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InSpiral Lounge in Camden is an ethical cafe and bar offering organic, fair trade food and drink. DJs, live music and open mic nights are held regularly.

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Opening Hours
Mon-Wed 10:00-22:00
Thu 09:00-22:00
Fri-Sat 09:00-02:00
Sun 09:00-23:30

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InSpiral Lounge reviews

By Candy F.

Went to inspiral for the first time this year, and considering I'm not vegan or vegetarian, I was a bit sceptical and not hoping for much. Well, I was pleasantly surprised! The food there was delicious and I didn't find myself missing meat at all. There were so many different choices that I was standing there for about ten minutes trying to make my mind up on what to have. I had a dairy-free latté, which was made to perfection. The view of the canal outside is lovely and I imagine will be amazing during the summer.

By Dor W.

Hi there.I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience with us.Please contact me on so I can maybe help you change you opinion and credit you for another experience at the lounge.Looking forward to hear from you.All the best.Dor.

By Dor W.

Hi there.I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with us.I would love to help you change your mind about us.Please contact me on so I can look after you.Looking forward to hear from you.Dor

By Brad V.

It seems that things have changed a lot at inSpiral recently. They have redone their entire menu, the stuff looks and tastes really fresh and they seem to be so much more on the ball. Pretty much every time I go I have a positive experience and often take my friends there to show them the concept! I think those who wrote negative reviews here should give it another try!

By Maryam H.

It looks like an interesting venue with lots of exiting things going on but has failed to satisfy my appetite, the food is not very tasty and very over priced , even if it seems healthy it doesn't taste like a healthy food, I had a mixture of salad and I remember it tasted old and the chickpeas tasted a bit off. The staff are friendly though and you can have a nice seating area by the canal but the chairs are very uncomfortable so you better off sitting on the floor.

By Alexander P.

Having heard to much about this place, I thought I would check it out myself last friday evening and was very impressed by what I discovered.Uplifting atmosphere and view of Regents canal with nice tunes playing on, what I gather is a state of the art sound system.I was tempted by all the mouth watering food in the hot display and succumbed to a vegan spanokopita with veg sides. Very tasty and not expensive for the size of potion and quality of food. This was shortly followed by a raw chocolate cake, as good as I have tasted.I decided to stay for the event an witnessed the place transform into a club venue as lots of lovely people, who clearly know their music arrived and got a buzz happening. I found myself dancing to some thoroughly groovy an sociable techno and electro, as good as it gets in festivals or clubs. I will be back and got them on my radar for their delicious food amazing events and unique events.

By Nikki S.

After being dealt with complete and utter contempt by ambivalent staff with not the slightest concern, I will never return to this place. One little stone in the green salad was initially overlooked. When another sizeable (think small pea) lump surfaced along with a clump of what looked like mud/cement, I decided enough was enough and went to inform the staff. I was shocked at the apathy with which I was met and she went on to explain that this is normal. Not in my 10 years as raw vegan it's not! Whether eating at home or out, I have never in my life encountered tooth shattering debris in my food. This was a very expensive meal in more ways than just the overpriced fare being sold. The gentleman next to me was similarly horrified at what I had been subjected to in terms of both the detritus in my meal and the surly staff, which are as I have since discovered, notoriously offensive.

By S G.

hi there vegans and /or raw food lovers! please do not visit lounge at all , at least i know i will never go back where 1. the meals are not that raw in fact I have seen only 1 or 2 raw options which leads us to 2. the cooked meals are way too homely and simple or rather not very fresh tasting&looking and 3. coeliacs and people w/allergies beware! this staff would tell you the refined truth about certain ingredients & light treatment of "free-from" foods -- let's just say they do not know what gluten can do to one.

By Aaammm M.

I've been going here for almost two years (?) I think. My first experience was rather enlightening, but neither positive or negative regarding the food,. Last week I felt the change, the leap forward. Certainly vast investment has taken place and the menu is huuuuge! The Lasagne was out of this world, and a sign of hope for Vegans. The mixes salads and olives where lush and fresh, I really felt satisfied. The beautiful friendly staff were bubbling with vibes, and very fresh and friendly. While selecting my foods my eyes and brain was overwhelmed by all the other options to consume to make my life, body and world a better place. Camucamu, Acai, Kale Chips(!), Raw Vegan Cheesecake! A new floor and lovely seats and tables finally, and the buzz of the calm but creative people was also a very nice experience. I felt very welcome to eat and enjoy alone and also I felt part of the whole which is a rare experience in London. Thanks all that help create InSpiral Lounge. An real oasis!

By Dina G.

I visited Inspiral cafe in Camden mainly to try their raw vegan cuisine and desserts and I was very disappointed with the quality and taste.

By Henok W.

wowI have just been to inSpiral where they have recently launched their latest innovation - a totally vegan, sugar free (as far as agave counts as that) and soya free ice cream range.

Some of the flavors (and they have lots) are based on young coconuts, some on cashews - seriously - never had anything so amazing in my life.

To find something so delicious and actually healthy has been a real eye opener.I heartily recommend this to even the most hardened dairy and sugar ice cream fan - you will be amazed.

anyway - the lounge is an awesome place - they are telling me that they are now changing their hot and cold buffet so its going to be entirely gluten and soya free!

