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Kanaloa is a Polynesian Tiki bar brought to you by Sarah Harding and the people behind Mahiki. This colourful Hawaiian themed venue has a relaxed atmosphere with DJs playing classic summer anthems. They serve a wide variety of exotic dishes and cocktails and boast 140 different rums.

Ranked #23 of 225 clubs in London
"Aloha — Kanaloa! The ultimate in Tiki inspired nights. Kanaloa takes its name from the Hawaiian God of the Sea and draws many of its influences from those distant shores. The bar offers retro touches inspired by an endless summer to a Beach Boys soundtrack."

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Kanaloa reviews

By Cath M.

Hell hole

One star really is too much. No customer service what so ever. The majority of the staff were incompetent and insolent, including the so called 'manager' with the light coloured hair. Had to wait over an hour for our drinks and hardly any of the food advertised on the menu was available. There aren't enough adjectives to adequately describe this dump. Don't waste your time or money in this hole, if you want a real tiki experience then head over to Mahiki.

By Gem S.

Went to Kanaloa last Thursday (two girls) - haven't been for a couple of years. Drinks are still fantastic - best in the area. Tiares - so good! Was fairly quiet early on with just a few city types in but picked up around 10pm. The best thing about the place was the Dj and music - excellent selection playing all sorts from funky house to cheesy anthems! All mixed very well - you don't usually get that quality in commercial venues like this. We wil be back soon :)

By Rachael B.

Unfortunately we had the same terrible experience from the bouncers who were very rude and they themselves cause trouble with their attitude. We were a big group, booked a table, and dancing in our own circle bothering no one and spending more than enough money. My friends did a piggy back and straight away the bouncer barged in. They stopped straight away but the bouncer had made his mind and chucked one of them out. The bouncer continued to make up lies, and their refusal to give us the managers details just proved they were just covering themselves. Never again, we all left.

By Bronwyn S.

Terrible, terrible service. Charge an extra £10 entrance fee on what should have been free entry. Door staff were rude beyond measure. The only way to improve the experience would be to take your party elsewhere.

By Josh W.

Came to Kanaloa at the weekend for a friends birthday party and really wish it had been somewhere else! First of all it was like being in a sauna here! I have never been so hot on a night out in all my life, and once it got busy it was actually pretty unbearable. Secondly my friend had arranged table hire with a minimum of a £250 spend but once she brought it up with them they denied all knowledge of it so someone had to pay £250 upfront at the bar and we all had to keep paying her every time we ordered a drink. Now this is inconvenient and of course the more people drink they less they remember how much they have had! Bar staff were also very slow and after witnessing two of them arguing (which was very unprofessional) I thought it best to go on home. The only saving grace about Kanaloa was that the music selection was absolutely amazing, even the cocktails were a little on the blah side, with the two for one offer containing hardly any alcohol it seemed and every time we ordered at the bar we had to tell the guy not to make us doubles. If it's style over substance then Kanaloa is the place for you, not for me I'm afraid!

By Alice N.

After coming here a few weeks ago and really enjoying it, I will definitely not be returning. Despite being on the guest list (the cut off point was 9.30pm) we were still charged £10 each to get in. There was nowhere to sit because if you want a table you have to pay £250 (and the tables only accommodate about 5 people max). I certainly didn't enjoy paying to get into a club that was practically dead, with nowhere to sit.

By Alice N.

Came here last night and had a great time. We turned up at around 10 and weren't on any guestlists; the bouncers were friendly and said it would be £10 which is decent for a London club. The club itself is great inside - tiki/Hawaiian themed, really nicely decorated, and there were plenty of spare tables to sit at. (It filled up later on at night.) The cocktails are a little expensive, £9-£11 each, but quite tasty and well presented (especially the tiare). The music was standard club tunes, which I was happy with. There was no service charge because we just went up to the bar and ordered drinks. Free water came in mini bottles. I will definitely be returning again!

By Gaham B.

Best cocktails in the city and great fun! perfect venue for boys night out or drinks with the misses strongly recommend

By Elle H.

