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Kyashii is a chic restaurant that offers Japanese and pan Asian cuisine. The interior features four unique dining areas, a sushi bar and a champagne lounge.

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Opening Hours

12:00 - 14:45, 18:00 - 22:45


12:00 - 14:45, 18:00 - 22:45


12:00 - 14:45, 18:00 - 22:45


12:00 - 14:45, 18:00 - 23:15


12:00 - 14:45, 18:00 - 23:15


12:00 - 14:45, 18:00 - 23:15



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Kyashii reviews

By Josh C.

A perfect example of style over substance. Overall Kyashii was a very disappointing experience i will be amazed if they are around for too long, the food was average, the decor was too bling and the service was haphazard.

By Andrew B.

I was very excited about dining in this restaurant, at first glance it looked edgy, fresh and exciting. But looks can be deceiving. Firstly, the two of us entered the place which seemed fairly unoccupied yet surprisingly noisy. I wasn't sure if we were being led downstairs into a strip club or a nightclub, but we arrived at a little confined room surrounded by fishtanks which was very loud indeed due to a large table of fully grown 'chavs' drinking and barking at nearly full volume. A nice quiet couple beside us looked as distressed as ourselves at the situation. We decided that we needed to move somewhere else and the staff kindly accommodated this (otherwise we would have left). Not surprisingly, the couple beside us then followed our example. The new room (next door) was nice and spacious, not to mention quiet. The service was nice but perhaps a little over the top and unnecessarily pretentious as we were served by two many different people including a guy in a suit. Because of this It almost seemed like some kind of surreal themed gangster experience rather than cool, slick and sophisticated. The food was well presented and well prepared but the portion sizes were insubstantial (to be kind), especially at those prices. Our sushi roll for £12.50 was no more than a mouthful. Our main sizes were totally inadequate, probably not even the size of an equivalent (reasonably priced) starter. For £15+ each I would have expected much more. We didn't bother with dessert and left knowing that this would be our one and only Kyashii experience. Unfortunately, this place is nothing like it could be.

By Dougie H.

Just not worth the price (especially with an assumed 12.5% service charge!) and needs to really sort out some of its weak points. Some of the food was good but at other points it really missed. You can taste that they use quality ingredients but the quality of preparation does not follow suit, and the same goes for the cocktails (obviously fresh fruit but not well mixed). I sense that they are following an ethic of 'spend lots of money and the quality will see to itself', and must assume that the customers are the same. Service I thought was ok till I was left waiting 5 minutes for my noodles when the rest of our food was going cold right in front of us. No apologies for this at all. I suggest they stop putting an extra 12.5% to the bill. I might have been inclined to leave something for the staff in cash and possibly return one day, but after a rather mediocre experience it was just not deserved. They are crossed off my list and I wish somewhere more affordable and frankly better).

By Tiger T.

Horrible experience. Complete waste of money. Unsuitable for special occassions. Warning - will ruin your day. Had a booking but instead of getting seated, we were told to wait with no explanation as to why or indication for how long. Incompetent staff, poorly trained. Rude manager. Poor service. Ridiculous serivce charge rate. So annoyed I didn't refuse to pay. I just wanted to get out of there asap. Absolutely horrible. Food was not good. Set menu stated we had a choice between three selections but they didn't even ask. Despite pointing it out to the waiter. Complete waste of time and money. Do not bother!

By Nick A.

What a lovely place! The service was very good and the staff were very helpful as I didn't understand whats, what when it comes to Chinese food! Would recommend the King Prawn or Dragon Roll as favourite of mine!! Stunning Decor, beautiful bar area!! Shall be coming back with friends!!!

By James D.

Save your cash. Dont bother going to this over priced restaurant. They messed up our booking, service was poor, food was very poor and the prices were ridiculous frankly. We had the set course meal (a real bargain at £50 a head (supposedly with a 50% discount RRP £100) and the amount of actual food must have been about £2 each. Save yourselves the effort. You will be dissappointed.

By Olivia F.

I have always walked past this place and been amazed by the wall length fish tanks and modern decor. I finally decided to try it the other week with a friend and was sorry it had taken me so long! Delicious food, excellent service and would definitely return.

By Mike P.

