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Situated beneath the Craven Street arches, Heaven is a popular nightclub with a worldwide reputation for putting on some of the most distinctive events in the clubbing calendar.

Now home to the ever popular G-A-Y, Heaven is one of London's premier clubbing destinations.

Ranked #57 of 225 clubs in London

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon 11:00-05:00
Tue-Thu closed
Fri 23:00-04:00
Sat 22:30-05:00

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Heaven reviews

By J.

Being a frequent visitor to many Soho based bars, Heaven is by far one of my favorites. If you're part of the club scene then I cannot recommend this place more.

Heaven offers a fabulous selection of fruity cocktails and the music choice is sublime. There was an eclectic mix of music genres ranging from Michael Jackson and Diana Ross to P-Diddy and Gorillaz.

Definitely hit this place if you are G-A-Y and proud.

By Sandy R.

Rude security

The securities are so rude in this club, not coming back after the experience I had tonight, especially the blonde crop hair security lady, she needs to chill. I don't think she likes her job.

By Zack A.

good music & good drinks BUT the RUDE SECURITY are the worst I wish they sort this problem which everyone faces for years, I have stopped going to heaven now because of the security staff and their rudeness.

By Jacob R.

Music is good is you like pop and some where pretty crowded but that's where it ends. This weekend entry queue only took about 20 mins, not too bad. Queue for the cloakroom 55 minutes to drop off your coat. The security guards kept shouting at people to move up, move up...problem was, 5 people taking coats. It it was bad on the way in, at about 4am in the morning another 35 mins to collect your coat. And you are charged £1.50 per item for the experience. At the bar, the usual, 20 minutes to get served in the early part of the evening, and then you might think it eases off later, but no, they reduce the number of staff behind the bar. It's going the way of most gay venues - too difficult and too problematic to get to the point where you can actually enjoy yourself. Avoid.

By Anne D.

This is truly the best club ever! I always go on a monday because anyone can get in, no wristbands needed. It is so friendly and insanely big in there. Its big like ministry of sound. I've got to say the music is the best! They really know what the best house music is! Its like ibiza in there, the guys are shirtless! Lol its soo big in there they have 2 big main rooms, one house one rnb, a stunning lounge, a cool balcony, an arcade lol and another small room. The drink prices are unbelievably cheap! Generally £3 each! Everyones so friendly, they r not like those expensive snobby guesslists only clubs out there! Its mixed in there too, u meet amazing people. I've been going here since 2007 and its never disappointed me! Every monday is always so packed full with crazy friendly people! Also the ticket price is so cheap, Im a student and its only £1 entry for students with their student cards! Woaw. Anyway its just epic

By Josh W.

I’ve only been here once last Summer for a friends birthday but I’m not entirely sure if I would come back in the future. The music was typically camp, with 90s cheese blarring around the cavernous underground passageways that make up heaven as a whole. The flashing lights and sticky floor is what really resonates in my memory, the drinks were cheap and cheerful and the atmosphere sweaty. if you like your nights out to be uber camp then Heaven is definitely the place for you.

By Kelly H.

Heaven claims to be ‘the world’s most famous gay club’ and, for all intents and purposes, that is probably true. If nothing else, it’s been going for three decades so it must be doing something right.

The Venue
London’s top superclubs have slowly but surely been wiped out, leaving behind empty cavernous spaces with maze-like intersecting rooms. Luckily, Heaven has stayed well and truly put and still sticks to the old school layout for warehouse-style parties. Based in an old wine cellar beneath the railway arches of Charing Cross, it’s a space perfectly suited to a club of this stature – both in terms of size and the incredible acoustics it offers.

In terms of décor, it’s pretty sparse and simple with high ceilings, lofty arches and industrial-style touches across the ceilings. There’s a large stage area in the main room where you’ll see celebrities cashing in on their gay following, be it Girls Aloud, Little Mix or Kylie Minogue. There is a chill out area in case you have enough of the dancing (shock, horror!), where you’ll find comfortable seating. There is also a separate bar and another dance floor upstairs, which is usually slightly less rammed. All of the rooms have various cute names, such as the Departure Lounge, Pop Room and Star Bar, but once you’re in you’ll barely be able to tell which way is up as you’re crammed into a tiny little dancing spot.

