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KOKO is a popular Camden venue featuring regular club nights and live music. Following an extensive refurbishment the venue, originally Camden Palace, was transformed with plush decor and a trendy cabaret feel.

Ranked #11 of 225 clubs in London
Part of the The Mint group

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Fab Night!! Buttoned Down Disco @ KOKO

Went to Buttoned Down Disco @ KOKO start of August. Amazing mix of eclectic music, great crowd/atmosphere (LGBTQ friendly!). Balloons, glitter cannons and a dramatic looking venue it's an ex-theatre so very unique night out. Highly recommended!

By . ..

I love KOKO! Red Stripe? YES! Annie Mac? YES! Definitely going back for Jag Skills next time he's back! BIG UP KOKO!

By Laura J.

KOKO is the dog’s danglers! Frantic smashed it again as always! Such a good venue for a rave! Much better than a standard club! I <3 <3 <3 KOKO! xx

By James W.

Smelly, horrible, dirty. That was the state I ended up in after spending my time in the mosh pit at Koko! Love KOKO

By Dorothy Z.

I came to see Yellowcard here at the beginning of the year, i had never been to the KOKO before but its a lush venue and love the balcony up top where you can watch or you can go down and get in the ruff of it! guess where is the ruff of it and i have a cracking night.

By Cyndy N.

I have come here a couple times for the Annie Mac presents nights and had a banging time! Love Annie Mac and love the KOKO they are the perfect combo.

By Max K.

KOKO is an amazing venue in Camden! I used to know it as the camden palace….yeah i know its been awhile but love the refurb they’ve done makes it look so much more plush and the sound system seems better as well.

By Geof F.

Ive been coming to the KOKO for years to see various bands & DJs, always have a good time and the sounds always pretty good

By Prunela A.

I came to the KOKO to see the Skints at the beginning of the year, i mainly came here to see the band as seen them many times before but loved they had moved up to a bigger venue and the KOKO was an awesome venue! The sounds was good however the drinks were a bit pricey but its a club its kinda what you expect.

By Harry K.

Went to Koko to see a few unknown hip hop bands live and officially Britain has talent!! They were unbelivable!! The place is so good for live music and we will deffo be back

By Percy M.

Koko for me is the best venue for live music eclipsing the ofereings from Brixton, the accoustics are spot on and the staff are great

By Andy C.

Koko - The venue is amazing, the live music is so good but my hint to all you peeps is to drink before you get there and do not turn up as a group of fellas!!

By U. A.

The best club in London for sure! I used to go there a lot, when it used to be Camden Palace. And bin there few times when it's KOKO, and I can admit one thing - it is the cosiest and best club in London for sure! Can't wait till August when I will go there again :)

By Charlie D.

KOKO is perfect. Its my fav London club, and I'm not even that much of an indie kid! The club is right next to the station and easy to find, and staff were real friendly, you get your tickets from a proper glass theatre ticket booth, and they gave us some free badges :) did I mention entry was a fiver?

The venue is incredible, its an old refurbed theatre, which three floors and several bars, and you can stand up the top and look over the banister at the dancefloor below. We got there about 10ish on a Friday when the bands are playing. First they played some old school indie stuff mixed with the latest club music which was fantastic! My friend isn't into indie music but when your tipsy and the bands playing you really get into it! Even if you don't like the bands they're only on twice for 1/2 hour at a time, then its party the rest of the night. The drinks were super cheap, they had £1 apple sours shots and about £3 for a bottle of beer/smirnoff ice, whatever. Overall an awesome night.

Its a shame people shy away from the indie nights on a friday because their put off. Dont be! The club nights on a saturday are more expensive to get in to, more packed and the drinks are more expensive. On a friday its full but not too full, the drinks and entry are super cheap and they play basically the same music. Five stars :)

By Amanda E.