We went there on a deal of 7 courses for £26 each instead of the usual £58 per head. Even though it was reduced the food was simply ok and nothing to write home about...all very average. Service was ok. We wanted to take advantage of the cocktail menu 2-4-1 offer but were told we could not do so at the table so went to the upstairs bar for it. Then we were told we had to have the same cocktail each and when they were made they were well short of a full glass. The meal was rather rushed. The courses were all ok, but skin was on the chicken, the soup was watery and overall I was pleased that we did not pay the £58 per head for the tasting emnu which would have been an total rip off. £26 per head was more than enough. The place is very nicely fitted out, but the food needs to match. Disappointing. Not recommended and we won't be back.

By Annie W.

Had an amazing time here having some birthday cocktails for a friends 21st. Staff were very friendly and had a buzzing atmosphere. And it helped that the cocktails were delicious!

By Kate R.

Went here on a Groupon deal for a 7 course taster menu. It was billed as being £116 worth of food and my partner and I went to celebrate our 6 year anniversary as we thought it would be special. We were wrong. The 7 courses were all edible but just more like sushi bar quality than a top restaurant eg bog standard sushi and miso soup. We couldn't help but feel they saw we were Groupon customers so they gave us the basic alternatives as other meals we saw brought out seemed a lot more interesting. Service was also a shambles. At first we were told there wasn't a wine list until another waiter passed by and dropped one off to us. We asked for advice on which wine to choose and got blank stares. The wine they eventually brought was barely drinkable. All 7 courses were brought out in a little over an hour leaving us feeling rushed and under pressure. Service charge was automatically added and I'm still kicking myself for not insisting they remove it (not wanting to cause a fuss) as we were thoroughly disappointed by the whole experience.

By Anastasia K.

the place is very chic, the food was amazing when i went there it was a weekend and the place was very crowded. stylish ambience for food that is ‘spectacular, tasty, healthy’, and not that expensive for what you get. AK

By Kellie W.

I've been to Kyashii a few times now and have to say I keep coming back, the bar upstairs is like a hanging bar so you get the whole atmosphere from the ground level too which is quite cool! We decided to have dinner early and then go up to the bar to enjoy the rest of the night last Thursday, the restaurant was quite buzzy already when we arrived at 7pm and we were given a lovely table towards the back and I must say we felt quite looked after throughout dinner, I tried the lobster this time and I think it has to be my favourite dish now, I could have eaten two! The wine list isn't fabulous but the cocktails are - so recommend you go for those, I had the gene genie (think I got the name right! - if your a fan of coriander and lemongrass its gorgeous!)

By Andrew J.

Everythings were spot on here! Greeted at the door by GM Andrew & his team of angels, than we had some amazing cocktails at the mezzanine lounge before dinner. Food was exceptional, we specially like the Kyashii Sashimi and Sushi Platters. Fish were so fresh and tasty, prsentations were great too. My partner's from Japan and she totally agreed with me. For main she chose Black Cod and myself Wasabi Prawn, both were delightful, compliment to the chef. The futuristic design and those amazing fish tanks made up an unforgettable dinning experience for us!

By Haung J. add on my previous review, I have just saw Kyashii came second on 'Top 10 Japanese Restaurant in London' in one of the London foodie website! Awesome, highly recommend this place:)

By Haung J.

My boyfriend and I went to Kyashii last Friday and it was amazing! The sushi platter was the best I have even had and Dragon Roll was devine. Service was attentive and friendly, can't wait to go back:)

By Greg Q.

I was greeted by nice staffs before my meal. After my meal, when my friends and I were about to leave at 11pm, the friendly staffs became extremely rude. They are fake and do not like their jobs. They were tired which I understand, but they took their anger out on us by glaring at us, and rolling their eyes and huffing. The guard at the front door went out for a cigarette and gave us dirty looks.

By Greg Q.

Absolutely aweful - coming from an Englishman who has been brought up in East London. Listen to other bad reviews, they speak the truth. I am ashamed for the Japanese owner and I wasted a few £100s for nothing. Not all 'famous' people who have visited it, got the finest taste buds on earth. Do not waste your time/effort/money/space on this place. Lots of good Japanese restaurants in London...definitely not this one. It may be argued that Yo! Sushi can be even better than this restaurant. Please don't the same mistake as I did by visiting this restaurant

By Rob R.

trust the previous reviews; this restaurant is absolutely not worth a visit. As a Japanese brought up in England, I am ashamed of what this restaurant has to offer. The food is too overpriced for what it is, service is horrendously slow, and furthermore, what kind of Japanese menu have Bok Choy stir fried with pine nuts?! This is the kind of food they serve. The atmosphere is chic in terms of 30 years ago or so; the rooms are lit up way to bright with fluro-yellow lights, you feel like you're in a massive fish tank (gives you a headache to be honest), and soul Jamaican music is a Japanese restaurant. Come on now...we can all do this at home. So many Japanese restaurants to choose from... NOT THIS. I am trying to save you about £300 for a meal of 2.