The Atmosphere
Heaven is famous. Celebrities flock here to perform, people from across the world have heard of its reputation and even Londoners schedule it in as a regular night out. And so the queues, particularly at the weekend, are long. Very, very long. You can expect to be waiting in line with fabulous party goers come rain or shine and it’s best to get there early if you want to be let in.

This is a gay club so, of course, beautiful gay guys with washboard stomachs and fantastic fashion sense make up the bulk of the crowd. It can feel a little ‘meat market’-like at times, but there’s very little attitude. It also attracts its fair share of straight women, either hanging out with their gay friends or looking to escape unwanted male attention – they certainly won’t get chatted up in here.

The Music
The music at Heaven is always pumping, but it varies slightly depending on when you visit. Mondays is Popcorn night, mainly aimed at students, and covers pop, house and R&B. Thursdays sees the infamous Porn Idol night, which is basically a talent contest that involves hot guys getting naked on stage; not for the faint-hearted. At the weekend it really earns its superclub status with Friday’s Camp Attack, which covers everything musically – cheesy tunes from the 70s to present day. Friday is the biggest night in Heaven’s weekly calendar but Saturdays hold their own, too. For Heaven’s iconic pop gig nights you will need to book well in advance, especially if the likes of Kylie are taking to the stage.

The Drink
Heaven is a music venue so the drinks are pretty basic – beers, spirits, mixers. The prices aren’t cheap, with most drinks coming in at around £4.40. However, compared to some of London’s big-name clubs, it’s not exactly overdraft-busting.

The Last Word
Heaven is more than a gay icon. It’s a London icon. You haven’t lived if you’ve not visited it at least once, gay or not.

By Madge M.

I have been to Heaven twice and tried to go to Heaven twice, so I guess that's a 50/50 chance. The first time I went I was not admitted and the only reason was that my party didn't look camp enough, despite the fact that I'm a lesbian and the rest of my party were gay/lesbian. The second time I tried to go was about 6 months later, as it was a friends birthday, this time I got in. I didn't have a bad time at all. It was a bit of a meat market, but still ok, didn't meet many hot girls lol, but had ok time. Lot's of straight men there, one guy grabbed my waist which was at first not terrible, I got the joke, but he got really pervy and wouldn't go away. My friends eventually got rid of him lol Staff were ok, I wouldn't say friendly, but decent enough. Drink prices ok, but some stuff really expensive so watch what you order! I went to Heaven again earlier this year and had similar experiences. Toilets not very clean though I have to say, which I wasn't very comfortable with. But anyway not too bad. The last time I tried to go was a couple of months ago. I went with a group of colleagues and we were refused entry, someone said they were only letting gay people in, this I found ironic as I am gay, well lesbo. Still, didn't care, went candy bar and had a really fun time. There is definitely a homophobia policy going on and I really don't like it, segregation is not supposed to be what gay bars about- I would rather see acceptance. Still, it's not a bad place, but there really are better venues, friendlier, better value for money. Not bad place to party, but not the best. I would go again if one of my friends was having a birthday there or something (presuming they let me in lol)but I wouldn't go out of my way.

By Margaret B.

The best night out for years! We arrived last night to see The Dandy Warhols show and the door man was a perfect gentleman! He immediately took us in and showed us the balcony, gently asking two people to move a bit so he could put two chairs there for us to sit. We'd asked for chairs because being old, we couldn't have stood for the whole evening. We felt we'd got the best position in the house! A great environment and venue. We'd arrived early and it was all quite exciting with the air of expectation grew as more people arrived. We have been in places like Heaven before but not for some years! Eventually Dandy came on (it was like a cabaret seeing all the setting up of the electrical gear beforehand) and we were not disappointed! They were very loud but they really are excellent. Our favourites ('Bohemian like you' , 'Heroin is so passe' and 'Godless') came and went and it was good that Dandy talked to the audience and we all joined in with the songs where we could. It was a great night out and we also enjoyed a great feeling of fun and goodwill with the crowd. We can't speak highly enough of "Heaven" and your very kindly, helpful and polite staff!

