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JuJu Chelsea is located in the heart of Chelsea on King's Road. JuJu Chelsea has a relaxed atmosphere until the DJs step up the pace from 10pm with a mix of funky house and commercial tracks. As well as an extensive choice of drinks, there is also a varied choice of meals available at JuJu.

Ranked #41 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"JuJu Chelsea is the jewel in the crown of Chelsea's Bar and Club scene. Be it a night out with a smaller group or a private hire, with it's extravagant cocktails perfectly complimented by a selection of sharing platters and some of the best DJs in town, a night at JuJu will not disappoint. If you're looking for a fun night look no further, come celebrate with us and the crème de la crème of Chelsea at JuJu!"

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JuJu Chelsea reviews

By J.

Best bar on the kings road. A Wonderful new addition its great for parties. I had my 30th here last week> it was great. Gm is very helpful & staff are lovely!

By Ferne N.

Went to JuJus last saturday as a friend of mine had booked a table there. As we arrived to the venue we were greeted by a very beautiful and friendly door host which always helps to kick off the night , then as we walked in, the place was buzzing and the crowd and music was amazing. Bartenders were super hot!! cocktails delicious. Our table waitress was really amazing too, always helpful and present the whole night. A great night, exactly what i was expecting on a night out in chelsea will definitely be back for more.

By L O.

If you like places where arrogant drunk males throw cocktails over sober pregnant women minding their own business then this is the place for you. And if you enjoy places where who your daddy is is more important to the bouncers than chucking someone out who abused a pregnant woman then you are going to love Juju! I couldn't believe something like this could happen in what is supposed to be an up market area of London. Needless to say I am extremely unimpressed by the treatment here and ended up leaving after around 25 minutes when the bouncers let the smug asshole back in. Will not be returning and will be telling everyone not to return as well. Shame because we were a group of young professionals with money to spend but we shall be taking our cash elsewhere in future!

By Andrew G.

Very cool bar, classy atmosphere but the staff are very down to earth.

All in all a nice place to start the night

By Jacinthe F.

Came here for my birthday on Friday and had such a great time!

I hadn't been here before so I wasn't sure what to expect but the minute I walked in I was greeted by friendly waitresses.

I had a table by the front windows and they had rose pedals scattered all around the tables.

It really added to the lovely decor. Came in just in time to get the Champagne happy hour! Such a great deal! The food was also amazing!

By Bob H.

Love, love, love

Such a great venue, perfect for either a wild night out or a"quite"glass of wine at the bar. Also LOVE the cocktail menu especially when the deals are on, so worth the money.

By Nicole S.

Best Bar in Chelsea

I've been to JuJu a few times lately and I have to say it never disappoints! All the staff are really nice and fun especially the bartenders. The music is perfect for some drinks with friends or even for dancing and I loved the crowd as well - you can definitely tell that it's on the Kings Road. Would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a bar with a nice buzzy atmosphere!

By Melissa A.

A great jewel right in the heart of Chelsea! perfect for chilled drinks after work or more of a night out. Take a walk downstairs and you realise this little gem has even more to offer downstairs! very cool atmosphere with friendly staff and a great vibe, will definately be going back! JuJu definately delivers on the cocktails too with some great touches – we shared a rather romatic “Mojitwo”! the bar staff are really attentive and they didnt mind slowing down so i could see how you make a great Mojito, wonder if they do lessons!… a real must of you want a great night out on the Kings road.

By Robert S.

I go to juju regularly a it is the creme de la creme of Kings Road! The bar staff and waitresses are great and remember me from previous visits and even remember what I like to drink! they really make an effort to make you feel welcome and well looked after. iv been there on different days of the week; it starts off with quiet, ambient and chilled evenings and ends with a suave and stylish club with dancing and glamour. Id recommend Juju to anyone who's got a taste for style and the high life!

By Tracy R.

Amazing!I went here for the first time at the weekend and took my friend. All tables had reserved signs on them when we arrived (about 9pm) so we grabbed two stools at the bar.Bar was quite empty at this time on a Saturday night.