I have been checking out progressive health food places for quite some time now in particular around London and I think there ain't no other place that combines that kind of thinking with so much fun and dynamismthe only downside is that they don't stock their Cd's in the shop anymore - you have to order online - bit annoying but hey...

By Ruben T.

I've been in the lounge quite a few times over the last year and I must say in my opinion the place is going from strength to strength. There was a period when their food wasn't so great but they have really pulled things around with some very innovative new dishes, like cashew cheese baked cauliflower, tempeh steak rye sandwiches and raw burgers - yummy.

They have also lowered their prices quite a bit, you can now get a full vegan takeaway meal for as little as £1.95!!!Plus the events they put on are really good - at least the few I went to. It sure is a very unusual place with great friendly staff - a refreshing step away from many bland high street brands - they have only been going for one year and I reckon they still have a lot to surprise us with! I strongly recommend the Lounge to anyone!

By Jhbjkhsaklfdjsal;F S.

Oh well, I suppose people see things differently. The Inspiral Lounge seem to be a rather new Business but I have to admit I love the concept and the idea behind it. Apparently, they designed and build the whole interior, And I would believe that would be what creates this feeling of freedom and liberty of speech. Their staff are very friendly and indeed interesting characters on their own. You never know what you will find when you walk in. I have had very deep conversations with some of the fellow customers as well. I would definitely recommend this Lovely place to anyone whom, like me, do not enjoy idle conversations and time wasters. I had 'Vegan Lasagne' there the other day. Now... I tell you that was some lasagne. Lets, please, not mention the cakes... And, a note of caution, do not eat more than 2 of the vegan truffles.

By John M.

I agree totally! For somewhere that seems so great when you see the website, it's very disappointing when you finally try their food. The portions are very small for the prices you pay and I would say that the food was not that inspirational. All very unfortunate really, I would feel uncomfortable recommending this to any fellow vegetarian/vegan.

By L C.

I had been looking forward to eating at Inspiral Lounge and when I finally went there this is what I found: 1) The place is set up like a squat, 2) The place offers the service of a fast food, 3) The place charges the prices of a restaurant 1) and 2) can go well together but I felt that while Inspiral Lounge promotes ethical principals, it also takes advantage of its clientele by ripping customers off. This is really not the way of promoting vegetarianism and veganism and the only InSpiration I had once I left the place was to write this kind of review!

By Siobhan O.

This bar/cafe on Camden High Street offers good music, imaginative dishes and colourful cocktails with a conscience - but if the being green isn't your bag, you might feel a little out of your depth.

The Venue
InSpiral Lounge looks so enticing from the outside it practically reaches out and hands you a smoothie. With a giant wooden tree decorating the shop front, tasty food and drink in the window and, depending on your angle, an amazing view of the canal, you’re drawn in, whether you’re interested in saving the planet or not.

Inside is colourful and especially pretty at night when candles light up the tables. It’s rather small though and can get crowded, so if you’re heading here after work or for Sunday lunch, you’ll want to turn up early to nab a seat. You can enjoy your meal while gazing out at the canal boats behind you, or pop downstairs to get a better look at the Lock or to sit on the outdoor jetty.

The Atmosphere
InSpiral Lounge is very much a health food haven. If you’re vegetarian, vegan, wheat intolerant or just on a bit of a detox, you’ll be safe here. Predictably then, you’ll find a lot of hippy types as well as students and tourists, tapping away on their laptops or sprawled across each other in what looks like deep thought. The vibe is chilled out, laid back, environmentally conscious, and there’s also a real sense of community; knowing that everybody around you probably shares your value can be pretty comforting. If you’re not in the eco-club though, you just might feel a little overwhelmed, as though the do-good ethos is being slightly shoved down your throat.

But it’s not all hemp porridge and ornamental stones (although they do have these.) There’s a DJ booth and stage and there are free events on most nights - pop along for an open mic night or live jazz evening.

The Food
Eco-warriors will be pleased. Everything on the menu is either vegan or vegetarian, and a lot of it is raw, organic, seasonal or generally packed with as many nutrients and ‘superfoods’ as possible. Realistically, although meat-eaters shouldn’t be put off the venue completely, they probably won’t be salivating over much of the food on offer: mushroom pasties, avocado boats and edible flower salad won't exactly get the pulse racing unless you've got a love of veggie food.

The Drink
If you think InSpiral are a bunch of teetotal goody two shoes, you’re wrong. They have a decent menu of cocktails (organic though, obviously), like Kok Mojito (£8.50), Raspberry Royale (£6.50) and Organic Orgasm (£8.00). There’s also plenty of beer (including fruit beer at £3.80 and ‘Freedom Pint’ at £3.60) and wine – try a glass of merlot for £3.50 or a tasty Horsmonden dry white from an English producer, for £5.50 a glass.

The Last Word
If you’re an environmentally-conscious vegan, InSpiral is a nice little place to head for a healthy bite to eat or a tasty cocktail. And the chances are your carnivorous friends will probably enjoy the novelty and relaxing vibe. Either that or they’ll be sneaking off afterwards to devour a greasy burger.

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