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By M T.

I reserved an area for 20 people at the Grand Union Camden for my 30th bday celebrations (09.11.2013) - When I got there, I was lead to my private hut(Waikiki Hut) which was perfect for my party and my guests- The staff was friendly and very helpful - They have 2 for 1 cocktails between 5 and 8 pm and they also serve food - There is no fee to pay to reserve an area and there are no minimum spend at the bar - I definitely recommend this place if you are looking to organise a party !

By Hollie S.

Myself and my boyfriend wanted somewhere to grab a bite before heading to the cinema we had an hour so we thought that should be enough time to grab some food. We headed to grand union Camden (we have a taste card which grand union is part of -the taste card network- 2 4 1 on meals during the week) you usually have to book beforehand but my phone battery had died- the place was empty when we came in so we thought it should be ok. We asked the waitress can we have a table for 2 with tastecard, she went and discussed with her manager then came back and said no you have to book. We said right ok so if we go outside now ring up and come back in will we be ok to use it- so that's what we did then came back in to sniggering staff. Once seated (you have to show your tastecard when you order)we then had the same manager question us on whether we had a booking or not, what name are up sure. (in quite a rude way). She finally accepted it and took our order. The food was taking a bit, then she suddenly came to our table saying I'm sorry I've got some bad news our kitchen has had a power cut so we can't make your food. We ended up going to see our film rather hungry because they couldn't get their act together, nice decorations and atmosphere but I wouldn't recommend going there.

By D B.

Believe it or not I was a regular here but after my last visit I will never go back. I visited on Christmas Eve after a day shopping with my girlfriend. We used to come once or twice a week and during the summer most evenings. For some reason on this occasion, after our drinks had been made a scruffy guy sat at the bar told the barmaid to ask my girlfriend for ID. She hadn't brought it with her as we have never been asked before! I explained that we are regulars but that didn't seem to matter. I understand why bars ask for ID as I run a bar myself in central London the only exception here being that there is no consistency, the manner in which we were spoken too and this guy at the bar if indeed the license holder not being able to recognise regular customers! It takes nothing to smile and be courteous to customers even if following procedures. The two bar staff had already made our drinks which suggests they had no problem with the age of my girlfriend. I was also slightly offended as I'm 34 years old and we were obviously a couple! Did he think I was dating someone under the age of 18?? It was also very quiet in there that evening and it crossed our minds he just wanted to close early and didn't want any more people buying drinks. Whatever the reason it fell way short of a good experience and on Christmas Eve too! So don't go there, they don't deserve the business!! If I could it would have been a - star score!

By Jen S.

I'm not even sure this deserves 1 star! We booked a table for lunch today for 10 people. When we arrived, there were a few full tables but it wasn't what you would call busy. We arrived at 1pm and ordered our food and drinks at 1.15. Our drinks arrived but 1 hour later, we were still waiting for our food. We had to go to the bar to find out what was going on and the waitress told us they were understaffed and just looked blankly at us. When we asked how much longer the food would take, she said she didn't know but at a guess would be a further 15-20 minutes! At this point we decided to cancel the order and leave. In summary, appalling service and unfortunately I can't rate the food as we left before it turned up!

By John G.

I'm not in the usual age group that uses the GU (a young 60ish thing!) but I must say that I consider it an excellent bar- service is impecable, the ambiance is perfect whatever time of day or night, pricing structure fair and, one thing that is normally missing at venues such as the GU, good and friendly door supervisers.

The DS are the first and last people one encounters and the wrong attitude can either make or break one's visit. Fortunately though, at the GU, they could all qualify to work for the Corps Diplomatique!Being a former publican (Blue Anchor, Portsmouth some twenty years ago) I still follow licensed trade activities and, as such, keep up-to-date with the trade bible "The Morning Advertiser".

I was extremely interested to read in the last issue that GU are on track to open more similar venues and in this respect I would like to reccommend that the directors take a look at Hackney, London E8. There is a venue on Mare Street, just adjacent to Hackney Central Overground Station that has stood empty for the last eighteen months.