Music was good but not too loud that we couldn't chat.The cocktails were amazing. We tried 4 off the menu and then the barmen started making us 'surprises' which were sooo tasty and great fun to watch them making as they tried out some flaring and got creative.

They took the time to speak to everyone who came up to the bar and made sure they were having a good time.We ordered some of the Asian dishes to nibble on and had Soya beans, king prawns and duck rolls.

All very nicely presented and very tasty!I would definitely go back to JuJu and my friend was equally impressed. If I was going in a larger group, I'd book a table, however I think they add 12.5% to tables as you get waitresses service.

By Lola R.

Best place on Kings Road

My favourite place on Kings Road! When you want to get treated like royalty go to Juju! Great service, great food, great music!

By Mario J.

Great venue, amazing cocktails. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a cool place whether it be with friends or a date. The food is tasty too :).

By Joseph B.

I recently moved in the area and went to Jujus couple of weeks ago for my friends birthday and the vibe was great and the crowd was awesome! All young professionals. After having such a great time me and few friends decided to go back this weekend. Upon arrival we waited no more than two minutes to gain entry, cocktails were exactly as I remembered (fantastic) and the staff as welcoming as the last time, was surprised that the waitress who served us from our previous visit remembered us which made us feel very comfortable. After another amazing night out with friends at Jujus I think i've found my new hang out! Would definitely recommend.

By Charlotte S.

Booked a table at this club a while back when we were seated fine and had a useful waiter, however after an hour of being there we were asked to move tables as they had double booked, the manager was happy to give us a free round of drinks. This would have been fine if the new waiter we received wasn't useless brought vodka over forgot to bring us glasses, we then had to que at the bar to get our own as she kept disappearing, every time we required more drinks we had to search the club for her, the free cocktails sent over by the manager were incorrectly made twice and had to return them. Overall the club was a lovely venue and the music was good all night its a shame the lack of customer service had to ruin it.

By Lucy P.

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone at JuJu for making my 28th birthday the best. I hired the private room and i had the best time ever! You were right the 2 extra booths did come in particulalry handy for the people that went hard but didnt want to go home :-) More importantly the barman was amazing and made us special cocktails all evening with all sorts of secret ingredients. Anything we wanted he could create, it was like having my own bar for the night. I apologise for needing help to get home but who cares when everyone is talking about your party for weeks after. Honestly I didnt want to turn 28 and now i cant wait to turn 29 :-) Thank to the staff and thank you to Milly and & Laiha for being patient with all my last min changes, everyone was just so accomodating and i am one happy birthday girl!

By Lucy P.

Had my 28th birthday at Juju in their Private Room. So much fun and the 2 extra booths came in very handy for my friends needing a time out! Barman was awesome making us special cocktails with all sorts of secret ingredients. Having my own bar was enough for me but the whole evening excelled itself and the staff were having as much fun with us as we were. An amazing night was had and now I cant wait for next year! Oh and thank you Milly & Laiha for arranging it all for me and for putting up with my last minute changes :-)xxx

By Sweet P.

Had a great night at JuJu...and love the cocktails especially the Black Forest Gateau one! If you haven't tasted one of these before...it's definitely a must :) Satff are fun and friendly also. Hope to go back there again soon!

By Sophie G.

JuJu is ideally located, easy to get to/from and all the staff are very friendly. It is a small but intimate venue with many areas to sit down and have a good chat. Dance area is very small but this is probably because it's more of a bar than a club. Great, classy venue to start the night at.

By R.

We had the sharing platter for 3: duck spring rolls, squid and satay chicken. Portion sizes ok. Squid was lovely. The chicken was a little dry. Great lychee martini. Cosmo needs a little work. Very handsome barmen. Nice crowd and music not too commercial. Pricey but in keeping with local area.

By Mark B.

