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Karaoke Box is a specialist karaoke bar on Mayfair's Maddox Street. There are a number of karaoke rooms at the Karaoke Box of which the largest can hold 12 guests.

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Opening Hours

15:00 - 02:00


15:00 - 02:00


15:00 - 02:00


15:00 - 02:00


15:00 - 02:00


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12:00 - 02:00

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Karaoke Box reviews

By Joanne L.

I just wanted to write a review about Karaoke Box Mayfair. I went there few weeks ago for my Hen Night. I had a great night, as did all the girls! The manager and bar staff were great and made it a night to remember. The staff looked after us and we had Great cocktails, nibbles and enjoyed the singing. Loved the Cocktails - really good! Will definitely recommend this bar to friends and colleagues I am planning on going again. Joanne

By Alex M.

I've been to Karaoke Box last week, and It was pure fun. We arrived around 10pm on a Friday night, but haven't booked anything, lucky for us, the staff could squeeze us in, even though it was very busy. We had to wait about 20min, so decided to taste some cocktails at the bar first. The staff was very friendly and made some delicious drinks for us. Than we finally went into our room, it was very nice decorated, infact, I had a look at all the other rooms, and each one had a different theme. I have to say, the sound was the best so far in a karaoke bar, and I've been to many...we only wanted to stay 1 hour, but ended up staying for 3hours, it was too much fun. I definitely gonna come back here soon, and I recommend it to anyone, who is bored of clubbing every weekend in the westend.

By Imran S.

Amazing night! Amazing night, we were well looked after, all the staff were extremely friendly! Excellent value for money would recommend to anyone who likes a sing song. The service was brilliant and the cocktails were second to none. Thanks to all bartenders for a brilliant night!

By Emma H.

Fun-themed karaoke rooms in central London, providing cocktails and frolics for those who love to sing their heart out.

The Venue
Karaoke Box is part of a chain of venues across London. The branch in Mayfair is just off Regent Street, only a few minutes’ walk from Oxford Circus station, which means it isn’t too stuffy or expensive despite its Mayfair postcode. The bar is to the left of the premises when you enter, and all the private rooms are to the back. There are seven 'boxes' in total, all with a different theme and ranging from size depending on how big a group is. The biggest fits 12 people and is decorated like an old boy’s club. A group of five will put you in the showgirls room, which has silver dancing legs along one wall and is predominately dressed in seductive red and gold.

Flat screens are mounted on the brickwork and are a good size for all to view the words. Comfy sofas make up the space in all the rooms so you can sit back and relax when others are taking centre stage. The touch screen control panel is easy enough to use, but it's best to search under artist rather than under track name, which doesn’t seem to return any options on occasion. The selection is extensive though, with most global artists and their top tunes in the catalogue. There is enough of a choice from each and every music genre and decade to keep everyone amused. Karaoke lovers will be familiar with the trademark winged character that opens each track – there’s no video, just words, and you can be as loud as you like without fear of anyone telling you off. There are also Arabic and Japanese songs available for linguists or the brave.

The Atmosphere
The venue isn’t too busy on a Thursday night, so there’s no need to rush if you fancy booking an extra hour. However, you can still hear other crooners from the other rooms when you leave the comfort of your karaoke box to visit the toilet or bar. The venue likely gets busier after 10pm and is also a hit with hen, birthday and work parties.

The Food
No one really goes to a karaoke bar for the food, so don’t be gobsmacked to find lacklustre snacks here. On offer are nachos (£5.95), onion rings (£3.95) and chicken satay, which will set you back £5.95 for a few pieces of processed meat. Pizzas are also on the menu in the form of famous artists - Rita Ora, inexplicably, is a classic margherita, Pro Green and Sinatra are vegetarian options and the Americano, without a famous name, is topped with pepperoni and salami. For £12.50, this is a small eight-piece pizza, which is simply not worth the money unless your group really need to steady themselves.

The Drink
Cocktails (£8) are a big hit here, with a large variety of concoctions to sample. Like the pizza, some of them have been named after famous artists or well-known songs – Lady Gaga, Summer of 69 and Twist and Shout – are all freshly made and brought to your table in earnest. A Mojito (£8) is made to perfection, but the best by far is the Flamin Moo. A mix of rum, fresh strawberries and ginger beer, it is strong and dangerously tasty and when topped with a flaming passion fruit, you know thought and effort has gone into the presentation. Champagne cocktails are £10.50 and jugs are £30.

The Last Word
Karoake Box is fun, fun, fun. It’s the perfect venue for any sort of celebration. Beware of the eye in the sky though – all rooms have cameras, so your prancing around will be viewed in amusement by the staff. We're pretty sure they've seen it all before, though.

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