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Katzenjammers is a basement bar within the Hop Exchange. This Bavarian themed venue offers a variety of German beverages and meals. Regular live music is also hosted.

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Katzenjammers reviews

By M J.

Worst place in london?

Avoid this place at all costs. The staff are rude. The atmosphere is without soul. The security assaulted more than one person as we watched. So many other bars - why bother with here. I'll never go back!

By Duncan F.

Really bad service and made a complete botch of our booking I made a company Christmas reservation which they got completely, inexplicably wrong. They then refused to query the booking further. They gave us no alternative options and told us to move because we were in the way. So we left. Really disappointing guys!

By Philippa R.

Rude staff, hot, sweaty and stinky. Not an enjoyable experience. I have never come across such a rude manager - customer service is an alien thing to them. If you have the choice avoid.

By Tim D.

Entertained a group of 25 people, and pre-booked (and paid deposit). When we arrived, we needed to arrange our own seating, as whilst tables had been reserved, they were not adequate for the size of the group. Drinks took 30 minutes to arrive. I agreed a limit for the bar tab and paid the bill upon arrival. After food had finally arrived and was eaten, I was then told that we had exceeded the limit I'd set by some way, and that we needed to pay straight away. When I expressed my concern that the 'limit' had been exceeded without my authorisation, the appallingly rude staff proceeded to literally wrestle the half-drunk beers from my colleagues. The drinks were poured away. The manager offered no apology, when I asked to see her. The novelty of Stein's and German food cannot mask the disgusting levels of customer service and shocking lack of manners displayed by every member of staff.

By Cassandra S.

Initially I made a booking for 25 for a team night out. We were told the tables seat 8 and that they would put the tables together for our group. We then asked for the tables to be split into 3 to make settling the bill easier. Upon arrival we had 3 tables of 6 - which meant seating for 18!. A very rude waitress/manager assured me you could sit 8 round a table which was rubbish, 8 child sized people yes, not 8 adults. She didn't offer any assistance, in fact she was very abrupt and it was only after speaking to another waitress that we were offered additional stools. Getting served was another issue, with one table having to wait 90 minutes to order their dinner. Being presented with the bill before our food arrived was another surprise. The food was nothing special, some of it wasn't even hot. All in all a disappointing evening and we will definitely not be going back.

By Mateusz O.

I am absolutely shattered by the level of rudeness of the person who I believe is the manager of Katzenjammers. After ordering a couple of jugs of beer and food I ordered another pint and was informed to my surprise there was an extra card charge of 50p. I kindly said it was the first time anyone had told me about the charge and in return the man said there was an atm outside if I didn't like paying extra charges. I thanked for that information but my friend made a sarcastic remark of their 'great' customer service. 'there is an off licence outside if you want to get some cheap drinks' was the answer! How very rude! I am never coming back, nor are my friends. Service doesn't exist, very avarage food on top.

By Pie H.

Food poor & beer isn't all great, which is hard to say about German beer. The entertainment on a Saturday was rubbish too. Not German at all & performed to a poor standard playing pop songs and not creating a very German atmosphere at all. There are plenty of other bars to go to for listening to this on a Saturday night. I won't be going there again.

By German In L.

I have to say that it was a very dreadful experience tonight being out in this restaurant/pub… or whatever it was…. Getting the bill serverd before the meal was quite a surprise for the whole bunch of 15 people I was there with… Overpriced beer (0.5l Augustiner Edelstoff 4.95 GBP, of course a luxury to get it in London) Poor service, who didn’t even apologize to my complaint.. The dish i ordered was the saussage platter, it looked appalling and has nothing to do with the food I know from my own country. The saussages looked like cooked with a hair drier!! How embarrasing, for me as a German to go out on a night with friends in a place like this. Never again….

By B C.

My experience echoes that of the last reviewer - the management and security staff were rude and aggressive, overstepping the boundaries of managing a bar and becoming abusive for no obvious reason. The bar staff were aloof and ad hoc in taking orders and the place smells like a dead man's armpit. Avoid.

By B C.

We went to this bar after work and found the black security staff extremely rude. The manager is a complete arse and lost his cool when we objected to having to stand behind an imaginary line away from the bar. Don't go to this place if you are looking for a pleasant place to have a drink. We left and went to the pub next door and had a much better time.

By G R.

I called the venue in November to book my birthday party during the Christmas week and was advised that "we do not take bookings on Christmas week after 6pm due to demand". However, when we turned up half of the venue was booked. The manager had no idea and didn't even bother to offer a free Jägermeister. This could be a nice venue but after this abysmal experience I'm not willing to take any more risks. Service? What service?

By Kelly H.

