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Harrods is the creme de la creme of shopping experiences in London, attracting millions of customers from around the world.

With seven floors, Harrods showcases the best merchandise from fashion and accessories to homewares and technology as well as featuring 27 in-store restaurants. Harrods also holds seasonal events throughout the year including the Harrods Christmas Grotto.

"Harrods remains at the height of British luxury retail, attracting millions of loyal customers from across the globe with its unrivalled product selection, world-class service, innovative retail theatre and historic setting.

The store was opened in 1849 by Charles Henry Harrod as an expansion of his humble East End grocery and tea business. Today, Harrods is one of the most distinguished brands in the world.

Seven floors and 330 departments showcase the best of luxury merchandise, from top international brands in our new Superbrands department to the finest in food, homeware and technology.

For over 160 years, Harrods has been a destination for stand-out collections. Our new Superbrands department has 18 stunning boutiques dedicated to top international brands including Prada, Dolce and Gabbana and Dior. Our luxury shoe department, Shoe Heaven, also houses an exceptional collection of designer brands, while Salon du Parfums showcases the finest fragrances, many of which are exclusive to Harrods.

There are 27 restaurants in-store that range from classic to contemporary cuisine. Our world-famous restaurant, The Georgian, is perfect for traditional Afternoon tea, while our newest addition Chai Wu has the finest contemporary Chinese cuisine.

Other departments include The Refinery and Urban Retreat spas, By appointment Personal Shopping, The Penthouse for exclusive shopping services in a beautiful environment, and The Studio for Harrods' interior design service.

Harrods continuously seeks to surpass the expectations of its customers, staying true to its original motto: Omnia Omnibus Ubique (everything for everyone, everywhere)."

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Harrods reviews

By Sophie B.

The Shoe Salon here is literally to die for! I’ve never been in a department store that has such great attention to detail in regards to just one area of fashion. From super formal heels to more casual styled flats, Harrods is a shoe enthusiasts dream!

By Jessie L.

I love the food hall here and try and pop in as often as I can! The ranges they have on offer are second to none; I particularly like beautiful hampers that they produce. Such lovely items are included; the great quality cooking oils are my personal fav. 10/10

By Stephanie J.

I had previously been scared about shopping in Harrods as I thought that I would be underdressed! Silly I know, but after going in their last weekend with one of my girlfriends was amazed at how stunning it was. It literally out does any other department type store I have ever been in, the staff are super helpful and the attire of the shop itself is second to none. Though I didn’t buy anything, I still loved my Harrods shopping experience and shall definitely be returning in the future as I have since learned that they offer a fashion department for pets!

By R S.

This is a review about BoConcept at Harrods and not Harrods in general. I can't (yet) fault the product quality or the sales team at the store however the BoConcept delivery /customer service is so poor that the entire joy of buying a product from BoConcept at Harrods has been lost and has left me wondering why I parted with approx £5,000 in that store? I was initially working with BoConcept tottenham court road and moved to the harrods BoConcept store in the belief that my harrods card would mean something and therefore get me a better service if needed. So far the boconcept team at harrods have done nothing to help and the Boconcept customer/delivery service have only managed to frustrate me with deliveries to incomplete, faulty orders. they started well but the last order has been a mess. Since then I have discovered that it would be much easier and hassel free to buy furniture from an auction house or a different department store like John Lewis, Heals or Selfridges. OR a small local firm. Do not go near BoConcept. They are over priced and come with really abismal, inconsistent customer service. Its hit and miss, and for the price of that furniture you really do not want a miss at all. They are all ofcourse very pleasant people but incompetent in delivering and setting up their product and the team of Boconcept at harrods: good as they are in selling, not once have I had a followup call from them despite them being on email exchanges between myself & the delivery team. For all a great store that Harrods is - it is being seriously left down by this department. I have never had such a bad experience there.

By A I.

Worse shopping experience ever! Let me start with my arrival, the staff looked at me as if to say "why the hell is she here" so didn't even come up to me for help. Now i probably look shit cos i'm jet lagged and cant be bothered to dress up in ridiculously high heels in cold rainy weather. I then asked a lady on the ground floor, if she could tell me where the escalators were, i repeated what she said to make sure i knew where i was going, she rolled her eyes at me, gave me a dirty look and repeated what she said over my voice with a bitchy undertone to her voice. Not my fault there are no clear signs of where the escalators are. Then i found myself in the toy section and the workers on that section were ignorant, a boomerang nearly flew in my face and i didn't get an apology. The only thing that i found worth shopping here - going to the toilet and chatting to the toilet lady! A lovely helpful lady she was. i wont be shopping here again.

By Helene J.

a mixed bag is the main summary of my recent visit to Harrods. Some departments had very attentive and sincere staff, Pet Kingdom and Children's swimwear gave us excellent service. In children's shoes we were eyed up suspiciously, in children's designer wear we were ignored (actually preferable to the aforementioned) the perfumery ladies were enthusiastic in their dispensing of quick sprays and absolutely agreed that it was wise to see how the perfume settled on my skin whilst I shopped. I couldn't help smiling when the stunning Guerlain lady tried to tell me that the 2 tester lipsticks both numbered 40 were different, sadly she had to inform me after I chose it (whichever shade of 40 that it was) that it was out of stock. and finally to add to my entertainment after a little chat about me being from Yorkshire and her from Sunderland she proceeded to offer me Tax Free Shopping - errmm sorry I forgot my Yorkshire Passport! all in all the customer service/training is clearly lacking in some areas and that should not be said about Harrods.

By Phoebe W.

The quality of Tax Free service in Harrods is very disappointing, the manager is stupid enough on insisting to see my passport even i showed him my visa in this country which shows my nationality of course non-british and after explaining to him that the passport shows him no more useful information than the what the visa indicates(plus if i was british, why would i need a leave to remain visa to stay here), and he keeps believing that the passport is the only thing that can show him that i am non-british and refused to do tax free for us. the Asian(more looking like british born Chinese) talked to us with no smile and very rude attitude, she was almost indicating that there is something dodgy in us claiming tax free, i am truly disappointed with the quality of the clerks there, more importantly is with that IQ level they should only be seen working in the powder room.

By Linda L.

The Harrods Shaker Crackers represent the worst "value for money" I have ever come across. The look nice on the table but thats where the luxury ends! We had two boxes of 12 at £39.99 each. Not one of the crackers actually cracked! The gifts inside were very cheap light weight and plasticky. The hats were shallow in height and made from poor quality tissue paper that tore very easily. I wrote to Harrods to complain ans sent tow of the gifts back for comment. I received a standard email talking about the level of service I had received not been satisfactory - no mention of the products. I emailed to say I was not satified with the response and they rang to say they did not know what I was talking about. What letter? What returned goods? How did they know I had a complaint if they had not got my letter. This is very poor customer service by such a large and prestigous organisation. They said they would look into the matter further and send a letter to my home with their findings within 7 days. That was too weeks ago and still not response......