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Soho's Harbour City Chinese Restaurant offers a delicious selection of Chinese food.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 12:00-23:30
Sun 11:00-22:30

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Harbour City Chinese Restaurant reviews

By G.

To get the full Harbour City experience you should go for one of the set menus. It works out at about £15 per person and you get to try lots of different dishes. The Food at Harbour City is great - it's worth return visits to check it all out.

By Anne B.

This is the worst place in entire London. Really terrible food, expensive plus staff is somewhat unpolite. Those who are giving out good reviews are probably staff members or owner's friends. It just seems impossible to me for anyone to like Harbour City Chinese Restaurant. The only reason why it may have people inside eating when you pass by it's because the restaurant is sort of a "tourist trap" - located in a good area. That's gotta be the only logical reason.

By Boney M.

This is the worst restaurant experience of my life. The food was from cans, looked like vomit and I spat out my first mouthfull because the chicken was some kind of processed spam version. I left straight away, paying only for my water, for which the manager shouted abuse at me. Not suitable for dogs or even starving rats, which is probably what they are serving! Stay Away!

By Ben C.

Best restaurant to go to in China Town if you like vile food! I have never spat food out in a restaurant before until this place - I wouldn't even feed a dog with what they served and to add insult to injury it was very expensive and the service was abysmal.DO NOT EVER GO THERE!!!!If this review saves someone from eating there then that is best thing to come out of the experience I had!


AWFUL! Without a doubt the worst service I have ever had the misfortune to experience! To start with I had to ask for a clean set of chopsticks as the ones set on the table had residue on them - they were replaced by a waiter who almost threw them on the table at me without a word! The food was a mix of cold, lukewarm - only the rice, which was stodgy was really hot. The sesame toast was minuscule and burnt, the chicken satay was dry and tough, however the spring rolls were scalding hot which almost compensated for the cold seaweed. The crispy duck was very dry and barely warm, the pancakes were just about warm enough to start with. There was quite a wait between courses even though there seemed to be enough staff and it was not very busy. The portions were not particularly generous either. The staff seemed more intent on clearing up than providing a service - if they had wanted to shut they should not have accepted our custom in the first place. We were made all too aware that we were being hurried along by the counting of the takings, the vigorous spraying of windows with a strong smelling cleaner right where we were eating and one of the waiters reaching across the food to snatch away the condiment set whilst we were just starting the main course - how rude is that? We will definitely NOT be using this place again and I strongly recommend that you try ANY of the other restaurant's in China Town before considering this one! At just over £50 for 2 set meals and 4 drinks I was thoroughly disgusted with such poor quality and service!

By Peter C B.

I have been going to the Harbour City restaurant for almost 30 years and in all that time, I have never been treated with anything else but respect and good manners. Having taken many friends and relations including my Singaporean wife who will not eat at any another restarant when we visit central London as the Harbour city Dim Sum are the best to be had in London . All I can say is we all have bad days and some customers can be extremely rude and disrespectful and not realise that their western ways are most offensive to our Asian friends. If you have a reason to question the bill try smiling then saying excuse me. It for me always gets the problem sorted out to the advantage of both parties. Infact my next visit will be 5th Feb 2011 'Sing lei fac choi' As example when in Sulawesi a few years ago the people were nothing but kindest itself however we met an American couple who complained the people of Sualwesi were the rudest they had ever met. Having observed the couple from a distance I noticed they showed nothing but disrespect and contempt for the locals.

By John S.

I and my friend had an atrocious experience at the Harbour City on saturday evening which ruined our entire day and left her traumatised. The food itself was ok and when the bill arrived my friend commented on the price so I had a momentary look at it. Suddenly an extraordinarily rude waitress (with bleached hair) came up and grabbed the bill from my hand, yelled at me and pulled out the staple in the most violent maner. She then thrust the bill in front of me aggressively, gesticulating at each item. I had never experienced such aggression and rudeness my life. It appears obviously that one is not even allowed to look at the bill (I had not even complained). Regardless of the food the rudeness of the staff is totally unacceptable and certainly would not be going back for that type of disgusting treatment.

By Louise M.

What a horrible experience-our waitress was rude-when we requested more pancakes for our duck you would think we had asked her to remove an arm-we had to ask twice for same pancakes-would like to see the cow that our fillet beef came from??

?there was a problem with addition and were overcharged by more than a fiver-we requested a itemised bill-but there seemed to be a problem with english at this stage-did not pursue the issue any further as we were in a rush for the cinema-most disappointing and a bad reflection on chinatown

By J.

Harbour City Chinese Restaurant has excellent Dim Sum. The staff are friendly and helpful and the service is always prompt.

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