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Head to Graphic for a truly unique experience where the funky surroundings change every six months when a new graphic artist showcases their work. You will find paint tin punches, the UK’s most extensive gin collection and numerous delicious cocktails and a food menu offering a wide choice of homemade dishes

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"Sandwiched snuggly between Piccadilly & Carnaby Street like a Willy Wonka factory of gin’ny goodness, Graphic has one of London’s largest gin collections and we’re not afraid to show it. Whether you want something new, something different or you’re just looking for a venue that serves that amazing drink you had that time in that place we’ve probably got it.

It’s not all about the booze though, Graphic’s new evening menu of small plates are perfect for sharing with groups of 2 -20. The DJ joins us every Thurs, Friday & Saturday and if it’s a special celebration you can reserve the venue just for you and your friends.

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Graphic reviews

By Tacita V.

Contemporary art rules at this trendy Soho venue, conjugating temporary exhibitions with a thematic cocktail list.

The Venue
With its inconspicuous façade shielded away in Golden Square, Graphic can easily be mistaken for a private members' club with an open-door policy. Likewise, you could think the deep room an art gallery, if it weren’t for the many wooden tables, chairs and sofas covering most of the floor space. Shop shutters, placed indoors and brightly painted with giant letters by hot contemporary artist Eine, declare the commitment of Graphic towards contemporary art, to the point that the décor is regularly overhauled by guest artists like, at the time of writing, Jim Sharp, 3D painting maestro. Sharp’s work is to be appreciated via the 3D glasses provided, making for a novel, intriguing experience.

The Atmosphere
The private members' club aura is particularly evident in customers who are mostly stereotypical media types working in Golden Square for some production house or another. You almost get the feeling they could all know each other. Graphic is indeed particularly packed on weeknights when local workers stop here to drink and party. Even on a Thursday night at 8pm, a guest DJ will be blasting out fashionable tunes - the volume makes conversation nigh-on impossible but definitely adds to the excited atmosphere. Some may complain about this pretentious trendiness, but it’s unfair to expect anything else from Graphic, which, in the end, is located in the heart of the media industry and works to showcase hot graphic design and talked about, contemporary art.

The Food
Graphic has always marketed itself as a bit of an all-rounder, where you can stop for lunch, an afternoon coffee and wi-fi pit-stop, drinks after work or even a birthday party. The only staple they don’t provide is breakfast. The menu is short but caters effectively to all levels of hunger. Pick between baby burgers (£4.25 for one, two for £7.50, three for £10.50), grilled options (£6.50), small salads and sides (£3.75) and a sharing board (£15.50), or choose one of each if you are after a full meal. The seasonal selection is varied and interesting: smoky cheese polenta chips, winter slaw with red cabbage, apple and walnuts, and roast fennel with bread salad. The many burger fillings (imagine shredded pork with chipotles barbeque sauce, lamb with cucumber and tzatziki and many others) are all tantalising.

The Drink
Graphic cocktails (£7.75-£13.50) shine, with fresh ideas and good execution. Home to the largest selection of gin in the UK - a 180-strong choice ranging from classic to niche - Graphic’s house concoctions combine the art theme with gin expertise, with six cocktails served in trademark paint tins. The final touch is a fragrant, edible paint sprayed on top, making these drinks a true experience. And if you want to splash out, you can order the behemoth Gold tin including a bottle of champagne (£100). The drink menu covers a lot more, including gin-based Mojitos and Cosmos. Together with revisited classics, you can also order rare gins stirred with matched tonic and herb or fruit garnishes. Gin not your thing? Other cocktails are also available together with wine (£17.50-£35 per bottle, glasses at £4.50-£6.25), champagne (£33-£160), unusual beers (£4-£6) and a DIY cocktail kit (£50), adding a fourth dimension to your drink via a selection of edible aromas.

The Last Word
Originality and innovation are Graphic’s strength given that these are particularly appreciated by the idea-hungry creative industries that surround this bar. But don’t be put off by the potentially daunting crowd, especially if contemporary art and novelty cocktails will brighten up your evening.

By M P.

Maybe a victim of its own success. Super crowded on a Saturday night. Long wait at the bar for a drink. Music too loud to have a conversation unless you are in someone's ear, but then too crowded to dance and not really that kind of vibe. On the positive side staff are pleasant and attentive and the drinks and food are both pretty good. They advertise Coopers Pale Ale on the website but don't actually stock it any more in the bar. Mixed unpretentious crowd.

By S.

This is one of London’s best kept secrets! I celebrated my 26th birthday here with a group of around 20 people and had one of the best birthdays of my life. The bar is tucked away in Soho, it has to be one of the trendiest bars I've ever been to. Brilliant decor and a fresh funky urban appeal with raw imagery and new look garage doors it is sure to have something for everyone. Upon arrival, our amazingly friendly waitress served us paints pots of gin cocktails and kept all of my guests watered all night long, meaning no long trips to the bar. The place filled up in no time with a friendly crowd that was ready to party and I was there until the lights came on! Can't recommend this place enough - the service, the staff, the atmosphere, decor and clientele. Overall a 10/10 establishment - I'll be back soon!

By Katrina B.

