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A riverside pub in Kingston, Gazebo offers a variety of bars and a great outdoor area that attracts huge numbers in the summer.

Ranked #1956 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"A stunning Samuel smith’s pub in the perfect location with beautiful riverside views that you can enjoy from any part of the venue whether that’s the terrace, the beer garden, the mooring or even comforts of our Terrace Restaurant or River Lounge.

You can also enjoy any of our fantastic selection of beers which we brew at Yorkshire’s Oldest Brewery from all natural ingredients since 1758 which as been named as one of the worlds top 100 breweries 2013 & 2014

We believe that our various speciality beers make great accompaniments to various foods which is why we have created a food and beer pairing to help you discover its true pleasures severed in our Terrace Restaurant"

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Gazebo reviews

By J D.

Lovely Burgers and great beer

Amazing day at The Gazebo it was like a Summers day last Tuesday and we got to sit outside drinking Taddy, Puree Brew and Cherry Fruit Beer. Menu is varied and they have nice 'picky' things to eat we have a selection of Chilli nachos, squid rings and mushroom dippers and grilled Halloumi and Lamb Shank with really really good burgers!! Great day watching the rowers going up and down the river

By Cath R.

I must state that the location of this bar/pub is lovely, especially when the sun is out, but that is undoubtedly it's one and only highpoint. The service infuriates you to the point of just wanting to leave and the food makes you wish you had left. 45 minutes i waited for a chicken burger, only to be handed 2 of the thinest, greyist slices of chicken meat i've ever seen, between a bun with a line of mayo. The chicken and bun were cold but that was the last worry on my mind. Two bites in, and the entirity of my burger crumbled to a heap on the plate, looking like anything but a meal. I've never comtemplated complaining about a meal but i was genuinely outraged at their lack of service, taste and understanding. So whislt the food is absolute no-go, the balcony with a few drinks was enjoyable, but of course the bar was unnecessarily overpriced. Bog standard £4 bottle of white was promoted and recommended in its wine board...for £17! Honestly, disappointed doesn't cover it. I went back to the bar with the almost full plates of food, not to argue or cause a fuss, just to ask them if this was their normal standard. The woman behind the bar looked at me and walked into the back, out of sight. I left the plates and walked away. But i wished i'd shown everyone ordering food my plate inedable mess.

By Christina W.

Gazebo is a riverside pub in Kingston, located just off the Market Square, offering a relaxed atmosphere and cheap beer. On a nice day this bar is perfect for casual drinks by the river taking in the scenery and enjoying their Alpine lager.

The Venue
Gazebo is a riverside pub with tables and chairs dotted around outside. The river-facing facade consists of a series of glass windows, and on the first floor there is a strip of balcony stretching the length of the building. The upper level cannot be accessed from within the pub and you need to go up some stairs on the side of Gazebo to reach this segregated section, complete with its own bar.

The decor inside isn’t particularly exciting and is disappointingly basic with a smattering of holes in the chairs and graffiti on the tables. In terms of entertainment there is a pool table, which is popular with patrons. The outside area offers a number of places to sit and there are two tables right by the river with a number set slightly further back alongside the pub. Wide stairs lead down to the river and tend to double as seating, especially on sunny days.

The Atmosphere
The atmosphere here is relaxed and the clientele are generally casually dressed. The patrons are mixed, including everyone from young professionals to older regulars and there are invariably some oddballs. Upstairs has a slightly more refined feel due to the relatively modern decor.

The bar staff are friendly and helpful and reflect the vibe of the venue. Gazebo is a very enjoyable place to be on a warm day when you can watch rowers, ducks and swans whilst enjoying the bar’s specialty Alpine lager. Across the river is a grassy bank where you can usually see people lying in the grass or fishing. Riverboats come by quite often, occasionally sharing a comical enthusiastic wave to drinkers on land.

The Food
Food is limited here, they have pies with vegetables, french fries or mashed potato for an average price of just £5.95. Nothing special, but it fills a hole if you’re desperate.

The Drink
The most commonly ordered drink at Gazebo is the Alpine lager, which can be bought for £2.10 and they don’t sell any average lagers, which some might find disappointing. They also have a variety of Alpine beers and wide selection of flavored ciders for an average of £3.27 a pint.

The Last Word
All in all, Gazebo is a good place for casual drinks with friends or colleagues. In the summer it really shines, morphing into a social hub. In the winter, however, the indoor spaces are not particularly impressive and the pub instantly becomes a lot less appealing.

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