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Gigalum is the ultimate in London venues. You can relax with a glass of wine outside with the warmth of the patio heaters to break the chill, or sit at the bar sipping a cocktail.

Ranked #50 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Gigalum reviews

By Yavwa N.

Awesome, always kicking

This place is the bomb! Proper top draw for a night out with ya pals ! It is the best for Sunday day time parties and I love the promoter Hilton Caswell his fucking awesome! Clapham's very own Ibiza in summer.

By Jade D.

What a great little gem in Clapham! Its so chilled here, and the food is divine, the night were there was a Thursday night and they had live music on, was so lovely sat on the outside terrace after a nice meal sipping on a cocktail. My friend had a burger, he said was good, and I had the Fish and chips, was cooked to perfection. Def going back for more.

By Stefano O.

Hi all, Last night went with couple of friends, great atmosphere and great music, busy for a Friday night. Food delicious not expensive, we had a sharing starter 30 pounds for 6 starters, a double burger, massive, juicy and delicious for just 12 pounds. Music nothing special but that's what we want on a Friday night. Drinks so far the best mojito in sw. Only concern the staff looked a bit stressed but in a busy place I supposed you must be. Looking forward for the next time.

By Will C.

Hi Leighlee I'm sorry to hear you didn't have the best birthday party, but I truly hope you understand that we have to look after our licence and i don't think you'll find any venue that allows under18s especially on a weekend night. We will happily make it up to you if you'd like to come back once you have all hit 18 and have ID. I hope you found an alternative plan for your party that night. All the best Will

By Leanne B.

Went to gigalum for my 20th Birthday and wanted to cry. The intention was to go for a meal and so not everyone had their ID, which shouldn't have been a problem considering Kids are supposidly allowed to 9pm. We got there at 8pm and got removed from the premises incase we tried to order alcoholic beverages, despite the fact that we clearly stated we wanted something to eat. When I posed the fact that on their website it said kids were allowed to 9pm, the bar lady simply refused to take our food order, told the other members of staff we didnt have ID and then got the bouncers to remove us and tell us 'Go Home'. I felt awful and it ruined my bitrhday. All I wanted was to enjoy a meal with my friends and yet was made to feel like we were judged. Will never consider going here again.

By Sharon B.

Have to say I am HUGE fan of Gigalum. Have been there early for dinner, which was surprisingly good. I expected pub style food from a bar environment but discovered really fresh, tasty and beautifully prepared dishes that were easily as good as a top restaurant. My favourite has to be the Mojitos though. The best in London by far! You have to order early though as it gets so busy later on that the bar staff have to stop making them as they are too time consuming and the place gets very busy. The staff are all friendly, polite and helpful and the owner Will really goes out of his way to ensure everyone has a great time. The music is fab and the atmosphere is so much fun. A definite place to visit in London. You'll keep going back. It's that good!

By Stephanie W.

Ask anyone, Gigalum is literally an SW4 legend. That said, the first weekend I went there I realised it's not for the faint-hearted. Saturdays and Sundays get so busy which would be a problem for me but for the number of sexy guys there whenever I go. Quite close to the main road which some may find too much but I really enjoy chilling glass-in-hand watching cars bump into each other! The garden itself is beautiful, with the light diffusing through the white awnings. I haven't tried the food yet... Anyone else?

By Will C.

Hi Jacques I’m sorry you didn’t have a great night. When we took your booking we did explain that, as it was very last minute, we only had 2 tables left. We understood that you wanted your party to go ahead despite this. And I’m afraid that, due to the popularity of the bar, we get too busy to operate table service during the evening at the weekend. We do however have very friendly waiters/waitresses working during the afternoon and weeknights, so we would like to invite you back sometime soon… Our new chef is simply excellent by the way. All the best Will

By Jac F.

We booked a section for 20 people for a 30th birthday drinks. Had only heard good things aout the place and all seemed well. On arrival, we were shown to out tables - 2 x tables for 2. Seating for 4 people, when we asked and booked for 20 people. To top it off, there was no tableside service and the bar was horribly under staffed! Having to wait 15 minute to be served by what looked to be trainees, as they had to double check each drinks order with what looked to be the head barmen.

By Rachel L.

Would have given this place 5 stars if it was open later than midnight. We were really gettin into the flow of the party when the DJ had to stop. The staff seemed to be having such a laugh behind the bar too and were really friendly to us. I'd not realized they have such quality DJs there, I'm not talking about your typical high street chart music. Verdict: Bl**dy Love it!

