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Janets Bar is a cool venue with a vibrant and young crowd, selling a great range of wine, mixed drinks, beer and cocktails.

Ranked #8 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Mon-Wed 12:00-02:00
Thu 12:00-02:30
Fri-Sat 12:00-03:00
Sun 14:00-01:00

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Janets Bar reviews

By Andrew M.

I had a memorable St Patrick's party at Janets Bar. Janet and the staff went out of their way to provide us with a fun night. They gave out hats and Dame Edna glasses. The musician played our requests.

Janet made people leave who didn't order anything and the crowd supported her. Quite frankly, we wouldn't want to sit in a bar with stingy people.

By Andrew M.

Janets Bar was recommended to me and so I was looking forward to trying it. We tried to order four drinks as one of our party wanted to wait before she ordered. Janet refused to give her a glass of tap water and insisted that she buy a £2.50 bottle of still water if we were going to stay because 'Something might happen to her and if she hasn't bought a drink here I can be held responsible'.

When it was pointed out to Janet that this was a spurious excuse she called us mean, despite the fact that we were still trying to order four £8.50 cocktails. Needless to say we walked out. Janets Bar is just a tawdry rip-off with poor service and a unfiendly atmosphere. Avoid it!

By Andrew M.

Janets Bar is a great place for me, as I work locally, earn a fortune and can afford it. And best of all the bar staff are all great looking and not too bright to fall for the usual my wife doesnt understand me routine.

By Andrew M.

I went to Janet's Bar with my friends recently and had a great time. I left the bar having made at least four new friends. Janet's Bar has an up-market crowd who don't have their noses in the air. I'll definitely be back soon.

By Andrew M.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Janet's Bar -it's rare to find a bar in London that welcomes drop-ins like regulars, in my opinion, and this place did just that. The liquor selection was pretty good, as was the band, but I found the warm atmosphere to be the big draw. The bar staff (aside from being extremely attractive) was also quite kind and checked to make sure I was enjoying myself. I ordered an Italian dinner from a restaurant nearby--the bar itself doesn't cook meals on site, but orders them from local restaurants. I was also able to get the traditional chips delivered later on. Although I rarely find myself in South Kensington, I plan on bringing friends here on one of our nights out. Janet's Bar comes highly recommended.

By Stephen F.

What fun. A few friends and I came in for a late night drink and there was a great atmosphere - just what I like from a chic bar. The drinks were reasonable considering the bar was in South Kensington and the staff were cool. The drinks tasted great and we even made some new friends after being introduced by Janet! Will be going there again soon.

There were a few people who had a few too many and were complaining but Janet knew how to handle it. As with any bar, if you cant afford it, dont bother going in!

By She D.

Atrocious bar. The owner is a bigot. She is a complete menace and if she learnt how to treat fellow human beings with more respect they would probably spend more in her overpriced dirty establishment.

By Jessica A.

Such a nice place to hang out - easily my fav bar in the area. Me and my mates particularly enjoy the live music and the awesome outdoor terrace (open all year round) if you like the neighbourhood bar feeling :-) defo worth a visit.

By Janet E.

If you want to be allowed into our bar, please show up in a suitable state. We do not allow anyone in who is , to the best of our knowledge, already intoxicated or high. You can write as many revengeful and nasty reviews as you wish, it will not change our policy!

By Adam B.

Janet's is really the only place in south ken for a late tipple; I've been several times but unfortunately I'll visit no more. The idea of Janet's is great; a quirky gem in the heart of London. Unfortunately the establishment is a bit of a plaything for Janet; quirky can change to rude and downright insulting within a moment. I've seen patrons berated and demeaned for really nothing... Quirky is great, but janet's is really a bar run by a spoilt brat...

By Janet E.

If you want to be allowed into our bar, please show up in a suitable state. We do not allow anyone in who is , to the best of our knowledge, already intoxicated or high.

By Costanza G.

I expected Janet's bar to be a relaxed, cool place, particularly because of the fantastic location which it definitely does not deserve. I was appalled by the rude, obnoxious witch of an owner. I have never been treated in a more disgraceful manner, I cannot believe someone like Janet is allowed to own a bar. Hilariously her pictures plaster the walls, and soon I came to realise this is simply a place for Janet to project her humungous ego. AVOID.

By Rose R.

