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By combining their eponymous ingredient with other delights, Hummus Bros offer a menu which is as varied as it is interesting. This innovative restaurant remains a popular choice with those in Soho.

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Hummus Bros reviews

By J.

I really like Hummus Bros, despite appearances from the outside (very small). The beautiful interior has been designed to maximise space excellently. All this and I haven't even mentioned the food yet! Hummus Bros is a must for any restaurant buff.

By Dean Clayton E.

I pitched up here with a veggie mate. I'm not vegetarian, but I can live without meat. I discovered that there was meat on the menu, so it does cater for omnivores. There wasn't much of a selection. There were about 6 main meals and the difference between 'small' and 'regular' was that 'small' was served with one pitta bread, while regular was served with two. One man's 'limited', however, is another man's idea of 'simplified. When the meal came, which it did fairly quickly, it was as described: A bed of hummus, with topping, with pitta bread. Very simple and ... surprisingly tasty. I'd go as far as to say delicious, I really would. I had ordered a side salad as well and didn't eat everything as it was filling. That pitta bread does it. Also had a hot apple spice drink, which was special. Overall, the place struck me as being basic in a good way. It has benches, like Wagamama, and you share your table with others. It got pretty busy at lunchtime and I saw people queueing. I wouldn't advise queuing; it wasn't that good; but it WAS a different and enjoyable place to eat. A handy place to know for a decent vegetarian option. I recommend it.

By Fay T.

I thought Hummus Bros was a complete rip off. It lacked authenticity, flavour and atmosphere. The main dish is hummus, the worst hummus I have ever tasted. Not filing or satisfying. Don't waist your time or money!

By P.

Went there a month ago with a couple of friends and it was wonderful, the food was tasty and nicely presented. I loved the chicken and the aloe vera juice. The houmous was so smooth and so creamy, I was in heaven! It was simply excellent.

By P.

Hummus Bros is a fabulous restaurant with excellent service and the most delicious Hummus outside of Beirut - the grilled vegetable salad is an absolute triumph, the barbecued aubergine rich and smoky. Make sure to leave room for the Hummus Bros wonderful creamy pudding with date syrup.

By H.

As you’d expect, if you like hummus this is the place to come. Hummus lovers flock to this little restaurant in droves to tuck into the popular chickpea dip served with a host of delicious toppings.

The Venue
A bright window on Soho’s busy Wardour Street welcomes you into the contemporary cafe-style restaurant, with mellow pink lighting and a chilled out vibe. Hummus Bros is the brainchild of two college students who, after feasting on hummus, olive oil and pitta bread, wanted to create their own place where the menu centred around hummus. After months of testing and tweaking the traditional Greek recipe, they found the winning combination and opened the first Hummus Bros here in August 2005. The simple concept of the food is reflected in the decor, which is sleek and unfussy, with long wooden tables and benches, and an open counter at the back.

The Atmosphere
It feels really laid back and welcoming, and is usually pretty busy due to its popularity among hungry local workers who nip in for lunch or stop by for a tasty bite after work. The table service is friendly and efficient, with the waiters offering good advice on what and how much to order.

The Food
It’s genius, really. Hummus is generally thought of as a snack or starter, but it’s the main ingredient here, so if you like the garlicky mashed chickpea dip you’re in heaven. The months of testing obviously paid off because the hummus itself is absolutely delicious, way better than anything in a tub from the supermarket.

The idea is you have hummus as a base and select your own topping. Choices include gooey fava beans with an optional hard-boiled egg, stewed mushrooms with caramelised onions, guacamole, tender beef stew, and spicy chicken sauteed in tomato sauce – divine and highly recommended. You can order a small or regular portion, which includes one or two warm pitta breads. There are also options for the wheat intolerant, such as rice cakes and carrot sticks. The dishes are very reasonably priced, from around £2.70 for a small to £6.70 for a regular.

There’s also a selection of side dishes to choose from, including salads, tabouleh (bulgar wheat with veggies, herbs and lemon and olive oil sauce) and mouth-watering smokey barbecued aubergine. It all feels super healthy and fresh, making it a great alternative to some of the greasier fast food joints around.

The Drink
The healthy theme continues into the drinks menu, where there are some tasty hot and cold drinks full of natural ingredients, in addition to fruit juices, teas and coffees. Try the aloe vera juice or refreshing mint and ginger lemonade, or delicious hot spiced apple juice with cinnamon and cloves – a comforting hug in a mug.

The Last Word
They say the simple ideas work the best and that couldn’t be more true than at the Hummus Bros restaurant. It’s a quirky concept with delicious food and every hummus lover should pay a visit.

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