I hadn't been to Graphic for a while but returned recently for lunch with a friend (2 for 1 voucher I managed to score!) and I have to say the food was excellent. I had my first Virgin Mary (it was lunchtime so couldn't be talked into the Bloody version!) with my meal (medium rare steak, cooked to perfection, chunky fries and side salad - and it was not the usual wilted piece of lettuce and sad slice of tomato you get a lot of the time) and thoroughly enjoyed it. The food is fresh, simple and tasty...the three things I think I food should be described as. Am potentially looking at hiring Graphic Bar for our Christmas venue now!

By Bie C.

If you want a bar that is lively but not ridiculously loud and crowded on a Saturday night, this is the place! I wanted something with a nice vibe for my leaving drinks, but I also wanted to be able to have a conversation. Graphic gets the balance between lively and chilled out just right. Dj spins some awesome funky house and some chart tunes but nothing cheesy or cringe-worthy. You are as likely to see people locked in conversation as you are to see people busting their moves. The crowd's really quite mixed and no one seems overly interested in giving you the dreaded 'once over', its just chilled out folks wanting to have a good time. The cocktails are fabulous and very decently priced, considering Graphic is in the heart of Soho. The ones served in paint tins (very cool!) are particularly good. Service was fab, the bar staff all armed with smiles and work well together under pressure. I ordered a tray of shots which someone knocked over en route to our table. They immediately made up another tray with no fuss and got a waitress to bring it round. Can't recommend Graphic enough!

By Jessica H.

I recently went to Graphic bar this weekend, for the first time for my birthday night out. It was a great place to start the night, the bar, music location and ambiance were all brilliant. The drinks were reasonably priced, and the staff were really friendly. I will definitely be going back there next week.

By Joanna W.

I went to Graphic bar this weekend and had a really good night. There were a really good crowd of people in there and the music was really good. The drinks are very reasonable for the location, and although I didn't eat, the food did smell amazing!

By Helen A.

Graphic is a great place to start off your night on the town. The staff are friendly and the drinks are reasonably priced with some unusual cocktails (we tried the 'paint tins' and they were delicious!) The decor of the bar is very luxurious with the only criticism being that the lighting is perhaps a little dim! The music was also good if a tiny bit loud, but I guess loud music is the norm wherever you go. Thumbs up to the person writing all the promo material - not one spelling mistake!

By Natasha C.

I went to Graphic for the first time last week cos a friend had rented it out for her birthday.

It was such a good night! The food on offer was amazing and all the cocktails I tried were absolutely delish!

I will definitely be going back again to sample a few more!

By Alice H.

Graphic is a great starting point for a big night out -

recommend getting there around 9pm on Saturdays, there is uaually a really good crowd, sometimes hard to get seats would be my only negative comment...but still worth the tripps.

Really good DJ!

By Jermain L.

i use to work at graphic and i think this person 'jonny dynamyte' is mistaken, there is a option on the till that adds a pound to drinks that for example a vodka and redbull you would have a plus pound option.

or if there was a gin martini there would be a charge of the double gin and a plus pound option.

for what ever reason it is always used to match what is being drunk. this extra pound most certainly does not go to the staff but is a common way of charging for such drinks in many places.

there is a service charge onto tabs and tables, but that is pritty standard for anywhere iv worked, and at graphic it is earnt as the service is of the highest level. graphic was always being run at the highest standard.

the bar staff i felt have a great balance between professional and fun and this works well to create a great atmosphere. i highly recommend graphic to anybody looking for a tasty drink in the westend!

frenchy x

By Nick H.

Not sure if is company policy or the barmen on the night taking the piss but they appeared to be charging £1 service charge per drink without any notice informing the punters. I would advise anyone visting here to check the price they are given and if necessary insist they remove the service charge. Apart from that I actually thought the place was kinda cool and had some great music playing

By Gill T.

Love this bar! Have had numerous work nights out here and even ended up here after our Christmas party and loved it! A nice mixture of people, not too poncy or trendy and good music! Definitely going to remain a regular for our crowd!

By Amanda L.

Graphic serves a delicious Tapas Menu in the evening. The prices are very reasonable considering its location. Will definately be going back there!

By Sarah H.

I went to Graphic last night (Sat 13th Dec). It was a brilliant night! The cocktails were completely original and so tasty! the staff and atmosphere in there is second to none!

By Nat -.

A great bar in a buzzing place- brilliant! vry chilled out atmosphere and very friendly staff

By Nat -.

In the heart of Soho this is a great bar to go to to unwind if you want, but also if you're wanting a night on the town. The drinks and atmosphere was great as was the drinks served all night. really great night

By H G.

I went here Friday for the first time since it changed from The Midas Touch (which was nice enough, if a little plain) and I have to say I like it a lot. Relatively cheap, nice bar staff & security etc, and a pretty decor. The layout is now much better, with the bar at the back. Music was good, mostly house all night. Would definitely come back, in fact the only thing I didn't like was the amount of coked-up twats getting in my face. Still, you can't have it all. ;)

By T.

I work just over the road from graphic and couldn't wait to try it out! The decor is great a real change from the dinge before. The food was so tasty, the staff were inviting and the cocktails were scrummy!

By Lisa R.

Great look, great drinks and great music. I love it - I went last Saturday, had no trouble getting in, and had an amazing dinner inside. Must go!

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