By Rosie D.

Heaven was amazing only queued for a very short amount of time for the gig I was going to. The staff were lovely and complimented the outfit I was wearing and I am completely straight. The gig was fab and everyone was very polite and helpful. They also passed out free drinks to the audience during the gig. I waited at the stage door after the gig and met my favourite artist Mika. The staff were very very nice at the door asking us to move back very politely before Mika came out. One of the best venues I have ever been to! I think the bad reviews here must be from people who were causing trouble and just wanted the club to sound horrible. Altogether a amazing experience

By Sarah G.

I've been to Heaven a good 6 or 7 times with my gay friends. Not once have I ever been knocked back for not being a member! And I'm a straight girl. I always have the best time here, great music, fun vibe, and it's big enough for me and my friends to all dance together. I have lined up for ages outside before but that's only when X factor finalists were playing unless you really want to see the person performing that night try and go early or don't go!! Drink prices are fine, £5 double vodka alerts are great!! enrties a bit pricey but try and go to G-A-Y before and get a wrist band and it's cheaper. I did get my phone stolen here which was the worst so be really carful! But othere than that, it's one of my favourite places in London to go out, so highly recommended!!

By Shane M.

Monday night is not a straight night it's a student / hospitality focussed night, clearly you don't like mondays but I have been along and really enjoyed it. There was a total mix of people there, gay, straight and transgendered people. I personally have been 'handled' by a gay guy who kept grabbing my crotch and virtually pounced on by another who tried to kiss me. Just took it with a pinch of salt but in certain terms this is the same harassment you refer to, just in reverse As a straight man (who does not get drunk and harass girls) I love gay clubs due to the easy atmosphere and potentially great music, I find it really saddening when people refer to a 'supposedly gay club' hosting a straight night for if this were the other way around, where a club marketed itself as a straight club and people complained about gay people being there, this would be referred to as discrimination. One rule for one and one for another. Gay, lesbian, straight, bi - who cares. Get over it, popcorn on a monday rocks.. get down there, leave the chip on your shoulder at the door.

By Brett S.

ok club - long queues to get in, drinks dear but crowd are fun and up to party. i go maybe once a month and its fun.

By Jessi L.

One of the best club I've ever been too! with exceptions to the door staff who can be very rude and pretentious. When you enter the club, you actually don't realize how big it is until you wonder round to mingle and realize there 5 rooms and they've recently added a balcony.. Which is a must for celebrity spotting especially on Saturday nights, as nearly every/ other week they host a performance, whether it be Brittany spear, X factor (Contestants), Blue, Jessie J, etc..... the list is absolutely endless. Best thing about heaven, is its a safe environment to party. I have needed help from the medic, four times in the last 2 years (all self inflicted accidents) and the two medics "cutez (a very hot black guy) and Dawn ( skinny female with blonde hair )" have been extremely welcoming, very professional and you can tell that they are health-care professionals as every time Ive been in, they have always been spot on in diagnosis. The only downer is.... the ventilation. As heaven is underground it gets extremely hot in there some nights, even with air con on full blast, so you have to think wisely about clothing to wear, but on the up side... you get to see allot of skin, from not only hot and gorgeous men, but also women

By Hailey S.

I went to Heaven for the first time on Saturday and I found the venue to be OK and the people ok. The problem and there is 1 is that the bouncers of the club are rude. Got into the queue with 4 men and 2 women all of us gay and they were telling people to move down the queue in such a rude fashion. Got to the front of the queue and the bouncer asked us all what clubs and bars we go to? As though to say that going to any other club or bar doesn't make you gay. Silly I know. Anyway we got in there and no matter where you went the staff were rude. The atmosphere is ok but it just seemed so cheesy especially with 'Porn Idol'. As a lesbian I found it so disproportionate with the amount of men there, I wondered if I went to a mixed gay club at all. I spent most of the night in the R'n'B room and it was packed out. Went downstairs to the room that played all the pop music and put our bags down with coats on top and then another female bouncer came along and asked who's bags they were we all grabbed who's was who's and as she walked off she gave us a dirty look. This was my first time on the scene and Heaven unfortunately gave my 1st experience a bad rep. I think we all should have spent our time at G-A-Y instead of going all the way to Heaven. Yes it's the same company but run totally different, from my own experience. G-A-Y seems more friendly. Plus I got £3 wristband to get into Heaven cheaper. I may return to Heaven again but if it's like the 1st time then I shall never return again. Sad to say but oh so true.

