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At Kam Tong you will find an authentic selection of Chinese dishes throughout the day as well as a selection of dim sum at lunchtimes.

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Kam Tong reviews

By G.

I’ve been coming to Kam Tong for almost ten years now and it’s still excellent. The crispy duck is just amazing and I can’t fault anything I’ve ever eaten there. The only thing I don’t like is the service – usually it’s very good, but Kam Tong change their staff a lot, so it can be changeable. Otherwise excellent though.

By C R.

Went for a meal last weekend with my friends. Was seated quickly without a reservation even though the restaurant was quite full already. Staff were very helpful with the menu even though I knew what I wanted. We had the Peking duck which was really very good indeed and I even tried the prawns with Kung Po Sauce which was very spicy but excellent considering I rarely eat prawns.Also had the sizzling beef with black pepper sauce and some Chinese vegetables - all absolutely yummy. Strongly recommend this restaurant as it is better than most in the area.

By Hugo S.

Not knowing the area too well I booked a table at Kam Tong on the recommendation of a friend. With the friend being Hong Kong Chinese I thought they would know their stuff - they did! Ten of us had a great evening with top quality food, really excellent service and a surprisingly well selected wine list for a Chinese restaurant. I would thoroughly recommend Kam Tong if you're in the area.

By Vikki C.

For an authentic Chinese dinner, without all the crispy seaweed and prawn crackers, Kam Tong is one of the best in London.

The Venue
Competing against numerous Chinese restaurants along Queensway, Kam Tong stands out from the crowd. Although it has the window showing off glistening Chinese-style roast duck and deep red barbeque pork like the others, two further huge windows let passers by admire the calm, sleek and chic interior. Recently refurbished, Kam Tong now looks like it belongs in Mayfair, with its simple ivory, gold and mahogany colour palette. Untraditional, non-patterned Chinese bowls and plates sit on the table next to delicate wine glasses – another unconventional feature. However, subtle ancient Chinese decor can be found around the restaurant to reassure that they haven’t forgotten their roots. A beautiful beige back wall with endless black Chinese writing and framed art adds a bit of authenticity and lifts the otherwise plain white walls.

The Atmosphere
With an atmosphere designed to allow the customers to relax whilst the staff swiftly keep tables happy, it’s a place to take the pressure off and just unwind. Soft jazz music is played at a low level to help the easygoing vibe. The staff are very attentive always filling up glasses and are well-versed on the menu, happily recommending dishes. You can expect to find a complete mix of people dining here, from professional young couples to families and friends but it’s worth booking a table for dinner as it seems word is out.

Facing a menu with too many enticing dishes, you really are spoilt for choice. The cuttlefish served with spring onions and ginger (£5) is a refreshing and welcome starter to get your taste buds going with a zingy kick and a soft texture. The soft shell crab (£6.80 each) is exquisite, with one easily enough for two for a light starter. The crispy, light batter, juicy meat and generous seasoning of garlic, chilli and peppercorn salt makes this dish a perfect start. The Thai pandan chicken parcels (£5.80) are slightly disappointing thanks to only a faint satay flavour and slightly dry texture, wrapped in a bamboo leaf and served with a much needed sweet chilli dip.

The somewhat controversially named Chairman Mao braised belly pork (£8.80) is a real comfort dish and simply delicious. Beautifully soft, flavoursome chunks of pork are thrown in the heavy crockery pot with florets of bright green broccoli, and is great, even if a tad more sauce would improve it. Scallops with caramelised cashews and chilli (£12.80) is an interesting dish, possibly more popular with the sweet-toothed. Fritter-like batter coats the surprisingly tender scallop, which is all coated in a sticky nutty syrup and dressed with whole cashews and chilli giving it a clean finish. From a good selection of fresh Chinese vegetables and a choice of cooking method, the Gai lan (£8.80) with oyster sauce is cooked to perfection – a crunchy stem and soft leaves. A portion of roast duck (£10.80) is succulent and juicy with a crisp skin.

For dessert – a recommendation well worth heeding – the chocolate spring rolls (£4) are divine. Rich, dark chocolate oozes out of the crisp filo pastry and is served with a scoop of creamy yet refreshing coconut ice cream. The black sesame fondue (£4) isn’t a dipping dessert but instead three balls of crushed peanut coated sticky rice balls with a black sesame paste hiding inside – the texture might not be to all tastes but it is delicious and a traditional dish with a twist.

The Drink
Although wine isn’t traditionally served with a Chinese meal, Kam Tong has a reasonable wine list. The Borgo delle Oche pinot grigio (£21 bottle) is very easy to drink and has a crisp, clean finish.

The Last Word
Most definitely a Chinese restaurant with a difference, Kam Tong has managed to put a twist on the authentic Chinese look and dishes, whilst not forgetting its roots.

By Tim M.

Great meal here last night with friends. Bustling atmosphere with locals and tourists alike. Were recommended the prawns in mustard special and they were amazing - really juicy and full of flavour. Duck with pancakes and old favourite but delicious. Will be back soon.

By T W.

The restaurant has just re-opened under new management and I went in for lunch with a couple of friends out of curiosity having been customer on and off for a few years. First impressions, the decor is much nicer than before - open and bright and it looks a little bigger than before, perhaps because of the high ceilings. The huge windows at the front certainly help. It looks a lot more chic than before. We were quickly seated and ordered roast duck (really tender and tasty) along with a selection of dim sum and I have to say that it's some of the best I have had in London (and believe me, I've had a lot!), especially the barbecued pork puff - sweet, sticky with flaky pastry - absolute yum! The steamed prawn dumplings were succulent and the Shanghai pork buns had lovely thin skins - the sign of a good bun. The pork and prawn dumplings (siu mai) I would also recommend. Their roasted crispy belly pork was really good too, perfectly crispy skin and not too fatty. We rounded off the meal with some pea shoots which, although coming to the end of their season, were well prepared and still tender. Service was friendly if a little awkward but I put that down to having just opened and staff are still getting used to the set up. I will definitely start coming more regularly.

By Rick D.

Bad experience here. On their menu it says "set menu, at least for 2". The price is about 19p (don't remember exactly). Then I ordered a set menu for my girl friend and me. But at the end they charged me over 40 pounds for 2 sets (including 10% surcharge). Actually they just served 1 set! Can they just simply say "this set is only for 1 person"? They are trying to misleading. The restaurant owner has no integrity at all! I ate in another restaurant around Baker street a few days before. I had 1 soup, 1 pot tea, 3 dishes and 1 fried rice just with 43 pounds around. But the environment and food quality were much better than Kam Tong. Kam Tong is a cheater.

By Dave D.

Came here earlier in the month, we are regular diners. We've be here before on several occassions and we had a great time. The service was slick as aways and it was nice to see a change in the menu. We saw freshly cooked crispy duck, fresh dim sum, fresh fish on the menu and wanted to try it all! We settled for a set menu with a few additions, will definitely be back next month.

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