Rip off! Booked a table in the club for 15 people got to the table and it was a table for 6 at the most!! When you got up to dance ripple would take your seats. I told a member of staff but they did nothing just shrugged her shoulders at me. Staff were rude. Drinks were ridiculously expensive!! For a bucket of beer, 2 small cocktails and 2 big cocktails it came to over £500!! You would look at a reasonable priced drink order it but there was a £15-20 service charge each time! When we got there had to wait 40 mins to get served. People were snobby, staff were rude. The only thing good about this club is the fantastic cocktails. Shame about the price and the rest of the experience. I would not go to this club again and I urge you all to not listen to the good reviews as I did the same and ignored the bad ones and have had an awful experience!

By Adrian M.

It might be possible to have a decent time here but we never got to find out as right from the off the staff were on our case. We booked a table and food but got a tiny space for a large party, even though the place was half empty, and then the arguments started. But just when we thought we had a compromise the manager took it on himself to come over and reignited the whole issue again in a particularly unpleasant way. Strangely if you give people at Kanaloa money they think it is a reason to treat you like dirt.

By Kai S.

If you want to go to a place that thinks it's cooler than cool but is really a tacky beach bar with novelty drinks in lurid colours. If you want a place where the staff basically act like they are doing you some kind of favour by serving you, then Kanaloa is the place for you. We were a group of 14 and had booked what we thought was, funnily enough, an area for 14 people. We'd paid a £25 deposit against the booking as well and pre-ordered food. When we arrived, 14 of us were led to a table that could barely accomodate 4 people, let alone 14! We asked for another table to joined to ours as there was an empty one next to us but were told by the waitress that we had only paid enough for one table! In what kind of place do you tell people that yes, they have an area for 14 people and then not advise them upfront when they book, firstly that the table they are booking is only enough for a few people and secondly, that there is an additional charge if they want a bigger area. Eventually, a man who said he was the General Manager arrived in a long dark coat with turned up collars (is this what passes for management attire nowadays?). We had been polite throughout but he was rude and abrupt with us. He basically said we had to like it or lump it, at which point we said, sod this! So short sighted of them. If they had treated us better, we might have come back regularly but clearly they don't need money or regular custom, so honestly, don't bother going there.

By Komal K.

Went to Kanaloa club 06/10/12 for my friend's birthday. Got to Kanaloa for 10.30 bouncers were rude and moody. We paid the appropriate amount for the silver package and we expected a booth but got led to the smallest table in the club! Having spoken to management they got us the same size table again in the corner of the dancefloor. At this point I was ashamed to be at Kanaloa as I have heard so many good things about it. After about an hour the manager sorted us out with the booth we should have had an hour before! So we settled in and the waitress came over to me and said I need to pay for the table. Wtf?! I told this lady at the beginning that we had already paid! After all this we did ended up having a good night. But I don't think I will be booking a booth here ever again if this is the hassle I have to go through.

By Hanna C.

Went there last weekend with a couple of friends from work and actually had a really good time, the cocktails were amazing! Yes expect it to be pricey but for West End that's quite the standard, and the drinks were pretty worth it- its not every day you get to have a Pina Colada in a pineapple =) staff was alright, seemed to be having fun, pleasant enough and the service was fast. Don't know about the table service as we only had a couple of drinks from the bar but will definitely be back and see how it goes!

By Sdsad A.

Was supposed to be free entry on the guest list but was charged £10. Ordered a round of drinks at the bar and was given doubles (without asking for it) with £10 service charge added!! Told her to make them singles and remove the service charge. The rude waitress then proceeded to tell me how she would 'not be doing this again'. Friends also realised later they had been charged service at the bar. The people here are simply out to rip you off, avoid like the plague.

By Sima C.

We were slightly late for our reservation, once we were showed to the table, there were not enough chairs for our group of 8. We ordered drinks which took almost 45mins to arrive and then there was the cheek of the waitress adding 45 pounds to bill for service! What service? The music was random, some really old tracks. Not as we expected at all from the sister club of Mahiki. Don't think we will return anytime soon.

