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Infernos harks back to the original days of the disco, complete with mirror-ball and runway lights. This popular venue runs a regular string of club nights attracting serious party people to the heart of Clapham.

Ranked #16 of 225 clubs in London
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"The greatest party in London! Infernos is all about having fun, letting your hair down and enjoying all the great music past and present that you can shout, sing and dance to, every track we play is a guaranteed floor filler, regular PAs and live stage performances from your favourite 80's and 90's acts and our monthly event nights are not to be missed"

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Infernos reviews

By Andrew M.

I only have myself to blame for going to Infernos. It is exactly what you would imagine it to be. And I knew what it would be like before I went, and yet I still went. It is awful. Cheesy can be fun. Unfortunately, Infernos is the bad kind of cheesy. It has a slightly agressive feel and, as has been mentioned, sticky carpets.

One man there wanted to fight me because I stepped on his foot. Another man tried to snog my girlfriend as she was holding my hand. As you can imagine, this almost got me into another fight but the man in question disappeared but not without threatening to see me outside afterwards. Obviously when I left, there was no sign of him. Really classy. Avoid. Please.

By Andrew M.

I absolutely cannot get enough of Infernos. For years, my friends have been trying to persuade me to go to new haunts, but Infernos will always remain my number one choice. Pulling some moves to my favourite tunes allows me the freedom I crave and I enjoy nothing better than working up an acrid sweat on the floor.

Booze flows freely from every bar and I can confirm that this, dear reader, is London's premier nightspot.

By Andrew M.

If you're after a classy night out Infernos ain't your place. However, if, like me, you're up for getting slaughtered and getting your hands on some ropey old piece ladies then INfernos is the one for you. I effing love it.

By Andrew M.

Infernos is possibly the worst club I have ever been to. The music is terrible, it's busy, sticky, expensive, tacky, sleazy and you have to pay £10 for the pleasure of it all.

I stumbled across Infernos when I first moved to London and not knowing any better went inside - never again! For those of you who went to Durham Uni, it's an enlarged Klute but with all the same people!

By Andrew M.

To get an idea of the type of place Infernos is, simply read the 5 star reviews - that should be enough to turn you off. Unabashedly the worst night of my life, I drank all I could and was still stone cold sober and surrounded by dumb and ugly people, muzak instead of music and decor that befits Brighton Pier amusement arcade. And all for the princely sum of ten pounds! Infernos is rip off idiocy at its worst.

By Andrew M.

Not quite sure what image the club is going for but the piano bar was a combination of a 70's discotheque and a dimly lit strip club with the upstairs room resembling a hotel foyer. Nevertheless, a fabulous unpretentious crowd of sweaty Timberlake wannabes in white shirts and friendly Antipodean girls dancing round their handbags.

By Stephen F.

Infernos is a fun place to be nothing more nothing less! Somewhere to let your hair down and have some cheesy fun. Don't knock the best club in London just because it's from the old School Disco days.

By James W.

If I could give lower than 1 star I would... Where to begin... The drinks are not cheap and are served by staff so inexperienced I was actually pleasantly surprised to see them standing the right side of the bar. The first drink I ordered was a jug of Woo Woo, which must be the easiest cocktail to produce in the history of alcohol. My choice was purely because it was on offer at £16 as opposed to £24 for the other cocktail jugs. After receiving the jug the first thing I noticed was that it was half full and actually was about the same size as a normal cocktail. When I pointed this out to the barman he told me that 'he couldn't fit anymore in if he tried...'. I wasn't happy, so his colleague came across and generously added nearly half a liter of cranberry juice... thanks! It still wasn't full so he added more. All in all I paid a lot for a very icy cranberry juice. I don't know if anyone else has ever attempted to consume nearly a liter of cranberry juice whilst on a night out, but from experience I can say it does not make you feel particularly fantastic! At £10 for entry it's a reasonable club if you stay away from the bar, the music isn't amazing and the toilets are small and have a bad stench, probably from all the cranberry juice being consumed. I would have liked to write something good so I will; It has some nice fish. I just feel very, very sorry for them.

By Michael O.

Could be a great place, but I think the management of Infernos should start listening how their door staff talk with customers.

By Sarah B.