By James R.

Is it weird to say that a place is great for the people? That's what I love about Gigalum, but as far as venues go, there are better ones. But that said, I'll be there more than not

By Matt T.

Every summer i enjoy a few nights out here, especially after a long lazy day on the common. I agree that it does get far too busy and can be uncomfortable at times. This also means you end up waiting ages to be served. However the vibe is good and it makes a great place to meet up if you want to go on somewhere after with a later license.

By Helena B.

My current favourite place in London. More like a house party than a bar. Just a really friendly crowd. I wish it opened til later than midnight that's all. Hadn't tried the food before but, they do an amazing stuffed aubergine that I seem to eat every time I go there on a weeknight! Need a few more bar staff behind the bar sometimes on the busy nights though.

By Rebekah L.

The above review is blatantly written by someone with an interest in giving the place a bad reputation. As a regular, I had to comment as I feel this is just SO unjust. For starters Gigalum doesn't even charge to reserve an area so this is clearly slander! (Probably written by a jealous competitor!) I have had several birthdays there and have always been delighted with the service I've received. The food is also great and I can say this is one of my favourite bars in Clapham. Gigalum - keep up the good work!!

By Anna S.

Despite the fact that the sound system isn't absolutely huge, the atmosphere is awesome! The DJs seem to know what they're doing, it's mostly house music but not too techy or minimal for a bar so lots of dancing. It did get a bit too packed but when you have to squeeze past such a gorgeous crowd who cares! In fact I have to admit I dropped my margarita on the terrace and within about 1 minute the staff had totally cleared it up. I don't understand why they don't get later hours at the weekend though. . .

By Jenna K.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience, forgetting about your booking is unacceptable but at least they tried to do something. In my experience no bar will give you a huge area, especially if its a weekend...having recently reserving an area for a friends birthday at a different place and being told that even for a party of about 40 people they couldn't give us anything larger due to the amount of custom they get (bit silly I know). Also, shocking as it may be, it's not highly unusual for bar staff to be little drunk.It's a weekend, they enjoy a drink with their's not the end of the world. Gigalum has always been an extremely popular part of the Clapham bar scene and, despite the odd bad experience, it always manages to be jam packed at the weekends. All I can say is keep up the good work as it is most definatly one of the best places to party in Clapham!!

By Maria R.

What a fantastic bar. We just had our daughters 21st Birthday there. Staff were so polite and helpful. Manager couldn't do enough for us even gave us an area for our selves. Music was superb. Really lively bar. I promise you, have a party or just a meal or a night out you wont be dissapointed. We had 50 guests and all said they had a lovely time at this bar. Thank you to all the staff you really made my daughter's birthday. Maria Roche

By Katie B.

I'd have thought I'd be bored of Gigalum by now. But alas no. My credit card statements look rather repetitive! It's just that I always have such a great time there. It always starts with the innocent intention of a quick bite to eat or one drink in the sunshine, but I'll invariably end up on staying til close. Rui and co behind the bar are such a nice bunch and have perfected all my favourite cocktails. I'm so excited about summer heehee

By Pru E.

A wavering palm tree is not what you’d expect to see across the road from Clapham Common but at least it means you won’t miss Gigalum – one of the livelier bars on this strip.

The Venue
A short stroll from Clapham South tube will take you to this small but action-packed bar, opposite the sprawling Clapham Common. It may not exactly deliver the tropical paradise alluded to by a towering palm tree and sunny patio garden out front, but it appears to have nailed a formula approved by the happy punters that flock here.

Floor-to-ceiling windows, pale floorboards, fresh flowers and touches of a vibrant pine-green paint against stark white walls give a light and airy feel to the interior. A long dark green bar flanks one wall, while low cream leather sofas and stools offer a prime lounging area opposite. The rest of the seating is made up of high booths and dark-wood dining tables scattered at the front.

The Atmosphere
Gigalum is essentially a long, narrow room partitioned with pillars and mirrors, but it manages to create quite a buzz for a small space. Sunday is definitely the night to be seen here. At a time when most venues in nearby Clapham and Battersea are winding down at the end of the weekend, Gigalum attracts a loud, up-for-it crowd until 11pm.