By Alex H.

The Club is great for Party-People ! The prices for drinks waned OK , and the music brilliant Dance / Trance / Charts / RnB / House !! The best Gay Club in London !

By Marc W.

Visited the venue last night for the first and last time.we were so excited to be going to the gay super club of London.what a dissappointment! The place is an absolute dog hole, it's like a dungeon.each room is filthy, the clientele leaves a lot to be desired and the vile bouncers and airport check in just add to the disappointment.want a fag? Go out of the front entrance of the club and congregate round a group of large bins to enjoy your cigarette and drink...how attractive! British gay people should be ashamed of ourselves if this is is all u can offer in the capital.we want chic,clean trendy clubs with a nice clientele to match. The only reason this place keeps any punters is the cheesy pop acts x factor rejects. One place I never want to visit again!

By G W.

Apologies for repeating others comments but it's true. if you don't look 'gay' the bouncers turn you away with some old pony. I actually watched the queue tonight. The cute guys got in fine and as soon as it got to a lesbian couple they were asked for membership and then turned away. I have been 'allowed' inside before however (12 quid). The music is good but the place smells of vomit, so what's the big deal about this place? How can this obviously discriminatory door policy be justified?

By Doonie S.

I have to say that Heaven is now immersed with all I dislike with G-A-Y. Unless you look like a stereotypical gay you very possibly will find it a problem getting in.

I remember years ago being dragged by my ex to G-A-Y late and me always being asked " do you know what club this is?" and then being told it's "members night" actually I was quiet happy when this occurred because the music was not to my liking.

The "membership" policy is only used if you don't fit the mould. For a community that strives to be part of society Heaven seems committed to segregate(except Wednesday's) even my straight skateboarder type friends have had trouble presumably due to their piercings

Ive been going on and off for 8 years and will now only go back through gritted teeth. Music is quiet good, People and bar staff friendly(although never enough on shift) but the prejudice I have witnessed in terms gender and sexuality makes this club a no go.

By Terry C.

Attended Heaven last night as planned and previosuly mentioned and a had a great night!

Huge thumbs up to Heaven, great music, great atmosphere and lots fun things going on! The bouncers were sound too :D

By Nicola G.

I went to see Ciara here and arrived early for Cheap entry .

Firstly the doorman said "are you members?" So me being honest said no and he told me I wasn't allowed in ... how ridiculous, after queing for ages.

So my friend also with me didn't get in. He also took our wristbands for £1 entry so we tryed the other side.. the women on this side didn't even ask!

This is poor communication and basically made us que for ages and put a downer on the night.

I personally felt as if the night had been spoilt as it was my birthday. Once in the man asked for £12.50, which is sooo expensive!

Too expensive and mostly you can get Free entry if u get there early in most clubs!!

Once in the club, it was hot and croweded and the light was minimal, the people inside where rude aswell!

Dancing was ok untill they told the crowd 1 hour till ciara. then it got very hot and it literally felt as if we where being swished.

We stayed for a bit to see ciara ...which was ok but still too hot and i felt very ill at this point. In conclusion Heaven was rubbish, rude staff, unhelpful and expensive.

I say don't go here unless its just for a dance, not to see a live performance!!

By Kenny S.

since the brand G-A-Y has taken over Heaven it has lost any reputation that previous management and owners have built up over the last 20 odd years.

G-A-Y should be ashamed to use the name Heaven.it is now tacky and full of border line 18 year olds. The music is the most commercial tacky pop.

By Abbi S.