As a student living in South Kensington I was looking for somewhere local to take and old school friend of mine for a drink, and had always passed by this place so looked it up online to read the reviews. I was shocked by the scathing reports of poor service and uncleanliness, and just had to see if it was as bad as some people were saying. I was really pleasantly surprised; we went in and ordered one cocktail each which came to about £16 (which if you're going anywhere that isn't a pub in London is sadly not too extortiante). They were delicious, and my friend and I really loved the cute, kitschy decor. The only reason I've marked it down is because of the price of our drinks, which as a girl on a budget I wouldn't be able to afford regularly. I would definitely recommend this place!

By Dan S.

Always have a great night at Janet's Bar. Really interesting people hang out there and everyone is friendly. Janet is a complete riot and she hires amazing staff. Nothing else like this in London. The prices are fine -this place is a one-off in the heart of South Ken. Highly recommend it.

By Janet E.

WD-40 is a requirement for bars. It is a deterrent for illegal activities. Thank you for noticing. We hope you were not up to anything sinister!

By Janet E.

Thank you! You actually "get" Janet's Bar and we certainly appreciate your custom! Please introduce yourself next time as we are happy to give you a complimentary tee-shirt or cocktail.

By Janet E.

If you recall, your boyfriend asked about the price of champagne and then did not like the price so we offered Persecco, which is very good value for money.

By Janet E.

If you want to be allowed into our bar, please show up in a suitable state. We do not allow anyone in who is , to the best of our knowledge, already intoxicated or high.

By Janet E.

If you want to be allowed into our bar, please show up in a suitable state. We do not allow anyone in who is , to the best of our knowledge, already intoxicated or high.

By Imp S.

Never in my life has I felt so unwelcome in an establishment, and that's saying something given the general atmosphere of most pubs and bars in this area of London. Rude staff, a rude elitist owner and horrifically overpriced drinks. I get the impression that this place is nothing more than a place to hangout for the owner and her friends, because it's certainly no way to run a business.

By Keith B.

I would like to start by saying I have not till this moment in my life ever been compelled enough over A matter to write A review on any resturant or establishment that I have stubbeled Upon, regardless of their poor standard of service, ridiculously pricing or their lack of etiquette displayed. But I feel the urge to spread the word via social media about this particular establishment as I was unfortunate enough to walk into the barrage of shocking, disgusting and undeserved insults delivered by Janet, the American, bigoted, ignorant, superficial and rude owner of Janet’s Bar. Upon arrival within the bar I was instantly accused of being drunk and not the cliental that they wished to have seated within their establishment. I hadn’t even walked in the door! She approached me from behind the bar and prevented me from entering! At 19.30 on a Wednesday! Wtf! I wish not to share, but I have never been met with such a barrage of disrespectful and damn right elitist behaviour from anywhere I have ever chosen to share a moment with friends. I agree with all other negative post on this site. Janet doesn’t deserve to be in business! And I feel strongly enough to say if anyone wants to set up shop to be rid of her in the high st then im your investor!

By Hayley B.

Absolutely horrific. I think that sums it up perfectly. I agree with all the other negative reviews on this site. The woman behind the bar, who I now gather was the owner Janet was the rudest woman I think I have ever met. I went in with 5 friends, all of us were well dressed and no one was drunk. After asking for champagne to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday Janet both implied that we couldn't afford to buy champagne and after my boyfriend kept insisting that we wanted to buy champagne she randomly stated that she wouldn't serve him, for no apparent reason. Surely if a group of people come in wanting to buy one of your more expensive drinks you would want to keep the happy? She then went on to, what I can only describe as, verbally abuse my boyfriend. We promptly left the bar, which incidentally was totally empty, and took our business elsewhere. Don't even bother with this bar, Janet has no idea how to run it, nor how basic human interaction works.

By Glenda F.

Stay away! This place is horrible. Unwelcoming, rude, unhygienic, and insanely overpriced. Janet was constantly condescending towards the staff, and to the guests. At one point she yelled in the face of a customer "if you don't like it here, go east!!" WD40 is sprayed all over the place, its really gross. I also saw a cockroach on the sink in the bar.

By Josie S.

"perhaps it is because we refuse to serve people like you and keep our custom contained to people who know how to behave. You know what condition you were in." I suppose this is part of the many acts of deliberate discrimination (she is VERY racist) and harassment that goes on in Janet's bar. Someone should really sue her.

By Anton W.