You can knock yourself out @ Kokos cause this is a great club. As a tourist this was my first night out in London and I had some pretty high expectations and I can promise you that i wasn't disappointed. Great music, wonderful interior, good bar och fresh toilets. Also nice staff and great people. Love it!

By Naomi A.

Never had a bad night here! Well worth a bit of a queue at the weekend and I've never had to queue that long. Great atmosphere, interesting people and great music. You cant go wrong!

By Lisa S.

I went to KoKo For the 1st time as recomended by a friend i went to a night called Funkinyou and what a Fantastic Night all i can say is if you have not been yet then you are missing out!!!The Music was Great i have had blisters for a weeks from non stop Dancing,It had the best stage entertainment i have ever seen in a london club i felt like i was in Ibiza!The crowd were great and the staff friendly what more can you want from a night out.Oh and i got a free membership card through this week so i can get in cheaper at the next one an all round bargain.

By Louise A.

This is one of my favourite London clubs - I saw Bloc Party play here a few years ago and the atmosphere was great! Not overpriced, no chavs!/ pretentious wannabes and the venue itself is great; a good size, amazing decor and the bouncers are surprisingly decent! Will definitely be returning soon...

By Daniel R.

Great venue, had a blast!! Going to see Katy Perry there in Febuary!! WOOO!! Its gonna be such a fun night... KoKo is great as they have lotsa of different themed nights from indie bands playing to hip hop stars to dance/trance nights!! Killer club!!

By M H.

Interesting what the reviewer said about Buttoned Down Disco at KOKO.... we turned up early after ringing KOKO and chatting to a friendly young lady who told us to turn up early as everyone get in free for the 1st hour... I imagine this is why there were queues later, a friendly doorman also lent us an umbrella. We had a fantastic night, I love the venue (my first time there) and loved the music, will definitely be back next month. WE HAD A BLAST!!!

By Reine H.

Went here to see Pendulum play for Itunes festival Decoration is fantastic and very cabaret and staff are polite. One of the best nights of my life but could do with some toilet staff and air con. Also drinks could be cheaper for camden. On the whole great if your young and up for a ride in the mosh pit

By K.

Oh my God, club KOKO is absolutely wicked. I loved it and can't wait til I go back. It has the best air con (I could actully breath) and isn't too rammed. And you get served at the bar. I loved KOKO and can't wait to the next drum n bass night there.

By L.

It was my first time at KoKo and I thought it was wicked. My older brother Ricky said he would take me for a good night out and he wasn't wrong. I would definitely go to KoKo again, Sam is a legend.

By D.

Breakin Science at KoKo on New Years Eve was so heavy...I went with my boyfriend and a few other mates and I swear it was one of the best nights out in my life lol!! The people were having the time of their lives and raving it out!! KoKo actually got Shaba and Eksman doing a set together!

By Andrew M.

I went to KoKo at a Breakin Science rave! It was the best I've been to so far. I've been to most clubs round London but KoKo is definitely my favourite, plenty of room to chill and dance and a really good atmosphere! Excellant venue!

By L.

Went to Breakin' Science at KoKo on New Years Eve. As I came from Reading I was a bit unsure how to take it.

Turned out to be wicked, the best night for ages. I highly recommend KoKo, and those london boys are so sexy!

By P.

KoKo is a wicked night out. Love the venue and the crowd. KoKo is well worth a look.

By B.

KoKo is an amazing venue, especially when Breakin Science are hosting a night there. Being from Dover it's a long treck up to KoKo but worth the effort. Looking forward to the next drum and bass rave.

By P.

With a mix of live music and commercial rock music, KoKo is definitely a place to have fun and it's not for the wannabe cool types. KoKo has got two thumbs up from me and I can't wait to go again. The only bad thing would be the security staff.

By D.

I recently went to see Mudhoney at KoKo and they were bloody great! Although I missed the Melvins!

KoKo is a great venue, but I did have some trouble with the cloakroom. Well worth going though!

By I.

