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Located within the quiet end of Curtain Road, is the charming Horse and Groom pub where you can enjoy after-work drinks and gastro pub style food.

Ranked #342 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"**Book your Christmas party at the Horse & Groom
Two floors of festive fun at the legendary Shoreditch disco pub
Pulled Street kitchen w/ Christmas Buffet & 2/3 Course menus
Seasonal cocktails & party DJ's on request**

The Horse & Groom is, once again, the place for great entertainment, now established as one of the leading contemporary music destinations in the area.Whilst the regular weekend parties, with international DJs and cutting edge music, continue, the Horse and Groom has undertaken a major refurbishment making it an even more enchanting place to while away any lunchtime or evening. Sit and relax in one of our many nooks and crannies, all with free WIFI, or enjoy our carefully selected music playlist.
The upstairs room is perfect for private events, from corporate to birthday parties it is the perfect party space.

We at Pulled fell in love with cooking and eating pulled meat from our very first attempt at slow roasting....this started the journey which has led us to street food pop-ups, restoring our much loved food truck ‘Fifi’ and then roaming festivals and fields, feeding people our slow roasted meats, wherever anyone would have us!!
With pulled pork becoming such a favourite and staple of the pub & street scene, we just asked the question “Why stop at pork?”.....and the simple answer we came up with was “don’t”!!
Now, we are bringing our full range of British free range meats all slow roasted to perfection, with our own recipes, to the Horse & Groom.
You can expect to enjoy not only our classic golden brioche buns packed full of pulled meat (and veggie) and fresh slaw, but also experience our pulled meat nachos, snacks, sharing platters and more........we look forward to feeding you soon!!

With an exciting drinks menu offering a wide selection of craft beers, cocktails, wines, premium beers, ciders and ales, we are sure to excite"

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Opening Hours

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Horse and Groom reviews

By Suso A.

Had my birthday party at the H&G in November. The staff were really laid back, flexible and helpful when it came to meeting our requirements for the party. Everybody had an amazing time. It was one of the best night's out I've had in ages. Would definitely recommend to anybody who wants to organise a party or just to go for a drink in a nice, relaxed atmosphere. Thanks again to the H&G team for making it such a wonderful night!

By Daniele J.

I host a monthly electronic music meet up at the Horse & Groom. I've been always satisfied about the organisation and the service they offer. The staff is really professional, kind and friendly. Definitely a great place where you can organise an event or have a pint with your colleagues/friends. Daniele from JustGo Music

By F G.

My iPhone was stolen last night at the Horse and Groom. Another girl had her iPhone stolen as well. Not sure if this has happened before at this pub, but beware if you go there. This club is fun and the music is good if you like deep house, but it gets very crowded and the thief took advantage of this. Watch your belongings very carefully!

By Jane S.

Thought i would write a quick review as i saw some of the others were old, not a posh bar like some of the other only way is essex places in Shoreditch, but to be honest i prefer it, toilets must have been done recently because was quite nice with lady cleaning it, club got rammed by 1am and friends jacket was lost for couple hours till end of night but nice sound system and vibes...

By P L.

IMO Not Good at all. Bear with me: Ladies toilets are through a door at the back of the seating area. The door leads to a 60 cm wide washroom with two loos off on the right. The whole area is about 2 metres long. On Sat night 3rd October one loo was blocked and the area was overflowing with not fresh water. There was no turn around room: some women were crouching under the non working hand dryer to put on make up. All it took was one folding woman and her friends' decision that the loo was the best place to take her and the whole bar was full of the queue for the Ladies. Some women with men friends got to the Gents and reported a lot more room - more cubicles than in the Ladies. Very disappointed - had expected something classier and less cynical.

By Victoria R.

A charming watering hole during the week and an excellent party venue at the weekend! The food is great and the staff always efficient in my experience.

By S D.

JPHipps, are you sure you went in to the The Horse & Groom? I'm a regular customer there and what you just have described sounds nothing like it.! From the outside the pub doesn't actually look too inviting, I thought it was closed at first. But as soon as I came in, the pub transformed into something totally different. They actually got a really nice collection of different vintage furniture, oak flooring and old paintings on the wall.And the staff has always greeted me with a smile and a casual conversation everytime I've been there.

By J P.

What looks like quite a good place to drink on the outside, I'm afraid the same cannot be said once inside. The bar, tables and chairs are all very dated, which along with the sheer incompetence and rudeness of the bar staff, would explain the distinct lack of punters and atmosphere within this establishment. Despite it being a quiet Wednesday lunchtime the barmaid was far more interested in having a casual conversation with a friend of hers beside us at the bar. I can understand that there may sometimes be more important issues at hand than a couple of pints of lager, and that I will have to wait my turn if someone is at the bar before me, however, in this instance it was nothing short of rudeness. After being kept waiting for ten minutes at the bar for service we were then acknowledged with a very discourteous mime with a finger pointing upwards telling us to wait another minute. I have never come across anything so disrespectful in any other establishment that I have had the pleasure, or indeed displeasure, of drinking in over previous years. I was hoping to be able to comment on the quality of the beer, however, I can't as we were so disgusted we left without ordering.

By Cherry C.

There’s definitely more than meets the eye to the Horse and Groom; innocuous-looking on the outside, this pub is an all night party on the inside.

The Venue
The Horse and Groom appears to be an average boozer on first glance, and could easily be walked past without a second look. But, come down as the night wears on and, as the swathes of outside punters will demonstrate, it’s one of Curtain Road’s most popular venues. It’s fairly easy to see why. Firstly, the drinks prices are pretty reasonable for the area. Secondly, its East End-quirkiness (which, thankfully, doesn’t feel too forced) helps to draw in a fairly young and very up-for-it crowd. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, it’s open until 4am. So, while others are kicking them out, the Horse and Groom starts packing them in. The venue also makes a real effort to cater for all. There are DJs upstairs (mainly house/electro music), screens for film nights and sporting events and free table football for the post-work crowd. There’s also a small room for hire, which is ideal for private parties.

The Atmosphere
A relatively mixed bag make up the punters, but it’s predominantly a younger crowd. No one should feel too out of place though, particularly earlier on in the evening. It favours space to dance rather than places to sit, so as the night draws on the Horse and Groom is good for a lively night out, but probably not the best place for a catch-up with a friend you haven’t seen in ages. The recent discovery that part of an Elizabethan playhouse, which staged Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for the first time, lies at the side of the pub has also attracted a whole new type of customer, and the daytime feel of the pub is distinctly different from its nighttime persona.

The Food
An impressive range of snacks are available – on top of the classic crisps (£1.10) and pork scratchings (£1.70), there are also olives (£2.70), chilli rice crackers (£2) and pork pies (£2.50).

The Drink
The Horse and Groom keeps its prices simple. It’s £3.60 for a pint of beer, including Peroni and Staropramen, and £3.50 for a bottle. Single spirits with mixers are £4.10, and a bottle of house white wine will cost £14.50, while red will cost £15.50. Pitchers are also popular here, and a jug of Pimms or Jamaican Mule (rum and ginger beer – amazing!) is £12.

The Last Word
The Horse and Groom has a very hedonistic vibe – it definitely wants its customers to have a good night. And with pints of beer at £3.50 and a late licence, why not?

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