. The food was amazing food, with a first class service at a reasonable price; you couldn’t ask for more. Many thanks to our Gaucho Grill waitress who made the night a special one.

By G.

Perfect lazy Sunday lunch at the Gaucho Grill. Fantastic staff, who couldn't do enough to help, great food and spot-on atmosphere.

Simple stuff done well. Having put a couple of lousy reviews on ViewLondon for other places, felt it was time to praise somewhere that 'worked'.

By N.

The Gaucho Grill has great food, great atmosphere and very friendly staff. All in all a fantastic night out. Well recomended

By M.

If you love red meat, Gaucho Grill is a must! I went yesterday evening and enjoyed the most tasty "lomo" I ever had in London. With a choice of good side orders and dessert I will definitely go back asap!

By Charlie T.

Does the Piccadilly branch of the well-established Argentinian steak chain deliver on their promise of offering the tastiest beef in town, or are they milking it?

The Venue
Located just off Regent Street, this Gaucho branch is dark and mysterious, and entices visitors in with attractive waiting staff floating around the outside seating area. Once you step inside, it becomes immediately apparent (if you weren’t aware already) that Gaucho is a fairly trendy establishment; why else would it be this dark?

It’s a fairly large restaurant, with a dining room both downstairs and up. The signature Gaucho black and white cow hide is omnipresent, on both the chairs and the walls, serving as a sort of ode to the Argentine cow that they appear to worship here. It’s enough to make your average vegetarian squirm; a place for them this is not. It’s a showy venue and it’s as if serving the finest cuts of beef isn’t enough for them. They have to shout about their perceived status as one of the finest steakhouses in the capital, which will be undoubtedly off-putting for some.

The Atmosphere
There’s a laid back vibe here, with clientele mostly made up of small, trendy groups or larger tourist types, which makes sense given the central location. It’s easy to see why Gaucho is so popular: the simple formula of fine steak and authentic Argentinian wine is a good one. Waiters swoop round with a board full of the popular cuts on the menu, allowing you to check out the marbling of the meat before you buy – nice touch. The staff are fairly rushed off their feet though, which slightly takes away from the somewhat relaxed atmosphere, but it’s a nice place to spend time in regardless.

The Food
If you didn’t already know that Gaucho exclusively serve Argentine meat then they very handily point it out at the start of their menu. Although meat is served in abundance here, it is possible to have a meal on the lighter side. An impressive selection of ceviche is enticing, and each comes with a suggested wine pairing. Salads are also on the bill but let’s face it; you didn’t come here for a salad did you?

To start there are a number of exciting options including Argentine king prawns, served with black pudding, tangy orange and a fresh romesco sauce. A wonderfully simple option, the chorizo sausage served on a grilled Romero pepper (£8.25) is a delight and you can imagine it being served on the streets of Argentina, which further adds to the appeal. The provoleta steals the show though. A petite dish of 48-hour dry aged Italian provolone cheese, it is pan fried with salsa roja and roasted tomatoes (£9.25). Again, its simplicity shines and makes this a mouth watering treat that you won’t forget in a hurry.

The steaks form the backbone of what Gaucho is all about. A large number of cuts and varieties are available and they’re split up into cuadril (rump), chorizo (sirloin), ancho (rib-eye) and lomo (fillet) on the menu. Special cuts are also available and they’re marinated in different ways. The trouble is, the steaks are incredibly pricey and when you pay top dollar for meat you expect it to blow you away. Argentine steak is internationally renowned as being some of the best in the world but here at least, it is certainly lacking that wow factor.

The trio of medallions (£28.50) is a great choice for a Gaucho first-timer as it includes three different cuts of lomo, ancho and lomito. However, while it’s diverse it simply makes you wish you chose an ancho steak on its own. The full-bodied, succulent flavour of the rib eye outshines the other two immeasurably. For those that do know exactly what they want though, the churrasco de lomo (£46.50) will be an enticing choice. Marinated for 48 hours in garlic, parsley and olive oil, this 14oz beast is undoubtedly tasty but unfortunately again lacks that out-of-world experience that you would associate with such an expensive piece of beef. Adding further insult to injury is the fact that sides have to be ordered separately, so after purchasing a couple of those and a sauce, you could end up paying the best part of £60 for a meal that should warrant nearly half of that. Forgetting about cost though, a side you should definitely try is the humita saltena (£4.50), which is a sort of mashed corn and pumpkin treat, and is arguably the most Argentine tasting thing here.

The dessert menu is a great one, featuring a number of dishes that you’ll find hard to pass by. From the salted dulce de leche and macadamia cheesecake (£9.25) to the chocolate and hazelnut dacquoise cake (£8.50), desserts here are far from an afterthought. For those with a yearning for fruit there’s the tarta de manzana (or Argentine apple tart to the rest of us - £7.00) and there is also a selection of cheeses (£8.00 - £12.75) on offer too.

The Drink
Gaucho pride themselves on their wine list and they don’t disappoint, with a huge selection of bins all hailing from the mother land. They have even collaborated with wineries around Argentina to provide wines that are exclusive to the restaurant, which is a testament to the time, effort and dedication they have clearly put in to it. Bottles start at £26.50 and rise steeply upwards. An interesting range of cocktails are also on offer and beers start at £4.95.

The Last Word
Gaucho Piccadilly impresses in some ways; the menu is diverse and some dishes truly shine. When you’re paying top dollar for steak though, you expect to be blown away, and unfortunately they fall slightly short in this respect.

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