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The Hackney Pearl is a busy, buzzy, happy local in the heart of London's Hackney Wick. The ever changing menu features an appealing mix of seasonal British and Mediterranean flavours and offers very good value for the high standard of produce and cooking on offer. The atmosphere is relaxed & unpretentious with warm and professional service. An extensive wine list and expertly made cocktails complete the offering.

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Hackney Pearl reviews

By James M.

Hello. I'm sorry that you weren't satisfied with your visit. Most of the time we get it right, but of course sometimes we do make mistakes. I hope that you will give us the opportunity to make amends. In the interests of fairness, I would be very grateful if you would remove 3 of the 4 negative reviews you posted on the same day. Thank you.

By Jack L.

I've been to the Hackney Pearl a few times now and it never disappoints. The atmosphere is great - always good for people watching, yet totally relaxed and unpretentious. The service is always warm and friendly. But the food is what really keeps us coming back. Last week we went for Sunday lunch. I started with courgettes stuffed with onion confit, and pinenuts with a currant dressing- so good. Then I had slow roast pork belly which was easily the best I've ever had. We shared a cherry trifle for pudding- another winner. I really can't recommend this place highly enough.

By Hannah P.

Came here on Sunday and had the chorizo, carrots and shallots on toast followed by the slow roast belly pork and carrot cake. Fantastic food and service, lovely friendly atmosphere, great vibe recommend 100%!

By Ilka S.

Had heard fabulous things about the Hackney Pearl but was terribly disappointed. Went for a light lunch with my husband but unfortunately the menu was more like a gastro pub than a café. Fine if you want sea bass or steak but we wanted something lighter. My husband went for a salad (not on the starters list but on its own listing) and I had a bruschetta. The bruschetta was lovely and a good size but the Pepper Salad was tiny. We ordered bread as well so at least we could fill up on that. We then decided to have pudding and again the servings were very small. The chocolate nemesis cake was half the size of a normal cake slice. This we could forgive because it was very rich but the baked cheesecake was the same size. I think they have to realise that people are not stupid and know what size a cake slice should be. It’s obvious that they are trying to increase profits by decreasing the portion sizes. Needless to say we will not be going back. This is the first bad restaurant review I have ever written. I have never felt so ripped off after a meal before, even in the West End. It’s a pity as the décor and atmosphere was great. Coffee is also very good.

By Tynu M.

I was extremely disappointed by the quality of my main course here given all the lauding that has been going on for this venue. Our starter was a really lovely smooth chicken liver pate with a lovely chutney, though for some reason they served an ice-cream scoop size of pate with four tiny bits of delicious toast. I don't understand why people do that kind of thing, how much do a couple of slices of toast cost in comparison to the pate? For our mains we went for the roasts. My husbands belly pork was good with a for the most part crispy skin, my lamb was a pot roast with an unpleasant and inedible layer of jellied fat on it. The flavours were fine, but I was expecting a roast that was pink and, well, roasty. I was also expecting potatoes that were brown and cripsy but the ones we were served with were floury and like something I've not eaten since I was at school. The other veg were ok, but why would you serve parsnips with sweet potato and a roasted onion? that makes the whole thing really sweet. The kale was cold. It was disappointment on a plate. The puddings were nice, the service was good but I would not go there for sunday roast again.

By Roxanne R.

With East London creatives moving further east in search of cheaper rents and edgier surroundings, bars and eateries are slowly catching up. This new bar-restaurant in Hackney Wick offers a unique experience for the area.

The Venue
Located in the centre of Hackney Wick, alongside a small row of convenience stores that serve the local community, The Hackney Pearl is easy to find once you've familiarised yourself with your surroundings. From the outside, you won't be able to miss it as it's the only restaurant of its kind in the vicinity. Set behind a couple of outdoor tables, you'll find huge glass windows that wouldn't look out of place in a gallery and these help show the whole restaurant off to the outside world. Once inside, the decor has an almost unfinished feel to it – there's open piping, retro tables and chairs, random rugs, huge wooden chalkboards displaying the food and drinks on offer, stacks of books on art-related topics (and a large collection of the National Geographic!) – but it isn't as cold as you might expect and is quite cosy. The kitchen is on display so you can see what's being made and the bar area is large and packed with the different drinks on offer.

