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Inn the Park is a bustling bar and restaurant that offers a variety of British fare made using seasonal, locally grown produce. The roof top bar serves an extensive choice of wines, cocktails and light bar meals.
A variety of salads, tarts, sandwiches and ice creams are available to takeaway from the self service area.

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Opening Hours

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Inn the Park reviews

By Andrew M.

What a great place the Inn The Park is! Very friendly staff and very nice atmosphere. It is very unique and very stunning and I can think of no better bar to be in than Inn The Park when the sun is shining. How fabulous!

By G.

Ha ha - Inn The Park - geddit? Cos it's Inn The Park. Hilarious. Good then, that this cool sauna-like place is so groovy you can forgive their crap jokes. Great location.

By Mark B.

Had a really good meal at Inn The Park this afternoon. A few of us went along for the afternoon to the park and came across the restaurant that was busy but they managed to get us a table very quickly. The receptionist was very polite and sat us outside. We ordered the lentil burger, sole and monkfish curry. All of which arrived in good time and served with a smile. The waitress was very nice and looked after us really well. I would most certainly return!

By Paul R.

This has to be one of the best spots in town! We arrived at the Inn the Park a late last Monday. It wasn't too busy and we managed to nab a prime table outside. No-one had ate there before so we were all well happy with the location. Service was sharp and attentive. We had a mix of Starters, Mains, Sides and Puddings plus Wine (Organic Cider for me). No complaints at all! The food was excellent, arrived promptly, we weren't hassled with the usual 'pleasantries', just a couple of polite enquiries - and once we decided we'd like the bill, we actually received it! The bill came to less than I'd have expected for the venue, grub and quality of service. Couldn't have asked for more really - unless they start giving it away!

By Helen J.

Wonderful location in the centre of St. James Park and a very discreet building. I've had lunch twice in the restaurant which is fairly pricey but the food is good. On one occasion the service was dreadful, but we were placated by a complimentary glass of wine, whilst this week the service was fine. One tip for restaurant: if you're going to serve jugs of tap water, please get rid of the dreadful grubby, plastic jugs that look as though they've been through the dishwasher a hundred times!

By S.

Inn The Park does fabulous food and has great views. The perfect place for a summer evening.

By D.

Inn The Park has a great location with good food but terrible service.

By Knight H.

At Inn the Park you can enjoy a million pound view over a five pound drink.

The Venue
Could you ask for a more glorious setting? Inn the Park is the jewel in the crown of St James's Park, one of the loveliest of the royal parks. Inn the Park is a Scandinavian modern design bar and restaurant nestled off in the corner leading to Whitehall. All blonde woods and clean lines it allows the views through the floor-to-ceiling windows to be the star attraction. And what a view it is. Past the pond and ancient trees lie the top of period buildings with the London Eye peeking over the top. Before you go, check their opening hours, which are a bit erratic.

The Atmosphere
From one extreme to the other - calm and serene, or packed out and manic. It depends a lot on the weather and the season and Inn the Park is definitely best avoided on a sunny Sunday afternoon in July if you hate crowds at the bar; however, it is a delightful spot for a Tuesday lunch in February. In the summer, there is an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the sun and have a fantastic perch for bird watching (animal or human).

The Food
There is a full service restaurant at Inn the Park serving classic British cuisine, but there is also a more reasonably priced cafe that offers tasty fresh sandwiches and salads, not to mention tempting cakes, biscuits and squares.

The Drink
Inn the Park has an interesting, small collection of bevvies. There are plenty of juices and artisan colas and sodas, which are more interesting than your usual Fanta and Coke selection. The alcohol on offer is equally eclectic. Guinness, Budweiser, Budvar and Old Speckled Hen come in the bottle alongside small bottles of red and white wine. Mr Whitehead's single variety cider made from Russet apples is wonderful - crisp, not too sweet and fantastically refreshing on a warm day. Prices are in keeping with the self-serve style.

The Last Word
St James's Park is wonderful to walk around. Feed the ducks and then drop in to Inn the Park to feed and water yourself.

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