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If you are a fan of live music then you will love the Half Moon in Putney. Here you can catch performances from national and international artists every night of the week and for dinner try their exciting menu of traditional British cuisine.

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"A stone's throw from the river in Putney, this vibrant venue continues to draw live music fans from all over town year after year and the cracking selection of hearty fresh pub grub makes it too good a gig to miss. Situated near the banks of the Thames at Putney Bridge, The Half Moon has been entertaining patrons with the very best in live music for decades."

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Half Moon reviews

By Tacita V.

Lacklustre in appearance but opulently rich in history, the Half Moon is a vital live music venue with a legendary status.

The Venue
You may not think much of the Half Moon at first: the pub area spreads over a sizeable room which doesn’t stand out for its décor. Alongside the usual wooden furniture and paneling, you may notice some musical instruments hanging from the walls and hundreds of framed photos of the acts who played here over the years. All in all, the décor is not too different from your average pub and, unless you have a vast musical knowledge, the large wall of fame may not necessarily impress you much as most names are not household names. However, the fact that the Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Kate Bush and the many other famous musicians have graced the stage tells you all you need to know about how it's secured its legendary status.

The Atmosphere
The Half Moon is a revered musical temple, one that benefits from being small, approachable and intimate. Customers vary greatly in age, spanning from early twenties to fifties, a clear demonstration of its wide appeal. There is a feeling of appreciation for the history of the place, but you also get the impression that most of the customers are more interested in the present. Musical talent scouting aside, everyone, including the leftfield staff, seems to be enjoying the laid-back, yet charged and energetic atmosphere.

The Music
All the gigs happen on a stage in a separate room on the ground floor. It’s a dark space with an excellent sound system and plenty of speakers. Music here is taken very seriously and indeed you may be lucky and see one of the next big things being discovered here. The music played varies greatly: the Half Moon hosts live music seven nights a week (often priced at £8) with an engaging programme encompassing folk and blues, rock, indie and everything else in between. Check the listings but also trust the venue, which has been doing just this - serving great live music- for over forty years. No wonder music bible NME have shortlisted it for the Best Small Venue award.

The Food
The food is a minor down point of the Half Moon. The menu is fairly standard but what disappoints is the completely unrefined nature of what they cook: a curry resembles something you’d knock together at home. But it’s not all bad: the bangers and mash are, on the contrary, really good. The menu is quite informal and groups together the usual suspects: pub favourites (£6-£7), burgers (£5.50-£7), sharers (£4-£10) and more. The quality is satisfactory and you should be well aware that gig venues are not the place for refined cuisine.

The Drink
The drink list is quite standard, with twelve wines in total, starting from a cheap and cheerful £12 per bottle (the most expensive is £19.30, with small glasses at £3.05-£4.90). There are two cask ales, including Young’s on draft, accompanied by Red Stripe, Leffe, Kronenburg, Hoegaarden (£2.90-£5 a pint) as well as bottled Peroni, Corona, Budvar and others (£2-£3.50). The usual standard spirits are also available.

The Last Word
The Half Moon is part of the fabric of London’s musical history and continues to champion fresh sounds. A visit is essential for those with a passion for new music.

By Gareth R.

As an airline captain, have any of your flights ever been delayed? I'm guessing yes, and I'm guessing that it's often due to matters beyond your control. Sometimes gigs can get delayed too, due to matters beyond the venue's control. Technical issues, traffic issues causing the band to be late... Sometimes these things happen. I love the Halfmoon to bits. Seen some great bands, had some great nights, met some fantastic people. Is it perfect? No - but if you want to see decent live music (with fantastic sound - Kudos to Red, Doon, Stevie and co), with decent beer in a venue that has a bit of character instead of some soulless arena, then there are few places that can touch the Halfmoon.

By Neil T.

I have been to Half Moon for the first time only recently. Great place!

Firstly, the place is not difficult to find at all. Secondly, it is surely not their fault that the band were late.

Finally, time is money anywhere in the world yo why don't you 'keep' your dollars for yourself and leave us with our pounds.

By Beth B.

Okay- here's the deal. I booked from the US - pre-arrival in the UK- to see a Rolling Stone Tribute band.

Wanted to go as I'd seen a few excellent trib. bands in the US.First-place is hard to find. As a pilot I navigate well-however the directions to the place- oblique and difficult to find.

Had to ask directions several times and found that what was printed on the site -very inaccurate.Second - we arrive to a rather "clueless" -who knows what's going on type environment.

Eventually we were told that the band would start 1 1/2 hours late. Great.Third- there are no chairs to watch-it's standing room only. Fine- but put that on the web page. So we all kind of stood around for an hour and 1/2 and the band was "ok".Could be much better.

Here in the US- "time is $$" So if we're scheduled to begin at 8:00pm- then at 8:05- we're strumming our guitars.Yes, I'm a stickler for time and money. As an airline captain-the people in the back of the airplane -expect me to deliver safety and on time- and I, too expect others to do the same.I was rather disappointed."Lady Capt."

By Shea B.

A pub which blurs the lines between traditional and modern; the Half Moon boasts an eclectic mix of patrons from the die hard regulars to students popping in to catch a new upcoming band.

This diversity in those who frequent the bar is reflected by the live music that has previously haunted the stage. Many bands from the 'Golden Age' of Rock and Roll have played there, sometimes surprise gigs, and the pub now books the best tribute acts around of these now defunct bands.

From Golden Age to New faces; the Half moon caters for all musical tastes at a cheap price. But music isn't this pubs only strong point.

A recently revamped front, seperated from the music venue, plays host to the main contingent of the Half Moon's customers. There is a juke box full of tunes and a constant pool competition with everyone welcome, but prepare to go back to the bar disappointed because the standard is always high!

The icing on the cake is the helpful bar staff; always interested to talk and above all courteous, this pub really does leave you wanting to come back another evening.

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