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Kalendar has a traditional feel with a welcoming, cosy atmosphere and comfortable seating areas for groups.

Ranked #1730 of 5241 restaurants in London

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09:00 - 22:00

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Kalendar reviews

By Marx G.

Good athmosphere. Recently expanded and new modern decor. Lots of outside tables. Varied interesting menu from snacks to meals. All of high quality by professional owner. Location is perfect; by Hampstead Heath (Parliament Hill), close to upscale Highgate Village and Historic Cemetery. Good for people watching. Lots of newspapers here. See also Forks and Corks nearby.

By Katie S.

I arrived in London back in May 2009 for a working holiday. I was recommended to go to Kalendar by an Aussie that we were staying with (he had relocated to London 8 years previous). The food was amazing and the atmosphere beats anywhere else in London. Before arriving in London, I wanted to work in a cafe. After eating here for breakfast on a Sunday morning, soaking up the sun and watching people walk their dogs and stop in for a coffee with their pets. My boyfriend noticed a Position advertisement in the window and said I should apply. I was lucky enough to go in and meet Alex, the owner, and one thing led to another and I started working there.I have never met a more amazing bunch of people. The chef was so lovely and never got angry, even though I must have been annoying at the start - but the staff always took extra care of kids, giving them free cookies and the staff just know their customers. They know how they like their coffees, and they make amazing coffees - and Alex was a great boss.

I have worked in many industries, including the food industry in Australia, but that cafe has THE best food, best atmosphere and best staff (all the way from waiters and waitresses, right through to kitchen staff, chef and owner). I have never had a better culinary experience, both prior to working there, and even after leaving, I still wish I could spend some time there, and miss working there. It was one of the most memorable parts of my trip. All food, from the burgers, to the hand cut chips, soups, and even the baker out the back preparing cakes - all are made on site, and are all amazing. I am still impressed by the range. Keep up the good work Alex and staff. You know you are doing the right thing, as you attrack customers from opposite ends of London, and many celebrities that just keep coming back weekly.

What a better way to spend your day, wining and dining alongside Hamstead Heath Park, soaking up the atmosphere and eating amazing food, prep

By Emma G.

The previous reviewer is somewhat harsh, I think. I've eaten here five times and every time have been enormously impressed by the menu, prices, staff and service. The problem, possibly, is that with such an extensive, reasonably-priced menu, the super-popular cafe gets very busy at times, especially at the weekends, so you're liable to have to wait for a table, and hence speed of service may be compromised. I've been there twice on such occasions and each time the staff did their best to get to us as quickly as possible: I cannot fault them, only regret my choosing to come at such a busy time. Frankly though in a place as pleasant and buzzing as this I don't mind waiting a bit longer for my food: more time for the weekend papers. About the joint: It's a straightforward bistro near the heath with outdoor seating, with a fabulous breakfast menu including American pancakes with berry compote, build-your-own all-day full English (v generous), perfect Eggs Benedict/Florentine, and porridge with maple syrup. It's also got a really superb range of small dishes and soups/salads/sandwiches and lunch staples priced at just over a fiver. The menu takes its inspiration from all around the globe so there are flavours to suit every taste. Very reliable and big helpings. They also do good coffee, and cakes by Kanditor & Cook (divine but a bit too posh for everyday munchies). And a word on the staff: they are professional, friendly and very obliging. I ate there this morning with my husband and 15-month old child, for example, and was met with cheery helpfulness when I asked for the following: a highchair; a mini-version of their standard smoothie; a top-up of hot milk on my latte; a pair of scissors, and extra butter. They were very accommodating of the toddler's extreme inquisitiveness, too, and not only allowed her to wander behind the counter, but one waitress even led her by the hand on a guided tour of the kitchens too, letting her explore and make a mess. I'll be back

By T.

I have not been to this restaurant and after reading Sarah's review might not chance a meal there.

What I would say though is that 40 minutes is not an unreasonable time to have to wait for freshly prepared food.

Rude service is totally unforgiveable. Its time staff here ( and elsewhere ) realised that any tip is at the disgretion of the diner and will be related to the quality of the service provided

Tony Glazier

By S.

We've been to Kalendar twice but after terrible service both times we won't be giving it a third chance. We waited 40 minutes for our food yesterday and when we politely checked as to when it might arrive, we were given short shrift by the staff. When the food arrived it was okay but items on the menu were missing.

When we asked for the bill it arrived quickly but it took us another 20 minutes to pay and our £5.00 change was taken as a tip automatically without giving us any choice. When we asked for it back it was practically thrown at us without a word and made up nearly entirely of coppers. The food at Kalendar is okay and if you get rid of the rude, sullen staff it might be a decent place.

By Amos S D U.

Kalendar wins on all counts - location, atmosphere and food are just as they should be.

The Venue
Just at the bottom of Highgate Hill at the entrance to Parliament Fields is a clutch of similar cafe cum restaurants of the rolling breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea and dinner variety. Kalendar sits alongside Cafe Mozart and their respective outside seating has a habit of blending into one another, creating the expansive pavement dining feel of small town Europe. The inside decor is an exercise in dark hues and streaming sunlight from the full-length windows of the shopfront. A glass counter displays pastries, salads and delicacies alongside a large wall mounted black board on which are written an ever changing selection of specials.

The Atmosphere
The general feel is one of self-assured relaxation. Clientele from Highgate, Hampstead and Camden tend to sit outside, even in winter due to the bristle of outdoor heaters. Expensive dogs lap up attention from the young families and couples who happily mill about waiting for an available pavement table. Smart, irritated waitresses stride about confident that diners will happily wait for to be attended to. It is the sort of place one can happily sit for a few hours browsing the weekend papers over a few coffees.

The Food
The menu is not small, catering as previously mentioned for everything from early breakfast to dinner. Brunches are best. Eggs come as Benedict, Florentine or Royale. Each dish is completed with a rich pale Hollandaise made richer by the lava flow of yolk that oozes from the pair of poached eggs that sits atop whichever base you have chosen. All are good, the ham obviously carefully selected, spinach fresh and alive with accurate seasoning and smoked salmon draped like a soft, salty pink blanket over the muffins. It is damn near essential to order some fries with these dishes because all that sauce won’t mop itself up, plus they are a perfect example of their kind, golden brown, crispy outer, fluffy inner and a sprinkling of salt.

The Kalendar burger is complete with sweet gherkin, salad, and those delicious fries. The meat, while tasty and succulent, is ground slightly on the fine side and doesn’t tend to crumble as some might like, that said it is well seasoned and well sourced. For vegetarians there is a great deal of choice and a greek salad is a meal on its own. Chunks of fresh red and green peppers, tomato, and cucumber meld with the crumbly, salty feta and black olives thanks to a tangy dressing – a festival of colour for the eyes as well as a feast of flavour for the palate.

The Drink
A good selection of smoothies will always assist those suffering from a hangover. A pleasing sharpness edges the sweetness of the fruit, especially on those made with berries. Juices are varied and Cappuccinos are lethal in that it is easy to make your way through one before food arrives, leaving you in need of another at the end of the meal, which is no great shame. Sugar sits on the on the foam for just the right amount of time, before giving up its struggle to remain granular and sinking into the milk below.

The Last Word
There might be cheaper places for breakfast, but none are as enjoyable to sit outside of for a bit of weekend late morning relief. While there is nothing particularly original about the place sometimes that’s just what’s needed. Those chips and with that hollandaise… just the sight of it is better than a whole truck load of Alka-Seltzer.

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