By Charmaine L.

I have been looking for a restuarant within London that has a private room and came across Kyashii. I went to view the room about a week ago after work and was shown around by the manager Andrew. I work in a bank and was dressed in my smart trousers but was dressed in my uggs and warm jacket as it was cold. (maybe they thought i whould wear 6 inch heels as it does look like a nightclub)After viewing Andrew said that he would email me a menu and that i could book the room and i have not heard from him since despite emailing twice to chase as his PA Maggie. How unprofessional that the service was rubbish even before i booked! I have now managed to get a michelin starred restuarant with a private dining room for even cheaper and better terms than that stupid little room with fish around it! Kayashii please you are a hype maybe if you stopped believing your own hype and worrying about those silly fish and concentrate on customer service, etiquette and basic manners. 1. You may get better reviews 2. You may actually get some service from professionals who are willing to pay good money! Ridiculous!

By Steph W.

Really boring, hideously overpriced Japanese food overly sweet on tiny plates. This is not actually upmarket japanese food, it's simply overpriced japanese food on taster plates to justify the 70 pound cost. Went there with a voucher so paid significantly less but still felt ripped off at the end. If you want delicious Japanese food, there are much better places in Soho and Golders Green that charge less. If you want upmarket, amazing japanese there's always So in Soho and Dinings. The sushi was not as fresh as it could be and doused in mayonnaise. Cold edamame with some sea salt was considered a tasting dish (bah seriously??). Many of the courses also arrived cold because they were prepared and sat in the fridge which isn't very nice. The cocktails are really bland and weak. Also rushed through the whole tasting menu in a record 45 minutes. The upsides? The hilarious posh lady sitting beside me with her 12 year old son who was divulging her problems to him like he was some poor sod on his first date, the floor staff are really nice (front desk people think they're running a club a la door bitch style and a bit rude). I can't stand places like this that are fitted out beautifully who think that a fancy restaurant means they can sell overpriced, westernised and mediocre versions food of the latest trendy cuisine and people who just want to be seen can run around saying they love X food. Never again. I'd be much more annoyed if i'd actually paid the full 70.

By Dapper D.

nice settings love the fish tanks, but too long to wait for food to arrive, my advise is to have some drinks then grab sushi from tobiko's down the road!

By Kelly H.

You don’t get much fresher than fish swimming around in aquariums. Luckily these don’t appear on your plate although the sushi is so fresh you may begin to wonder...

The Venue
Spread across three floors with an upstairs mezzanine bar, a ground floor and a basement restaurant, Kyashii’s spacious setting is its first major plus point. Upon entering the glamour is obvious with low lighting, a gleaming bar and a feeling of decadence that comes from its previous incarnation as members only bar Kingly Club St Martin’s Lane. For a night with the real wow factor head downstairs. The dark mirrored stairway and corridors are a little hard to traverse at first but stay with it and you’ll suddenly be thrust into one of the gleaming white, bright basement dining areas. White floors, white walls, white ceilings, glass white tables with accompanying leather sofas and chairs in, you guessed it, white could have been overkill if it wasn’t broken up by clever decorative touches. Circles of blue cover the walls and the centrepiece of the space – two huge blue aquariums filled with colourful fish – adds punch to the room. Neon yellow uplights complete the look, adding some much needed warmth. You’ll be hard pushed not to be impressed.

The Atmosphere
When it was the Kingly Club, this venue was borderline pretentious and even a little smug. Now, the doormen are friendly and welcoming and it’s far more laid back. Although many of the customers do get glammed up, especially on the weekend when visiting the upstairs bar, you will also spy groups of friends in trainers and jeans enjoying cocktails and sushi in the restaurant. It’s an interesting mix that adds some much needed depth to Kyashii that it previously lacked. The staff are efficient and friendly although sometimes you may feel a little forgotten if you’re in the basement but you'll soon lose track of time when staring at the beautiful aquariums, so it hardly seems to matter.

