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At Kaffeine you will find a variety of freshly prepared sandwiches. The menu changes weekly and makes good use of seasonal produce.

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Opening Hours

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07:30 - 18:00


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Kaffeine reviews

By Tacita V.

Coffee at Kaffeine may seem an obvious choice but if you take a closer look in your latte you’ll discover an entire world of expertise and dedication.

The Venue
Kaffeine is diminutive in size but the space looks tidy and airy and the unusual furnishing adds a contemporary, hip look. Behind the counter, a brick wall adds personality, while the tempting display of small pastries sets the tone – good things come in small packages.

The Atmosphere
The space may be little but the atmosphere is kicking. Chilled and relaxed with a groovy and funky music policy, assuring things never get boring. This cafe is ideal for having a coffee and a bite with a friend.

Kaffeine also has a strong commitment to local businesses and to its coffee. Not content in sourcing award winning London-based Square Mile coffee, British organic milk, artisan bread, organic Chegworth Valley bottled juices from Sussex and more, they only employ baristas with three of more years experience, and many of them participate in high end barista competitions.

The Food
Kaffeine is a great destination for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. With a weekly changing menu, many options are truly innovative and there is a lot to try. Throughout the day you can help yourself to delightfully light and yet oh-so-buttery pastries (¬£1.60 - £2.50), divine and wonderfully soft moist chocolate brownies and white chocolate blondies (£2), carrot cake (£1.80), Portuguese tarts (£1.70) and more. Muffins (£1.70) are available both in savoury and sweet options. The yellow plum and yoghurt is sweet and seasonal, while the parsnip, jalapeno and cheese is not only savoury but also spicy.

For lunch you can spoil yourself with one of their baguettes (£4) generously filled with combinations like salami, Dijon mustard, tomato, red onion, rocket and buffalo mozzerella. The focaccia (£4.50) with sea salt and rosemary crust is even more indulgent, especially when filled with smoked salmon with spinach, aioli and capers. Tarts (£3 -£5.50), soups (£3 - £3.50) and salads (£4.50 - £6.50) are also available.

The Drink
A book could be written about the coffee at Kaffeine and surely more than one has been consulted before deciding on such crucial issues as the espresso machine (a Synesso Cyncra) and the grinder (Anfim Super Caimano). All their coffees are served as a double shot as a standard but flat whites and long blacks are served in a 6oz cup and cafe lattes are served exclusively in a 7.7oz glass while cappuccinos, Americanos and hot chocolates are served only in an 8oz cups. Any coffee (£1.50 - £3) here is truly excellent and deserves the trip.

The Last Word
Cool, enjoyable and satisfying for coffee lovers and lunchtime gourmets.

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