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La Cage Imaginaire is an intimate restaurant serving French and Mediterranean cuisine. A selection of fine wines are also available to enjoy during your meal.

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Opening Hours
Daily 11:30-23:30

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La Cage Imaginaire reviews

By Andrew M.

La Cage Imaginaire in Hampstead was a very disappointing experience. In fact, I would say that I left this restaurant feeling cheated. A two course lunch menu is boldly advertised on an outdoor sign as £11.95. What you are not told is that the cover charge and enforced tip adds on another £3.00. There is no mention of the cover charge until you receive the bill. I also believe that tipping is a discretionary decision. The service at La Cage Imaginaire was rude. The restaurant was empty and I was asked to sit on a cramped table behind the door. I asked to sit on the next table and was told that I could not because they did not wish to clean that table’s cloth after my visit. A strange excuse as they would need to clean the cloth on the table at which I was seated. Are such excuses a part of good restaurant service? Later, two customers arrived and they were told that they could sit anywhere in the restaurant. There was a disdainful and snooty attitude from La Cage Imaginaire toward my custom. I suspect that the one waiter was either the manager or owner. The food was a mixture of overcooked and undercooked cheap ingredients. The gazpacho soup had a heavy layer of oil floating on the top and with every spoonful you could see and taste the oil. The coq au vin consisted of three small, seemingly cheap chicken thighs which had an unappetizing flavour and brown sour secretions . The courgettes were overcooked and soggy and the potato dauphinois were undercooked and had a school dinners' flavour to them. La Cage Imaginaire refused to accept my cheque with a guarantee card which I found offensive and unusual. I suspect that this was down to laziness rather than what was possible.

By Viv S.

If you haven’t been to Hampstead you should. Jump on the northern line and spend the day wondering the Dickensian streets and browsing the boutiques. Its quite a magical place. La Cage Imaginaire is a very nice French restaurant.

By James J.

Top quality meal in a top quality restaurant! La Cage Imaginaire made me think I was in a top Los Angeles eaterie. The dining area is clean and simple and they really make the most out of a quaint little space. First time I've ever tried Apricot Cheesecake and it was delightful

By Kay Q.

All my work colleagues are always banging on about Hampstead so I thought I would go and have a look for myself. Well they were right, although I wont be telling them that, the place is quite wonderful. We chanced upon La Cage Imaginaire which is a beautiful little French bistro. So now I have something to bang on about to them

By Kay Q.

The hubby and I went for a romantic meal here and the intimate setting really made it for me. Every part of decor was beautiful, simple and elegant. The french food was wonderful and we both agreed it was a place we need to re-visit again soon.

By Tom T.

Imaginaire is one of those places you keep wanting to come back to. It’s a real gem in my area and I love the fact its often busy but you never feel overwhelmed or over crowded.

By Bryan T.

I frequently come here as it’s my favorite local restaurant and I have yet to find fault with it. Every visit I get good service and good food, and no matter who I’ve taken there, they have always been impressed.

By Michael K.

What a delightful little French restaurant in Hampstead! La Cage Imaginaire feels like you've hopped on a ferry over the channel and are enjoying a lunch in a quaint Parisian cafe. Its closeness to the tube station is also a big bonus

By Vera D.

Can’t say I am in Hampstead much but La Cage Imaginaire is always the Destination for me and the wife when in the area. Such a nice and intimate Restaurant with quality French food.

By Callum W.

I was pleasantly surprised with La Cage Imaginaire, I thought we were going to get fairly bog standard French food, based solely on the prices, we were pleasantly surprised.

By Aaron P.

La Cage Imaginaire is a really nice French restaurant in the wonderful setting. You really could be on a back street in a Parisian quarter. The food is pretty reasonable and the service is impeccable. Highly recomeneded.

By David M.

Having spent most of my working life in France I was really pleased to find La Cage Imaginaire in one of my favourite parts of London. This place really could be a restaurant in Paris, just with better service. If you want to eat like a Frenchmen then go and have a look for yourself.

By Sophie B.

La Cage Imaginaire is small and serves nice French food. The prices are pretty reasonable at £5 for a starter and £10 for a main. We didn’t have the appetite to eat anymore but if you could I think deserts were a fiver too. If I found myself in Hampstead again I would go back but I would prefer to try their dinner menu

By Daphne B.

We were recommended La Cage Imaginaire by a colleague. We had to head to hamptsead for a kids birthday party, so after depositing the kids we slipped out for a quick bite to eat. It’s a bijou place but the food is stunning and well worth a visit. There weren’t any kids dining whilst we were and it didn’t look like the place that they would enjoy. Anyway after a 2 course lunch and a bottle dry white we were just about ready to leave the kids at the party for ever!

By Terry J.

The great French food at La Cage Imaginaire is really something to behold, and after my dinner there at the weekend I have been unable to forget about it. It helps also that the decor is effortlessly classy yet subtle and the waiting staff are very pleasant indeed. It is restaurants such as this that make London such a wonderful and diverse place to eat...I will definitely be going back.

By Dean T.

I ate here a year ago and fathomed that this restaurant was nothing to write home about. But last week my friend recommended I go back as he was impressed with the food and service. I reluctantly went with my wife and it was a much better improvement on my previous experience. Food was tasty and service was much better, service with a smile as they say. Its safe to say don't judge a restaurant on one sitting I suppose, as I am now eating humble pie!!

