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Karma is a vibrant nightclub that has three bars: a mezzanine level, a Moroccan themed bar and a VIP suite. The club boasts a top of the range sound system and features diverse live performers such as dancers, fire eaters and stilt walkers.

Ranked #47 of 225 clubs in London

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Karma reviews

By James J.

I recently had a wicked night out in Ealing and Karma was the main reason! we went to a few little bars beforehand and they were all pretty samey and uninteresting, however Karma was rammed and drinks were very fairly priced. I was able to move into numerous different rooms and get different vibes in every one, I will be returning and so will my mates!

By Callum W.

Ealing has very little to offer so thank goodness for Karma! It is always playing great music and I have yet to have a bad night

By Michael K.

Karma in Ealing is one of those nightclubs that you need to be well and truly sauced before you enter. It is pretty outdated and has a seedy feel to it, the location isn't great either with nothing else around. You will enjoy it if you don't have high expectations

By Tori J.

We used to come here in our student years and my pal suggested we relive the glory days. Not quite how I remember it. Well, maybe a bit actually. Lots of shots and mad dancing. Maybe I'm just too old for all that now. Sigh.

By Tom T.

I can see why the kids love Karma but creeping into my early 30's it certainly made me feel my age! BUT there with a big group for a party and it was good, the music was great and the atmosphere was fantastic, my body is still creeking and aching from it!!

By Arnie A.

Karma is not my cup of tea, I can see why the kids love it but I felt old both that night and the next morning with the hang over from hell!!!

By George L.

I can only think that Karma offered me a holiday feel, it plays the same music we had when we went to Nappa and has the same sort of feel to it, good times!

By George L.

Cool DJs, garage tunes, house music and live MCs. Karma offers you the feeling you are still in Greece with the boys!

By Apple B.

If you like your venues to be busy, sweat dripping from the ceiling and music so load you cannot hear yourself think then Karma is your place.....thankfully it ticks all my boxes!

By Shaun B.

Drinks are pricey and getting to the bar is difficuly unless you are a good lokking lady! Take that away it was full of beautiful ladies and banging Ibiza tunes, epic nite @ Karma

By Harry K.

Booked a booth at Karma for my girl friends birthday, we had a fantastic night, The staff were so good and made the day a really good one. It is busy as a venue so it is worth looking at getting the private area as you are guarenteed to find somewhere to sit and actually hold a conversation!

By Fred N.

Karma is a funny place, it has a real eclectic mix, some very cool people sprinkled in with a few chaz chic, the music was great and the night was good so will be back

By Billy C.

Had an okay night at Karma recently, considering the kind of place it was. Lots of ladies which is always a nice surprise in a place like Karma.

By Max K.

Good old Karma - it comes back to you, you know? I'm obviously a good person because Karma gave me one very nice night indeed... she knows who she is.

By Claire K.

Being in Ealing, Karma is a bit to far out for me and i felt tad old in here. However despite those things, the staff were friendly enough and we did have a good night at Karma.

By Kalvin W.

I have been to Karma on numerous occasions because I live around the corner, however this is definitely not out of choice. The club always feels far too big as there are never many people in there at all and smoking is such a hassle. It boasts about having a number of different spaces and rooms but these are rarely used! would not recommend

By Talia R.

This place is so totally awesome! Like, me and the girls went out here the other night and had the most wicked time ever! The muzacs are well good and the people on stage just made me wanna learn tons of fire tricks. They are just awesome to watch! Everyone needs to go here!!

By Dany R.

Nightclubs aren't always my forte, but this had plenty going on to keep me interested. Yeah, the music was good but the performers really impressed me and for them alone, you should check this place out!

By Ray J.

I had a wicked night at Karma for my bruvs birthday init. Karma sort us out well and truly and we all had a banging night. Can't say a bad word about this place.

By Kay K.

went to karma last friday, havent bin there in a while.. was such a good night, me and my mates had a good night. friendly staff, good priced drinks.. the security were very friendly to me and my friends made me feel very welcome. the music was ok.. going there again this friday :)

By Shaun S.

Had a good night again Karma Thanks alot! friendly service, no dramas and a good selection of tunes in the VIP room!! will be back again...and again

By Shaun S.

Was at karma last friday for a few drinks with mates, as it was the only place around that let us in until 1.30! i have never been there but to my surprise had a really good night, the security had some good banter and the staff and management treated us really well, even after I got completely drunk, lost my phone and was a bit rude(sorry about that. Thanks also for finding my phone and calling me back!! Will definatley be going back there very soon!! Great night!! thanks again!!

By Truc K.

Went to their xmas eve event & it was awful. Never seen such chaos! The first female door staff was lovely. After that, it all went downhill mainly due to the promoters. They were rude, couldn't put a smile on their faces & the entry was £15, but meant to be £10 before 11.30, but kept us waiting in the queue for ages until we had to pay the higher entry. So wasn't worth it. There were little kids, wall to wall asians & music was not good unless all you like is bhangra : ( Their door search policy is crap, as people has all sorts on them. So much so that some teeny bopper decided to let off a mace can in the 2nd room & people got evacuated! They ended up closing the 2nd room at 12.30 am. The 1 hour that we were in there was crap anyway, as the dj was not even on the mixers, they mostly played a promo cd from August last year. Wouldn't waste my time going again & watch out for the pushy toliet lady who will keep asking you for money!

