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Hush Bar is a lively, upbeat venue popular among locals and visitors to Mayfair alike, with comfortable seating areas and stylish, modern decor.

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"Inspired by Hush’s distinctly 60’s setting, Hush’s award-winning bar team have created a whole new cocktail lounge that would delight even the most discerning of Pan Am pilots. Allow our team of expertly trained mixologists to lead you on a journey around the world without even leaving your bar stool to discover a time when luxury ruled the skies. Alternatively, swap your bar stool for a spot behind the bar and enhance your cocktail making skills under the guidance of one of our highly-skilled bar team. Please enquire with the events team about your next Cocktail Masterclass by using the form below. Discreetly located off the main bar area is The Concorde Room, an exclusive den available for parties of up to fifteen."

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Hush Bar reviews

By Josh C.

We stopped at Hush for some post lunch drinks. I have to say i am not a massive fan of Hush inside, i find it a tad ostentatious, but the weather was good and we sat outside and watched the Mayfair world wandering past. The service was ok, we were hidden away behind a planter so not easily seen by the waiting staff, but when we were spotted they were pretty good and the drinks were excellent.

By Pedro S.

I when with my friends for dinner last week and found a brand new HUSH and from the beginning we had a wonderful welcome, was a bit busy and we were early for our booking, the friendly receptionist took us to the cocktail lounge and we tasted some interesting cocktails, the barman gave us some infusions to be taste, I order a chilli martini, the taste of the coconut and chilli made it very tasty, after few cocktails the receptionist arrive and direct us to the table, the food was very good and the service exceptional, I highly recommend it, definitely will come back again.

By T K.

We went to Hush for the New Year's Eve dinner+club arrangement and we had a great evening. The food was nice, nothing special but of good quality. The staff were very polite and attentive. After dinner we went upstairs to the cocktail lounge where a DJ played till 3 AM. I would definitely recommend this place.

By Tina J.

Interestingly, 3yrs and 4 months on from the date of the first review, nothing really has changed. My partner and I 'tried' to go for cocktails on Friday last week.

We arrived around 4pm, so not at the peak period, and never actually got served!We arrived , and were directed to the cocktail lounge upstairs, where there were 4 others customers, and approximately 6-8 staff, including what looked liked some senior staff too.

Staff were sitting and chatting at the bar, we were not acknowledgedon arrival, so we took a seat in the little snug type area , on the left of the stairs.

And we waited.....and waited, and watched all the staff milling about doing 'something' although I'm not sure what they were doing. We listened to a senior staff member talk about a large party that was arriving later on, and we waited some more.

My partner then got up walked to another table and picked up the cocktail menu, and brought it back............and again we waited, until we gave up completely, and after about 10 - 15 minutes of being in the bar we left.

The staff upstairs never acknowledged us on the way out either.Hush looks plush, great location, but the service was absolutely appalling. I will not be gong back.

By D.

Went to the Cocktail Lounge @ Hush for a friend's birthday. The bar upstairs was fine - with decent decor, friendly service and we found a pleasant corner to occupy.

I made the mistake of going downstairs to the Cocktail Lounge @ Hush restaurant. There was a 45 minute wait (and there were maybe two other tables occupied?) which resulted in food which was, in some cases, cold and, in all, bland. Never again.

By A.

The cocktail lounge @ Hush is absolutely gorgeous, if you don't mind a number of things. Namely being crammed in like cattle and waiting an eternity for drinks. It really is that popular. The staff are incredibly friendly but don't last long. That aside, the cocktail lounge @ Hush is fantastic the drinks are divine and their French restaurant is pricey but to die for.

By Loren P.

Hush Bar, nestled in the heart of Mayfair, is ideal for a relaxed evening of posing, schmoozing and generally being ‘fabulous’.

The Venue
Tucked away down a pedestrianised labyrinth of alleyways, on a cobbled street in the midst of Mayfair, the discreet setting makes this bar a real treasure. Situated at the bottom of a narrow street, running parallel to New Bond Street, if first impressions are important then Hush Bar scores well. The large terrace laden with well-dressed tables and chairs is somewhat idyllic. A designer topiary ‘H’ over the brick fronted door gives off the impression that this is a venue where image is everything.

Through the quaint doorway and up the main galleried staircase into the bar, you’re greeted with a clean, modern decor. The beige trumpet-style lighting that hangs low over the light-wood stairs is a stylish touch that sets the tone of the bar. The bar itself is set at the top of the stairs, perfect for people watching. The marble counter reflects the under-lit luminous green lighting, giving off a dark and moody vibe.

The low-lit cocktail lounge evokes an ambience that’s ideal for romantic tete-a-tetes. Comfortable sofas that you can sink into are adorned with plump cushions in jewel tones, set around small wooden tables lit up by candlelight. The seating and walls are integrated creating further space, and although it can get very busy, the lounge area remains intimate. A large gilt mirror adds an elaborate touch to an otherwise minimalist bar. Although the area is not huge in size, the space is well utilised and for parties of up to fifteen there is an exclusive boudoir lounge just off the main area.

The Atmosphere
The bar at Hush Bar is surprisingly upbeat and gets busy from midweek evenings. You can expect it to be full of thirtysomething Mayfair fashionistas cradling their peach bellini in one hand whilst holding their Prada handbag in the other, exceptionally groomed yummy mummies having a post-shop beverage, and businessmen looking to unwind after a hard day at the office. The crowd is certainly upmarket, although the bar isn’t as pretentious as first impressions may imply. The good looking staff are impossibly friendly and attentive.

Expect a good mix of commercial music; RnB, pop, chart and some golden oldies although you most certainly won't be dancing around your handbag, arms in the air to YMCA here. The music is never too loud, it’s more of a background accompaniment that leaves you able to hold a conversation and hear the other person. It is possibly the volume of chatter, laughter and glasses clinking that makes up the majority of the noise here and adds to the lively, busy atmosphere.

The Food
A small but delicious bar snacks menu is available offering light, Asian-influenced bites. The focus is on quality rather than quantity so expect small but aesthetically pleasing dishes that complement your tipple of choice.

There’s a range of snacks from mouthwatering chicken satay (£6) to everyone’s favourite comfort food - homemade chips with freshly prepared garlic aioli (£6). The dishes are served in good time and are easy on the wallet so whether your budget is Gucci or Gap there is something for everyone. Hush Bar also houses a downstairs brasserie with alfresco dining and the luxurious upstairs Silver Room offering a range of dishes for the discerning diner.

The Drink
The drink menu is vast and rather exceptional. The experienced, inventive bar staff provide an innovative drink selection. A large menu consists of captivating cocktails like the aptly named Hush Bar Champagne cocktail (Taittinger with violet liquor and an edible flower).

As you might expect, bubbles reign supreme here; starting at £8.50 for a glass, rising to a purse-emptying £450 for a bottle of Cristal, the balance is pretty good. Wine is also offered with blends for even the most discerning palate (expect to pay around £4.50 for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc).

The spirit selection is extensive with aperitifs and liqueurs at £5.50 a glass and cognacs and gin at £8.50 a glass, expensive but in line with London prices.

The Last Word
Worth seeking out if you’re in the area; Hush Bar is a discreet, popular place to enjoy a mid-week drink amongst stylish, sociable people.

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