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With excellent prices, a friendly atmosphere and good buffet style service, Indian YMCA is a good choice for anyone in Fitzrovia.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Daily 12:30-14:00 & 19:00-20:00

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Indian YMCA reviews

By G.

Not sure if 'restaurant' is the right term for the Indian YMCA - school canteen feels more appropriate. Still, the Indian YMCA is full of Indians and dead cheap, so what were you expecting - Buckingham Palace?

By Hugh K.

Ive stayed in a few hotels around the world. But non like this one. The customer service desk and reservation help-desk employees are so rude, ignorant, arrogant. They do not know what they are doing, they don't know how to deal with customers. I really don't know who employees those people but they made a big mistake. I am so sorry but that's my experience. I rather pay an extra £50 and stay somewhere else which appreciates your stay and and get quality service and food. Please avoid the Indian YMCA in London.

By Celine A.

A classic in more ways than one.

The Venue
Its location touching on the south-east corner of central but quiet Fitzroy Square is perfect for a visiting sleep. Its building, even though clearly an architectural product of the 1950s, still fits in well with its surrounding premises of student accommodation and office spaces. The spacious, airy and day-lit split-level dining hall - which is open to the public - naturally attracts these surrounding folk.

The Atmosphere
The building style, muted colours and old-fashioned decor is, and has been, a trademark of the YMCA hostels. It is no wonder it feels like time has stood still. The added element this ethnic subsidiary possesses, however, is the Indian feel to the restaurant: aside from the self-serve tray pick-up aspect, the system is typical to that of restaurants in India with its communal-style dining hall seating. Service staff is minimal here, but the few that are required to linger are smiley and obliging.

The Food
The promise of delicious, authentic Indian food rings true; for £5 at dinnertime (pay for a ticket at the entrance outside the dining hall – at lunch the price depends on what you take), one gets doled an enough-for-two serving of the vegetarian or non-vegetarian, or both, dish(es) and a separate serving of dessert. The menu is the three dishes cooked that day, which could be a small-chunked but bounteous spicy lamb curry, a light ingredient-laden pea curry, and a fritter in yoghurt sauce (to be eaten with a sprinkle of sugar). True to its self-operating system, these are to be had with the fluffed room-temperature rice already sitting in big bowls at the individual tables. Delicious and authentic they are, right down to the temperature of the staple. But this being London, the meal could definitely be made more toothsome with warm rice, especially on a chilly day.

The Drink
The pleasing economical news is: for £5 drinks are included. But there are limitations - the "drinks" are simply self-serve tap water, which is not as bad as it sounds because one would need something to wash all those spices down. There’s also a soda machine should you require something more sugary.

The Last Word
An unelaborate setting, and price, for veritable Indian meals in Central London. Meal time frames are tight though - lunch is from 12 to 2pm on weekdays, and dinner from 7 to 8:30pm.

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