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Worthy of the awards it has received, Hakkasan Hanway Place offers sensational Chinese food served by an attentive and informed staff. With expressive and imaginative chefs, this restaurant remains a must for those seeking the very best in Chinese cuisine.

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"Hakkasan Hanway Place is the original restaurant of Hakkasan that opened in 2001 in London. Designed by famed designer Christian Liaigre, Hakkasan Hanway Place is headed up by Head Chef Tong Chee Hwee. Chef Tong is instrumental in creating the restaurant's signature dishes, such as Peking duck with caviar and Grilled Wagyu beef with king soy sauce. In 2003, Hakkasan was awarded a Michelin star, which it has retained to this day, continuing to place Hakkasan at the forefront of Cantonese cuisine."

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Hakkasan Hanway Place reviews

By Andrew M.

My husband and I went to Hakkasan for my birthday last night. We had read all the reviews, good and bad but decided we would try it out for ourselves. I have to say we had the most fantastic evening. We got to Hakkasan early so we could sample the bar where we were greeted with a smile and instant service. The cocktails are fab. When our table was ready we were collected along with our drinks and escorted there which made us feel very pampered. The venue is just so great. Dimly lit for that feeling of intimacy and yet vibrant and busy with a great atmosphere around you. We were waited on hand and foot, there was certainly not a problem with staff. They were happy to advise you about what to order and in what quantity which if you are there for the first time is a great help. There was always someone to top up the wine and make sure everything was ok but in a very non intrusive way. I give my experience at Hakkasan a 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend it to anyone. It is pricey but not at all bad for a special occasion or a treat. It's about £65 per person including a bottle of wine and two drinks each at the bar beforehand which really isn't bad. Go to Hakkasan and enjoy!

By Andrew M.

A perfect example of style over substance. Cramped into a fancy decor that is jaded and worn, the air conditioning blew smoke from the adjacent tables seating very young beautiful ladies dining with late middle aged besuited overweight businessmen (I'm not sure they were their daughters). Service was fine but the food is done just as well in china town and doesn't come with the £250 bill. Zuma is better.

By Anna G.

I went to Hakkasan over the Easter Bank holiday for their Dim Sum Sundays. Yes it's a bit expensive (around £60 a head) but you get ALOT for your money! Dim Sum was lovely, as was all of the courses that came out. Nice champagne and cocktails, although I wasn't a fan of the whisky cocktail that's paired with the chocolate dessert, I couldn't drink it in fact (and I can drink most cocktails!). Atmosphere was nice and it is a very cool venue, service was pretty good also although not overly friendly.

By Josh C.

Walking down the stairs at Hakkassan is quite an adventure and you aren’t disappointed when you get in. The venue is stunning, albeit subterranean. The maitred was quite snotty but that was expected. Go to the bar if you can as its stunning and the cocktails are superb.

By Josh C.

We booked at table at Hakkasan very last minute, we must have a got lucky as the restaurant was full although we were by the kitchen door. I have only been to the bar before so was excited about eating there for the first time. I wasn’t completely disappointed but it wasn’t as amazing as I expected. The food gets 3 stars and the décor and service gets a 5.

By Stephen F.

Yes, it's another style over substance review. Hakkasan is still trying to appear hip 'n' happening by making it difficult to book (We only have one table available at x o'clock) and keeping you waiting at the bar while, We prepare your table. All this notwithstanding that when we arrived the restaurant was almost empty and that all the tables were already available and ready (it was only half full when we left after the meal too).

The food doesn't come close to justifying the hefty price tag, though to be fair it's a cut above most local takeaways. That said, the decor and ambience is classy enough, but Hakkasan is really only for those with enough money not to worry about the cost, those on expenses, or those wishing to make an active demonstration of their financial status.

By Josephine W.

I have now been to all the Hakkasan's and this is my personal favourite, the food across the board is of a very high standard but the staff in this is particularly nice.

By William S.

This is no ordinary Chinese restaurant, Hakkasan is the 5* of the traditional take away cuisine! The food is out of this world and you really can see what can be done with this type of food, expensive? Yes prepared to my take away it is but you get what you pay for and this is quality!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Karina K.

Wow - what a joke! After being kicked by the cocktail staff several times while waiting for our table (yes, folks... a bitchy cocktail waitress kicked me and shoved me for a good 15 mins.), then the thick incense while walking down the stairs (how can you taste food with that smell, seriously?), and our "bitchy" waiter, to our gummy tasteless dumplings! Style over substance at its best! Wish I could give this place no stars...

By Imane E.

Amazingly worth the experience. The atmosphere is nice and the staff is well trained. The food is to die for!

By Emma S.

I love it ! The food, drinks and service is amazing (really nice and polite waiters). I'm coming back again.

By Ruth F.