I was in Heaven on Saturday (01/11/08) and this was my first time in there. There was no queue to get in which was great, just the searching of the bags. B4 hand though it is good to walk around Soho and see if you can grab the flyers or wristbands. Queue for the cloak room was quiet long but moved very quickly. Only thing I didn't like about it was the toilets. There was leaks everywhere and 1 toilet for the women! Very small aswell! RnB room was wicked spent most of the night in here, stood up by the fans and sofas so made everything more comfortable. Main room was also good, dancers were wicked and they had water spraying on u and massive balloons flying about! Very big club would recommend it, but only if you've had a lot of sleep the night before!

By Grant T.

heaven well what can i say, ive been going for more years than i can remember,well over 20 and i have to say ,its been reinvented many times over the years ,but at present it has hit a all time low.popcorn on wednesday has gone so downhill i may not bother. sat.is even worse!!!!! the place has turned into a place for tourist not london clubbers. as for monday the attitude of punters stinks!.but the thing that pisses me off is paying £1 just to go outside 4 afag wot a ripoff sort it out heaven your losing many many punters that have been loyal punters over the years.p.s it gives me no pleasure to write this way about a club that has been such a large part of my life.

By Xavier R.

You want know how cool it is?You have to go there is amazing,,,anyway, i ggo there almost every monday, and i really enjoy it...I mind really enjoy it...I love that club, beautiful HEAVEN...*((xavier))*

By Korina K.

I am usually very picky with clubs, I didn't even like mos but i LOVED heaven.
The staff is very polite and the crowd is also pleasant - the dancers are amazing! =p and the music is great!
Would go there every week!

By Isobel R.

I go to Heaven on a Monday (Free with NUS) and always have a great time. The upstairs R&B room is my favourite. It gets very hot so buy bottled water from the bar and try and stand by the fans. There aren't enough of these though!
Unfortunately even though it's a gay club, there are lots of straight men in there who try it on with you, so me and my friends always just pretend to be lesbian couples and tell them to sod off :P
Be warned, you'll struggle to get phone signal in here so make arrangements with friends to meet up previously!

By P.

Heaven is the best club in London, although I'm a staright girl. Why? Because of the music, atmosphere, barmen and nice crowd. I used to go there very often, twice a week sometimes. It's really packed on Mondays, because it's a straight night and unbelivably loads of people can make it!

Heaven is really empty on Fridays, which I prefer as at least there is some space for me. Saturdays are just normal. The most important thing it so cheap to get in! What more could you want?

By J.

I went to Heaven last night with a gay male friend (I'm a female) and it was amazing! Maybe because it was my first time going to a gay club, but it was awesome, it wasn't very full as I was told Mondays are really good for alot of people.

But along with the cheeky staff, hordes of gorgeous gay men (sorry girls) and the different rooms I'd say Heaven was a winner. You should definately check it out!

By H.

Wow, I always love Heaven nightclub. It's the best nightclub in London with great music.

I visit on Monday nights and sometimes on Wednesday nights and feel Monday nights are great as they close super late. Thanks a lot Heaven!

By J.

I am a straight girl but I had one of the best nights out ever at Heaven. It is a very gay scene in there so I'd say that if you can't accept that then don't bother going.

The bar staff at Heaven were fantastic and even helped me out a bit when I was short of cash towards the end! I was on the guest list and had entry to the VIP lounge so I didn't have to pay entry fee but even if I'd paid £20 it still would have been worth it. I'm just waiting for someone to ask me to go again. Fab night out!

By T.

Drinks at Heaven are so cheap! £2.50 for a vodka and coke, although that's as strong as it gets. No shots, no alco-pops.

Frisked at the door, bags searched, chewing gum confiscated, chewing gum confiscated from your mouth... But all in all Heaven is the best place to go out. Top-less bar staff, great crowd, great hosts and amazing music, with three rooms to choose from. I really enjoyed myself.

Monday night at Heaven is like a 'straight night', meaning that everyone has a chance at finding someone to dance with, although the pressure is off as no-one is expecting anything more than some dancing from their partners!

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