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Gazette is a relaxed brasserie and bar which has the air of an authentic French village cafe. Here you can enjoy some classic French cuisine including foie gras or moules marinieres.

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Gazette reviews

By Mike A.

I was telling my friend about my Gazette experience (available to read below), and it occured to me I'd never updated this story on the net. To cut a long story short, a bad situation was made worse by the manager. I sent him an email to complain about the way he treated me. Here is how Walter replied. Me: Despite me clarifying being able to use my Tastecard and get 2 for 1 before booking, once I had got there with my massively pregnant wife and ordered our meals, you told me 'you don't do that' and walked off Manager: We stopped using deal cards like this, as they were bringing the wrong sort of people into our restaurant. Judging by you, I think I was right Me: We've recently moved to a house about 10 minutes walk from Gazette, and we would definitely have gone again, and would have recommended it to our friends as the food was really good. However, all I will do now is tell everyone how rude, dishonest and money-grabbing they are at Gazette. Their loss Manager: No it's not. It's your loss. I'll leave it there. I haven't been back since, and if you have any sense, you won't either.

By Mike A.

I don't believe his reply for a second. Walter stole money from me in an obvious way, no doubt at all. See my review for details.

By Mike A.

I went to Gazette with my (9 months pregnant) wife last Friday night. I'm a member of the Gourmet Society, and according to their website, you can get 2 meals for the price of one. There were conditions, to use the card on Fridays you need to book on the day, and mention that you'll be using the card. I did all of these things, and the man I booked with said it was fine. All good. However, when we went to Gazette and ordered our meal the waiter looked a bit blank at us, and went to find the Manager. When I showed the Gourmet Card to the Manager, it was met with a Gallic shrug and a 'we don't do that'. He then turned on his heels and walked off, and we never saw him again. We were made to pay full price for our meal. I am very disappointed with the way we were treated in Gazette. It is dishonest, pure and simple. It's a shame, as we've recently moved to a house about 10 minutes walk from Gazette, and we would definitely have gone again, and would have recommended it to our friends as the food was really good. However, all I will do now is tell everyone how rude, dishonest and money-grabbing they are at Gazette. Their loss.

By Peter T.

I never normally leave reviews unless thoroughly impressed by the restaurant i have dined in but my experience at Gazette was so poor i feel compelled to write. Firstly the waiter who served us was patronising verging on rude. When we asked for a recommendation on the wine list he pointed to an £80 Malbec. Now, it wasn't a special occasion and although we both enjoy a good bottle of wine we were not prepared to spend £80. When we asked for a suggestion of a more reasonably priced bottle the waiter smirked, laughed and said he was unable to help. The steak that I ordered rare was well done. The service, despite being one of only 4 other full tables was dreadful. The atmosphere was terrible and when the waiters seemingly had nothing to do they would stand very close to your table and watch you eat and also seemed to be listening in on conversation. Very off putting. The faux shabby french interior doesn't really work in a building which can't be more than 15 years old. Although admittedly this is personal taste. There are plenty of other/better options not too far away.

By Steve D.

I must say I am shocked by the previous reviews. My partner lives close to La Gazette and we have eaten there on several occassions. The food has always been excellent and we have never had any faults with the service. We have sampled quite a bit of the menu and have yet to find something we didn't like. The wine menu is incredibly extensive and reasonably priced. I urge people to try for themselves, it's a quality restaurant at reasonably good value.

By Nicole J.

My partner and I went here for a Valentine's Day dinner. He booked it because it was one of the few places he thought was doing an a-la-carte menu instead of a set menu for the night. On arrival I could smell something burning. We were then told that it was a set 3 course menu and no other menu options were available. There were 2 choices for each course but our waiter told us we had to have one of each of them! The starter of crab was inedible. The chicken terrine my partner had was barely passable. It was clear that all the meals had been pre-prepared a long time earlier and left to sit and go off, waiting for the 80 covers they were expecting (the restaurant was completely full). When I asked our waitress if the food was fresh she said yes, walked away and sent over the manager. The French manager launched into a 5 minute tirade before even asking me what was wrong or letting me say a word. He said that the food was fresh but then admitted that it had all been pre-prepared as the restaurant couldn't possibly make the dishes fresh for 80 covers. I asked wasn't that what other restaurants do night after night? He clearly didn't care what we thought and didn't offer us any apologies for the food. The main courses and desserts (one of them was a toffee apple on a plate!) were similarly inedible. We drank our wine and left the food on our plates. We paid and left without complaining further - there was no point at the customer service here is nil. When we got home I was violently sick - I suspect that the crab had gone off whilst it was sitting in the kitchen all day. All in all this place is my worst London dining experience and I would never frequent this restaurant again even if you paid me.