A group of us went to JuJu for my friend's birthday. We ended up paying for a table because it isn't the biggest place and a group of lads standing around in there look out of place. We received excellent service all night, and were seated in one of the best locations, and ended up next to one of the owners who was very friendly, bought us extra drinks for the table, and generally did all he could to ensure we had a good night. The place has great decor, a good mix of guys and girls, and in general is very unpretentious. Its not cheap, but considering it is on the King's Road you wouldn't expect it to be. I'd definitely recommend it and will be going back

By Claire G.

I had a fantastic Birthday at Juju. I hired the VIP room and the staff couldn't have been more helpful and friendly. The atmosphere was fab with funky music and not stuck up at all. My friends and I will definitely be going back. Thanks!

By Trevor M.

I took my fiancé to JuJu, she loves Made in Chelsea and had been on at me to take her for some cocktails.The atmosphere was great along with the service and the venue full of character. We had a few small sharing plates - best of skewered tiger prawns and tried several great cocktails between us, chelsea country garden was a favourite of mine. All in all our visit to JuJu was great and we will definitely be returning, maybe next time to enjoy an evening there with more friends and dance.

By Rose G.

Had such a good Saturday night here last week! Had a table in VIP room which was actually really good value for money considering we were in the middle of the Kings Road. Really great atmosphere and the staff are much friendlier than many other places you would find in London!

By Lindsey C.

came, over to JuJu on Saturday and had an amazing time at your gorgeous venue, the staff were really nice and accomodating, defo will be coming and recommend it to all.

By Missy M.

I had my birthday party at JuJu in the private lounge and it was great! We had our own bar and we were allowed to bring our own DJ also. Cocktails were amazing and the staff were fun and friendly. I would definitely recommend :)

By Sebastian H.

Hey Tabs, I totes agree! I was also at JuJu Saturday night, the DJ was dire! He seemed to think that making a swirly noise between tracks constituted as a mix......Ridic Lighting too, I mean I know its a night club but being able to see even the colour of the drink Iwas drinking would have been a bonus! Maybe we met? I'd be none the wiser!! Perplexed SEB.

By Charlie C.

I visited this bar on Saturday night and I absolutely cannot believe it is award winning. For a start the decor is terrible and it's exceedingly dark. When the barman did not have the capacity to fulfill our drinks order he did not even offer us the Champagne and wine list to look at, not that we would have been able to read it in such poor lighting. What shocked me the most was the quality of the DJ. Completely incapable of mixing i think he totally bombed every single time. Needless to say we drank our wine very swiftly and when on leaving were asked if we were coming back it was a very very firm 'No.' I tried to give this bar no star rating but it would not allow me to, most definitely not worth a visit. Ever!

By Lucy B.

Ju Ju definitely rocked for my friends birthday drinks last weekend, she had a great birthday and i hadn't been before so now have a new favourite bar to go to in Chelsea! Was very impressed with the food also, i didn't expect a bar to do such good food and we munched our way through some gorgeous dishes before dancing it all off later! The dumplings are to die for! All in all a great night had by the birthday girl and definitely one to add to the list of cool places to go!

By Alpa C.

We visited JuJu for the first time on Friday 19th Nov 2010. i reserved a table for min spend £250. we got there at 8pm (very early for this bar as it gets busy after 10pm..) however staff were extremely friendly and helpful. We had waitress service which was really good considering it got very bisy. The DJ played great music and we all had a fab night! We left after 2am... bar was still busy, packed and lively. Great crowd, great night.

By Kerri C.

DJ was excellent here but considering it is a cocktail bar the cocktails were very average and the attitude of the staff rude and arrogant. Had a great night but no thanks to the customer service!

By Reginald A.

Went to a friends party at Juju, Kings Rd last night. This is a really cool place, looks very stylish. Staff are lovely (extremely nice looking), friendly people. Cocktails were out of this world and the music was really driving everything along. They do food as well but it was gone before I got a look in. In all, its a great place for a birthday party or a night out. Highly recommended.

By Lorns W.