Fabulous, unique space with modern and ultra-hip decor. Dishes sound inspired and presented beautifully but let down by actual taste. Having tried traditional Asian and Asian-fusion restaurants in the US and Far East, flavors were decidedly lacklustre in comparison. However, if you're looking for a hot spot, this is the place to go. We went for dinner at 9p on a Tuesday night and it was still packed and buzzing at 11:30p when we left. Friends visiting from L.A. chose this place and loved the trendy vibe. Overall, great place for the experience but I would recommend more for drinks (which were pricey but excellent) than overpriced food.

By Thomas B.

I hosted a work dinner here and let the waitress order for the 5 of us. One of our party was allergic to garlic and took this on board and ordered a fantasic range of dishes for us. The food was simply superb. Who would of though a dish as simple as duck and mango could be so incredible. I am looking forward to my next visit.

By Kevin G.

Some friends I dined at Hakkasan recently. It was a Saturday night and it seemed like every wannabe WAG in London was here, hoping to snag a millionaire. They were easy to spot: orange tan, stringy hair extensions, silicone breasts and too few clothes. Nevertheless, the food was excellent, but the service was inconsistent to say the least. Some waiters/waitresses were polite, attentive and knowledgable. Others would have been better suited to working in McDonalds. The music was way too loud and my friends and I struggled to hear each other above the din.

By Fahid A.

I have been to Hakkasan twice now and I just love the place. It is dearly expensive though but this restaurant really does shine out above the rest. It is hidden behind Tottenham Court Road and if you were ever in this area just walking by - you would never be able to spot it. You walk in and go straight down the stairs where there is a big reception area ready to take your jackets. The first time, there was a mix of people and the second time it seemed to be full of investment bankers. There is some nice eye candy in the mix though. It is quite dim inside and quite loud for a restaurant so if you are looking for something quiet - this is not the place. The seating area is like a maze and the area has a blueish lighting theme. The cocktails is what to drink here. The bar is a bit of squeeze when its busy though it goes all along the back wall and come here early for a drink - as they took their time to prepare the drinks. The food is impressive. The best chinese you can get in london though at a price. The menu is actually quite large and having ordered a bunch of dishes - the waitor kindly recommended that we have ordered too much. Sharing is the best way forward here and I recommend trying the lobster noodles. It is fun here to come as a group rather than just 2 people and if you haven't been here. I sincerely recommend you trying it out. They have a 2 hour maximum table policy though, but we were never under the impression that they wanted us to eat and move. With this kind of place it is £££££ and if you want to impress or entertain a group of people, take them here!

By Mike R.

It was our first visit to the restaurant.

I don't know if it was because it was exceptional busy or because staff had decided to overbook (the latter appearing by the number of guests at the bar complaining to the staff) but having to wait half an hour for a table that was booked without any explanation is unforgiveable.

Strangely, after following other guests examples and complaining we managed to get seated within a couple of minutes and were offered complimentary drinks.

The service was OK but felt rushed particularly after they had kept us waiting.

As for the food, the dim sum was fantastic and although the rest of the food was good, we couldn't help but feel that we had tasted better elsewhere for half the price.

Not rushing to go back.

By Mercy A.

I went to Hakkasan for dinner and drinks on a Saturday night. We had booked beforehand and had the set menu.

I love oriental food and having been to Awana and Tamarai, I had very high expectations. The exterior with the door man and matriage resemble a night club but give it an exclusive feel.

The first thing you notice apart from the modern decor of the lobby is the abundance of staff.

There were 5 people on reception waiting to take your coats/bags, and it was difficult to know why some of the other employees were there.

I am not a fan of overzealous almost intrusive waitering which can disturb the atmosphere and conversation you enjoy when dining out.

The service was average and with the vast numbers of waiters and waitresses constantly circling I felt very uncomfortable.

There is a fine balance between attention to details, customer service and being a nuisance.

The 2 hour slot was also a big problem, you just cannot relax and considering the price you pay it would be nice to have a longer period to enjoy your meal especially if it is special occasion.

The starter- dim sum was very good ( I have had something similar, dare I mention Ping pong or Awana).

The battered aubergine with fish was dire however the lamb in schezuan sauce was exquisite.

Dessert- coconut cheesecake 3/5, sorbet ice cream assortment 4/5. Take a big breath in when the bill arrives and factor in the service charge.

I would recommend this place if you want to try a Michelin star restaurant and you like oriental food or if you like pretentious bar/restaurants and don't mind the 2 hour time slot.

I would also recommend it for work dinners because of the exclusive feel and decor.

By Tiffany L.

The services by a Chinese waitress there was so bad! She was just so rude and I'm sure this restaurant would do much better without this kind of service!

By Stephen H.

Seen better days, went recently for the first time in a dew years, very disappointed. Poor service, average food and overpriced...there are far better venues for that money.

