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Kati Roll Company is a New York based chain that has to come to London serving their delcious Indian rolls by wrapping a warm paratha around various fillings such as meats, cheese and vegtables.

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Daily 12:00-23:00

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Kati Roll Company reviews

By Shermaine T.

Achari Paneer roll is my all time favourite!! It tastes superb especially when its eaten straight from its kitchen..The restaurant is small and cosy but it gets really busy at lunch time that is quite impossible for you to dine in. However, I love its interior very much. It has a very authentic Indian classic ambience with Hollywood posters and old traditional ceiling fan creating a warm welcoming heaven of awesome kati rolls. Prices are reasonably good too..a perfect place for a quick lunch or dinner or even supper!

By C K.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS! We had ordered delivery from this place...it was the worst mistake to make. 2 hours later the guy called me saying his delivery guy was lost and whether I would take the order at half price. When I agreed to do that, I didnt hear from them for 45 min...on calling them they said they had abandoned the order. Ridiculous

By M B.

Vegetarians -Stay AWAY! Had an Achari Paneer Roll... was a let down. No onions, the chuntey seemed like it had been added with a dropper.

Thought it might be best to add a bit ketchup for taste but they don't keep ketchup. Service is slow. Major let down and waste of money. Nothing like what I had eaten in Mumbai .

By Allie E.

I LOVE this place! Its a real find in London. A unique concept- only selling one variety of food. The kati rolls are really fresh and delicious, and really hit the spot. I normally dont like omlettes, but the rolls with "unda" (egg) are really yummy.

And there's something for everyone, including vegetarians. I love the decor. Unlike the other reviews, I find it chic and cheerful, not at all cheap looking. Every time I've been there, the door has been closed, and its been nice and warm.Also, I've found the staff to be friendly.

Maybe I just havent been there at a busy time, but they always have a smile for me.This place gets my vote for best place for a pre or post drink, or late nite bite!

By J E.

I was first initially attracted to eating here as I had tried a sample of their food when it was being given out in the street.However my experience was generally disappointing and I wont eat there again. My main problem is the attitude of the staff.The person who served me was very abrupt the whole time he was serving even though the place was not busy, and he was not very polite. It really gets my goat when you order something and then the person serving just says '4 pound'.It is not hard to be polite. I had a chicken unda roll, which was tender spicy chicken wrapped in soft bread with a bit of veg.I have to admit the food was very tasty, but the portion is not really big enough. I know soho is expensive and with this restaurant you are getting something a little different for your money, but it really is only a snack in terms food quantity, and I would rather spend 4 quid on something that is going to fill me up more at lunchtime.Also as another reviewer has said, it is very greasy and hance probably quite fattening. Also I didnt really like feel of the room itself, it feels quite sterile and is kinda chilly as the door is left open.Its quite hard to get comfortable too, as the tables are quite low and jammd right up next to the wall. So to summarise, the food is ok but I was really put off by the attitude of the person serving me and definitely wont eat there again.

By Shane G.

Rubbish decor...they could have made a slight bit of effort - it just screams "cheap". Esp the shopfront that looks like its lasted from the 1950's! Staff were not that helpful/friendly and looking over the counter, i saw food boxes placed on the floor (am no expert but that doesnt seem like a very high quality operation). Food was tasty though but portions too small...needed 2 rolls to make me full = over 7 quid (exc drinks) - bit of a rip-off! The food was also too damn greasy and heavy. Nice concept but poorly executed. The food would have to be exceptional for me to revisit the horribly depresing shop...which it wasnt.

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