You can expect a chipper mob enjoying house DJ sets on Fridays and Saturdays, while it’s common for after-work drinkers to fill it out during the week. In the early evenings, music is played at conversation-friendly levels until the party atmosphere descends. Gigalum aims to create a glamorous, Ibiza-style ambience; however, some of the sexiness tends to fade late on busy weekends when the floors get sticky, the clientele gets slurry, and the glasses pile up.

The Food
A small menu is dished up lunchtime every day until 3pm and evenings from around 5pm (or all day on weekends), with a £9.50 roast on Sundays and brunch menu available on weekends.

There is nothing spectacular on offer, mostly burgers and Mediterranean snacks, and the prices are quite high (£9-£10) for the quality of food you get. The mixed platter (a selection of cheese, meats, calamari, dips, bread and olives) at £15 is nothing special but is good for sharing and satisfying your hunger before a night out.

The Drink
The drink offering definitely trumps the food with a large choice. There’s a decent selection of beer, both draught and bottled, with some more unique brews thrown in. Tap beers range from £3.10-£3.90 with a choice of Amstel, Kronenbourg, Heineken, Sagres, Theakstone Bitter and Edelweiss Weissbier. Bottled beers start from £3.20 and standout choices include Asahi, Leffe, Vedett and Floris passion fruit beer.

There is a huge choice of spirits (17 vodkas, 9 gins and 15 rums) and a tempting cocktail menu mixing old favourites (Bloody Mary, Martini and Pina Colada) with tantalising originals like Sampa (rum and Italian liqueur mixed with lime, vanilla and Coca Cola) and a vanilla-infused strawberry daiquiri – all around the £7-£8 mark.

The Last Word
Actions speak louder than words and although the food and decor at Gigalum isn’t perfect, obviously it's doing something right as you can’t argue with the crowds that regularly converge here.

By Aida T.

Went to Gigalum for the first time on Saturday. We sat on the terrace sinking jugs of Pimms all evening, great setting! Got ushered inside at 11 (summin about licence restrictions) but was great to get down and dirty on the dancefloor for the last hour. Found ourselves dancing close to the rather hot DJ.. Well he was playing perfect tunes for us girlies!! ;-)

By John O.

Booked this venue for my birthday last night. Fortunately I was in good company, but this bar is absolutely shocking. We had to kick people off the tables we had reserved, the bouncers were rude and over-aggressive when I'd just popped out to make a phone call to a friend who couldn't find the bar. They also didn't seem to appreciate the bar was at full capacity and kept on letting people in when there was not room to move. I bought drinks for friends and wasn't allowed to take them outside. There was a 15 minute wait at the bar.....the list is endless. Very badly managed bar. Will not be going back.

By D.

Gigalum is the best place to chill south of the river on a summer's evening by far. The staff are awesome and they do great nights too - a real chilled/non-pretentious amtosphere with the young, trendy goers of Clapham. Gigalum's best night has to be the monthly night that Big-Wide-World put on - some of the best DJs around always hitting a fun/funky tone sets this place off!

By S.

Yeah Gigalum's not bad at all actually - we all really enjoyed ourselves and the atmosphere was really friendly. You know, it's not the perfect club but I have been to a lot, lot worse! In my opinion, the club doesn't really matter anyway, it's the people inside and on that front Gigalum get's top marks.

By A.

Gigalum is a great bar, with great food. I can't wait for the summer, as Gigalum is going rock!

By Andrew M.

I had my birthday party at Gigalum on Saturday night. What fantastic staff! They bent over backwards to look after us all. When we arrived the Gigalum manager came over with a bottle of Champagne (on the house) and a birthday card!

By S.

Gigalum has it all, and more: dinner, tunes, breakfast and heaters that make it do-able all year round. I'd recommend Gigalum without a doubt. Its got a sophistication to it as opposed to a desperation to it, that many London bars have. You will not be disappointed.

By J.

Went to Gigalum on Saturday night for a friends birthday and had the most delicious meal out on the terrace overlooking the Common. I didn't think it'd be that warm but the Gigalum patio heaters kept us nice and toasty. Later on the DJs absolutely rocked the place, and I've never seen so many gorgeous blokes in one place!

By Andrew M.

I am not a big fan of Clapham, but I enjoyed my visit to Gigalum. The food was abour average but the atmosphere was really cool and funky. The staff were extremely friendly and I even chatted up the waitress. Gigalum will be seeing more of me in the future I can guarantee.

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