I came here for my friends Birthday. Crazy fun night! We booked the celebration package and an hour of karaoke which we had wished we booked longer for because it was such a great laugh and the props added the perfect touch whilst we sang along to Wham, Abba and a bit of Shania Twain! Service was great and friendly. Would definitely come here again. Thinking of celebrating my 30th Birthday here also. The only downside was that my friend doesn't remember my tribute to her singing the friends theme song. Gutted!! Thanks Again

By Henkel S.

Awesome place to be, I wasn't there for a while and I have to say that someone have taken this place to next level.There is no place to rather be!!!!

By Barry R.

Had a great night last Saturday!!! Door staff need cheering up a bit but understand that some people can be difficult when drunk and been refused entry. Music on both floor kept the dance floor packed and plenty of bars inside to choice from - really liked the beach themed bar serving cocktails!!!!

By Tracie B.

Never again! Booked a hen night total amount paid £377 got 4 fish bowls that a fish couldn't even survive in tasted just like juice a loads of ice goody bag for 16 totalled was just for 8 ! What was cleaned and taken away when we was in the karaoke room! Also the Fish bowls was cleared taken away when in the room too spoke to the bar staff and they just shrugged there shoulders! Just money grabbers no help at all the karaoke room was the high light of the night would have just liked to stay in there all night the tv did crash and the staff did help there but that's it drinks are over priced staff rude no comment on that at all just think twice before booking

By Lily C.

I went to this place last night for the first time and I definitely will never be going back there again in a hurry! The bouncers are rude and aggressive, one grabbing me hard by the arm to check for a stamp which has resulted in a large bruise! When venturing outside for fresh air to escape the sauna like club you are herded into a 'sheep pen' like enclosure tightly packed in like sardines and right in among all the smokers which if you are not a smoker or do not like smoke constantly blown in your face you have no choice but to endure it. Queuing for drinks takes forever and the drinks are watered down. There are also only two cubicles in the ladies toilets which means if also takes forever to wait. The music is about the only good thing but you even tire of that after a while!

By James W.

Shocking. I have never, ever, ever, been anything other than a happy, cheerful and 'glass half full' type of person. I love life... I love cheesy venues, (&...take note Dear Management... I SPEND LOADS!!). However, this place put me off ever coming to London again!! My mood was upbeat... but this was soon dispelled, completely, by the thugs and brutes just looking to suck the joy out of a night out. The levels of anger and aggression were wholly inappropriate and, to be frank, the worst I have EVER experienced anywhere, (n.b. I am 46 and an experienced clubber). Oh... did I neglect to mention that the anger and aggression came from the bouncers on the door and not the people, (evidently with very low standards!), who'd managed/wanted to get in?

By Seb S.

Awesome place to celebrate birthday, my 30th was one of the best party in my live, The greatest thing that impressed me when I lost my phone they call my mum next day to let her know that my phone waiting for my for collection at Infernos. Love Infernos!

By Claudia P.

i've been celebrating my birthday party in infernos and it was amazing. i booked a table two weeks in advance. when i arrived at the club the hostess took me and my friend to the table and i was impressed when i've seen the area that i booked was decorated.

By A E D.

We went there to celebrate birthdays. Very rude bouncers, pure ignorant, they didn't let me and my friends in without any reason asking them self one by one, no one knew. Lastly I've been told that the manager of the club said so-yeah right...,when I said I'd like to speak with the manager of the club, the security manager categorically said no.I haven't been there before and with my experience and after reading other people comments I don't want to. The worst night club ever !

By Dex J.

Don't worry Zoe. It's obvious the bad reviews are from rival establishments in and around the Clapham area. They are clearly jealous of the decade plus long success of the Infernos Brand and have nothing else better to do other than write false reviews on here!

By Zoe G.

Can't believe all these bad reviews! I went to infernos for a friends birthday and had a great time! The bar staff were lovely and everyone there just seemed up for a laugh! It was one of my best nights since living in the city and i'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good night out.

By Dex J.

It is very interesting that your first port of call is THIS website instead of making a complaint and feelings known to the club management in writing!Hmmm. This is clearly (in my opinion) an attempt from a rival establishment as to me writing a complaint HERE instead of approaching the company you are complaining about first to right any wrongs shows your comments for what they are. I hope other that read them come to the right conclusion OR go to Infernos themselves and experience a fun, non pretentious atmosphere!