It was formerly a venue called Hackney Central (the building is the former Mare Street [Hackney] railway station before the new station next door opened) and I feel that this would make a great cool venue for another GU outlet. It is on two levels and when it was trading it was a cross between a bar, grill, night club and a venue for private functions upstairs.

With Hackney on the up-and-up, coupled with the fact that the tube is shortly to run through nearby Dalston (half-a-mile away), it won't be long before the area becomes another Hoxton, Islington, Shoreditch or Camden so maybe this would be a good opportunity to consider opening a GU venue in Hackney. As an idcicator of Hackney's popularity, much property in the area is being snapped-up; it's also served by many all-night buses so transport 24/7 is never a problem!)In the meantime, keep up the good work at Camden Road!

By James W.

This is a good pub, great for beer and food and a great vibe, i'm a bit confused what all the fuss is about the cocktails as they are very average, the menu is limited and you don't get the vibe it is a cocktail bar, especially as there are some awesome cocktail bars in the local area. but needless to say i will be back for what they do well, a good friendly pub with good staff.

By Justin S.

I came in for a few drinks last week and the friendly girl behind the bar introduced us to some of the best cocktails in london. Recommend the Grand Union special, looks and tastes top shelf.

By Justin S.

Dropped into this place on the weekend for a drink on our way out however stayed the whole night. The place was packed with a wicked vibe but could get a drink no problem, going back agin this weekend for another mojito fuelled night out.

By Helen V.

I have only ever been to the Grand Union to drink but every time I have been I have had a great night out! The bar staff are friendly, the drinks are fairly priced and the music and atmosphere are tops. It's good old Camden at its best.

By B.

I was in The Grand Union on New Years Eve and it was wicked! What a nice atmosphere! The staff were brilliant on such a hectic night and the fit French guy made the most amazing cocktails - no matter how busy or stressful it got.

I've been to The Grand Union quite a lot before but usually to eat rather than party so it was a real treat. The food by the way is great. I was lucky enough to sample the Christmas menu and wasn't disappointed. And check the chef - he has always been accommodating to any odd requests myself or colleagues have had.

By Andrew M.

The Grand Union does great food, great drink and is good value. I recommend this place to everyone. The Grand Union is the best bar in Camden by far.

By Andrew M.

I don't know if any of these people have ever had any quality food in their life because me and my friend went to The Grand Union for a Christmas meal and had such a blast. The service was really good and the food was excellent.

I would advise people to try their cocktails which are really good value and extremly well made. The Grand Union staff and the management team were extremly polite and helpful about any request we had, it makes me wonder if we were at the same place?

By S.

The Grand Union is diabolical! I spent twenty quid on their Xmas menu, and it was terrible! The chef was rude and defensive when a colleague complained about the roast turkey, which was revolting, as it was leg meat suitable only for a dog. I waited two hours for two courses, and gave up on the dessert! The Grand Union is not recommended.

By Andrew M.

I went to the Grand Union today for a Christmas lunch. We waited 45 minutes for the starters, then a further 25-30 minutes for the main course. The food was only lukewarm and the main course inedible. The roast turkey consisted of very dark leg meat, served with about six slices of parsnip and one sliver of butternut squash. These were mushy and unpleasant.

We complained and the manager was very defensive and insisted that numerous other parties had eaten the same food without complaint. He implied that my tastes were possibly not sophisticated enough for their menu.

Several of us gave up waiting for the dessert! When we spoke to the Grand Union chef he simply walked off. So, for £20.00 I got a bowl of very mediocre soup. We found their attitude dismissive, with very poor customer care.

By D.

I went for our Christmas lunch at The Grand Union and the food was terrible. It took nearly two hours to get two courses, and when it came it was awful. When we complained the manager and the chef were both dimissive and rude. Avoid The Grand Union!

By D.

I had a group booking for 10 to 15 people at The Grand Union and was given an area for 6 people with two tables separated by a passageway leading to the toilets! The Grand Union management believed this to be a satisfactory arrangement even though one of the doormen said we couldn't stay there.

When we politely complained and asked to be moved the management were aggressive, rude and disrespectful. It was not an enjoyable experience.

By S.

I went to The Grand Union last night and had a brilliant night. The food was amazing and the staff were really friendly.

Great atmos too, I will be making The Grand Union my new Camden regular.