The Atmosphere
As more and more Shoreditch scenesters ditch Hoxton and head further east, Hackney Wick has risen as the place to be for alternative creative types to live in large converted warehouses and pay very cheap rents. The Hackney Pearl is full of these people and is the venue is essentially designed to offer them an alternative to the greasy fast food places nearby. Despite welcoming an arty crowd, The Hackney Peal is a very unpretentious place and it has a relaxed feel to it. Staff in the venue are extremely friendly – you really feel as if you're getting a personal service – and they're very passionate about their jobs, with a great knowledge on the wines and food. The jazz playing in the background definitely adds to the chilled out feel and they have a weekly acoustic night on Wednesdays.

The Food
Food at the venue is high in quality compared to the local competition. The menu changes daily and loads of effort is put into preparing and presenting the dishes, so they look and taste delicious.

The parsnip and honey soup with toasted almonds (£4.20) is quite large for a starter but ideal if you're after a small meal. The soup is thick and creamy and very rich. The subtle honey undertones balance out the flavour but you may struggle to finish the bowl, even if you're a big parsnip fan. The toasted almonds are perfectly cooked and the warm bread that accompanies the dish is delicious. The purple sprouting broccoli with vinaigrette (£6) is a generous portion, too. The dish is beautifully presented and cooked so the broccoli is tender. There is just the right amount of sweet vinaigrette, which nicely complements the purple sprouting broccoli's unique creamy flavour. If you're after something to share as a starter, the vegetable mezze (£7.50) is the dish to have. The platter contains hummus, spiced sweet potato, braised leek and coriander seed and a large basket of bread to scoop the dollops of dips up. The hummus has a good consistency – it is quite coarse – and has just the right amount of tahini, olive oil and lemon juice to blend it together and give it a subtle taste without ruining the chickpea flavours. The spiced sweet potato is smooth and and the rich, sweet flavour of the mashed potato is perfectly complemented by the subtle spices. The braised leek and coriander dip is also a great appetizer. The bread is soft and tears away nicely for dipping. There's loads of it, too.

For main courses, the spiced crusted chicken with mash and Balkan cabbage (12.50) is a good-sized portion that will satisfy you without making you feel uncomfortably full. The chicken leg is well grilled and crispy but still tender under the skin, so you can easily pull it apart on your plate. The subtle spicing gives it a delicious flavour and it goes very well with the meat. It comes on a decent-sized bed of mash, which is smooth and creamy. The Balkan cabbage really gives this dish the edge. The sour-tasting cabbage is shredded and coated with tasty vinaigrette. This dressing really balances out the flavours and turns a rather basic vegetable into something delicious.

There's a small selection of desserts on offer in the venue – and there's several cakes on the bar that you can enjoy with your coffee. The quince and apple crumble with custard (£4) is a scrumptious traditional British dessert dish. The hot pieces of fruit work well together and literally melt in your mouth. It's slightly sweetened and the portion is large enough to share.

The Drink
The wine list at The Hackney Pearl is enormous. There are around 15 reds, 15 whites, plus a few sparkling and dessert wines on offer. Expect to pay around £20 for a decent bottle of wine. You can even pick up a bottle to take home with you. The venue also prides itself on the cocktails, which the staff put a lot of effort into preparing and making. They average around £7 and are very potent, so it's unlikely you'll want to drink loads of them.

For a remix of a classic choice, try the Moquito – a cross between a Mojito and a Daquiri. The staff make it exactly how it should be with the perfect balance of sweetness from the sugar and sharp, zesty flavours from the lime complementing the strong kick of the rum. The Bloody Mary is another exceptionally well-made drink with a perfect balance of tomato juice and spices. It arrives with a stick of celery, which many bars leave out. If you're after a beer, the venue offers a good selection of bottles from the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich, which include Union. These cost around £3-£4 a bottle and beers will also be available on draught, too. For a cheaper choice, there's a Beer of the Week, such as San Miguel, which costs £2.50 a bottle.

The Last Word
With great wines, tasty food and a laid-back atmosphere, The Hackney Pearl is a much-needed addition to The Wick.

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