The Food
If you want to experience Kyashii and not pay too much for the privilege you can pick at the sharing dishes whilst drinking cocktails rather than splashing out on three courses. Dishes include generously portioned hot edamame in a spicy, tomato and garlic sauce (£4), perfectly seasoned minced pork gyoza with a delicate balance of spices (£5.50) or skewers with some unusual choices like a rich, intensely flavoured pork neck skewer or meaty eel skewer (both £2.50 per skewer).

Disappointing (given the quality of the other dishes), however, is the Kyashii tempura (£15). Bland and under seasoned, it doesn't do justice to the plump king prawn, squid, white fish, aubergine, shitake mushroom, sweet potato and asparagus, as all the flavours disappear in the bland batter. Far better is the delicious, extremely fresh sashimi and sushi with plump pieces of rich, flavoursome fish simply presented on plates of ice.

The stand out dish, however, is the foie gras sushi set. Didn’t think foie gras and sushi went together? Think again. The rich, meaty fois gras perfectly complements the fresh, light fish. Delicious. If you want something more substantial then main dishes are available such as an incredibly well flavoured, rich piece of black cod fillet marinated in miso to give the fish a delicate saltiness, best accompanied by the beautifully cooked steamed rice (£3).

The Drink
Drinks in the restaurant take a back seat to the food with a surprisingly tiny choice of wine, well priced with most bottles coming in between £20-£30. A selection of cocktails designed to accompany the sushi with fresh citrus flavours are a clever addition to the menu as are the sakes and appertifs.

The Last Word
Kyashii has really benefitted from becoming a venue in its own right, leaving the Kingly Club far behind. A glamorous restaurant experience with a laid back atmosphere, it’s certainly got off to a fantastic start.

By Daniel S.

Went there on Friday night - the bar was lively and the service was great, had a few drinks before we sat down for our food. The decor is impressive and it has an unusual layout which sets it apart for restaurants of this type. The food was very good and teh service was excellent. I will be going back in 2 weeks for my birthday. Dan S

By Bonnie P.

I heard about this new restaurant from a friend so had to try it with a bunch of girlfriend, we had dinner there on a saturday night, and considering myself a very picky eater - was entirely impressed! The service was immaculate (i tipped the waitress well which I could afford to do because the prices were excellent! No meagre sized Nobu meals here!) as was the surroundings. The main dining room has fish tanks in the walls all around and to accompany that an excellent sound track at just the right volume of beautiful music! The cocktails were excellent I personally favoured the Alice in Wonderland - my friends were drinking some champagne infusions, I can't quite remember what they were called. We decided to order a diverse selection of dishes which was a fantastic idea as everything was absolutely delicious! My absolute favourite was the Jumbo King Prawns with Shitake Mushrooms in some sort of creamy sauce. The Yakitori melted in my mouth and the chili edamame was the best I've ever had! 100% best upper class Japanese cuisine I have had in London. Definitely recommend it to everyone!

By Kerry L.

What an amazing place. Conveniently located by Leicester Square tube station. Started up in the Champagne bar - excellent & original cocktail menu expertly shaken by Kay. Can recommend the Bellisimi, Kya martini and the unusual lychee & rose water martini. Fabulous food - we had the lamb and tempura. Complete feeling of luxury with great service but very affordable. Cant wait to go back and try the sushi menu.

By Iman A.

I went to Kyashii recently with some friends and was utterly blown away by the food! Everything was to die for. The menu sounded so mouth watering that my friends and I couldn't decide what to get so we ordered a whole bunch of stuff, starting with some tempura and spicy edamame beans, followed by a huge king prawn in some kind of wasabi sauce which was great, lots of yummy sushi and this amazing black cod that could put Nobu's to shame any day! It melted in my mouth - it was food heaven. The service was great too, the staff were very presentable and friendly and there was always a constant flow of food so we were never left waiting long in between courses. The cocktails were great too - would definitely suggest the Alice in Wonderland and the Precious! Lovely intimate setting with really groovy background music playing. Great for a night out with friends and would also be good for a date or client lunch/dinner. Love it! Nice bathrooms too! Kyashii is definitely worth checking out, I will most certainly go back there.

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