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Hutong Shard is situated on the 33rd level of London's tallest building, The Shard. Hutong offers a range of northern Chinese dishes served in stunning surroundings.

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Part of the aqua restaurant group

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Hutong Shard reviews

By Stephen F.

David Yeo’s Aqua Group opens the second of its lofty spots halfway up Renzo Piano's big glimmering baby. And whilst there’s a pretty hefty premium to be paid for the sheer shebang of dining up the Shard itself, the northern Chinese food is authentic and the atmosphere certainly swish.

The Venue
You can’t really beat the views, given they’re from a fair few feet up, with the vista more or less making it as far as the home counties and beyond. It’s only when you look closely that the sheen loses its lustre somewhat, with humdrum city life trundling through all that relentless grey, whatever the weather. That all changes when darkness falls – or rather, doesn’t – with the fine lines of London light stabbing their way attractively through the bustle. Inside Hutong itself there's a certain incongruity; the aged, authentic fixtures (every single piece imported from Hong Kong) are forced, somewhat, into a very modern building not wholly suited to anything lacking a certain geometry. However, Hutong still manages to feel exactly as it should: a chic, glamorous destination dining room that will do well with those of means.

The Atmosphere
First off: no trainers. And though that kind of dress code is a little old fashioned (it does feel a bit like trying to get into a highfalutin provincial bar as the trouble in shirts and shoes waltz in unchecked) this is a joint classier than most, so you really should be wearing your nattiest clobber anyway. There are a lot of celebrations going on, so don’t be surprised to see big birthday tables, but later on in the evenings – and especially weekends – you’ll see lots of tables of two, with heels the height of the Shard itself having tottered in alongside sharp suits hosting deep wallets. Staff (plucked from some of London's top spots) are incredibly professional and generally pretty good at their jobs, not least when trying to navigate past those uncouth sorts leaving their table to grab a gander at the views.

The Food
The original Hutong over in Hong Kong is pretty well thought of for its showcase of authentic dishes from northern China. And whilst the numbing heat isn’t quite as in evidence here, the menu does offer a very sound rendition of the cuisine from this particular part of China, though plenty of Szechuan bits and bobs make their way in too. Some might balk at the pricey prices but they should be put into context: this is sought after destination dining and, more importantly, portions are incredibly generous.

Razor clams (£13) are nicely balanced, with Chinese rose wine, plenty of garlic and chilli offering sweet heat that contrasts well with the natural saltiness of the clams themselves. There’s plenty of bite to them, too. Dim sum (also served into the evening – out of step with the authenticity but very welcome) also impresses, with a platter (£15) featuring two each of rose champagne shrimp, scallop and pumpkin (deliciously sweet), vegetable and bamboo pith (a little bland) and crystal crabmeat (very good). There’s a more extensive dim sum menu at lunch, and the quality is certainly good enough to warrant returning for a proper Cantonese tea.

From the mains the roasted Peking duck is very popular, with the added theatre of the lacquered duck being carved at the table. It’s certainly not cheap (half £30, whole £58) but it’s essentially two dishes (as is tradition), with half of it served with pancakes and the other half taken away to be stir fried. Another popular choice – and with very good reason – is the red lantern (£28), a huge, ostentatious basket filled with dried Szechuan chillies (don’t touch them – they’re nuclear) and four, huge soft-shell crabs cut in half. The spicing is perfect and the batter light enough to almost be tempura.

The monkfish fillet (£28) braised with Chinkiang vinegar is another highlight, and there’s a serious amount of very nicely cooked, meaty monkfish. The only disappointment comes from the Mongolian-style barbecue rack of lamb (£30) that looks utterly delicious with pink, carved-at-the-table chops let down by some seriously aggressive seasoning - so aggressive as to be inedible, in fact. Accompaniments might appear ludicrously expensive (egg fried rice at £12…) but the quality remains high and portion sizes still huge.

Desserts are judiciously kept pretty light (even the very good black sesame glutinous dumplings are airy and manageable), with guava sorbet (£6) wonderfully rich in flavour but not too sweet, and even the mango cheesecake (£6.50) fleetingly so, offset nicely by a very good passion fruit ice cream.