By Stewart S.

Firstly the location, don't come here unless you like parking at the back of a dodgy industrial estate and hunting for the restaurant amongst blocks of flats. We arrived for our meal and were told there was no record of our booking despite booking by phone at lunchtime that day. It turned out that someone at the restaurant had booked us in for the wrong time on the wrong day. Thankfully it was a Wednesday and not too busy so there was room for us. In the course of sitting down and being offered drinks we were spoken to by three different waiters and rushed in to ordering wine. Having ordered the steak we were kept waiting 45 minutes as all waiters that night (under-staffed) were serving two large groups. There is no excuse for this as a large group would have booked in advance so the restaurant should have laid on more staff. When our meals turned up I was thoroughly disappointed - sitting next to some limp salad with a vinegar dressing was a piece of over-cooked tough steak. Having asked for it to be cooked 'rare' this was not acceptable. Neither was the fact that the waiter ommitted to provide us with steak knives. Accompanying this was a horrid old saucepan with a burnt handle containing some over-cooked, over-salted and greasy chips. We just wanted to leave but found it impossible to get any waiters attention due to their focus on the two large groups. Eventually I asked a waitress for the bill and she never brought it - 10 minutes later I asked again and it came. Upon payment the card machine could not get any signal and had to try another time. When I asked for a receipt to say the previous transaction had been cancelled I got a short response from the waiter saying that it would not be possible but that if he had wanted to steal money from me he wouldn't do it in such an obvious way. I can honestly say that this was the worst dining experience I have ever had in London - the atmosphere was non-existent and the play on 'French rustic' decor is poor. Avoid it!

By N I.

Awful food. Poor service. Avoid like the plague unless you still want to taste salt the following day.

By Paul M.

Having visited Gazette on a number of occasions I can safely say that the experience is consistent. The food is of high quality, the ambience is relaxing and the wine is generally very good. Compared to a central London eatery the pricing is very reasonable and the quality frequently (and positively) surprising. Tucked away near the river, Gazette has turned into one of the true hidden gems in this area. I cannot recommend this little oasis of calm highly enough and it has become a firm favourite with my wife and I. Highly, highly recommended.

By Emily S.

Read all about it! Gazette is so French you could almost forget you’re in South West London.

The Venue
Gazette is part bar, part restaurant and part local deli, situated in the shadow of two of Battersea’s fashionable apartment blocks overlooking the river. The bar area is small and cosy in the winter months opening up onto a patio decked out with tables and chairs all year round. Patio heaters make it popular with smokers and in the summer this suntrap really comes into its own with a view of the river. Despite being located within walking distance of Wandsworth Town and Clapham Junction train stations, this is a secluded residential spot away from the hustle and bustle and isn’t the easiest place to find for non-locals.

The decor has a French edge with a couple of leather sofas placed near a large flat screen television with low coffee tables displaying everything from Paris Match to the Times. The rest of the bar consists of tables and chairs that tend to get crowded on Saturday nights with diners and drinkers sitting almost on top of one another. For serious dining, the mezzanine level is more organised and there is an elegant room for private parties.

The Atmosphere
The crowd at Gazette is an international one, many of whom the owner seems to be on first name terms with. The atmosphere remains relaxed yet upbeat even when France are playing in the football or rugby when it becomes nigh on impossible to get served. Dannii Minogue has been known to drop by and if you want to make a glass of rose and a bowl of chips last all evening nobody seems to mind. Weekday evenings can be quiet in colder weather.

The Food
Opening as early as 8am Gazette caters for locals’ hunger throughout the day from its continental breakfasts through to filling main meals in the evening. The menu is seasonal and changes regularly but offers fine French dishes like rabbit terrine, fois gras, steak tartar and pork leg with red wine sauce. Provincial cooking is the key here and dishes are simple and good quality.

The Drink
The wine list at Gazette is impressive with well over 150 bottles and if you need a recommendation then you would do well to ask the owner as sometimes the young waiting staff are inexperienced. It is by no means cheap but you can rely on finding something new and interesting on every visit.

The bottled beers are largely European and they have an organic beer on tap from the Greenwich Meantime brewery.

The Last Word
Gazette is a little piece of provincial France hidden well away from the more popular and commercial parts of Battersea. For great wine, a friendly chat and occasionally a sun-drenched terrace then this is worth a visit.

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