By N A.

I dont usually review clubs, but felt I had to because of the other good/bad reviews for Kanaloa. I dont usually go to clubs either in London because of how pretentious the staff including bouncers are not to mention the prices and difficulty getting in (lux, Mahiki, Maddox, Movida to name a few) and with the older reviews here and Kanaloa being a sister to Mahiki, I was a bit sceptical but thought to give it a shot as my sister was in town and the more recent reviews were good. Night - Thursday, arrived around 23:00entry - Put our names on the guest list during the day. Cost us £5 entry. No queue, no problems getting in. Asked the lady on the phone about this freezing entry and she said she hadnt heard of it happening but on celebrity nights it is more difficult to access the club with the paparazzi etc around. Music - fantastic, all current chart hits which was what we wanted. Staff - fantastic, all very nice and helpful. The bouncer on the door was amazing to the extent where one of my party came in with a bin bag because of the rain and he kept it for us till we exited and remembered to give it back! We got hassled a little bit by some guys which is expected when you are a group of girls, but we just told the staff and a bouncer came and stood by us. Even the amazing Saxophone player told the guys to get lost which he didnt have to do. We didnt have a table, but we wanted to get one of those chest drinks to share, so I asked a staff member where we could put it, and she cleared a table for us. Price - I would say no more expensive than London prices, the chest was around £165 but that was for 10 people to share and shots came to something like £50 for 4, not too sure on other drinks as the chest lasted us the whole night. Crowd - good crowd (apart from the silly guys). Not too full either that you couldnt move and we found a nice little spot to dance. Had a great night and I am glad we went and would definitely go again.

By Katherine B.

Get the chest of cocktails! Had a table last night for a girl of mines birthday. Got there a bit late so had to explain to the doorman that I was meeting someone. After they got the manager I got in and was shown to my table. Table was a tad small but I was dancing most the time. Service wasn’t bad and the chest cocktail with fireworks and all was amazing.

By Stephanie J.

Went there last night, fun night in general, good looking crowd, and drinks were a bit expensive but worth it. Little cheesy theme but that’s what makes it fun.

By J.

Have been going to this place since it opened a few years back. Used to be some random bar before but now its pretty established under it's new guise. Apparently Sarah Harding owns it but I've never seen her kicking' about! I'm a bit of a Cocktail freak and they've had some of the best bartenders in the country work here over the years. Music is everything from Funk and Soul through to Chart, House, Garage - the works... and the regular djs are very good- Its always the same guys and they can mix with the best of them. Basically if you like unpretentious fun and less attitude than the 'big clubs' in the west end, give it a go! Oh, and i don't recall seeing any Lebanese hookers but i guess that guy knew what he was looking for.. and the drinks are hardly overpriced for what they are - go to Weatherspoons if you want cheap drinks.

By Poo B.

If you like Lebanese hookers and crap 90s music played by a DJ who can't mix, its great. If not, its overpriced shit.

By Rebecca B.

I have been to Kanaloa a number of times now and could not rate it highly enough. Always a really good atmosphere and it does not feel anything like the usual city bars! Would highly recommend for a good night out.

By Shungu M.

I organised my birthday party at Kanaloa on the 31/03/2012. I paid a subsided rate for a VIP table arranged through a concierge service. To my disappointment this turned out to be the worst night of my life. The manager was rude and had no customer service experience at all. His explanation was that he had footballers in and they were a priorty so tough. If this is what Sarah Harding and co are about its sick. No aplolgy nothing. We were given a communal table at the back of the club under the air conditioning. It was disgusting. Why we were treated like this I really dont know. So much for a club in a cosmoploitan city like London. My advice never go there unless you are a footballer.

By S 5.

