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Kulu Kulu Sushi is a relaxed Japanese venue popular among locals and visitors to the area alike, with comfortable seating areas and stylish, modern decor.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 12:00-14:30 & 17:00-22:00
Sun Closed

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Kulu Kulu Sushi reviews

By Andrew M.

Kulu Kulu Sushi has to be one of my favorite 'fast food' places in London. The decor is minimal and the containers with wasabi and ginger are a bit basic, but I think it all adds to the character of the place.

Kulu Kulu Sushi is great for a quick lunch or dinner while out bar hopping!

By Sam B.

My favourite sushi place in London - excellent food, reasonable prices, and it feels very authentic. There’s a couple of other Kulu Kulu’s around, but I have found the Brewer St one is the best.

By Helen P.

I went to Kulu Kulu with a friend on an uninspiring day in February having read mixed reviews but a good recommendation from a friend.

It was great, enough for us to eat 19 plates of sushi between us! The decor is uninspiring but it is made up for by the satisfyingly fresh food. This place is everything yo sushi wants to be.

It was really good value for money, the place and the food was clean and the staff were polite and friendly. Worth the wait for a table which just proved its popularity was deserved.

By Stephen F.

I was at Kulu Kulu Sushi in 1998 and 1999 and it was the best ever! Now I came back in May 2007 and it still looked the same. Unfortunately the food is not that tasty anymore, just average.

By L.

After reading some rather unenthusiastic reviews for YO! Sushi I decided to opt for Kulu Kulu Sushi to see what they had to offer. Don't allow the rather uninspred surroundings put you off. The quality and price of the food on offer was fantastic.

Everything my group tried at Kulu Kulu Sushi was fresh and delicious. You can help yourself to as much green tea as you like and a dazzling array of condiments and neccesities are within easy reach. The average price for food and drink was £10.00 per person and we were hungry. Each of us had a rather embarressing stack of plates in front of us by the end of the meal! Arrive early between 12:00 and 12:30 to get seats together.

By L.

The initial impression upon entering Kulu Kulu Sushi was that of a basic eatery with tired decor. The service was indifferent with no offer of drinks or explanation of procedures. We discovered the plate pricing just before leaving which was all very reasonable and on a par with Gili Gulu price wise, but a very poor second on quality of the food.

The chef was using his bare hands to prepare the sushi and was scooping rice from various containers. Plus, all items on the conveyor belt were uncovered. The tempura chicken had uncooked pieces in it. When we pointed this out to the host, he agreed that it was not cooked and offered to cook more, but there was no apology. We settled up and left. Kulu Kulu Sushi is a never again experience.

By C.

Kulu Kulu Sushi isby far the best sushi in town. This is no frills fast food at its freshest and worth the short wait if there's a queue.

By F.

My partner and I decided to sample Sushi for the 1st time and after reading good reviews tried Kulu Kulu Sushi...I was a little disappointed with the service from the waitress, who took an age to seat us and then didn't come back to take a drink order. I think it was more to do with the fact that we didn't arrive until late, nearly 10pm (staff were starting to clear up!). We were disappointed with the shabbiness of the restaurant too...but I agree with others, there was a charm about Kulu Kulu! However the food was delicious and the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly, we would definitely go again...we'll be trying other restaurants serving sushi very soon, but Kulu Kulu was a friendly inexpensive introduction to good food.

By S.

I am huge fan of Kulu Kulu Sushi! My friends and I try to get there a couple of times a month. The salmon sashima is wonderfully fresh and the handrolls are sensational!

Watching the sushi prepared in front of you is fascinating and the staff are friendly and efficient. I particularly appreciate the cleanliness of Kulu Kulu Sushi as I often find this lacking in London's eating out venues. Kulu Kulu Sushi's got my vote!

By H.