The Drink
Seeing as it’s such a celebration spot, cocktails do a roaring trade, and the signatures are nothing if not imaginative – not least for their claims toward restorative power. And although it’s debatable whether the Comfortably Numb (£12.50) does actually ‘alleviate spleen or stomach cold from deficiency patterns’ the cocktail itself (vanilla Stoli, fresh chilli, Szechuan pepper honey, lychee liqueur and fresh lime) tastes very good. The classic cocktails are no less impressive (the Mai Tai particularly) but it’s the surprisingly concise wine list that impresses most. An admirable selection is available by the glass but if you want the whole bottle prices start at a very reasonable £22, heading slowly up to £200. There’s value to be had, too, with a lovely Gnarly Head Viognier at £30 or an excellent Vouvray from Chateau Gaudrelle at £35.

The Last Word
It might not be faultless but Hutong is set to be one of most sought after destination dining spots in London. If you’re a fan of authentic Chinese food and are looking to impress, this place will suit you down to the ground.

By James J.

I read the ViewLondon review on Hutong Shard and immediately knew that I had to try this place. Having been a big fan of Chinese food I was super excited to see what authentic dishes awaited me here. Opting for the dim sum at lunch time was a great move, all cooked to perfect I couldn’t get enough of the baked pork puffs. Hutong Shard has got to be some of the best Chinese food I have ever eaten. 5 star rating.

By Oliver H.

The view at the Hutong Shard is simply amazing and I would recommend coming here just to see it! Darkness has already descended upon London when we got here and the lights on the street look mesmerising. Our food was incredible, I had a lovely chicken satay-esque dish that melted in the mouth!

By Auroura L.

I personally believe the reviews saying that the Huntong Shard was expensive have to really think about what exactly they were expecting! The phrase "You get what you pay for" explains it all, the food, the view, the atmosphere, the service, the drinks = Quality and for me that = value for money

By Manjula B.

Went to Hutong to celebrate my sister's birthday, the view was impressive but the service was lacking, presentation of dishes was poor......overall experience lack lustre

By Luci K.

We were lucky enough to get a table(for 2) here last minute which was a great start! Having arrived early we had a drink in the bar which has stunning views. Our table was ready early and a member of staff took our drinks to our table. We were greeted promptly with menus and ordered 2 starters (shredded chicken and sliced pork belly) and a dim sum platter which came with amazing dipping sauces. For mains we ordered crispy chilli beef and minced pork with lettuce. The food was brilliant as was the view and service. Overall, an excellent meal at The Hutong and I would recommend for a special occasion.

By Chris M.

Really enjoyable experience all round. Had some wonderful scallops, and a few other nice seafoody bits. Good quality food and a stunning venue. Seems to be gaining in popularity too. Will certainly be returning!

By Aaron S.

Love chinese food, and Hutong Shard was amazing. I had some friend prawns and some of the best dim sum around! Really recommend it to anyone wanting a truly different dining experience and bored by the usual Chinese cuisine.

By Marsha M.

My son took me here for a nice meal and I was really taken aback by the beauty of the views that high up. The food was good, nothing hugely amazing but with views like that, whose focused that much on the food?

By George L.

I took a girl out on a date here and my god she was impressed (which obviously worked out well for me). Was super elegant and the views were perfectly romantic for our evening out. Food was good, though the bill was impressive lol!

By Cyndy N.

Just wow. Hutong Shard is super impressive and serves some of the best Chinese food around. Its a bit pricey but you get what you pay for at the end of the day!

By Terry J.

Came to Hutong Shard on for a formal meal. Happily, everyone involved was a fan of Chinese food and the selection on offer was fantastic, and from the range of meals, everyone was pleased with it. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the place and the service was very good.

By Leo M.

The perfect venue for a special occasion, the Hutong Shard will blow you away. I had the red lantern dish which included four crabs and was outstanding and very flavoursome. Very good food at Hutong Shard and luxury surroundings make this a must for those looking for a special treat.

