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With a daily specials board complementing the contemporary pizza menu, Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen boasts quality food to go with their relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Regular club nights and live music ups the ante, making this the venue of choice for the trendy fashionistas of the area.

Ranked #75 of 225 clubs in London

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Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen reviews

By Andrew M.

Before we get onto the whole Shoreditch / Hoxton debate (yes, it has changed, yes, it is less fashionable, no, I don't think its the Leicester Square crowd, more a combination of good old East end folks waking up to the area plus a load of foreign visitors), The Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen is still the most chilled out, out of a bunch that has gone from being ultra relaxed, to risk-a-stabbing central in less than 3 years.

By Andrew M.

My initial impression was that this was a lovely restaurant, like a New York joint. The food was just about ok but 'home-made chips' were frozen chips in my opinion. Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen has a good wine list though, resonably priced.

Everything else was just about lovely, until the loos, which sadly, we visited after we had eaten. They looked like the bogs at a football ground, and this was at 8.30pm - when the place was still quiet. The situation bog-wise just got worse as the evening wore on.

A busy bar and restaurant like Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen should be able to easily afford a man with a mop. Disgusting! Filthy!

By Andrew M.

Hoxton Bar is the kind of place you can both love and hate at the same time. On the positive side, there is plenty of space, they have some original drinks (ask for a Perfect Pimm's) and there is a good mix of people there.

On the not-so-good side, there is no air-con, the music selection could be greatly improved, it takes forever to get served and some of the staff has a bad attitude like this American waitress that couldnt be bothered listen to our order and kept asking: "what?"

By G.

I would rather eat my own vomit than eat at Hoxton Square again. The food was foul, the staff rude, and overall a meal at Hoxton Square was a dismal experience.

By Stuart C.

Beer & Burrito.. 1 hour for lunch, beer came, burrito didnt, had to take it back in a box and eat at my desk. Not even busy, slack service, not even sorry, ruined my friday lunch. Wouldnt bother really. Wrap it can make a burrito in seconds, its not brain surgery - just very disappointing.

By Peta Z.

I've always had good fun here. The food isn't the best - good pub standard I suppose but the bar is always really buzzing and the drinks are good. Staff could be a bit more attentive though. The club next door is worth a visit just to see people making fools of themselves trying to 'dance' on stage. Music borders between cool and cheese but that's what I like. Its always really busy so I'd advise coming early - once you're inside you have access to the club later at night instead of having to queue outside if you come later on. Its a mixed drunk crowd who are up for a laugh.

By Kieran A.

We were a party of 4. Atmosphere is nice, the staff were friendly enough. Then it went down hill. Im a skinny guy, 6 foot, 10 and a half stone, I dont need much food. I ordered the lamb 'steak' with rice, salad and beans. The lamb was tiny, Ive seen bigger small supermarket burgers. I was really taken aback as were the other 3 people in my party and especially as the cost was that of a large main course. When I told the waitress, she shrugged and grinned and walked away. Shocked, we finished our drinks and left. Do not eat there, its really gone down hill.

By Svs S.

Have been here a few times over the years. I think it is good and not particularly pretentious, so previous reviews surprise me. It can be surprisingly hard to get into on a Saturday unless you are in a mixed group - in which case book a table in the restaurant and then walk through to next door after. I think the restaurant is a good place to take an informal date, the menu is basic but acceptable and the waiters / waitresses are slightly freakish looking which is always mildly entertaining. The bar is quite small but has a seperate room with a stage that becomes packed and is like a mini-club. Music is a typical eclectic shoreditch mix and so are the people. Definitely worth a look.

By Ed P.

My favourite venue in London, there's always amazing shows on (can't wait for The Drums and tUnE-YarDs this coming month. And love the look and feel of the bar, always been really friendly to me.

By Jasmine S.

Terrible! Avoid at all costs! I went with a group of friends on Saturday night. The music was disappointing and the DJs far to pretentious and cool to play anything anyone would actually enjoy. The staff inside the venue were incredibily rude on a total power trip. This place might be good if they fired all their staff and got some competent people instead and if they started to play better music. Until then, my friends and I won't be making a return visit!

By Fazila M.