By Keri R.

PS ; if this website would actually allow me to edit myprevious review, then the rating would be a 1 ( or zero if that was an option). If you want to be abused my door staff (along with the club manager, who I ended up requesting to talk to, only to be told I was 'a stupid idiot' by him, and that I was 'trying to take the piss'), then by all means come to this place. However; if you would actually like to have a reasonable night, then avoid this place with ten foot pole.

By Keri R.

I am absolutely disguested with this place. I love having a laid back, fun night out, but if this is what you are after,then this is not the place for you. My boyfriend and I paid 10 pounds each to get in; I then needed to go and get some cash, and asked the door staff if I needed a stamp, and where to go to get the cash. They assured me I did not need a stamp, and sent me the wrong way to the cash point. When I came back, I found I was not allowed in because I did not have a stamp, or proof of previous entry. I offered up my handbag and my laptop which I had on my back as back up for them to hold, for me to go and get my boyfriend to produce our entry tickets to prove we had already paid the ridiculously high entry fee, which they refused. Luckily my boyfriend came to find me, and we somehow managed to convince them that we were not trying to rip them off, and we had already paid £20 together for entry. I work in the security industry and will therefore be reporting this club for breach of SIA regulations for not only failing to do any security checks on me or anyone around me, but also for blatently being more concerned with trying to rip customers off rather then with trying to ensure their clientle and customers are safe and secure in their environment. If you do not want to have a horrible evening, then do not go to this establisment.

By Dex J.

I find it amazing to see all the bad comments here! I will put my cards on the table as I have worked at Infernos for over 10 years and without a shadow of a doubt Infernos as stood the test of time with queues around the block week in week out! It’s clear and obvious that the bad reviews are from rival venues in the area of which I won't mention here (you know who you all are and are very jealous of the continued success of the most powerfullest night club in South West London.)if the music was crap and the venue was rubbish then why week on week is it still packed out!?! Wouldn't customers vote with their feet!?! I for one am sick and tired of the bad reviews here about Infernos. If you have a genuine gripe with the club then address it professionally with the management in writing or by contacting them directly (www. Infernos. Co. Uk) if not stop posting blatant lies on this review site which is supposed to be a forum to give precise and accurate reviews about venues. Infernos has been going now for over 10 years with the same owners and cheesy concept where as other clubs and bars in the area have shut down and re-opened, shut down and re-opened. So if Infernos was as bad as the reviews on this site claim to be then please tell me why we at Infernos are going from strength to strength! I think it's very unfair as we here at Infernos don't go slagging off other venues in the area in this manner. The truth is we don't need to as the lack of queues at your venues in comparison to are fantastic night club says it all! I would wish you luck (again you know who you all are!) but I feel me wishing you luck wouldn't even help you!

By Craig G.

Too true just got back from there and it was An absolute nightmare.... Never again I swear!! One of the worst places I have been to in London,incidently about 8 years ago I lived in Clapham.... Never went for a night out on the high street always went to the west end!

By Jamie R.

Infernos sums up everything that is bad about Clapham. Horrendous music and full of people that move to London, then never go outside of their Clapham bubble. Annoying student and 'rugger' types. Avoid like the plague if you want to maintain any degree of credibility.

By Elaine Y.

Terrible, never in my life have I bumped into so many nasty guys.

They have a MASSIVE chip on their shoulder. What's with the music too?

It's definitely stuck in a time warp! Never again!!!

By Ian M.

Can't argue with any of the points already made, it really is a dive with awful music, it stinks, is over crowded and everyone in there is so pissed they can't see straight.

Woeful. If you want an SU bar, go back to Uni!

By Raj R.

Cheese and annoying people from Surrey pretending to be Londoners, can there be anything worse? The bouncers are almost as bad as the clientele, impatient ignorant people with a chip on their shoulders. As you can guess I had a very bad experience here and im generally very laid back, but this place made me very angry and I felt sorry for people who are regulars at this 'club'. For these people trying to claw back to their university days, which were probably just filled with a SU playing the same cheese, it's time to open your eyes and ears to other things. Most importantly stop trying to make SW london an extention of the mundane, culturally vacant home counties.

By Rich N.

i think this is the best club in the world. Im going tonight and nothing could stop me from bopping the night away all night long to the best tunes in LONDON!! Love you all xx

By Sars M.