We went to this club on a Saturday night where we had put our names on the guestlist. We arrived at 10.20 so that there would be a good chance of not having to wait in a queue, well boy were we wrong. There was one couple in front of us and we still had to wait being told that the guestlist was suspended to allow 5 groups of people who had booked tables to be let in. There was nobody in the queue for tables but yet we still had to wait for the 5 groups to turn up. Lots of people were let in yet we and the couple in front were not allowed in. The staff were very rude, obnoxious and not helpful at all. After waiting in the cold for an hour and half we decided to leave at 11.30 at the chance of being able to get into another club, luckily we did and had a great night. Will never return here again, they are not deserving of my money! Would not even give them a 1 star if I didn't have to.

By Ann J.

I went to Kanaloa last Saturday for my birthday with 9 friends and booked a table with a treasure chest of cocktails for £150. I was told that this was a good deal. The treasure chest arrived full of ice, we all thought that the cocktail was on it's way only to be told that the drink was already in the chest!We arrived at the venue to be given a table with seating for 5 people and there were 11 of us! When we spoke to the manager he said that there was nothing that he could do.We put up with that and tried to request songs with the DJ who immediately told us that he paly requests!Not likely to be going back here unfortunately!

By Vic F.

we went there last Saturday for a booked party and it was one worst experiences I've had for a long time, the staff is very rude and obnoxious, they kept taking our drinks away and questioned they kept denying, the drinks are too expensive for the service they provide, in overall the place is over rated and over priced, if you feel like give your money away to rude people then this is the place to go! there are better clubs in London with more reasonable prices and better service.

By Nicholas M.

I have been to this club on a number of times, and not once have I had a bad experience.If you are looking for theatre and a unique experience then this is a must do experience. The cocktails are costly, but amazing. The music is spot on and up to date. There were no problems with entry and getting a table.The one thing I can't praise Kanaloa on enough is the staff. They were all really friendly and courteous. When someone had a little too much to drink in our party, the security took him outside and provided him with bottles of water until he sobered up. He was then let back into the club with no problems.The only downside is the size of the main dance floor, but this is minor.

By Pro V.

Absolute shambles on the managerial side!! For my birthday I was liasing with a manager a week prior to the night out, i was promised a reservation for a table for £25 with no minimum spend, when I arrived I was told there was a minimum spend of £250 or to give up the table!! This had put me in a bad mood from the beginning when I was meant to be partying and enjoying my bday.Not only that but the member of staff who informed of the £250 had a right attitude on her! Was not impressed! In this business you need people skills and they lacked it big time!..on an upside the drinks were delicious and the DJ was great.

By Jane B.

If you would like to feel like you are on holiday, somewhere far away from the crowded city with a Pina Colada or Mo’hee’to in your hands, Kanaloa is the best place to go!I am a regular customer in this venue, every time I go its unforgettable. Totally in love with all the cocktails they make, especially Zombies, the ones with the fire!!! Don’t be greedy and get a table with a minimum spend and a waitress service and enjoy the night for 100% instead of staying in the long queue and waiting for your turn to get your drink.I would really recommend Kanaloa for the night out. I am bringing all my friends to this venue, and none of them regret coming.If you do not want to enjoy variety of cocktails, go to the pub and drink your beer.

By Amit S.

Unfortunately never really got a chance to sample any 'delights' this place may have had to offer. I was there on a guestlist as part of someone's birthday, and before I had a chance to order a drink, I was told by someone that were going to be moving on because management had 'suddenly' decided that they were suspending the guestlist and not letting the rest of the guests in. I went to speak to the so called 'manager' who meekly told me they had limited capacity and had to give priority to people who had booked a table in advance and so they would open the doors to guestlist guest but only after 12.30am! Can you imagine the cheek of it! 10 of us are inside, 15 people waiting outside, all smartly dressed mature professionals (27-37), and they've gone and ruined the birthday! I remonstrated with this manager and told him that really they should be more up front when it comes to what they say to people calling in to book guestlist. They should stipulate that if a table is not booked then there's a chance that guestlist might not get in. It's just common courtesy. I asked about booking a table now - I was told they're all gone. I asked about putting £500 behind the bar as a guarantee for minimum spend for the guests - he declined with reaons of capacity. This place is obviously just looking to get to capacity at all expenses. If they're having a quieter night, you're in luck, and if they've got more people in, then it's two fingers to the punters. Had they at least presented a fuller picture of their policy when booking on the phone one could have made a more informed decision. This venue did not do that. They winged it, and ruined someone's birthday. Risk guestlist at your and your guests peril.