Koko is amazingly refurbished, the new venue brings up a dream night out! Beautiful people, great music and friendly staff, definately a must see!

By Cat M.

Formerly known as the Camden Palace amongst other names, KOKO is a stunning live music venue with a rich history and it’s still one of the best the capital has to offer.

The Venue
Situated in the quieter end of Camden, by Mornington Crescent tube, KOKO is an iconic music venue which attracts crowds of all ages.

Originally a theatre, as soon as you enter its doors you get a feel for the venue, and the real fun begins. A fetching crimson hue illuminates the walls giving it somewhat of a sophisticated boudoir feel.

As its spread out on many different levels, you can wander about trying to find the best spot for your evening’s entertainment. If you are here for a gig, the best place to head is downwards, as it gets you nearer the stage and all the action. The second floor is more decadent with plush sofas and has a more chilled out vibe, which is great for club nights. And it’s from here you can gain access to the roof terrace. KOKO have introduced a scheme where on Fridays, non-ticket holders can come and enjoy a few cheap drinks in the comfort of the venue whilst watching the world go by on the streets of Camden. The terrace is just below the famous KOKO sign and offers a really pleasant experience, particularly when the sun is out.

The Atmosphere
If you are coming for a gig, KOKO has fantastic acoustics and there are many places to watch the stage. For club nights, you are free to roam all over and that makes your night a bit more fun. There are plenty of places to sit and chill out which can be essential if you’re doing an all-nighter. For those of you checking out the roof terrace, which is a sublimely chilled experience, if a major sporting event is on, it will be played on the flat screens.

The Music
Whether you’re at KOKO to see your favourite band or for one of their regular club nights, KOKO has music genres to suit most tastes. On Fridays there’s the weekly Club NME night, where you get a combination of a couple of live acts and an indie club night afterwards. On the last Saturday of the month Guilty Pleasures resides, offering the best in sing-out-loud pop music. Once a month on a Saturday the beautifully eclectic Buttoned Down Disco invades the doors of KOKO, but it is invite only so make sure your name's down. Periodically they host funk, rave and electro nights. Just check out the listings as Saturday nights are always different.

The Drink
The booze on offer isn’t really inspiring, but hey you’re in a gig/club venue so what do you expect? No draught pints unfortunately, but you can have a can of Becks or Red Stripe in an attractive plastic pint glass for £3.70, which isn’t too disastrous. Wine starts at £2.50 for a fairly decent tipple, and a spirit mixer is £3.70, again actually quite affordable compared with other venues.

The Last Word
KOKO is a fantastic venue to watch a band, hit the dance floor or simply enjoy a social drink. It ticks all the boxes and is one of the best venues of its ilk in London.

By P.

After reading earlier reviews on KOKO I was apprehensive as to whether I would enjoy the night. However, I am a fan of the Hed Kandi music label so I just had to attend their debut at KOKO on Saturday 23rd April. Ok, so what was my own verdict then? KOKO was absolutely fantastic! I had a great night. Obviously not many people can dispute the venue itself is superb. So much can be done with it. It all boils down to the music being played. That's what develops the atmosphere in any venue. Good quality funky house music delivered by a great team is what carries the night along in my opinion. Everyone was on a high and so very happy & friendly. My advice to people who like KOKO as a venue but are not sure about the music is to turn up on the 4th Saturday in the month when the Hed Kandi team are playing. I think you'll love it!

By D.

I thought KoKo's was actually one of the best places I have been to however, it lacks something, but I still don't know what that is. The music DJ is excellent but the bands are usually crap. I went there and saw Towers of london and they were shit! But then on another occasion I saw Babyshambles, and they certainly were not a shambles. KoKo is my party place, I love it, and it's cheap!

By J.

Koko is a big improvement over what was around before. Maybe the music can be improved but it really has a fantastic feel to it now. Great for big groups & party events.

By J.

Koko is the best night club I've been since I arrived in London...Great music, beautiful people...a night I will remember forever...

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