I can totally understand the bad treatment, as I recieved it tonight. I ordered chips and they had been given to another customer, when I tried to find out what happened to my order the staff were dissmissive and they told me to find this customer who had taken my chips to replace them. Then once I got my order I tried to sit down and eat them the bouncers arrived and told me to leave because they were packing up the chairs. This place deserves zero stars.

By Adrian M.

This bar would get a good review had it not been for its rude door staff! Used to come here after work on Friday’s and it’s usually got a good crowd inside with a good selection of beers available but the bouncers are just utter knobs tbh and wont explain the problem I had with them but basically avoid having to speak to them at all costs! Good bar around the back with a stage!

By Tom D.

Very bad treatment. some people have their phones nicked by someone and the managers and the security guys did nothing. also, the bar tenders are really slow and the service is really poor. definitely not a place to go!

By Claud D.

I had booked a table for my birthday and they gave me an area in the back of the place with some dirty tables and chairs - horrible!! Obviously that was a bad start for my party and decided to go to another place. They're not helpful, organized or friendly. The only thing I got was 2 free drinks which didn't make any difference. I understand booking the table was free, but at least they could have let me know that the table I wanted was already booked !!

By Jessica W.

Went to meet a group of about 12 friends who were already in the bar. Arrived at 12:20pm and told, by the doorman, that the bar closes its doors at 12:30pm.

Besides the fact that it wasn't even 12:30 yet, they said they weren't letting anyone in, except of course other groups of people showing up and mumbling sweet somethings to the door men.

Unnecessarily pretentious for a bar on Hoxton Square.

By Joanne B.

Went here for a night out on Saturday, the bar staff are inefficient and rude, not sure what they feel their job description requires but standing behind a bar and ignoring you seems to be part of it, and then glaring at you as and when, if they decide to serve you.

This was mostly in the small bar to the right of the venue, the other bars may prove better but were so rammed that I didn't make it there.

One bar "Lady" made two guys wait for 20 mins while she cleaned the glasses and then served the people stood next to her.

Door staff were lovely though, really pleasant guys, met a real mix of people however if you are after a nice night out with friends would go somewhere else.

If you don't mind being pushed, having guys bump into you and then complain that you've complained, oh and of course the old drink spilt down you every two seconds on the dance floor go ahead. Definitely not a place to dress up for.

Entertainment value very high with the people occupying the stage, I wouldn't quite call it dancing but they looked like they had fun.

The food was okay, but the meal was slightly ruined by the three drunk girls who decided to sit outside and sing badly, they obviously hadn't had any problems getting served.

By Naomi L.

Went for Brunch this morning with a couple of friends following a heavy night and was hoping to have a relaxed bite to feed our hungover tummies.

What we got was rude, ineffectual staff, who although outwardly attractive (and I have to assume this is the sole job requirement), obviously knew nothing about customer service (although they had all definately attended a training day on the art of looking busy whilst avoiding any eye contact with customers).

I could go into details but as with my visit to the Bar and Kitchen that would be waste of my time.

However, the food was actually okay but that in itself would not be enough to encourage a return visit, avoid at all costs, i surely will.

By Scarlett L.

the door security are W****** so rude and seem to think they have more power than everyone. waited ages in the que, and dont get me started on the bar que! took 45 minutes to get a drink. NEED MORE BAR STAFF. great venue and still go there occasionally, the music is either fantastic or really bad. when good music its a great place to go!

By Kaiser D.

Don't go there with a large group of people! The bouncer and manager have their own strange rules where you should sit... It was the ten of us and we initially had a good time. Because we were that many we changed the position of tables and chairs, so that people could comfortably pass by. However, all of a sudden that was to the dislike of the manager and the sorry stupid bouncer. The bouncer put the table back into its previous position "because it belongs there". But we didn't move and he didn't know what to do. So in the end, 5 girls and 5 guys were thrown out at the beginning of the night after spending more than £100, because we didn't want to sit in seperate spots. So if you are having a good time with a large group of people using a chair too many, be prepared to get thrown out. Avoid this place.

By Roisin O.

Recently visited Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen with a friend and was really disappointed. We waited for ages at the main bar and were completely ignored and ended up having to go to the wine bar to be served. Rude, pretentious and slow bar staff, and the door staff weren't much better. Prices are a bit OTT too. Overall, not impressed in the slightest.