By Rj M.

Simply love this place! Contrary to some negative feedback, this place and service is exceptional. I organised my birthday bash here last month, and every minute detail was really taken care of. It's slightly hidden to new to many people who were pleasantly surprised. Management extended their help as many times as I wanted to, yes there is a minimum spend but it was totally worth it. The crowd is amazing, a good mix, great drinks, if you can make it to the happy hour, good music and a great vibe. Much prefer it to the roof gardens, I would recommend it 200%!

By Lidi D.

I went last night for drinks after work for first time as keen to do my birthday there. Great venue, like nothing else in the city. Booked up for Next Friday, girl at front desk was very helpful. Happy hour drinks were good value for money, i cant wait for next week.

By Stuart S.

Went to Kanaloa last Saturday. Wow amazing! Not often you can go to a club with group of male friends and be welcomed at the door so nicely. The 6 of us got inside and ive never seen so many women in a club before. Let just say we were all very happy at the end of the night and are going back end of the month for sure. Drinks are very nice especially the dead mans chest thing. Its like a treasure chest such a cool idea

By L M.

Reading your review sounds so familiar to the experience we just had. They forced one of my friends to put her card behind the bar - even though that was NOT the arrangement made beforehand. They didn't want to listen. The point is, with the amount of guests we had coming, we ended up spending way over the minumim spend anyway - but it's the principle how they say one thing when you call to reserve - they tell you it's no minimum spend etc etc. You get there and one person is demanded to give their card. Very unprofessional. The management are uninterested. They don't want to hear anyone out. I would suggest even if you have email confirmations - don't book this place for a celebration on the basis that you will be getting a 'non' min spend area. It's all one big farse. They get you in, then get one person to give their card. What's the point in that when the group together would likely spend more than the min spend throughout the night anyway? Just the way it's done and the lack of care makes this a very grim place to want to return to. Yes the music is good, yes it's all these other nice things...but when you have organised a one off event with so much effort - to have it ruined like that on the night is just unacceptable. Seems like we weren't the only ones that experienced this dreadful service.

By L M.

Worst experience. Organised a pre-wedding celebration for my friend. Spoke with the sales person around 4 / 5 times before the night, who sent me written email confirmation to say she's managed to secure me an area with no minimum spend and also all guests on the guestlist would receive free entry. On the night, my bride-to-be friend arrived first with a small group of friends to be faced with a £10 entry fee and also told to have our area we'd need to put £500 behind the bar. Insistent that we had made plans previously with the sales person that this is not the case, my friend called me from the bar and I spoke to the manager. The manager on the night had no knowledge about this, didn't want to listen and said it can't be true. Feeling very vulnerable, with a large group of guests arriving, we had no choice. My bride-to-be friend had to put £500 behind the bar. Money is not the issue and we would have likely spent well in excess of £500 collectively throughout the night anyway. It was the lack of communication on their internal team, the lack of professionalism and lack of customer service. The fact that my bride-to-be friend had to be greeted with a nasty £500 bill was something that should never ever have happened. It was meant to be her last special night with all of her close friends. But all we could think about is how mistreated we had been and how we couldn't believe how we had been mislead. On the following Monday I attached all the emails as proof and emailed the manager. All he could say in response was sorry, he admitted it was a breakdown on their side but he could not compensate or refund any monies. So a breakdown on their side was a very expensive error. One that put us off and our whole group from wanting to go there again. They were all nice up until we attended. After that they have not wanted to empathise, knowing they are the ones that messed up. Pathetic management, pathetic service, pathetic. Avoid this place.