By Oliver H.

La Cage Imaginaire screams Parisian chick from ever fibre and when I dined here recently I lapped it up! The food was impressive as was the service, will recommend to friends to come here again in the future.

By David M.

Charming little place that reminds me of the tiny places I used to find when working in Paris. Good food, nice decor and a pinch of style make this is a great place to dine in, even if it's a little way north from where I might usually be for dinner.

By Janet G.

An Excellent all round dining experience

I very warmly recommend La Cage Imginere. We dined there for a late Sunday lunch. The food on the Lunch menu was delicious. I chose the smoked duck breast with avocado, walnuts and watercress salad. This was followed by lamb chops, a little too well cooked, but none the less tender and tasty, served with a fruity couscous and spinach. The combination of flavours was excellent. We chose a bottle of De Chansac Carignan Vielles Vignes which was surprisingly full bodied for such a f 2015 red wine. The service was attentive and friendly. All five of us were served at the same time. My friends' dishes also looked excellent and there was praise all round our table. Altogether a very good dining experience. I will be returning very soon.

By James W.

La Cage Imaginaire is a bit mediocre in my opinion, never had a bad time here, but I tend to only go to La Cage Imaginaire if I’m a bit tighter on cash and everywhere else is full. Or I’m dragged here by a friend. Food is ok, but I like my restaurants with a bit more upmarket style.

By Harry K.

Love the food at La Cage Imaginaire, it’s always cooked to perfection and the staff have always been really friendly.

By Violet T.

Last weekend, I came to La Cage Imaginaire with my two eldest kids (both grumpy teenagers) and we really enjoyed the lunch menu. They even complimented the food, which is particularly rare for them! Really nice lunch out.

By Ierena O.

My best friend has been suffering with a lot of grief recently so I decided to take them out for a random night and it really seems to have helped them, at least a little. They really enjoyed the food and relaxed atmosphere, as did I. Think its just one of those happy-making places

By Percy P.

Took my ladyfriend out here the other night for our anniversary as a surprise and it worked wonderfully. It was a truly special night, and she really liked the food. Thanks for a great evening :d

By Fiona F.

There are better places in the area, but then I’ve never been keen on French food. Went here on a very disappointing first date, which might have tarnished the venue a bit, but the service was fine and there really wasn’t anything wrong with any of it, just not a fan of French food.

By Maggie Y.

If you’re looking for an affordable, classy restaurant in Hampstead then in my opinion, La Cage Imaginaire fits the bill. Delicious food, stylish modern décor and really nice wine. Perfect for an afternoon lunch!

By Marsha M.

Got dragged in here by some friends on a lunch break, and while I’ve seen better places, it was somewhere I’d gladly return to as the food was really good and it is a light airy restaurant.

By Violet T.

I like the intimacy of La Cage Imaginaire and the fact it’s not too crowded and I really hate huge restaurants with lots of people. Even the name ‘La Cage Imaginaire’ sounds nice to me and really does conjure up elegance and sophistication, which I think La Cage Imaginaire has in abundance without charging extortionate prices.

By George L.

Amazing food, great atmosphere – not much else to comment. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

By . ..

Took my wife out for a romantic evening meal here and we were both incredibly happy with our service and food that I just had to come online and recommend the place! Seriously good food, very much recommend the lamb main course and the halibut if you’re visiting.

By Freddo F.

I came to La Cage Imaginaire the other day after hearing some pretty good reviews from online and friends, but I have to say I found it rather wanting. It isn’t bad, by any means, just decidedly average. Food was ok, the staff were indifferent in my opinion but certainly not rude. Nice place, might come to La Cage Imaginaire again, but not a 5-star restaurant in my view.

By Timmy R.

I really love this place, it’s filled with warmth and the staff are really friendly. I’ve had a few lunches here, but the evening is really a special time. It’s very intimate, so you aren’t overwhelmed with noise and stress, and is ideal for romantic nights, with amazing foods and authentic French wine.

By Marsha M.

Visited here the other day on a day trip round Hampstead with a gal pal. We’d popped in for a bite to eat, and found La Cage Imaginaire absolutely stunning with surprisingly affordable food – the starter was under a fiver and the main course was £10. We were only having the lunch menu mind, but the food was great and we even indulged in some afternoon wine. Will certainly be returning!

By Satine R.

French cuisine isn’t usually my cup of tea (or croissants!) but La Cage Imaginaire is somewhere I think I can come back to as the food was absolutely spot on. Had a great lunch with stuffed chicken and mushrooms followed by a dessert of chocolate with amoretti biscuits. Definitely a place I would recommend.

By Chrissy A.

The food is undoubtedly good here but I come more for the wine. LA Cage Imaginaire has a great choice for the wine lovers out there!

By Gordon G.

If you are looking for quality food and drink, which wont give your bank balance a beating, La Cage Imaginaire is definitely the place!

By Lisa L.

Really nice French restaurant a stones throw from Hampstead tube. Will try the La Cage Imaginaire again in the evening

By Jamie C.

It really is great to find a top quality restaurant such as La Cage Imaginaire that does not hit the wallet too hard. Definitely a great place to Take the other half.

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