Please please update the music, why are there never any recent cheesy tunes to dance to, its all stuck in the 20th century! Cheese is still aroud dtoday too and after a while it starts to grade, and I just can not dance to most of the songs they play. Carpet does stink too.

By Kris M.

its the ronseal of clubs.. not so much a club but a throwback from uni days. cheesy, letchy but doesnt pretend not to be!

By Alexander Frederick John B.

Infernos is possible the worst club i have ever been to. The club smells like a septic tank on a hot day. The people you find in there are either sleazy....thiefs...or on poroll. They charge far to much for everything and the dj is in his late 70's so cant play any good music.

By Lucy E.

Smokers beware! Infernos do not allow you to go outside for a cigarette and come back in. You have to pay the full admission again. This almost ruined a hen do but our smokers just managed with a nicotine free evening.

Aside from that, Infernos is a good cheesy night out and will have you bopping along. Great for a hen do.

By Kelly H.

London’s cheesiest disco is alive and kicking in the heart of Clapham. Stick on your glad rags and head along for a night of binge drinking, energetic dancing and crazy chat up lines.

The Venue
This venue is unapologetically trashy, and it hits you as soon as you get in past the big queue. With two main dance floors playing the cheesiest music you can imagine, it’s a big club so even on busy nights you won’t be too sardined in. There’s an original 70s dance floor and a chill out area with huge tropical fishtanks – think a mini Las Vegas and you’re almost there. Infernos also has a separate Flame Bar, which is a private room that is great for escaping the madness of the main areas and is available to book if you have a special event you’d like to celebrate in all its cheesy glory.

You’ll be hard pushed not to get stuck to the carpet by the end – sticky carpets seem to be a prime feature of the club.

The Atmosphere
Cheese, cheese and more cheese is the only way to describe Infernos. Think of your uni days at the local student bar or even the school disco and you’ve summed it up nicely. Lots of very drunken twenty-somethings march up and down to the sounds of 500 Miles and whoop with delight when the Baywatch theme is played. But there is a definite sense of unashamed fun about the place. Yes, it’s cheesy, but then that’s its charm. The downfall is the meat market side of the club – if you’re single and up for a laugh then it’s perfect, but if you want to be left alone this is not the place to come as men and women dust off their pulling skills for a night of no-strings fun.

The Music
Do not go to Infernos if you take your music seriously. This is all about jumping around and showing off your moves to the cheesiest music pop has to offer from the 70s onwards. Favourite tunes include Ice Ice Baby, Nine to Five and Final Countdown – and do listen out for the Baywatch song that will inevitably get everyone practising their slow-mo beach runs. Whether it’s girls showing off their sass on the dancefloor or guys trying to prove they’re the next Justin’s Timberlake, it’s fun, cheesy pop at its best.

The Drink
Drinks are, inevitably, overpriced for what you get. Even in a low-end club like this there’s no escaping the London club drink prices. However, Infernos is found right in the middle of Clapham High Street so it’s a good idea to go for drinks along the many bars of the area beforehand to avoid paying out a small fortune when you get in.

The Last Word
Infernos is like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. If you’re up for a non-pretentious drunken night out then leave your dignity at the door and jump up in delight when Bon Jovi classics thump out of the almighty sound system.

By Abigail R.

I was considering going to Infernos for my birthday and I have to say after reading some of these reviews I have been put off. Does anyone have anything good to say?

By B.

I feel insulted. I would never wear snakeskin, it's too cheap. I wear crocodile skin. You scrubber.

By B.

If you happen to find yourself in the bowels of Clapham on a Saturday night and fancy dancing to some Phats and Small next to Big Al (sweating profusely through his unbuttoned black snakeskin shirt) then Infernos is the club for you!

By B.

Well, for a start you could have actually read the leaflet they gave to you and then you would have known that you can put your handbag, wallet and phone securely in the cloakroom for free. My girlfriend got given one of these flyers and after reading it I thought, what a gesture. All the clubs in the West End have a bigger problem with pickpockets then Infernos but none of them go to the lengths of Infernos to try and help people.

So what you can do is stay at home if you haven't got the nouse to take good advice when its offered. And if it regularly happens to you, maybe you should just stay home?

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