By Eleanor B.

Total con! Drinks are a rip off and barmen are unscrupulous. They made me wait for ages at the bar, were really rude to friends then sneaked 12.5% service charge onto the (already outrageous) bill. When you've been standing at bar waiting to be served that seems totally inappropriate! Won't recommend it, won't be going again.

By Lucinda V.

I would give this 10 stars if I could. My 3rd time back there, the bar-staff and the door-staff are full of banter if you treat them right. Never had bad service there any time I've been. It's our back-up club if our original plans go bad, because we know a night at Kanaloa will pick the night back up. Music is good, you get a mix of mainstream dance/house to top 40 to stuff you forgot about from the 90's that brings such a sense of party time nostalgia. Staff are so friendly. It's like a laid back city-boy club. You get a massive mix of people, from bankers to residents of the suburbs. I would recommend this to anyone.

By Simon W.

I went to Kanaloa last night and had a great time. However one of the bar staff was consistently and unnecessarily rude to a number of people all night. Usually I wouldn't care but this guy was starting to upset people in my party so I told him to start acting like a professional and do his job properly, not something the customer should need to do. Other than that, a decent place.

By Luce B.

Kanaloa is an awesome club! The music is insane, cocktails amazing, staff were great and hot. We were really well looked after from beginning to end even though it was so busy. Will def be coming back, much better then mahiki!

By D.

Went to Kanaloa for my cousins birthday on a Friday night and can safely say will never return. When we first arrived at the venue my cousin had an argument with the host about paying for the two tables he had reserved. Seeing as he had about 20 friends coming there is no way he would put his credit card behind the bar as a tab, everyone would be buying their own drinks throughout the night. Eventually they backed down and allowed us the tables anyway seeing as they realised the 20 or so guests coming would easily spend more at the bar than the minimum cost of the tables. Place is very dark, quite small and although the music was quite good it was far too loud to speak in there, not sure whether this is meant to be a bar or a club. As for the service at the bar, it is so bad I actually complained to the hostess. The cocktails they make look nice but seeing as each one takes an average of 5 minutes to make getting a drink takes far too long. The greasy haired barmen would rather float about serving all the girls big, expensive cocktails than serve any of the guys in the queue, mostly who wanted just a beer which would take a second to serve. The bar-staff are incredibly slow, rude and with terrible attitude. Despite drinking vodka red-bull from 6-8pm when I went to the second bar and ordered the same round I was told they don't serve vodka red-bull unless I wanted to buy a bottle for £200. Disgraceful service and staff (other than the hostess who was polite and seemed apologetic for what had happened). Will never return here unless the management take a serious look at what they are trying to achieve or offer from Kanaloa/club

By Daniel B.

Is this a club? Is this a bar? By trying to do both they do neither. The evening starts at the door where they ask you if you have a reservation but somehow if you say you don't they let you in anyway. The mood, sorry the wallet, lightens as you are charged £2 for the cloakroom "service" (I'll get back to that later). After pulling your trousers down and bending forward you can enjoy a bottle of champagne for £400. The cocktails are £8 which is nothing amazing (contrary to the editor review), especially when you factor in the amount of ice you get. Music-wise it is an eclectic mix and admittedly better than average (not hard), what you would find on most people's iPod. As per an earlier review, the DJ, faithful to his trade, does not do requests, it's not like you're paying for it (well, only £10). You can't really dance as there is no proper dancefloor. You can't have a proper drink with friends as you are deafened by the music. A lot of wannabes on show, no City Boys (where did the editor get this). You do get the guys wearing suits to emulate City Boys and obviously you get the Jacket+Jean types. As per the editor review, member of the opposite sex are attractive, especially after a few drinks. I particularly enjoyed the sweat patches of the girl next to me. If the excitement doesn't kill you, the evening ends with a 30 minute queue for your coat which might kill you. Then the police reject cum bouncer comes along as a show of power to organise the queue just when you get your coat. If you're lucky you might get ejected from the club which could speed up your exit.

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