I'm looking forward to the Janet's experience when I travel there in mid May. I hope your sense of fair play will allow me to dole out the banter as well as you do...Janet. I believe it will be a most interesting time and hope to have a lot of laughs. Also looking forward to getting to know the staff & crowd and if everthing meets my expectations I'll probably make this bar my home base for the week. A.W. A guy from across the pond. Rated 5 stars because I'm looking forward to challenge of befriending the infamous Janet!

By J P.

I liked it. Then again I like things that are different and have character. Unfortunately most people are boring and want a MacDonald's experience - one that is easily replicated everywhere.

By C S.

My fiancee and I popped into Janet's Bar earlier this week. We were charged £3.50 for an instant coffee, which is obscene even by London prices. The male barman was rude and unwelcoming. The number of 'no drugs' signs and the fact that you can't go to the loo without getting your hands covered in WD40 suggests they are battling serious drug problems. The place is a grotty dive. On top of this, after reading some of the reviews on here, I was revolted by some of the replies from Janet's Bar - what happened to customer service, having pride in your professionalism and 'the customer is always right'? She sounds like a psychotic teenager.

By Bes G.

This was an awful place to go. The drinks are way too expensive. There is no food, the place is falling down, the toliets are disgusting and the owner, who btw it's named after was extremely rude to us and sarcastic when speaking to you. Never returning!

By Tink C.

I can imagine Janet 'cutting you off' - though it's funny!! - she's a mom and actually cares about people lots...

By Tink C.

Janet is a kick - she's got standards for how people should behave BUT she surely knows how to have a good time as well. Luv her!

By Mathieu P.

First time I'm writing a review on the Internet... I think I needed to wait for a case-in-point: i've got it now! I would say that this is the worst welcoming I have ever received in a bar! Yet the atmosphere looked nice from the outside, the music was good and the place well kept. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one having bad memories in this place! My sister who initially ordered a mojito (weirdly unavailable according to the woman whereas there was Havana and lemon behind the bar) declined any other drinks. We were all having other (and expensive) drinks but apparently that was not enough. Apart from these ridiculous 3 pounds asked every 2 minutes by the waiter for being there without drinks, the two girls of our group were insulted of "bitches", "disgusting girls" whereas I was asked to "go kiss the ass of Janet"! First of all I was not very interested by this proposal and second, you should be ashamed of treating the rare people that come to your bar like this. As for your famous award you're talking about all the time, I'd rather say that it is absolutely meaningless and serves to nothing except to reinforce your self esteem that seems to be quite at a high level already! To conclude: Anywhere else is better!

By Isabel P.

Hmm, Janet, is that you again? Beware readers I think Janet is logging in under different names, just look at her history on here.

By Isabel P.

I was also ordering a round of drinks for friends, but I just wanted a coke. The barmaid said on top of the £20 drinks I was ordering had to pay £3 for a small coke, which she then poured from a 1 litre 99p plastic bottle that was obviously a few days old and totally flat, it was disgusting. Your post shows your ignorance to other people. Seems a lot of others had the same awful experience in your bar too.

By Keir M.

I enjoyed Janets bar, i was told off by Janet as my friend fell asleep outside and it was a justified telling off! Nice staff, warm environment and if you cant afford the drinks its not their problem!

By Solinas G.

Roaming the streets of South Kensington last night in search of a screen to watch what was left of the open ceremony, a woman on the pavement was looking for prey: She quickly sized the opportunity and shouted "y'all looking for a screen? There's one right here but you gotta by drinks!"we all looked at each other and thought: we are in! So we went in. Big mistake. We could not even finish the first round of drinks that the young girl bought to our table to push for more orders, then someone came to tell us we had to move our chairs closer to the table as "the bar was about to get packed and she needed space" then the boy came to give us an ultimatum: order more drinks or leave. Then the final blow: our waitress raided our table saying she needed it for some customers that had just come in with a reservation. How rude, pushy and agressive! The bar was empty(ish) there was no sign of a crowd mobbing the place. What was she on?! We stood up and left pretty angry. What an undignified way of running a tatty bar! The older the bar, the greater the need for management to compensate the physical inadequacies. Normally! But in this case: the tatty business. She literally shouted: "get out". Yep, that's because some of us did not order more drinks and others were still drinking theirs. Unreal. As we stood outside on the pavement gathering our thoughts on the unfortunate encounter, a group of girls came out of the bar and having heard it all just said: Let the Games begin! But don't watch them here!

By Isabel P.

Rude barmaid who tried to charge £3 for a small coke, when I questioned the price she said that I had to pay a £3 minimun to be in the bar.

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