By Mitch M.

Me and my husband had a thoroughly mesmerising meal at the Hutong Shard and I would not think twice about going back there. You will have to book of course, but it is entirely worth doing so as everything about it was sublime.

By Jon W.

It’s fair to say that the Hutong Shard is the best Chinese restaurant I have ever been to. Perhaps even the best restaurant actually when you look at the quality of the food, the view and the friendly waiting staff. Don’t hesitate to come to Hutong Shard!

By Sabrina S.

I went to Hutong Shard with my husband for our anniversary, and it was a truly romantic and special evening out. Beautiful view of the city at night, and even though other celebrations were going on that night, it didn't spoil the atmosphere at all.

By Terry J.

I took my girlfriend here the other day for her birthday. I had no idea what it would be like, only having heard from other people it was good. I am now one of those people, as I found it to be really good! Fantastic in fact. The panoramic view of the building are unbeatable and the food was a really high standard.

By Sassy S.

I love chinese food, and while Hutong Shard is pretty pricey, you really do get an amazing experience for your money. Brilliant food! There is a dress code mind, smart casual clothes only. Which, to be honest I personally really appreciate.

By Gazza I.

Wow this place is impressive! I came here the other day as part of my own 'shard' experience and having never visited this place before, i can say I was blown away by it. The food was great and the added view really made the dining experience special.

By Vic C.

The Hutong Shard does offers amazing views but still felt like a let down, the dress code is a little over the top as this is supposed to be an evening to relax from work I felt that I had to turn up for a business meeting! The prices are, as expected, very expensive but the food itself is very nice. My preference would still remain the OXO but for a change and a special occasion it is worth a try!

By Ted S.

The Hutong Shard is the ultimate dining experience, the food is sublime and the views are outstanding.

By Geri H.

The Hutong Shard is very expensive but i guess you get what you pay for! The views are breathtaking, the ambiance is wonderful and the food is something special, this may not be the type of place you can afford every week unless you are a WAG or just stinking rich BUT for a special occasion it will give you a night to remember.

By Julia D.

The prawns were AMAZING here at Hutong Shard! The jasmine tea leaves that they were served with really enhanced the flavour. When I have guests to stay next this will definitely be the place I take them for a meal :)

By Shaun B.

The monkfish fillet was to die for here at Huntong Shard. I would go as far to say that it was the best monkfish I have ever had!

By Tina T.

A few of my girlfriends and I finally got around to trying Hutong Shard out and just wow! We were all so impressed with the extensive authentic menu and the quite simply impeccable service here. The Lamb ribs were my definite choice here.

By Lisa L.

Yes the food here at Hutong is delicious but bare in my quality does cost! Considering it’s location within The Shard I can understand this elevated price point but loses a star in my rating for not being a little more accessible. 4 stars.

By . ..

Have always been a big fan of Chinese cuisine so was very eager to try Hutong Shard out. Came with my wife yesterday and the food was just impeccable, cannot wait to come again.

By Gail D.

The Dim Sum is to absolutely die for here at Hutong at the Shard, especially the rose champagne dumplings, utterly delicious!

By Bernard S.

If you dine in Hutong Shard you can’t not notice the uninterrupted views of London, utterly breathtaking and only enhance the elegant selection of food that is available here.

By Nora P.

I was excited to be finally trying Hutong out at the Shard! My husband brought me for a meal here at the weekend and what an utterly beautiful restaurant this is. Impeccable views of London, this only enhanced the lavish selection of food that we ordered. The soft shell crab has simply got to be one of the best things I have ever tasted, an incredible flavour that far outweighs other Chinese food I have eaten.

By Billy C.

Hutong Shard is very expensive, especially for Chinese food, but you do get to go up the Shard itself, which is pretty cool. I had the same problem with the reviewer in that they said no trainers, but they let me in anyway. It does seem a bit odd these days? Anyway Hutong Shard is definitely worth going but if you do make sure you tell them to clean the windows! Couldn't believe how dirty they were. Oh and the red lantern is delicious if you like crab, but it is a bit greasy. The toilets are amazing too.

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