Kulu Kulu Sushi serves superb sushi and is excellent value for money - the Tuna Sashimi in particular was beautiful. Kulu Kulu Sushi is all about the food as the decor was a little shabby and the plastic containers of wasabi and ginger were basic but that added to the authenticity of the place. After delicious Miso soup, five plates and a medium pot of hot sake, I had only spent £13 and tottered off to the theatre feeling I had made a great discovery in Kulu Kulu Sushi. I'll be back!

By S.

Worst sushi in London. My girlfriend and I went for some pre-theatre food. I was utterly disappointed having read some favourable reviews to find that all the fish was less than fresh, and often off colour. The sushi was poorly made and the noodles were tepid and tasteless. The only good thing was the tofu.

By K.

Went to Kulu Kulu last week on a friend's recomendation and found it to be quite delicious! It's rather small and quaint, seats not overly comfortable (particularly if you're wearing a skirt!) and I have to admit I was slightly put off by the old tissue boxes on the counter and the plastic vats of ginger and wasabi left out. However, moving on to the positives, the food was delicious and of a good standard. You can watch the chefs as they chop up the sashimi and it was all really fresh and tasty. Highlight of the evening? The heart-shaped 'Miso soup' sign which trundles along the conveyor belt all night - priceless! And the soup was good too. K x

By S.

Kulu Kulu is an old favourite of mine. The food is amazing - very fresh and a great variety - and is also brilliant value for money. There is always plenty of ginger, wasabi and green tea on hand.

If you eat there in the evenings it is wise to know that they close fairly early (around 10pm) so go around 7pm. Kulu Kulu is as close to the real thing as you will get in London, apparently, and the large number of Japanese who eat in there is testamony to this. Yo! Sushi and all of those other faux Japanese eateries just don't compare.

By A.

I found Kulu Kulu Sushi much more welcoming than some of the bigger sushi bars in london and it also had a great mix of sushi.

By Fong C.

At Kulu Kulu you sit around a conveyer belt and wait for your food to come to you. It’s reasonably healthy, quick and tasty Japanese faire, with a selection of sushi, sashimi and a few pleasant surprises.

The Venue
About 30 diners sit around a conveyer belt where small plates of going round and round which you pick up yourself, thus dispensing with bad service for good. The chef prepares the dishes in the middle in a no-nonsense fashion. It’s great for a quick bite if you’re in a small group.

The Atmosphere
It may seem unfair to describe Kulu Kulu as basic, but that’s exactly what it is and that’s what makes it so great. There’s no need for jazzy decor or fancy paintings on the wall. The food is decorative enough as it is. There’s not a shred of pretention and with no waiters to take your order, there’s no chance of embarrassing yourself with mispronunciation either.

There’s barely even a menu – not that it’s needed when the dishes goes round and round and you can just pick up what you fancy. The clientele comprises mostly of shabby media types, small groups and lone diners. It’s free from students and City boys. With everyone sitting next to each other, it gets very cozy.

The Food
At busy times you’re only allowed to stay at Kulu Kulu for 45 minutes. Bearing in mind there’s no time lapse for your waiter to come to your table and bring you your food, this is ample time to exhaust the selection of dishes going around the belt.

It’s a pretty standard selection of salmon and tuna maki rolls and sashimi. The hand-rolled prawn tempura is divine and still manages to feel healthy, despite being deep-fried, wrapped in crispy seaweed and stuffed full of creamy avocado. The teriyaki chicken and salmon are perfectly sticky and sweet, and every so often you get a little gem coming round, like fresh oysters with a sprinkling of paprika.

Dessert doesn’t really feature in Oriental cuisine, so you won’t find anything groundbreaking at Kulu Kulu. Sliced melon and pineapple is pretty much all that’s on offer.

The Drink
Free unlimited green tea is what most diners are drinking. Japanese beers like Asahi are also available. The wine list is sparse, but satisfactory. Pinot Grigio is about as posh as it gets here.

The Last Word
Sushi used to have a reputation for being the cuisine of rich bankers and mildly eccentric health freaks. At Kulu Kulu it’s made to feel homely and accessible. There’s plenty more than raw fish going around the table, and it’s all delicious.

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