By Michael T.

Went to Karma last Saturday after not being there for nearly a year,due to a real bad experience, My friends convinced me to go and to my surprise I had one of my best nights out in a long time!! There are a few new faces around, including management. I have never in the past been able to speak to management in any nightclub, let alone expecting it to happen at Karma, as the main reason for my not coming was due to bad attitude of staff, security and management. I was greeted warmly, with a bit of banter, by the head doorman, an english fella, although security was very tight and it took a bit long,everyone was in good spirit. A manager (he had a ponytail and a very smart outfit, he looked brazilian or spanish) was at the payment bit and seemed to have a really good time,having a laugh with people as they enter, very approachable and throughout the night on my siggie outings I spent alot of time chatting to him. The barstaff were great and eventhough they were silly busy, they were chatty and informative. Music is just as good as any other central venues, commercial stuff mixed in with a bit of everything. i dont normally write reviews,but as this has been such a complete turnaround, I thought it worth it. These guys defo deserve a thumbs up!!

By Harry S.

Went there Friday night , and I been impress of the fact that in Ealing is a such a good place . I was there with one of my friend after we finish to work and I really enjoy it , music ok same any where anyway , sound really good , security ok not problem , one more thing management I was able to have a chat with one of them and that was great too, normally when you going in place like this very hard to find a manager around you and chat with it I am sure will be back and I will suggest it to my friends too Good karma !!!!Well done .

By Alison L.

Karma is awful. The club is big I admit (with less than 100 people at 2am) but the bouncers and staffs are the rudest I have ever come across in my entire life of going to bar or night club. I went there couple of weeks ago because I was tired and wanted to try my local place than going all the way to my usual places around Knightsbridge and it was one of the worst decision I ever made. If you have any bit of class or wanted have a good night in a nice environment, I will say you better find a better place to go. I will give it -1 stars if possible.

By Jemma D.

A group of about 30 of us went here for my birthday and had a fantastic night. We booked in advance and had a great table/area and the managers made sure we all got in and had drinks sorted for us. The club is huge inside and has two rooms, both of which had great music all night. Good atmosphere, no fights or scuffles and the DJ's were great doing requests for us all night! And the jegerbombs were cheap too - always a bonus! I def plan to go back again! :)

By Mat P.

We have been to the Karma on a Saturday in 15 people to a friend farewell, the problem with the staff started at the door. Very rude receptionist and security. During the night the music is OK, but all the time one of the security came to us to complain about something and piss off. "Don`t seat there, don't dance like this, don't use hat, don't take off yours shoes... not happy go home" their words. Me and my friends were just looking for a good time with no problem or trouble, but we started to go home soon and upset. Looking for a good time, don't go there.

By Sukhi D.

The bouncers have the dirtiest attitude. After trying to flirt with my wife and sister, the dirty scoundrels decided to pounce on me, as I wasn't too happy with them flirting with my wife n sis. Now, I'm no small guy but 4 bouncers jumping on you isn't fun. The music was also crap along with the service on the bar. Which to be honest with you was defo watered down. I would advise anyone not to go. Even the coppers were not surprised at what happened as its a regular thing with these so called bouncers - more like caged animals released for the night. If you want a great night out I do not advise to go to Karma ever. Oh yeah, after the bouncers pounced on me and left me with bruising on my face, the manager Tony walked me out the back and said not to mention this to anyone and if I wanted I could come back next weekend and he would give me the best night of my life. Wtf. Bribery as well as assault. These peeps are jokers. Do not waste your time going here. A waste of money, time and life. For some reason I cant give it a no star rating, which is exactly what it deserves.

By Vylet I.

Your friend obviously forgot to tell security that he was going out for a cigarette, otherwise they would have warned him that after 1am, you're not allowed outside for a cigarette. I was there on Saturday [Jan 30th] and I found security to be very polite. I had popped out for a ciggie at 12:50, and they had warned me that at 1am they have to close the smoking area. At 1am I had finished my ciggie but wanted to get some cash out, so I mentioned this to one of the security guards and asked him if it was ok, and he said it was, so I went to the cash machine and came back. They were very polite and smiling and let me back in. I know that there are particular laws in place that mean that clubs aren't allowed people smoking outside after a particular time [due to noise] plus the club closes entrance at 1am. If they bend the rules for one person then they'd have to bend the rules for everyone. Had a great night and looking forward to going again tonight!

By Marlena K.

Hello! Karma is horrible! My friend went for one cigarette outdoor,he never come back becouse wos after one and seciurity said ,is too late! It was -3 degree outside and new years day. I saw him I coudnt even say I will come back too you becouse seciurity where very rude! Music was fine people the same but I will never come back to Karma! No respect for client! My friend wasnt alone there was more people without jacet they where looking very upset. I can only emagine how they feel! People never to Karma!

By Nhbsiuf W.

Nice club i really enjoy on saturday,,, music was great, bar staff very fast serving drinks, Manager very friendly good costumer service & i am sorry but i need to say is very HOT. Coiming back next time with more friends,,,,,, Charlottexxxx

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