By P.

I use to love going out in Hoxton Bar, it had great music, atmosphere and people. That’s how it was more then a year ago. Now the place is full of Leicester Square People, wearing their Converse and shirt and thinking they look cool.

Making it even worse, on a recent visit there I was shocked by the extremely rude behaviour of some new guy who works on the door. Even though I had a Membership Card which allows me to get in without queuing he refused to let me in and he said he doesn’t like me. As a consequence of that neither myself nor my friends will go there anymore. Anyone who wants to have a good night out should definitely avoid Hoxton Bar.

By C.

Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, like most of Old Street, was fantastic a couple of years back, fast forward though and it has mysteriously become bigger - much, much bigger. It's now full to the absolute gills bigger, by opening up all the back rooms, shoving a glitter ball, a stage AND a bar back there!

Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Throw in a good looking crowd and it sounds like the perfect recipe for the weekend. Bzzt! Wrong. That's the problem: the crowd. It feels like the clientele were evicted from an All Bar One; refugees claiming aslyum status in the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen. It really feels utterly anonymous, removing all traces of it's previously laid back cool and identity.

This place could be anywhere, anytown, on any Friday night. It's a real shame, as well as it's another nail in the coffin to diversity.

P.S. I actually wrote "diversity" and Hoxton with a straight face!

By Laura Ann S.

The ever-popular Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen hasn’t lost its edge, seamlessly transforming itself from eatery to night time hotspot with as much liveliness as ever. If the thought of a night out in Hoxton makes you roll your eyes and think of try-hard hipsters, head down to Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen and you should hopefully have your mind changed.

The Venue
With a prime location in Hoxton Square, this bar is an aptly named hive of activity and charm. A former warehouse, the venue boasts several large rooms including the dining area, a smaller bar area with sofas and seating, and a large room that is all dance floor come the weekend. There’s also a small outside area on the square for alfresco dining or some fresh air.

Its former life does mean that the venue can feel vast. This doesn’t detract from a good night had, especially when the place is bursting at the seams on a Saturday, but if your thing is intimate and cosy drinking, you’d best look elsewhere. True to the indie scene it inhabits, Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen also offers itself up as a live music venue during the week. Entry can be as low as £5 so get there before the queue gets too long.

The Atmosphere
For non-hipsters, don’t be put off by any preconceptions you may have. The bar has grown out of its ‘too cool’ vibe – a bane for visitors to other venues in the area – and that’s a big plus. Clientele really is anyone and everyone – the East End ‘alternative’ types, naturally, but also young professionals, students and even some of the Chelsea crowd. Essentially, the Bar and Kitchen is the perfect location for those wanting somewhere to meet up with friends and enjoy good music.

The staff are a smiley lot, and even the bouncers are cheery - they’re the type to knowingly smile whilst telling you off for being too loud or a bit tipsy in the queue.

The Music
The music at the weekend can only be described as crowd-pleasing – expect the old classics in between current chart music. Being in this end of the city, you won’t be able to escape the indie crowd for long. There are live music and album launch parties throughout the week.

The Food
If you’re looking for some grub to fuel your partying, the kitchen offers a hearty Tex Mex menu. A lengthy selection of burritos (around £6.50) and enchiladas (around £9) will set you up for the night ahead without spending a fortune. There are also staples such as burgers and chips for around £8 and various steak dishes, too. Weekend brunch is also popular.

The Drink
The bar is very well stocked – beer and lager drinkers have a particularly good selection of bottle and draught beers. Bottles of wine start at a very reasonable £15.50. There is also the usual selection of spirits on offer, so there really is something for every taste.

For somewhere that doesn’t sell itself as a cocktail bar, those on offer are surprisingly good – better than what's offered at some of the dedicated cocktail bars in Hoxton. At around £7.50, they too are very reasonably priced. You can’t go wrong with the classics, so stick to the Mexican theme and enjoy a Margarita after your burrito.

The Last Word
Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen is fun, friendly and still cool – but effortlessly so, thanks to good food, music for all tastes and an unpretentious, relaxed atmosphere. There’s no ‘try-hard’ vibe, and for that it stands out amongst many of the other East End establishments. It also explains why its popularity is yet to wane.

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