By M M.

Average and verpriced, rude staff and feeld tired and out of date. This place isn't the cool place it was 4 years ago. The staff are rude and pretentious and the food and drink are average and way over-priced. The decor doesn't make up for it anymore as it feels tired. The bar is narrow, there's no place to stand and you wonder why you're there while getting pushed and shoved every 30 seconds while sipping on your £15 cocktail. Don't bother.

By C.

Overpriced. No added extras .. No mints either. Staff who 'spoke with a standard chain format'. A bottle of whisky is £11,500. A main course is £450.
Fortunately there were cheaper options. I found charging people £11,500 highly unethical. The best bit about the restaurant is the wonderful Birdcage interior design which is the reason why I went. I would go there for a lunch and a drink. Some of the food looked like it was heated up and they got it from 3663 and they didn't cook it. I didn't think it was a friendly place. It had a 'Posh Chain' feel to it. As it was Chinese New Year you would have thought they would have Chinese music. They also had no soya sauce for the tables! It attracted a Western clientele, the Chinese had better sense to go elsewhere!

By Stephen A.

Over-priced and over-hyped. OK food but hassled off the table after 2 hours ( you no time for coffee you heathens) having spent more than the cost of a long weekend for each of the 7 clients ( I suspect the accountants in charge call us something else - cash cows maybe)


Went to Hakkasan last night with a client and two colleagues - we had a reservation for 19:30 were warned that they would need table back by 21:30.

We arrived early to be greeted by a surly doorman, had a couple of drinks in the bar and then shown to our table. We were shown to a school dining table (for 14 people), which we had not been warned about. We asked to be moved to a conventional table and the staff duly obliged.

We were not slow to order and went with what the waiter recommended, we had 3 bottles of wine between the four of us. Midway through the third bottle of wine we were told we needed to vacate the table in 10 mins (21:30).

We were then told "you don't want a dessert..... do you ?" - "are you going to want a coffee?, and then I'll bring your bill" . The waiters needed lessons in pouring wine, poured from such a height that it splashed, dripped wine and water everywhere, didn't bother filling completely empty glasses after 21:15. At 21:25 we were again told we had to be out by 21:30.

By J C.

Very fashionable restaurant in London with Dim sum cooked to perfection. The atmosphere is very good, however not all staff is very polite. Don’t forget to try their cocktails! In general it's a good combination.

By S.

I was taken to Hakkasan on Friday by my boyfriend as a surprise for my birthday and we had a great evening. Started off with a delicious cocktail and the food was amazing. I would definitely recommend Hakkasan if you want to treat yourself!

By M.

Been to Hakkasan today for my Wife's 60th Birthday. What an experience of fine Asiatic cooking! What a professional and attentive staff giving the right advice with the best sense of diplomacy to these lost European guests. Nothing else to say about Hakkasan other than thank you.

By D.

Hakkasan has fantastic food, fantastic wine and fantastic staff. What can I say? Anyone moaning about the price at Hakkasan should stick to the local take away - you get what you pay for.

By J.

Hakkasan have excellent cocktails and the service was also good with very attentive staff who know the menu and can explain and recommend dishes. I also liked the layout and, though the place was full, it did not give you that feeling of a packed restaurant due to being well laid out.

The food at Hakkasan was superb, there was a group of seven of us, so we tried a fair cross section of the menu and had no complaints. The only minor complaint is, as we booked an early sitting, they wanted a second cover at the table and moved us on before our dessert had been served. When we booked they didn't give us a time to be finished so perhaps this could have been made clearer to us at the time. Otherwise, excellent Hakkasan.

By J.

Undoubtly one of the best bars in the world, its spirits and wine selection make Hakkasan one of the greatest. The cocktails are amazing, their beauty and complexity are worth paying for. In terms of price they are absolutely affordable; I have been travelling around the world where you pay $150.00 for a bottle of Lanson Black label champagne or $7.00 for a whisky and coke in a very ordinary bar. In London you can usually pay £12.00 for a fruit martini with nothing more than a cheap quality spirit and lots of syrups; lots of figures but lets be realistic.

The consistency of cocktails at Hakkasan is great, quite hard to keep considering the amount of fruits and ingredients those guys need to know. I also did a bit of a search on the designer of the Hakkasan cocktail list. The list was not created solely by "Dick Brussell" but many good bartenders at its first opening and was developed by future ones. So whoever you are, stop talking about this boring old-school bartender.

By K.

After reading several 5/5 reviews for Hakkasan, I was disappointed to find it over-hyped. The restaurant didn't justify the price. The decor was too dark, the Oriental wooden panelling wasn't impressive and there was so much background noise. Thank goodness they don't play music on top! Lim Lim bar looked like a very small area, although we didn't go near it. The service was fine, as were the cocktails. The steamed dumplings and chocolate pudding were lovely but I'm sure most of the menu can be cooked just as well in more reasonably priced Chinese restaurants. A shared starter and dessert, two main courses, four cocktails plus 13% service charge came to £130!