If German stereotypes are your thing then you’re guaranteed a night of hilarity at Katzenjammer. An Oom-Pah Brass Band, anyone? However, beneath the borderline contrived theme of the bar, you will find an excellent selection of authentic beer and food.

The Venue
Set in the beautiful building of the Hop Exchange, a short walk from Borough Market, lies this German theme bar. Inside is pretty bare, although the combination of arched ceilings, brick walls simply painted in white and rows of heavy wooden tables with simple wooden benches, has an appeal. A small corner bar decked out in – you guessed it – heavy wood is small and set back in the corner; however, there is table service here so a large bar isn’t needed and you’re given a welcome reprieve from having to fight your way to the front of the bar to be served. The only embellishments are a few framed prints on the walls showing funny photos of people enjoying beer. A nice touch.

The Atmosphere
In such a bland setting it’s the atmosphere at Katzenjammer that raises this bar above that of the usual watering holes. The waitresses dress as serving wenches in traditional German attire (or so we’re led to believe) and you will see lederhosen. Seriously. The Oom-Pah Brass Band, who play every Friday night, have to be seen to be believed but they do raise a smile. And the people here love it! Large tankards of beer, real belly laughs and people having a fun night make it hard not to fall in love with this place, a place where it’s Oktoberfest every day. You can expect to find casually dressed locals and after-workers alongside beer connoisseurs who make the effort to hunt this bar out. And boy is the beer worth it.

The Food
The Germans aren’t exactly known for their delicate cuisine and Katzenjammer steadfastly remains true to the theme with a huge selection of strange-sounding meats and a lot of sausage, such as the Mischwurstplatte (£5.50), a plate with a selection of four sausages on a bed of sauerkraut including bratwurst, rohpolnische (smokey Polish), kasebeisser (pork with Emmental chunks) and Frankfurter. And that’s before you even get to the sausage menu, which offers a huge selection of meat-in-a-bun with sauerkraut, sweet mustard and onions for £5. They also have a few mains if you can’t face sausages - just be prepared to spit all over your waitress when you order dishes like Muenchuner Schweinshaxe (roasted pork knuckle served with sauerkraut and potato dumplings), for a pricier £9.95.

The Drink
Can’t face a German theme? Don’t fancy pork knuckle? Then the beer selection alone should tempt you along to Katzenjammer. Draught beer includes Paulaner Original Munchner Hell, Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier, Paulaner Original Munchner Dunkel, Hacker-Pschorr, Kaltenberg Hell, Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, St Thomas Bavarian Blond and Rosarda – not the kind of choice you get in your local pub. And that doesn’t even take into account the almost 30 bottled beers they offer – all unusual selections with a story to tell. It’s a hugely impressive choice that really makes this bar stand out from the competition. If you don’t like beer then flavoured schnapps and a few unusual German wines round up the selection, as long as you can bear the funny looks from all the beer-loving customers as a wine glass appears at your table. What, you don’t like beer? Weirdo.

The Last Word
Katzenjammer is one of those bars you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. Whilst Irish themed bars are two a penny, the genuine attention paid to the German theme here deserves applause. If nothing else, you have to check out the Oom-Pah lederhosen.

By G W.

Possibly the rudest bar manager I have ever encountered in 15years of London Pub drinking. A pleasant evening spoilt right at the end when the manager grabbed drinks from our hands - no exaggeration -and told us very aggressively to leave. This was at 11.18pm - the reason given was that staff would have to be paid extra past 11.20pm. I would never under any circumstances return, there are plenty of professionally run bars on the area that don't leave you feeling threatened and unwelcome.

By G W.

Possibly the rudest bar manager I have ever encountered in 15years of London Pub drinking. A pleasant evening spoilt right at the end when the manager grabbed drinks from our hands - no exaggeration -and told us very aggressively to leave. This was at 11.18pm - the reason given was that staff would have to be paid extra past 11.20pm. I would never under any circumstances return, there are plenty of professionally run bars on the area that don't leave you feeling threatened and unwelcome.

By Pheebs M.

A big group of us went down there last Friday for someone's birthday. We had an excellent night! They had this brass band playing which really added to the atmosphere, everyone was singing along and dancing on the benches. The beer's great, got a few shots in too - they have a good range of schnapps behind the bar. Only downside for us was that it was absolutely packed which made getting the drinks in pretty difficult. Most of us ate at some point during the night and there were no complaints there. I don't work too far away so I'll definitely be going back at some point. It's worth checking out.

By Cristin B.

Have tried it last week with some colleagues. It seems that Katzenjammers is not run by Germans which makes it not very authentic. Beer is good. Food is kind of funny but has not too much to do with Bavaria. Being German myself I prefer other - more authentic - places in London. We won't go there again.

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