Was there last night... found really, really friendly staff in this smallish venue, but that was the extent of it in terms of the friendlyness which didn't seem to extend to the rest of the crowd in there who's attitudes ranged between blank, to 'don't you know who I am' - 'I do', well good for you! to just plain rude, with the exception of just one nice gentleman. The music was okay, but not exceptional by any means, so all in all the atmosphere was disappointing... we were expecting more having seen the other reviews - I think we stayed for all of 25 minutes before needing to leave!

By Dave G.

was there last sat with my girlfriend,loved it!!

Great place, good DJ and excellent cocktails. Friendly staff and brilliant service!

By Laura Ann S.

They say great things come in small packages – and the King’s Road’s award-winning bar JuJu Chelsea is no exception.

The Venue
JuJu Chelsea is a small venue, but think cosy and intimate rather than poky and claustrophobic. Working with what they’ve got – and doing a tremendous job of it – the JuJu crew have created the illusion of a bigger area with chic, artfully mirrored walls. The mood lighting might be a bit on the dark side, but it definitely creates that all-important intriguing atmosphere. With the bar to the side, there are plenty of seating areas, with luscious leather sofas and low tables.

The bar and club also manages to squeeze in a DJ booth, so you may find your planned quick drink suddenly turning into a night of dancing. There is a further lounge and bar area downstairs available for private hire.

The Atmosphere
Obviously, given you’re on the King’s Road, emphasis is on creating an exclusive, classy vibe - and JuJu Chelsea manages to stay chic yet relaxed. Where JuJu succeeds is in not feeling pretentious, a trap that many other establishments in the area fall in to. Staff don’t act as if you should be grateful to be there (the prime reason you might roll your eyes at the thought of a night out in Chelsea).

In fact, the staff are incredibly attentive and friendly. They can recommend a dish or drink, or get one of the bar staff to mix you something off-menu. They also have a knack for sensing when they are or aren’t needed – you won’t feel harassed, but you won’t have to struggle to catch anyone’s eye either. As for the clientele, expect gorgeous girls and ex-private school boys with cash to splash.

The Food
JuJu Chelsea boasts a speciality menu of delicious, light Asian-inspired dishes – the perfect accompaniment to your cocktail – with a selection of sharing plates (all around £8). The homemade vegetable rolls (£6.50) are packed with shredded veg, and accompanied with a smooth, tangy mango sauce with a dollop of sweet chilli sauce to give it a kick. For the meat lovers, go for the steamed pork and prawn dumplings (£7.50), which are rich and salty, with a subtle fishiness. There are also larger sharing dishes on offer, such as pad thai and stir fry. It isn’t cheap, but don’t forget what end of town you’re in. But, happily, you’ll find that you’re paying for quality, rather than for being in south west London.

The Drink
If you’re in JuJu Chelsea, it’s probably for the award-winning cocktails from mixologists who specialise in creating Chelsea-inspired numbers or putting a new twist on the old. For a good example of the latter, the Lychee Martini is a fresh take on a classic, with subtle crisp, fruity tones. For a good example of the former, look no further than the Chelsea Iced Tea, which features vodka, gin, and passion fruit liqueurs, and is topped with Veuve Cliquot. Plump for a cocktail measure at £9.50 or perhaps opt for a pitcher for £25... when in Rome!

For a short cocktail (£9.50), fans of sweeter fruity numbers are well-advised to try Black Forest Gateau, which is a burst of zingy red berry. If you’re in a sharing mood, you can opt for a larger sharing cocktail (from £22), and designated drivers are also in luck as there is a special mocktail menu, too.

Of course, the usual suspects are all present and correct, with wine starting at a reasonable £18 per bottle, and a vast selection of spirits. But why bother with all that once you’ve seen the cocktail menu?

The Last Word
JuJu Chelsea embodies what this end of London is all about – a glamorous night out with a chic, exclusive atmosphere. It’s refreshing to come to Chelsea and feel relaxed – and not just about spending so much money – and there’s a real sense that a lot of pride is taken by the team at JuJu Chelsea.

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