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Keu! comes to Old Street from Hugh Trung Bui, the man behind the acclaimed Viet Grill on Kingsland Road. Keu! specialises in authentic Banh Mi Vietnamese sandwiches, which can be eaten at the venue or taken away.

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"Banh Mi is the famous French and Vietnamese sandwich, an ingenious delicacy that came about during the French colonisation of Vietnam in the mid-nineteenth century. The Banh Mi sandwich is a crusty baguette filled with terrines, meats, lightly pickled vegetables, fragrant herbs and almost always mayonnaise! It has a reputation for being one of the world’s most delicious sandwiches. Our deli, situated on Old Street, provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy this traditional Vietnamese sandwich. Our Banh Mi meats and terrines are prepared in-house by our chefs using a unique blend of herbs and spices. Our baguettes, crucial to the creation of the Banh Mi sandwich, are baked in our kitchen and emerge hot from the oven when you place your order. From our classic sandwich to something a little different like our coconut chicken curry baguette or our veggie option of aubergine and tofu. Not only does our deli create the perfect sandwich we also have a great selection of classic Saigon street food style rice bowls. One of our favourites is our hearty trio of meat rice bowls. This consists of pork belly, honey charsiu pork and roast duck. One of our ever popular bowls is also our fresh mackerel bowl filled with stewed mackerel caramelised fish sauce, galangal & chillies If that wasn’t enough, we also offer a Vietnamese take away service and can deliver to your home or office. So, if you’re looking for sophisticated Asian cuisine on the go, look no further than Hoxton’s Kêu Deli!"

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Keu! reviews

By Anna G.

My new favourite lunchtime spot! Delicious Banh mi, I had the roast spicy duck, devine! A little on the pricey side considering they add a 50p charge on brown bread(!) + add a charge on for card payment under £10, but there's no denying the food is delicious! I intend to make my way through the menu in the next few months...P.S best to takeaway at lunchtime as there's barely any seating

By Laura R.

This new arrival to Old Street is a cute Vietnamese deli where banh mi baguettes are the star of the show. In Vietnam, ‘Kêu’ means ‘that’s fantastic’, revealing the level of enthusiasm from the team behind this project.

The Venue
The Vietnamese Kitchen family has spawned a new deli, sister to Viet Grill on Kingsland Road and Cay Tre, just opposite Kêu! on Old Street. Kêu! stands out from the traditional-looking pubs and restaurants on the street. Its fluorescent green logo pops out from the black background of the deli’s exterior. Bay windows are flung open, and seats running the length of the deli window show off this lively eating spot to passers by.

Once inside, the décor is modern Oriental – black is the dominant colour and a minimal design gives it a simple aesthetic appeal. Staff work away at the deli counter while ducks spin on the rotisserie behind them, generating an inviting smell as you enter the small restaurant floor. Seating is also found to the rear of the deli, where modern lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling.

The Atmosphere
Kêu! Banh Mi Deli is a great place for a spot of lunch. Customers queue up at the counter for a quick baguette on-the-go, while others come in to while away their lunch break in the trendy confines of this cosy establishment. As a consequence, there is a constant flow of traffic across the restaurant floor, which all adds to the buzz about the place. Vietnamese staff are friendly and excited about the food on offer, asking for feedback and keenly checking you enjoyed your meal.

The Food
Primarily a sandwich bar, Kêu! also provides a menu of oriental salads, soups and special lunch boxes. The banh mi on the menu are popular Vietnamese street snacks. Banh mi took their shape during the French colonisation of Vietnam, making them an interesting fusion food. These meat-filled sandwiches are served in crisp and freshly baked baguettes with a thinly spread layer of kewpie mayonnaise. The BBQ pork banh mi (£4.50) is filled with light and crisp flavours that are clean on the palate. The pork is sticky and sweet, and infused with lemongrass. It is accompanied by fresh coriander, lightly pickled Oriental vegetables and fresh cucumber, making it a hugely refreshing, but still meaty, bite to eat.

Other banh mi on the menu includes the pork meatball xiu mai and the classic Kêu! sandwich filled with spiced pork belly, ham terrine and chicken liver pate. Salads and soups are also very reasonable in price. A red sea prawn salad costs just £4, while the stewed herb chicken soup with ginseng costs £3.50. For a little extra, customers can enjoy a Kêu! lunch box, typically comprising a meat dish with rice. The spicy roast duck with steamed greens and rice costs £6, while the popular steamed pork bun is £3.50 and comes with char siu, ear mushrooms, Jamaican yam and sesame seeds.

The Drink
Kêu! serves up a wide selection of teas to maintain the oriental theme, with artichoke, jasmine and green teas all costing £1.70 a cup. Smoothies (£3.50) and specially blended fruit juices (£3) also pack in the best eastern fruits, such as the good morning Vietnam smoothie (£3.50), made with mango, honey, agave nectar and yoghurt. Caravan coffee is used at Kêu!, made from 100% Arabica beans. A cup of cappuccino costs £2.50, is deliciously bitter and packs a punch.

The Last Word
With its Shoreditch location, it’s no surprise that Kêu! is trendy and quirky. Yet what really makes Kêu! exciting is its affordable lunch prices. The banh mi makes for a perfect snack and a great change from your average sandwich. It’s no surprise that staff want to spread the word on just how ‘fantastic’ this form of Vietnamese street food really is.

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