By P.

Overpriced average/good food served in a dark and cramped underground cave. Staff are the most miserable we have ever encountered. Background noise is deafening.

By C.

A very trendy restaurant that is perfectly targetted at the modern urban style victim. You pay a huge bill for food that is - to be fair - a fair bit better than the average take away.

The wine was bad (white with tones of vinegar, red harsh and flavourless), the crowding was terrible, the noise was intolerable, etc.,etc.etc.

The wait-staff were attentive and pretty and the food was quite good, but this is certainly not a restaurant that I'd rush back to....unless I was so desperate to be cool that I could ignore the many negatives, and the bill at the end.

By J.

How absurd to give this amazing and innovative restaurant a negative review! I have eaten at Hakkasan no less than 5 times, and each time is better than the last. The food is flawless and faultless, authentic Chinese food and dim sum that doesn't leave you feeling MSG-ed. The decor is soft and soothing, and eating here is a hugely pleasant experience. And PS it is better than Zuma, which is more expensive and nowhere near as good!

By Anna-Marie J.

This Michelin-starred original member of the now international group featuring the likes of Yauatcha and HKK still has what it takes to make a memorable and delicious dining experience in central London.

The Venue
At the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, tucked behind one of London’s busiest streets, Hakkasan is a restaurant that does not need to rely on passing trade. In front of an unassuming door stands a lady with a clipboard, perhaps the only giveaway that you’ve arrived at one of London’s most famous Chinese restaurants (that and a bit of picture research on Google). Descending flights of stairs you arrive in a sleek, dark underworld of attentive staff and tables of smartly dressed diners, glimpsed through the latticework of dark oak screens.

The Atmosphere
These same screens perform the neat trick of boxing off areas without isolating them, so the atmosphere is both buzzy and intimate. Spotlights offset the dim lighting and are cleverly positioned to illuminate each dish at it arrives at the table. Service at a Michelin starred restaurant like this works like well-oiled clockwork. Everything is taken care of so there is no need to do anything other than order and eat – staff carve the pork ribs at the table, serve each person an equal portion of crispy duck salad, advise on wines and provide warm towels to wipe hands.

The Food
Choose from a number of signature menus ranging from the £28 per person sharing ‘Taste of Hakkasan’ (only available before 7pm) to the £118 per person signature menu. Otherwise, dive into the ‘small eats’ – you won’t be disappointed.

Make sure to try a steamed basket of dim sum (platter at £15), which features dumplings that hold together neatly in your chopsticks yet melt in the mouth. A crispy duck salad with pomelo, pine nut and shallot (£21.50), ordered as an accompaniment, marries the tang of bitter grapefruit with crunchy duck.

After this much time (Hakkasan opened in 2001), the signature dishes are still setting standards for combinations of flavour and texture. A shared plate of Jasmine tea-smoked organic pork ribs (£13.50) demand a moment all to themselves. You expect to chew, but don’t really have to – they are melting, sweet, lightly smoked and best of all, properly porky.

The roasted silver cod with Champagne and honey (£39.50) tastes the way it sounds. The velvety texture is something like scallop, achieved through roasting in various well-honed stages and there’s a real butteriness to the flavour. Stir-fry black pepper rib-eye beef with merlot (£24) is worth trying if you like your Chinese beef sticky, peppery and deeply flavoured.

A neat assembly of meat, fish, seafood and egg fried rice and vegetables (crunchy stir-fry lotus root, baby asparagus and lily bulb in black pepper £12) makes for a very filling main for two.

Dessert doesn’t claim quite the same level of excitement as the savoury food, although a ‘Jivara bomb’ (£8.50) of milk chocolate, hazelnut praline and Rice Krispies sounds exciting enough and has the same attention to texture – it just falls a little flat in comparison. A strawberries and cream dessert of panna cotta (£8.50) is creamy and balanced with a little acidity from the strawberry, but needs more of the good stuff – the pannacotta – to be a real success.

The Drink
A helpful and friendly (read not condescending) sommelier recommends some brilliant wines perfectly matched to the food. A zesty glass of bubbles, like the Louis Roederer Brut Premier (£14.20 a glass) works well with the starters. Something honeyed with a high acidity like the Riesling “Urban”, St Urbans-Hof from Germany (£39 a bottle) stands up against many of the Hakkasan dishes and is a gentle 9.5% abv.

The Last Word
Quality Chinese food like this doesn’t come cheap, but that’s not the point. This is an experience worth waiting for – just don’t forget to try some of the signature dishes.

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